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If you didn't drive a lotus......

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As possionate lotus fans it's hard to imagine not driving one of norfolks finest.

But if the brand didn't exist what car do you think you would be driving


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An Alfaholics GTA-R - but I could never afford one.  

It would be a classic of some sort, or a ridiculous V8, or big engined Yank point-n-squirt. I do keep looking at the Alfa 4C 

I wouldnt - they are bland and characterless, its like a 2 seater family saloon.  They are banned from S11 by the way 😉    

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Possibly a Cayman GTS (manual 981), or Boxster GTS (manual 981, obviously).  Or a McLaren 570S (after selling a kidney, or two!).

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I used to have a Honda S2000. I still hanker after one at times, so I guess that’s my choice. I hanker after a BAC MONO too .  Eeeek


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Resurrecting an old thread here while I wait for my computer to finish installing some software.

I know I would have a deLorean by now. Nothing about performance obviously, everything about having something quirky and tinkerable with that makes me smile.

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