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    Gav had an Evora in when mine went in for service last year and he shared with me his dismay at how much shredded rubber was stuck to the body - including on the roof!! The owner had apparently taken it to Spa or the Neverbeenring or some such and given it plenty of large - he's a member on here but i shan't give away his name. He is 'fantastic' though. ???
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    In the corner at Gavs, where cars go to die. ;-)
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    Considering what that purple hippo is up to; I wasn't at all disappointed or surprised in the choice of car. Subtle. Low key. nothing too loud... . Looks brilliant. Can't wait to see it at LitP
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    Surely the MX5 is the permanent installation at Unit 4, it's been there for f*cking ages!
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    great car Mark, good to have you back in a Lotus
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    Looks like a great car. I am sure you will have fun in it which is all that matters in the end.
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    Mark it looks gnarly mate. It suits you. I can't figure you out with spoilers on exiges though - you go from none to a full on motorsport one! Can we have more pics please?
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    I second Deans recommendation. Rob is a previous MX5 champion himself and still runs MX5's. He will probably help you understand how to get the best out of it as well.
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    Rob Boston racing builds and wins both racing Elises and MX5s but he is further away at Gainsborough. I think his prices are pretty ressonable though.
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    You jest but he's had mine down there about 3 weeks now thanks to snow ?
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    Poor old Gav. I wish I'd of known Gavs doing long term storage now, been trying to find a decent couple of weekends to clear out and repaint the garage at my dad's so the elan isn't out on the front.
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    If you get sorted I will be interested in buying a set.
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    82 years ago today - first Spitfire flight 75 years ago today - first Gloucester Meteor flight Mad that there were only 7 years between these 2. Amazing what going to war does for technological development!
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    I recommend Gav at unit 4. Been taking my car there the last 4 years. I live in Congleton and travel there. He definitely knows his stuff
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    thanks chaps - all booked! Paul
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    Always loved the Stratos, I might have one or two models in my collection
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    Sorry Foxy, the old waist seals have already been binned.
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    GAV services my car then sends it out for MOT !! no problem I hope this helps
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    Vote for Gav at Unit 4 here. Wish I’d found him sooner! He did the gear cable upgrade on my S1 Evora - about half the price of PJS and a third of Silverstone’s (who both have very good reputations). I would be happy for him to do any job on my Evora. He also does my supercharged VX220. Highly recommended. Now, let’s convince him to get some corner weight scales
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    Foxy, I’ve just had mine changed. I’ll see if it’s not too later for the Garage to keep the old ones. They may have already chucked them
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    Hi Richard - I also travel from Chesterfield to Gav at Unit 4 in Burton, for service, MOT etc Knows his stuff, trustworthy, no bxxxsxxt, excellent value Cafe 5 minutes walk down the road if you want a warm, drink or something to eat....
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    Oops should this have gone in technical forum...sorry! (Small phone big thumbs)
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    Gav will look after you. Very fair pricing and what he doesn’t know about Elise’s ain’t worth knowing. I can highly recommend him. Mark
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    I’m in Chesterfield and I’ve used Gav at Unit 4 and Jon at Legacy Storm in Leicester. I would recommend them both. Never heard of Stones but looks interesting. I reckon they are slightly more expensive, definitely more expensive than Jon as he doesn’t charge VAT but a lot more convenient being pretty close to home.
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    I was looking at finding somebody to fabricate some. I'm sure if a fabricator can be found and a bulk order made, it'd be profit for the person willing to take time out to do the leg work, and hopefully a huge saving for those needing some. I certainly need some for mine. Get a 500-1000 units made and get them priced for £100 a pair and they'd sell like hot cakes. I'd even consider helping finance a bulk order as I'm pretty confident they'd sell. Will watch this with interest.
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    A few mentioned them on this thread and it's also been mention a fair bit lately on Seloc.
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    They look fantastic. Get some group buy prices and see if we have enough interest to make it profitable for him and yet affordable for us. Now all we need is someone to replicate so waist seals for the S2... No way can I stomach paying £240 for a pair.
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    Great news for LitP........no so great for me - seeing two S160’s there will make me seriously miss mine.....!
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    Yeah that's Gav. PJS are very good too.
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    Sorry Dean, I thought I had read that this would change this year. Wrist slapped then...

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