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    I truly hope it's not all Max Power. "And Scatty dropped the suspension so his motor is lower than a snakes gonads", "Deans car has more ICE than Ranulph Fiennes underpants","Sadly, after all this modding, Alex sold his car and has 3 other cars in the last month. Wicked". * Like you Dean, I'll be critical. I'm not sure it'll last the distance, but good luck to them. * Purely tongue in cheek, the names have been made up and any relation to Lotus owners is totally coincidental.
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    cough cough, barbour do a few very fine replacements at friend prices of you point the good lady to the outdoor and country web site delivery in time fro xmas
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    May it rest in peace. It was a pleasure to have known it. Knowing you, you will be waiting for the Brocklehurst sale...
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    Oooohhhh, that’s harsh! Didn’t you see my disclaimer?!?!? Mind you, I do like Alpine A110.... ?
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    Drop a pm to Mark H, I'm sure he'll be able to sort you out
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    I saw this too and have signed up to be kept updated. Sounds very promising. With your discerning nature and extensive vocabulary Dean, you sound like an ideal contributor mate - obvs
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    I'm a big fan of CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) - nice work.