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    My younger son & I took a little trip out to the the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby last Saturday for a photo shoot with the Lancaster bomber NX611 "Just Jane".
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    He might have run off with P4n, he doesn’t want to be seen with us horrible lot anymore either.
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    It was the injectors!!! ? I swapped over the injectors from my sport 190 and it fired up on the second press of the starter button! To say I’m happy is an understatement. Thanks for your help and suggestions chaps......now I can start putting it back together again
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    Bought a yellow exige ao57 trying to trace last owner yellow exige s with touring and sports pack
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    Pleased you've seen the light Ian but being serious if I didn't have a big dog that would wreak it I would have an M2 as my day car, and as you say its a great car but lacks the sense of event you get driving a Lotus, I for one will be looking forward to seeing what you get next Cheers Ray
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    I’m after borrowing a pair of S2 Toyota front wheels. Just to check to see if the wheel wobble is related to my wheels or not
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    Yeah I remember Murray had a lot of trouble with his. Took the car out Saturday n marked up the wheel n tyres with a yellow mark. Checked them yesterday to find one of them appears to have slipped 3 to 4mm during a 15mile drive.
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    No problem Alex. Tuesday is probably best for me next week. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Should be able to feel movement in bearings, tre, rack, bushes, hub etc by jacking the car and pulling on the wheel or using a crowbar on wishbones. If that's all solid then it's got to be wheel or tyre related I'd have thought.
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    That would have been so useful when I had the 340R, MOT time was always a PITA and was a gamble whether it would pass emissions or not.
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    I have a cheap CAT in my S1 (probably for the last 4yrs) and it has been steadily getting harder to get through the emissions each year - this year it only just scraped through and i had to get it seriously hot. A more lotus orientated MOT station/garage can probably help out with the few tricks to get it through.
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    I wouldn’t touch them with a bloody barge pole, shit experience I had with them.
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    Andy if you’re in Derby, just save your time and money and take it to Gav at Unit 4 in Burton. Tops 20 mins away for you and he’ll sort it no issue.
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    Dont buy that car, it seems to rev uncontrollably when you start it up
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    Now I see why I got a call from Conner from Central Lotus today trying to sell me a loud black Evora 410, Mike and Ray having been living the highlife with him and his gang last Sunday. ??
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    Sorted, found out how to unlock with key (even though never have locked it with the key). Key in lock, button in, turn to right. End of problem. To summarise, flat battery, jump lead not connected properly due to restricted access on car 'jump posts', Second attempt disabled immobiliser, opened passenger door, took roof off because couldn't get in via passenger door due to restricted access, got into car after opening driver door from inside, figured out how to unlock driver door with key.:)
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    At long last, I'm back in the fold. I collected an Elise S this afternoon, and haven't stopped giggling. Who knew that a Lotus could have torque?! Many thanks to Kate, at Paul Matty's, who made the whole process so straightforward.
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    Supplied by LB as part of the kit, but they aren't to blame, they could never have known this was a dodgy hose and the other's they have supplied seem OK so far. It's made by ASH http://www.autosiliconehoses.com/ - I've used there stuff before (on the S2) and it's been absolutely fine! I've ordered a Samco one as a replacement and it's over twice the price of an ASH one, so maybe that tells me all I need to know!?
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    Jump starting is not a fallacy; however if you connect a pair of batteries in parallel, where one has a higher voltage than the other then the higher voltage one will lose charge to the other until the emf of both is the same. Basically the process is like a battery charger; however the charger keeps supplying energy as it's plugged in to a supply, ie. the mains. The difference with normal jump starting, from one car to another, is that the car being used to provide the 'jump' will have the engine running do the alternator is charging both batteries.
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    As has been said already, just replace the battery rather than trying to connect another in parallel - for that to work you would need to be generating more current, a running car might work but its far easier (and safer for the electronics) to just replace the battery - 9 out of 10 times its the battery...
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    The pitting, and the casting lines, could well be the cause of the leaks. From what you've said previously it's not something mechanical (clips, etc.) that is at fault. Silicone hose is very smooth, so may not be conforming into the pitted surface. I would avoid using any type of filler in case it flakes away into the system. As I posted earlier, run a bead of sealant around the fitting, just behind the flare. Then fit the hose and clamp up, but not fully. Leave the sealant to cure, then clamp up a final 1/2 turn. How was the housing cleaned (I'm assuming it's not new by the look of it...)? I have seen aluminium become porous after chemical cleaning. A few years ago we had some components from a piece of laboratory kit cleaned & re-anodised; even though they looked fine visually, they were full of minute fissures that leaked. We only discovered this when the instrument was rebuilt and we put gas pressure on it. Went through every seal, o-ring, etc. on it before concluding the metal itself was at fault. We took the part off, submerged it in water and pressurised it; result was streams of bubbles from everywhere! The conclusion we came to was that there were corrosion tracks through the metal that had been stripped out by the chemical cleaning, leaving 'tunnels' through an apparently solid aluminium block. Whilst that was gas-porous, it's may be possible there's a similar thing with your part, which is allowing the slow bleed of water through over time.
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    Excellent stuff, I love it when I make a suggestion that actually helps - doesn't happen very often Get the 340R ones off for cleaning, they will probably be just like new when they've been done. I loved the sound of my grumpy, lumpy VHPD at idle......
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    Good call on Gav Leigh. Op he has just totally sorted my S1 Exige after a 4 year rebuild. A number of issues came to light which will likely be the same as yours. Time spent with him is a lot wiser than asking questions on this thread mate.
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    I might be able to use the injectors off my sport 190, good idea! The old fuel tank was pretty sludgy so perhaps some of it got to the injectors, I would have thought that they all won't be blocked though. The car turns over fine but just won't even try to fire up. So frustrating. Thanks for the info re unit 4....
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    Hello, I have a 2013 Elise S (2ZR-FE engine). Glanced inside the other day and noticed that the immobiliser was not flashing, "strange" I thought. Battery flat? Only did 1,500 fault free fantastic miles in it two weeks ago. Took the front panel off today and jumped a fully charged battery to it. Nothing! Can't open the door, can't get into the engine compartment either. Alslo noticed that the RPM counter is stuck at 2,500 rpm. Looks like a major ECU/computer failure to me. Any ideas here? What the fcuk am I going to do? Help much appreciated.
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    A little Video of it , I love that sound. just need a few more hours in the day at the minute to give it a going over. VID_20180902_104510190_99.mp4
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    It might work ok for summer but what about the 6+ months of terrible weather when there's no bikers of any sort up there? Can't see it happening.

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