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  1. Hi. Guess it depends on what you are aiming to do by having a lithium battery ? If you are on an OCD weight reduction process it’s worthwhile . If you just fancy one cause they give a bit more boot space and look cool then I would be mindful . I ran an odyssey for 3 years similar to Martin and tbh found it a bit of a pain. Didn’t hold its charge very long at all , so if you don’t use the car every 3/4 days you will need to remember to put it on trickle as part of your parking up routine . Mine eventually went pop ....literally after it failed to re charge from flat so I replaced with the lightest weight standard battery and don’t notice any difference at all . All just my opinion of course, but that money but towards new suspension , engine mounts, tyres, cam change, etc all where money better spent Richbk
  2. Nice car and achievable Looking project to make it your own whilst not breaking the bank hopefully Alex. What else has it had done along side that engine, I assume brakes and suspension ?? Enjoy rich
  3. Hey mr will. despite my best efforts and much rummaging I haven’t located the lever sorry ... it will no doubt turn up when I am not looking for it !!
  4. Thx for the heads up. One of my ctek’s has died and could do with another so I don’t have to keep swooping between the loti and the Porsche . 1st world problems ehh
  5. Will have a rummage in the garage tomorrow, sure I have my old s2 Elise one somewhere. I swopped it for a short shift and tbh it was a great improvement, what’s not working on yours ? . Sure mine came from billy 5### or similar on here or seloc. Not sure if he still does them. Might be worth a search and message if your having problems ?? richbk
  6. i drive mine up onto 2 pieces of decking to get my low profile jack underneath, and even then its a bit close . i use a cut up old rubber exhaust mount on top of my jack cup to soften the impact on the jacking point.
  7. I think Kieron owned that one back in 2016 😂. my 1st Elise was bought on the proviso that the car seat fitted perfectly, daily child minding commute aged 18 months onwards for my lad has made him a petrolhead. cant believe he will be driving in 6 months on his own !!
  8. Thanks for the write up Jon. With your past cars and years of experience, its good to get a clear view of where the elise is today. i often think of swopping back to the elise from my exige, but can never see a modern incarnation that i like more to look at as they seem a little sanitised, and find myself wishing i had bought your yellow S1 when you sold it, as that is proberbly the car i would want, with a few comfort upgrades for my aging bones. that orange car seems to be riding quite high, i assume this also helps the ride comfort, but detracts from its looks, and i am not a fan of the led running lights. it will be interesting to see what happens with the new model range that follows the 130 hypercar, hybrid and pricey or internal combustion and lightweight trickery. I think i will keep mine for another 4/5 years and see what exciting route lotus takes, if Geeleys efforts at Volvo are a signpost it could be good richbk
  9. why no track days monkey.....they are great fun, and you can go as fast or slow as you like. if your sympathetic like me the car will suffer no ill effects at all, and you will enjoy the car on a whole new level ? What suspension are you currently running on ? best upgrade (of the many) on my car was a set of ohlins , pricey, but sooo good. others may be along to speak of nitrons who also make some great kit, always worth a look around the classifieds as folk upgrade too;
  10. As ever with cars, it is worth slightly less than you hope, but a lot more than the dealers and internet sharks want to pay.!! I would clean and polish it to a high standard, take some good pics in a nice location, be honest and extensive with info in your advert and advertise on autotrader or pistonheads for £15995 if you want to sell before summer, or £16500/750 if you dont mind it hanging about on the sales sites for a couple of months whilst the "right " buyer comes along. The elise is well sort after, but a niche market. folks just wanting a summer sports car can buy a decent boxster S for 9k (i did last summer and love it btw) but lotus enthusiasts are a bit more of a rare breed (thankfully!) so might sell in a day or 3/4 months. Good luck with the sale, what are you replacing it with ?? richbk
  11. Some great cars Alex, real eclectic mix. Love the Rivera blue porker and the 911R, but those Lancias get better with age. Nice too see the exige in pride of place on the plinth
  12. Just stunning. a credit to your time, effort, skill, dedication and downright madness !! Aren't you just going to use it a little bit before it departs........
  13. Nearly there Leigh, after such an epic build and so many challenges over come. can not wait to see it in the flesh. and if the 1st post on this thread is a true marker it has been a 3 year journey almost to the day 👍
  14. As possionate lotus fans it's hard to imagine not driving one of norfolks finest. But if the brand didn't exist what car do you think you would be driving
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