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  1. Radiator upgrade

    Usual suspect. Gav at Unit 4 Burton did mine for me last year, along side removing my degrading a/c rad as I haven't used it in years and a few other bits of tlc. Quick, simple, well priced and nice stable temp. Hth richbk
  2. Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    keep the comments coming folks. interesting thoughts on the R8, every review i have read describe it as a usable supercar with great engine, manual gear change and chassis - which sounds good to me tbh service and maintenance on the aston scare me a little but they are one of the best looking British sports cars ever i think. i should try an evora i guess, as i am hearing the love from fellow forum members, but i cant afford the later models which some suggest. i really enjoy my boxster S - had a great drive to work on sunday morning, roof down and tail out on the damp roads, but dont think a 911 would be 200% better for 200% more money so they are out for now. any other suggestions i am missing -
  3. Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Hi folks thx for the feedback, hadn't heard of the R8 chassis issues, more googling required. manuals definitely, I'm not that old yet !! Looks, inside and out I love the Aston , tech and driving reviews the R8 seems to win, and are a little rarer, with i imagine more sense of occasion when driving it, lower, firmer, mid engined the evora i am conflicted about, i see some lovely examples on runs and at events and i think ...maybe, but just something about its looks don't do it for me on the standard cars that would fall in my price bracket.
  4. So after 12 years of Elise and exige ownership , and stretching my man maths to the limit I have been looking at a couple of cars to consider replacing the exige and boxster S with in the spring. It would be pretty rarified air for me and car price reflects keeping some cash back for service, maintainance and upgrades. i don't have deep pockets to buy new but love the idea of owning both of these cars. Pluses and minuses to both I guess, so figured I would ask the MLOC massive which way they would go, and crucially any experiences with either car. Couple of links below to spec and price I would consider. But not specifically these exact cars. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/audi/r8/audi-r8-4-2-fsi-quattro-2dr/9166495 https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/aston-martin/v8-vantage-coupe/aston-martin-vantage-vh2-v8-2006/9051068 So if you could, would you, and if you would, which one ??, oh and which will be worth most in 12 years time so I can buy a mclaren !!
  5. Elise S1 for sale (2000, W) £13,500

    Its those white wheels Sorry to see you moving on, a long time MLOC member, but you have been quiet this last few years ? What is replacing the elise ??
  6. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Nearly there Leigh, after such an epic build and so many challenges over come. can not wait to see it in the flesh. and if the 1st post on this thread is a true marker it has been a 3 year journey almost to the day ?
  7. A favour...

    Hi Alex, if you fancy a run over the a50 you can borrow mine for a while. Might ask you to give me a hand putting the car on the axle stands . I am working every day now till next Friday so won't be using the car , but would mean an evening visit if that's any good to you. What tyres are you running btw ??
  8. New Member ..First Lotus

    Rich maybe you need new tyres, I and others with me have had many runs in the wet, you need to be respectful of the it but Elise's hold the road pretty well in the wet as with any car adjust braking and feed power Hey Ray. just sharing my 12 years experience. I run track biased tyres, not sure what the sports racer runs as standard, so I always think it is worthwhile to mention that the Elise /exige can be a very different propersition in the wet than the dry, I have seen enough posts and tales of “there must have been diesel on the roundabout “ describing folks parking backwards in a hedge /barrier on first wet spirited drive. As you say, drive to the conditions and your ability and all should be fine, richbk
  9. Is The Cat & Fiddle Getting a Makeover.

    those crazy cyclists will ride in any weather !! offer good food and beverages, great service and a fun atmosphere at a competitive price and folk other than bikers will make use of the pub / complex too. I spend lots of time in the summer in Snowdonia and the climbers / walkers pubs / hostels are all broadening there offer to sta-cationers and seem to be doing well
  10. New Member ..First Lotus

    definitely different from bikes....but in a good way, one of the few cars that still gives that raw connected feel when on the road or track. Enjoy. pics are of course needed of the new (and old) rides. Be very careful in the wet, much like your bike, corners, speed, rain and elises makes for an unpleasant experience, even at real low speeds. welcome to the greatest lotus club on t'interweb richbk
  11. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    very nice. enjoy richbk
  12. Looking to buy my first Lotus

    Hi Alex welcome to proberbly the best car forum on the inter web ! the support, help, advice, knowledge and banter has made my lotus ownership an absolute pleasure. I am based in Endon so fairly close to youand run a bright blue S2 exige n/a that I have lightened and tinkered with over the years. I owned an early S2 Elise before that. I am lucky enough to run a boxster s along side it and have owned a mint Honda S2000 during the last few years, both are great cars, but neither come close to the driving experience of the lotus. If you would like to have a run out in mine, kick some tyres and chat all things exige from insurance, running costs, niggles, rattles, track days and where to stop on the cat and fiddle for 3 minutes between the average speed cameras Just drop me a Pm. Happy hunting, if you can buy sooner, I would as the prices are only going 1way and they don't seem to drop as winter approaches like some sports cars. I SORN mine over winter as semi slick tyres and wet weather are not a confidence inspiring couple so you might find yourself waiting till next spring to enjoy a car you buy this Autumn .which is a waste of insurance premium. richard
  13. Wheel refurb volunteer wanted!

    Mine are due to be done asap, as the finish is breaking up, proberbly. needs taking back to bare metal and starting again . Where are they based and do they have a re Furber in mind ? Richard
  14. Secure car storage needed

    Or just take it to unit 4 for a service and tell Gav there is no rush ??. Reckon you could get 6 months free storage !
  15. Smash!

    Stick to your guns kurt, if your not at fault in any way ( and it seems clear you are not) wonder why they put "independent " in that manner in the letter ? . Seems an odd way to describe the witness? It really is very frustrating when through no fault or behaviour of your own you are massively inconvenienced, put through stress of arranging an adequate repair and then the insurers try and blame you !!!

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