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    I quite like the M2. It's small, looks aggressive and no doubt a quality product with lots of kit. The one thing I REALLY dislike though is the stretch of the tyre sidewalls, particularly noticeable on the front tyres. It looks SO awful and I can't help thinking that (as I wouldn't get exclusive use of such a toy), the wheels would be kerbed in no time. If only tyres would go back to higher profiles with a bit of a bulge to the sidewalls. I'm sure the camaraderie on the M2 forums won't be a patch on MLOC, but this may not be a factor to you. Enjoy your purchase Ian, and we'll see you back before long.
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    Just got to Phil's page. I can only read very slowly Dean!
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    What now Colin????? The mx5 will soon be replaced at this rate. I think you should put a duratec in it. ;-)
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    New Elise 111R owner last year, I had my service and mot done by PJS service was great and they have a courtesy car. Rich
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    Is she going to pay for the refurb?
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    Jonny don't sweat it. Bring it on a trailer. You can put paint protection on and have the geo done later. There are lots and lots of people that just have a lot of love for this car and it's restoration. They aren't bothered about seeing the finishing line, they are engaged in the journey. Trust me. Just bring it, you'll see ?
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    Or just take it to unit 4 for a service and tell Gav there is no rush ??. Reckon you could get 6 months free storage !
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    You need to put the car on a flat (are as flat as you can). Then measure the actual ride heights for each corner. Below is a link some very basic information. https://wiki.seloc.org/a/Ride_height You need to alter the spring seat height so that you get the desired ride heights that you are looking for. Once you achieve this then see if you have any of the issues you have stated. If you didn't know the exact heights prior then you will also need the geo setting up afterwards as the ride heights do effect camber and toe settings.
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    I was at Gav's this morning to get my brake pads changed and Thought Jonny might be missing His new born Exige, it is looking FANTASTIC so took a couple of pics
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    Scatty and tools = disaster.
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    Awsome bit of kit Scatty I hope it’s for show only ?‍♂️
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    The stripe even helps you line it up as well
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    After Kurts recent good service, I’m currently training Gav to use Sir and Mr in his approach instead of mate. you certainly can’t fault his work and attention to detail. Your car is just ridiculous Jonny. Absolute beauty..
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    I caught up with Collin, shame I missed you Scatty. I doubt my car will ever be as beautiful as Colin's.
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    im not one for keeping my cars long and what may be a rush decision ive decided to part with my 20th anniversary elise i looked at an s3 exige S but then .... i test drove a bmw M2 and was blown away by the whole thing along with awesome car and a really good deal on the lotus i sealed the deal ?
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    Rich she is based in Birmingham but will travel. I think she is happy for you to use whichever refurber you choose. They won't pay for it but I think you might get a free magazine and copies of the really nice photos she takes. Why don't you pm her? Cheers Dean
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    may be , the m2 unlike other bmw s is nt really a grown up car , in fact its an animal , ive never been a big bmw fan but the m2 is bmw s game changer

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