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  1. I hear there is secure parking at Peak Rail near Matlock this Sunday. Won't cost more than £10 😉
  2. Fit a brake bias valve. The Westfield isn't designed for lightweight engines. Took me a few attempts to get the balance right. The fronts can skid due to too little weight over them, some times skipping.
  3. Good vid. Reminds me of my Westfield R1. I had the same paddles and dash display as you Mark. Sound amazing at full chat, blasting though the gears. Barnet clutch made a difference. You can brake so much later in a BEC, no flywheel inertia to push you forward.
  4. As Dean has said, oil, filter, plugs, cambelt, water pump, brake fluid. Additionally, I personally would fit a new battery, if stored outside I'd change the radiator (and tow post). Fuel will have gone off, so drain and change fuel filter. Check how old the tyres are and for flat spots.
  5. Now that's nice!!! Will it get used more than the 340r, Elise?
  6. Been following them on Instagram since they started. Yet to make a trip down but looks very interesting.
  7. Dean, put me down for Matlock briefing and organising. Event setting up, Meet n great/ marshalling. I don't do Facebook any more, so no use with that side of it.
  8. I ran a de-cat and the EP silenced de-cat. The de-cat was simply too loud (Hanger 111 back box), EP de-cat was just right. Admittedly, this was a semi standard K series, not a 190.
  9. Welcome. Look after it, it's an investment. Service every year according to the service procedure, ideally through a specialist. Id recommend updating the plastic end-capped radiator to an alloy type. Fit a PRRT kit..… (Google search) Alternators can cook/fail. Never swap one without first disconnecting the battery One day, you will get head gasket failure. Learn to drive it before going daft in the twisty stuff..... you will end up in the ditch! The front tow eyes do rust through, change with the radiator. Batteries go flat, very quickly and can cause all sorts of problems. Connect to a battery conditioner when car isn't used.
  10. One of the jobs this winter is to change the brake fluid. Do I need to clean through the clutch fluid as well? If so, how best as never done a clutch? Car is a 2007 Exige S, brakes fluid last changed 28months/4000 miles ago by Lotus Silverstone.
  11. Here's my list to do before April, if I get time; Clean suspension and paint (not bad enough for a full strip down). Elisetalk Stan gear shifter reinforcement mod Paint or cover centre console. DIY Intercooler Heat Shield DIY Intercooler ducting to side vents Replace top dash surround (section with air vents) as its warped Black, light weight PRO-ALLOY boost pipes (on special order) Find someone to fill number plate holes and paint front splitter Paint rear spoiler black (undecided on this at the moment) Wrap rear light surrounds Strip and clean brakes, replace fluid Re-wrap roof scoop
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