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  1. If you didn't drive a lotus......

    It would be a classic of some sort, or a ridiculous V8, or big engined Yank point-n-squirt. I do keep looking at the Alfa 4C
  2. Painting rear LOTUS letters

    Cheers Chris, not seen that before. Cant work out why the spray sticks to the letters and not the body work?
  3. Painting rear LOTUS letters

    What's the best way to paint the rear LOTUS letters on the Exige? I'm contemplating changing them from chrome letters to matt black. Obviously they will need removing, will they need priming, painting and lacquer?
  4. Unit 4... increased security measures!

    Took the Exige to Unit 4 for a service today. As well as my S2 Exige, there was a mint S1 Exige, a lovely Yellow S1, Dave S3 Roadster, a VXR turbo and a track Exige outside. I commented to Gav about the value of Lotus at his garage and any security, not to worry said Gav and right on cue next to my car was armed security...………………. Then to monitor outside vehicles, more security...………..
  5. Smash!

    Hope it gets sorted now Kurt, fingers crossed for you. Time to invest in a dash cam?
  6. **** The Official LitP Photo thread ****

    The official 2018 LitP photo thread. Post your pics below.. I only took one (on my phone)....
  7. 3mm Allen key redundant.

    Scatty and tools = disaster.
  8. Hassop Breakfast Sunday 3rd June

    Would love to but I'm away with work.
  9. Hassop Breakfast Sunday 3rd June

    Sorry I missed this, took the kids to the Nottingham Motor Show for the morning, had to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing. Stunning cars and weather.
  10. Lotus in the Peak Video

    That's a great video, well done.
  11. Wheel Balancing

    Not seen on car balancing for 20+ yrs. Is there a reason why you can't do balancing with the wheels off?
  12. Might shock a few of you but I've done something with the Exige. It's been sitting in the garage since September and today I removed the car cover, disconnected the c-tek conditioner and fired her up. Got her up to temperature. Got in. Turned her off. Went back in the office to work. Not sure when I can take her out as I'm busy with work and the next 3 weekends are busy.
  13. Help with Fireplaces

    As Jonny says, log burner is the way to go. Budget £1500-£2500+. This will be for the stove, chimney lining, possibly fireplace modifications etc. I used this company, as have a few friends and my brother (although quite a travel from you)....http://nottinghamfireplacecentre.co.uk/ The heat they kick out is unbelievable. Give me a shout for any electrics
  14. M100 purchase

    Stuart who is on Lotus Drivers Club, based in Leicester has one and raves about it.
  15. easter pressie for the elise

    Nice exhausts and workmanship but 14months of waiting, 3x no-shows for assured deliveries and a broken promise, never again.

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