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  1. We’ll have to be careful. Some of the members have very small trucks 🤣😂🤣
  2. Sounds like a fantastic way to start the weekend.
  3. That’s who I’m going with next year.
  4. I’m there on the 9th Oct, I’ll chivie them on a bit. I’m praying for a long long summer for you. But if not, the rain will look lovely beading on the svelte curvaceous body.
  5. I saw it on the Exige facebook group. Yellow Audi
  6. PJT

    Bye for now

    I recall fondly having a fry up with you for the first time at Hassop. I’m struggling to believe that you have got rid of those iconic cars and are leaving the marque. I was always in awe of your collection. Enjoy what ever you pursue next, Cakes. Hope to see you again.
  7. Welcome Rich, Look forward to seeing the car in the flesh. Looks amazing. How long did they make the 220 cup for?
  8. The pit-car nairy 🐥 After all, it was a relatively “cheap” car and an obvious “chick” magnet.
  9. Congrats. Beautiful and now legitimate restoration.
  10. PJT


    Fantastic. That’s a way to get some experience under your belt.
  11. How did you get to see it? Ah, it was at Silverstone.
  12. PJT


    So, we have been picking blackberries to make jam (and a pie). Sugar was required and I was tasked to be the hunter gatherer and go to the supermarket , three minutes drive away. Reason enough to pull the Lotus out of the garage! Three hours later, I returned with the sugar. Needless to say, certain words were spoken to me expressing displeasure in my actions. This has lead to the revelation. I can’t be the first to choose a ridiculously long route to a destination to maximise time driving. I can’t be the first to be reprimanded for such an action. This must be a much repeated scenario throughout the history of Lotus cars. It has to be where the reputation of unreliability comes from. ”Hello dearest, I’m back with the ............... you asked me to get.” ”WHERE THE BLOODY HELL HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THREE HOURS?” ”Well, your know, the darnedest thing, sweet pea. The blasted car broke down again.”
  13. I spotted you 11 March . See post in “spotted”
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