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    Spotted on Instagram JF 👍
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    Picked up my first Lotus today, absolutely love it....
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    Cracking drive out yesterday John. Good to stretch the legs of the R. The Exige looks and sounds amazing. Following you home... etched in the memory forever. 👍
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    Welcome to both of you lucky new owners - two fantastic cars Do you fancy a run out?......... https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/67636-peaks-run-sunday-15th-start-730-am/
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    I too have a new car. My 1st Lotus.
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    Very nice, looks great in red. I work in Lichfield, occasionally drive the S1 to work.
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    Thanks Neil, if you find yourself in Sutton mate, give me a shout.
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    Patent pending? It's so nice when a bit of creative DIY works as intended. We'll done Neil.
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    Good stuff Charlie, it's clear that you really love that car Sadly, I can't even take the [Censored] about you running out of fuel .... Good weekend that was
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    The Titles says it all, he has done the impossible and outdone Botham!!!!!! we now have got a chance at the Ashes sorry guys but I had to share it
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    If its not a steep slope, hard to tell of the Pic, if you went on a bit further and then reverse back onto some caravan type leveling ramps to raise the rear end up to level? Something like this: on mine ths issue isn't the holes in your picture its the ones at the front corner (large arrow) and the water pools at the back (small arrow). Mine only leaks if i open the boot that I've noticed after cleaning but it lives in a garage. My drive slopes upto the garage.
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    I have done this with a DAB antenna cable. I lifted the car and removed the rear under tray. You can then access the car into the centre console. Takes a bit of time but is ok to do. I used a workshop ramp to lift the car. Hope this helps. Nick
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    At standard height you'll be fine. Both of my previous lowered Elise's coped OK as well, as long as you straddle or angle it. Regardless, you need to take them slowly, which can result in slow progress along heavily bumped roads....and tailgating SUV's 🙄
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    Yeah cost a 5er to get in but it's not the end of the world. Tbf the £5 entry gets you a C&M keyring that you can either keep or exchange for a hot drink.
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