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    Ten years I’ve known Gav and never had a drink. He’s bought me an ice cream but that’s another story.. jeff rocks up and gavs only gone and bought 2 cups and some coffee etc... unbelievable!!!! Even Fish popped up. As if my day couldn’t get any better!!!! You struggle to find a better chap than our gav!!! Top bloke.
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    Might be able to help you out. Can’t remember what sizes mine are though! I’ll have a measure tomorrow if I get chance and I’ll post a pic. I could post it to Gav.
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    The size of my rumour is quite considerable 😕
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    Excuse me OP. Dean it's a box we petroheads all need to tick! Four of us including IanC did it with Tuthill Porsche same as Chris Harris and Henry Catchpole, have a look on YouTube. Incredible mate, incredible. Expensive yes but worth every penny. Half hour drive from Åre staying in an AirBnb we were collected and dropped off everyday. First day was technical but fun, second day we blasted around a 6k track snow ploughed atop the frozen lake from 9 til 3:30. No matter how many times we went off (lots) the guys rock up in seconds to drag you out to continue the fun, with a smile! Max time in the cars, that's what they want for you and they encourage you to be as sideways as possible. Hooning is a word that does not do the experience justice. The people who run it are awesome. The cars were amazing and the fact I'm sideways getting it right and getting it very wrong smashing through snow banks in vintage Pork was just fantastic. I think I'll buy one some day and I'll be buying it from Tuthill. Get it booked. The end! Lol how excited do I sound 😀 You need to properly concentrate.
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    No problem, sorry I missed you, I got there around 2pm and as you said it was rammed, some nice cars and bikes there including a couple of hot rods, cafe racer bikes and some old yank cars along with a few too many boring BMW's and alike.
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    I really must get back to getting this car sorted. I finally managed to get the interior done at last. The seat frames took some real modifications to clear the gear surround and I also some of the new lotus anti Rock spring steel shims (which work). I had to strip the runner down, clean and re grease to get a nice movement but I was still 2mm to far over to the passenger side. Instead of slackening the bolts holding the gear leaver mech and seeing what we had to play with I took one of the seatbelt spacers out and machined a new one 2mm shorter , still retaining the 45 degree internal chamfer that the shoulder bolt locks against. Hey presto job done. Spitfires, pro alloy bits, sports cat and a full service next. Oh the joy.
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    Can we take a step back here and ask the fundamental question - how old are you Rich? If you are younger than me (60) I would say 'man up', get some warm up exercises done, and continue squeezing into your Exige as neither of your proposed replacements do anything for me at all. Hope this helps? Regards, Andrew
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