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    A little bit of a clean up, made a start on the first corner... Its not in bad shape at all I'm really happy, wishbones are all powder coated too. Had a quick go at the body it's far from brilliant but its a good start.
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    Hello Dan, I've also previously owned an S2 Exige S260 with the 2ZZ engine but currently have an S2/3 Elise S Cup (220) with the 2ZR engine, Both are different mainly down to the power delivery and rev range. The Exige S260 probably has more character and all hell breaks loose when the power band kicks in just below 5K rpm right up to 8K where as the Elise with 220 2ZR has a more linear power delivery from below 3K rpm through to 7K. Which one is better, I'm not sure..... Both have pro's and cons. The power delivery of the Elise is definitely more usable and requires less gear changes on track but as said lacks the character and the explosiveness of the 2ZZ. In regards heat soak, I definitely experienced this 1st hand with the Exige at Le Mans and few years back but had no such issues with the Elise this year at Le Mans in 35c temperatures, This is due to the Elise being charge-cooled. Also, 2ZR has more torque Andy. PS - There's a few of us on track at Donny on 29th Oct, your welcome to a PAX lap in mine and I'm sure there will be a Exige S that someone will be happy to take you out in.
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    Rich, I'd say get out there an drive as many examples as you can. I don't have any experience with either however audi auto/trip tronic boxes are mega money if and when they fault. Marcus Garner has had experience with the vantage and more than likely the r8 as well. I'd say give it a try we are only here once and not for as long as we'd like. Worst case you buy it don't enjoy it you just sell it again!
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    I’ve been to the classic motor show today and it’s the first time I’ve seen MK 2 in the flesh. The word that comes to mind is agricultural!! Everything has to start somewhere.
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    Gav Unit 4 Burton. Solid
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    This is true... I don't plan on it though... Im too busy collecting parts atm
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    A good thing to have though, i think. Especially if you ever came to sell.
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    Hi all, New Elise S3 owner here. Had my car around 2 months now, already done a few much needed updates like a decent stereo, better headlight bulbs, dashcam, adjustments to the drivers seat rail.... A few weeks ago I decided the engine cover (which can obviously be seen through the rear cover) looked a little plain and in need of something. I quickly ruled out painting the entire thing as I think it would stand out too much so decided the raised moulded lettering was the answer. A few hours and several coats later here's what I ended up with. I'm pretty happy with it. It's a nice visible detail without being over the top.
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    How it should have been from the factory!
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    I’d second this advice plus he’d tell you which was the most economical way to proceed. The bottom line is you can trust him! What’s wrong with current engine?
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    You could try GAV @ Unit 4 . He is a specialist at most things automotive .. if he can’t help I am sure he will know somebody hope this helps Regards Colin
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    Hi Dan, Having had a s2 exige s260 and doing allot of research I hope this helps you.. First off it's not the supercharger that overheats, its the induction air that gets hot causing what's referred to as heat soak. Elise's don't have a intercooler and run a smaller supercharger the mp45 unit which is capable of 220bhp. In the s2 exige the unit is a mp62 fitted with a intercooler mounted over the engine itself, which isn't ideal. The more it's pushed obviously the hotter the engine gets, heating the metal intercooler itself. Several very in depth tests show that the roof scoop system, small and large scoops do assist in the cooling, the larger option only over around 110 iirc. The smaller scoop was actually more affective upto that is better as its not taking the hot air from the radiator straight off the windscreen into the scoop. The biggest issue is the scoops feed directly into a letter box which is very constricted, hence why if you stay the intercooler route, the bigger proalloy unit with side scoop additional feeds. The best all round is to go charge cooled and negate all the above issues. Back to the elise front... Also bear in mind that the s2 sc and s3 sc are 2 different engines... You either get the s2 with the rev happy 2zzge or the newer 2zrge which dosnt have the high rpm scream which I loved on second cam. IIRC the higher powered s3 variants also run a charge cooler system but I may be completely wrong on that. Another Option is to find a very rare S3 RGB Elise, which had the very last of the 2zz engine in an s3 body.
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    went from a s1 160 sport to an Evora S as getting older , never looked back , love the beast!!
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    Yeah the old matts were grey but had no heel pad. The heel pad set in the exige were great so when I saw these I thought why not... Test fit and there perfect, maybe 6mm too wide but I can see that's from the side carpet Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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    Hello everyone thought I would post my new video on the Lotus Evora 400 which I have bought from Jayemm on Cars (in case you haven't seen it already!!) Cheers! Charlie
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    It's blue - I'm probably going with the wrap option, at least it's reversible should it need to change back.
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    Hinckley Town Show 2018. Excel SA, Elites S1 & S2 Excite
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    I found anything over 3Mb hit or miss. once I cropped them in another App it reduced them to circa 1-2 which worked fine.
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    I keep thinking about one for my s190 but in the back of my mind I keep thinking all of the 33 were different specs so what will it tell me, apart from mines number #
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    Nice Job, I did the exact same on my old exige. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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    Hi all It's been a while! Last year I decided I needed more power, and parted company with my NA S2 to get something SC'd. It was fantastic in the traffic, but on the track there was not enough power for me to ever worry about breaking traction. And I wanted more things to worry about :-) After getting some funds together, Im now in a position to be able to get something supercharged. I fancy one of those modern S3 Elises. There is also the S2 SC, but Ive heard that SC can overheat on the track. That's something that shouldn't happen to an S2 Exige, with its great big air scoop, but you might imaging that could also happen to a super charged S3 elises, such as the Elise S or the Elise 220/250/etc. So my question is: whether the supercharged variants of the S3 elise have any overheating issues on the track? Thanks guys! Dan
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    For anyone interested and with a spare half an hour, here's the thread I was referring to in my earlier post. https://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f157/2007-exige-s-intercooler-air-flow-study-59117/ The max reading was 1100 fpm at about 80mph, that implies a flow of around 715 cfm. With just fettling and the Cup roof, only about 275 cfm flowed through the I/C at 80mph. So if this data is accurate, I've increased the flow through my intercooler 2.6x, over a fettled clam with a Cup roof only.

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