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    As a life long Liverpool fan I have to say last night was just fantastic. i had to travel to snowdonia last night after work and had the pleasure of listening to the whole match on a slightly fuzzy am radio in the boxster with the roof down and had to stop a couple of times to just listen to the atmosphere created in the ground. i know many folk aren't bothered about the beautiful game but to hear the crowd, and feel the collective desire from players, fans etc to succeed was just awesome. lets hope they life this trophy at least this season as it looks like man city will pip us to the premiership richbk
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    This is just up the road from me so i end up here most weekends... would love to join a meet up (sadly not in the elise yet) but i could park around the corner and just chat with you lot!
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    My lad has been. His mate knows one of the owners. Definitely on the 'to do' list. Probably mid-week to start with, when it's a bit quieter. @Alex - your pictures look great.
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    Cheers Scatty. Spoke to Kieran's mate earlier, looks like he should be able to help.
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    It's definitely worth the effort. Knocks spots off Nottingham car cafe.
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    Next one is scheduled for 2nd June, location will be Ludlow or Wistanstow. See below👍
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    I would recommend going to see him too Alex.... don t forget to take a grand minimum in cash too for all the other bargains he has hidden away.
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    I keep thinking about this. What repeats is how the s2 Exige looks. It's a fantastic looking thing. Who wouldn't want one in their garage?
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