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  1. Great thread. I have been working from home for 3 weeks, luckily I am keeping myself busy, unfortunately, with the hospital's at London Excell, Birmingham and a new NHS building near Doncaster. As yet, I have not been furloughed. On a positive, the interior is back in the Exige and bar one thing left to fit, the interior is done and looks fantastic. I actually managed to drive it out the garage yesterday, AC and fans on full and left it running for 40min. The occasional blip of the throttle with induction noise, supercharger whine........ Oh my god I miss driving. I have a week
  2. Good of you to support your neighbors and Aunty. We dropped freshly picked kale and salads, from our allotment to our friend/neighbor who are both self isolating.
  3. I have sorted the office this week and now share it with my two boys doing school work. Had to buy a decent wireless router to boost the WiFi signal. Ordered some paint, brushes, filler and 5mtrs of sand paper to paint the windows over the next few weeks. I detest painting, so that shows how bored I'm going to get.
  4. Walked the dog to the allotments, planted some salad and veg. Lotus is still without seats and harness fitted. Has no MOT and is SORN. By the time I get it ready for an MOT we'll be on lock down. So, she's going on axle stands very soon.
  5. It would be a classic of some sort, or a ridiculous V8, or big engined Yank point-n-squirt. I do keep looking at the Alfa 4C
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    GoPro Session Hero4. Approx 18months old. Purchased for family holiday and used on my Exige just twice. Just not getting the use. Includes; Official GoPro suction mount. Fully adjustable. ideal for cars, boats, surfboards etc. Have tested it on the Exige and it stays solid. Includes official GoPro bag. Hand wand with lanyard. Also floats so you don't loose the GoPro in water. 32GB memory card. Dog harness. Two different sizes for on top of dogs back and underneath chest. Official GoPro bag. Loads of mounting brackets and adaptors. Stick on mount for helmets. Excellent condition. £145.00 ONO Will post insured at cost or collection.


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