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  1. Seatbelts fully removed now and they weigh a lot!
  2. Nope. The original seats just never hugged me enough. Eating more pies would have been a cheaper option!
  3. The mission - fit a wrap round harness bar and retrim the side bolsters. Seats out, rear panel removed, sound deadening cut back a little, much cursing and grazed hands. Eventually I get it fitted. Interior light needs to be stuck back as a clip broke...……………... Will be fitting some edging to the rear panel section round the harness to finish it off. Bolt painted Black and put back into the original top seatbelt hole. Found some material to try rather than leather or suede to cover the side bolsters. Original leather consoles are daft money (and I'm tight). Stretched and glued on the underside in case I decide to revert back. Fitted... Both sides went ok, so thought I'd tackle the rear centre console section as I've always hated the silver plastic. Got SWMBO to do some stuff with the sowing machine as the fabric doesn't stretch round curves. Fitted Now the centre console. Again SWMBO helped with stitching The end results.. Next up is fitting these when I get some harness......
  4. Lovely car. I had an MGF briefly with the Turbo Technics conversion (MGF Cheetah), went really well and sounded fantastic.
  5. I hear there is secure parking at Peak Rail near Matlock this Sunday. Won't cost more than £10 😉
  6. Fit a brake bias valve. The Westfield isn't designed for lightweight engines. Took me a few attempts to get the balance right. The fronts can skid due to too little weight over them, some times skipping.
  7. Good vid. Reminds me of my Westfield R1. I had the same paddles and dash display as you Mark. Sound amazing at full chat, blasting though the gears. Barnet clutch made a difference. You can brake so much later in a BEC, no flywheel inertia to push you forward.
  8. As Dean has said, oil, filter, plugs, cambelt, water pump, brake fluid. Additionally, I personally would fit a new battery, if stored outside I'd change the radiator (and tow post). Fuel will have gone off, so drain and change fuel filter. Check how old the tyres are and for flat spots.
  9. Now that's nice!!! Will it get used more than the 340r, Elise?
  10. Been following them on Instagram since they started. Yet to make a trip down but looks very interesting.
  11. TRD is easy to fit. Easier if you remove the rear near side wheel and arch. The bracket for the filter housing usually needs bending out slightly (by hand). TRD will improve induction noise and SC shine. The filter element does get dirtier quicker than a standard element, so keep an eye on it.
  12. It would be a classic of some sort, or a ridiculous V8, or big engined Yank point-n-squirt. I do keep looking at the Alfa 4C
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    GoPro Session Hero4. Approx 18months old. Purchased for family holiday and used on my Exige just twice. Just not getting the use. Includes; Official GoPro suction mount. Fully adjustable. ideal for cars, boats, surfboards etc. Have tested it on the Exige and it stays solid. Includes official GoPro bag. Hand wand with lanyard. Also floats so you don't loose the GoPro in water. 32GB memory card. Dog harness. Two different sizes for on top of dogs back and underneath chest. Official GoPro bag. Loads of mounting brackets and adaptors. Stick on mount for helmets. Excellent condition. £145.00 ONO Will post insured at cost or collection.


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