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  1. Looks like you have a nice house too!😂
  2. Oh, is there a Sunday morning run?
  3. Was it the one in Leeds? How sad am I?
  4. I remember picking mine up on the Saturday before the pubs shut. Drove home to an empty house, and hid it straight in the garage. Took it out a couple of hours later to take my dear wife for a pub meal ( empty pub!). She wanted a gentle drive, so that’s what I gave her. That is the only rid she has had in it, what, three months later. She won’t drive it either!
  5. PJT


    “You lucky lads with cars to drive and polish. My new 250 is in factory eight at Hethel which is final QC before delivery to the dealer. We were due to visit the factory to see it on the line last Thursday but the visit was called off at the 11th hour🙁. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it could be quite some time before I actually get my hands on it now.. the sunny weather isn’t helping either. Half an hour from empty Welsh roads and no toy to play with🙄” (23 March) ..........no more! Super that your wait is over. Love the colour. Great choices. Enjoy.
  6. You mean the kids now have go karts to fill the garage? Really loving the yellow Evora. Very excited for you and hoping you get some nice weather for the pick up.........tomorrow.
  7. PJT

    A52 Skegness

    Count me in for fish and chips😋
  8. Ah, life on the open (bumpy single track) road
  9. Been trying to get some decent photos of the new wheels. Colour makes it difficult in such a green environment. Ray tried his hardest to increase the contrast by covering his car in poo!
  10. Ray and I had a little (social distance) spin in the dales (for our physical and mental wellbeing).
  11. Although I think it is supported on the bolts, as advised against above.
  12. Is no one going to get those fins right. Surely there must be a model building expert amongst us with bottle tops and pringles tubes!
  13. PJT

    Found a Lotus Quiz

    Sams sitting at the top of the heap so far! MG4 has pulled out all the excuses. Is he a racing driver? 😂
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