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  1. S2 Exige nose badge

    Or fishing line.
  2. Driving experience ideas please.

  3. 6.5" Speaker Upgrade

    In 7 years of Lotus ownership (S1 Elise and S2 Exige), I have never used the Radio. I prefer the sound of the exhaust/induction/engine. However, Infinity Kappa gets my vote. Dynamat also helps behind the speakers.
  4. Driving experience ideas please.

    Go to Chilwell retail park and chuck him your Exige car keys. #itswherescattyusedtohangout
  5. So what's everyone up to with their Lotus just now?

    I want the front splitter matt black to match the side vents and rear diffuser, then possibly matt black rear spoiler. I'd like it to look like my old S1. Windscreen wiper mod is done (wiper with in built washers jets). Struggling to motivate myself to do anything else.
  6. MLOC Calendar - 2018

    Yes. Do I get a 1/365 discount if I don't get it till Tuesday 2nd?
  7. So what's everyone up to with their Lotus just now?

    Mine has been tucked away in garage, under cover and battery on a CTEK. I need to complete the following before spring reaches us. Replace front ARB bushes, fit wash/wiper bar mod, rear spoiler wrapped, front splitter sprayed, leather trim to center console. Then a good detail session.
  8. MLOC Calendar - 2018

    Not received mine yet. Suspect postman has half inched it.
  9. Back in a Lotus at last

    Now that is stunning. Had a look at a blue one last year and nearly p/xd the Exige but bottled the £££ required to swap. I recon they will be a future classic.
  10. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    Added. What is "iploading"?
  11. John FISH Curtis

    Fish's Exige
  12. central lotus

    A few have used and feedback has been positive, not heard any negative comments. Myself, I use Unit 4 in Burton on Tent. Same thorough attention to detail as an approved Lotus dealer but without the bells and whistles of courtesy car and plush seating area, which equals good value. Another option is PJS, also highly recommend.
  13. Been a while couple of new additions

    Looks good, those lights are getting popular on Facebook. (you didn't remove your reg on the last pic)
  14. Lotus Number 4...

    That's stunning Dave. I keep looking at Evora's and Exiges but the wife won't let me sell the kids
  15. Dilema

    An S2 111R Sports Racer for that............. have you handed the money over yet? No brainer that!