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  1. Maybe many of you will have already seen this but.............. Pretty sure the speedo is in MPH. It looks other worldly. Uphill starts at 4:30 in. Not a fan of JWW, but not seen any in car footage before.
  2. PJT

    Back in Red

    Serious machinery. Can’t you get it for next Sunday???
  3. Thanks for the clarification Ray/Dunc. Next week😜🤪. Im so excited....I could wash a car!
  4. So the new badge is on the nose of the Emira!
  5. I am with Direct Line. They only know of the existence of the Exige S, so it wouldn't matter if I had an S or a 430!
  6. The Vents front and back look a bit cheap plastically on the video and website, I'd appreciate your feedback of the reality. Now, what colour to choose..............................?
  7. That’s a lovely looking Motor.
  8. I didn’t appreciate that the Exige hardtop was different to the current Elise’s (it’s different from the 2010 one I had, but thought it had just been updated). The seal is still not secure also I’m going to clean off the existing tape and replace with some number plate tape.
  9. Thanks. Sorted now, though it’s not needed to stop water ingress. Adam from Central Lotus says it’s to cut down on creaks etc. The diagram has the roof upside down I believe.
  10. Great turnout at the Dovecote Inn. Everything from Bubble cars/ 2CV’s to Lamborghini/Farrari. Star of the show for me was a beautiful yellow Evora (owner even bought me a beer). Had a great time viewing some great cars.
  11. What a great kid. I think you made his day, Scotty. I certainly intend to go on Thursday.
  12. Attended today. Not a Lotus in sight. The closest I could get was a Mk1 Cortina and. Lotus 7 copy. The highlights were a beautiful BMW 2002 turbo (star of the show for me) , a well presented DeLorean, a few beautiful Capri 3.0/2.8i’s. Various Ford clubs were the organises and there was an orange Heritage RS focus (pictured- only 50 made) and the predictable cosworths of various shapes. I also liked and snapped a rather lovely MGA. Anyone else make it there?
  13. Yer, you get that a lot from Porsche drivers! (Is that kinda what you were expecting). 😂🤣
  14. PJT

    Got married!

    I’ve found that getting fatter after marriage has produced a cushioning effect around the ring. I have indulged in some driving gloves recently, which I find hilarious! Maybe that’ll help.
  15. I like the way you’ve done the ends of the stripes.
  16. PJT

    Emptying the bin

    Location belongs to Ray!😂
  17. PJT

    Emptying the bin

    It was a very last second thing. We’re you up at 6?
  18. So I was up about 6 o’clock this morning gorgeous clear sky and the bin was half full, so I emptied it a bit and ended up some where familiar .
  19. It is such a nice car. I remember getting a bit grumpy when Matt and Adam got their Orange Exiges at the same time, cos I wanted an orange one before I got the green and I wanted a 410 shortly after I got the 350. There you go, confessing what an awful person I am! I was (Matt)/ am (Adam) genuinely happy for them too. I hope someone here snaps it up and enjoys it within the group.
  20. Well after my run with Mr Nash, I was looking at Maclarens........a lot. Even measuring the garage. But I decided that not being part of the Lotus community was too high a price to pay.
  21. PJT


    I've had a couple of black cars and a couple of Lotus. I have found the Lotus paint to be very delicate. You just seem to touch it and it scratches. So a black lotus is the worst combination. Has anyone else had this experience with the Lotus paint? Or is it just that my washing technique is seriously poor?
  22. great pictures Scotty. My good lady is going to see her ageing and vulnerable Mum on Monday and didn't want me exposing myself 🙈 😱which I guess is fair enough. So I couldn't go last night. I will try for the next one.
  23. Cheers Matt, seen yo.u on Facebook a fair bit and was looking forward to meeting you and seeing that lovely orange monster.
  24. PJT


    Others have tried to copy the Lotus Elise formula, so other brands must think there's value in the market. But they never lasted long. Perhaps it is just too niche. Anyway, these are the ones I can quickly think of, which are long since forgotten. Can anyone come up with more? Zenos E10 Renault Spyder Caterham 21 Alfa 4c Vauxhall vx200 (yeah, not really valid)
  25. PJT


    Perhaps we (myself included) are writing a car off before we have seen it, or driven it etc. Lotus are reasonable good at building inactive cars, so I've heard. Maybe a nice stereo, a few cancellable driver aids etc won't add so much weight/interference as to ruin the driver experience. It is still being built by Lotus after all. Trouble is that anyone who drives them seems to enjoy and understand them, but then buys something else. I have no idea what the answer is, but you need to sell product to survive. Then again, positioning your product against so many competitors with fantast
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