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    That photoshoot was quite something at the time Laura, especially as it required a helicopter. Would be so much easier to recreate now since drones have come on the scene. Can see me and my daughter beside my old type 49 in the letter O
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    Welcome to MLOC. Caster setting on the front will have a big bearing on how light / heavy the steering feel is. The Elise steering is generally lightish though. Steering wheel offset is normally a sign of a poor geo. Could also be a sign of a front steering problem, get it checked before purchase? Sounds like the front wheels next re balancing. Fan noise. Quite possible, needs checking. You need to stamp on Elise brakes but work well once you get into this. Might need better pads? Hard to say re the lights without looking. Do you have the members name? If it were me i always have it independently inspected by a local specialist before purchase at my expense. if the seller will not agree, walk away. Hope that helps?
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    Hi from a fellow newbie, your going to love being in it let alone driving it look forward to seeing you at LITP Ray
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    Bad luck too it seems, glad to hear your daughter was ok though. I keep telling myself I should count myself lucky I was ok in the m140 bump as it was a huge foreign articulated truck which hit me but it doesn't make me feel any better about it.. He was the one at fault as he was in the left lane marked exit only on a roundabout but decided to try and go all the way round the roundabout on the outside! The insurer is struggling to recover the money from the foreign insurer too so I stand to lose my £500 excess even though the insurer has it as a non-fault claim on my part. Bmw charged £5.5k for the repair to my car! They've now had it 6 weeks in total so if it's still not right when they send it back this second time I'm going to be furious. I ordered it to my perfect spec and bought it as a keeper but now just 6 months into ownership it's really lost it's shine. I'm particularly fussy about bodywork (as I suspect most enthusiasts are) so if I'm not 100% happy I'm not sure I'll be able to keep it. Fingers crossed they'll do a better job this time and it won't come to that.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Alex, it looks like your membership expired. If I've done it right you should hopefully now have an invoice coming through to your email address for payment. If not then it's all gone horribly wrong and we'll need Mark H to sort it out
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    Owning a Lotus is going to be a little different from a Honda! The usual effect on people is to give them a smile that stretches off either side of their face. Welcome to the club. You are going to love it!
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    Welcome if I was to buy a "new" Elise I think it would be one of these in that colour. Absolutely stunning!
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    Welcome to MLOC! Gorgeous car. See you at LITP! Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
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    I no that car, it's Mr Grants car, welcome aboard and a fantastic choice of car and I know it's one of the best looked after 220 cups out there and just love the colour but I would a 250 cup Owner here in the same colour hope to meet you soon
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    Nice car! Welcome to the club!!! Mark
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    The best upgrade for track use by far i have done on my car was a set of 2 way ohlins. a mid priced street series nitro, as mentioned above would be an improvement I'm sure, or if budget will stretch a set of ohlins..... you can of course then adjust not only the suspension for road and track, but also ride height and add a little rake. this adds less improvement handling wise in reality, but looks great richbk