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    Evora 3months on

    Hi Adam, How did the return go? What resistance did you get when you asked for a full refund? I hope you can resolve this without too much extra aggravation.
  2. Thank goodness for that Scott. The car badge needs to remain unchanged. So much history. So much heritage. I like the new logo on the paperwork. The two can, and were probably always intended to co-exist.
  3. 🤔😱 what have I done. He seemed nice and says such nice things!
  4. Thanks Scatty. You’re my new bestie!
  5. PJT

    Evora 3months on

    That fabulous photo of your girls through the rear window certainly captured my heart for your lovely car and must have gone some way to helping you warm to the Evora. Whoever took it (can’t recall) needs to get it entered for the 2021 Callander, with your permission of course.
  6. PJT

    Evora 3months on

    I was having this discussion with a few people lately. Cars that get under your skin and those that you just appreciate. Which cars you love! Perhaps it’s down to what you buy with your head or your heart. My first Lotus, the black Elise, there is no reason I shouldn’t have fallen for that car, but I didn’t! I was looking for a change from the S2000, drove a silver one with red seats. Decided that was the way I wanted to go, but took a while to find the one I bought. It was a head decision. I may have loved the original silver one if I’d have gone for it, who knows.
  7. PJT

    It's Here...

    Tight engines will give poorer economies.
  8. PJT

    It's Here...

    I used to get 250ish The Exige, same size tank, around 180ish
  9. PJT

    It's Here...

    That’s stunning!
  10. Happy Birthday Dave 🤣🥂
  11. I got mine March 2020. Must have been another one. I’ll keep an eye out.
  12. Ah, I see it too. Roadster with a hardtop. Nice. Which is your preferred look? I wonder whether the green exige on the A1 round Newark is me!
  13. Retro in the new cutting edge!
  14. Back from my day at Hethel. 9 of us on the course in two groups. Martin Donnelly was one of the instructors for the day. I had the other guy! But no complaints 😎 After briefing, did the first of two runs on the North track. I felt a little slow, and afterwards, disappointed in myself that I didn’t make the most of the session. I mentioned this to Geoff (my instructor) at the start of the second session, and he was surprised by my feelings, and said he thought I did well. The second session was much better in my mind, as I pushed harder and stretched the Elise and myself more. The traction control is left on, which surprised me a bit, with Lotus being Lotus. Had a virtual factory tour due to Covid, then the last session on the South circuit. This was slower and more technical. Getting a good time was down to control and patience. Any over exuberance upset the line for the next corner and problems just snowballed. Last trip out on the circuit was a demo from the instructor. After that it was a trip to Team Classic Lotus for a tour and talk, which I enjoy greatly. Surprised at how free you were to wonder among the cars with Carbon body panels lying all over the floor. Careful where you place your feet! It was a full day from 8:30 to after 5. Always leave these things wanted twice the track time, but that’s life! I’d say the instructors were gentle with you. I have had an experience where the instructor was shouty and harsh. Although an unpleasant experience, I learned more. Good value for money? These things are always really expensive, but you get to drive someone else’s Elise risking their car, using their tyres and fuel, so that’s got to count for something. Put it this way, I’ll be doing the silver next year.
  15. That sounds like good service. Maybe when I look to replace. I’ll take a road trip.
  16. Wow, great news. 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  17. https://proplates.co.uk/
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