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    Presumably no witnesses but, if you haven't already done so, then notify the Police so that at least you can get an incident number. If the van driver was such a pr*ck then push the Police to interview him (assume you have his reg?). Also were you able to take any photos with the van on top of your car? If you can do as much as possible to show he was at fault then you can keep pushing for them to take action. If, as you say, the load he was pulling was too heavy for the van's towing weight then that would affect his insurance and, as such, gives the Police an opportunity to charge him with driving without insurance. Give them as little excuse as possible to do nothing - sure it makes you extra legwork to get as much info as possible, but should all help your case. Looking forward, with a successful prosecution it gives more weight to you with the insurance claim, to push it onto his insurers so you don't take a hit (sorry, bad pun).
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    Wow Jonny cant wait to see it I might have to pop over to GAV’s ( I can’t go wrong with GAV) to have a cheeky look as I need to collect something from him anyway i think you should arrange a Simba night to celebrate but have a drink this time ??? regards colin x
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    I had my S2 Exige resprayed at Edmonds Auto Refinishing in Burton. No real bodywork damage apart from lots of stone chips from track work (some heavy chips though). They removed the clams, 3 stage paint (Orange, can't remember the name). realigned the clams for me (they wasn't fitted great prior to respray) and even buffed up the head lights. I just drove in and out. They did a great job and was a pleasure to deal with throughout, all for less than £2k (was a couple of years ago no so prices may have increased a little)
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    Nice one I'm sure it will be better than ever
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    Jonathan E Give PJS, just outside Burton on Trent, a call Kevin
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    You could try The Lotus Forums - that is where the few with Elites probably hang out. Good luck.
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    So excited! Just like my good lady I've decided to start getting dolled up for LitP 'early' New Sparkly wheels New spark plugs / HT coils and leads / 52mm throttle body / TPS / camshaft sensor / MAP sensor New Billys all round Good job I decided to change the bilsteins as the 16 year old originals were...well see for yourself So fed up of inching one wheel up at a time I made this. I'm sure there's something you can buy but it works pretty well and saved me loads of time. See you all there - I'm the one with the sparkly boots !
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    you'll be missing her now but when you get her back it will be better than make up sex
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    I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. I so wish he’d have been able to factor in the front clam too, but that would have cost £900 plus armourfend. Too much for my pockets. I’m still looking forward to getting it back.
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    Ten days after delivering my car to Option 1, repairs have been authorised and work will commence tomorrow. Looking forward getting it back, hopefully in the right shape!

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