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  1. Vibrations at high speed?!

    Hi Darren . What tyres are you running on ? track focused tyres can move on the rim causing vibration and endless rebalancing ? you are fairly close to oak mere at Northwich, maybe pop over and see Paul in servicing. Mention MLOC as they know a lot of the members here and he may offer some advice or simple diagnostic. I sure wouldn't be traveling at those speeds( on track of course) with vibration from 1 wheel. Final thought, have you checked the wheel bolts for correct torque , simple but obvious.....
  2. Suspension removal

    Cheers Jonathan, part ordered and on route. although £10 for standard delivery is just rude and money making , and makes me inclined not to purchase more parts in the future. suspension has gone to cornering force in Harrogate, as they responded to email and answered the phone. Basic customer service but sadly lacking it seems at other specialists, I just don't get it. Anyway, moan over. Role on the return so I can drive the car again, although I have been having fun in the topless boxster and recently purchased gtv spider. So I can't complain too much,
  3. Suspension removal

    So the suspension is off and away for refurb, 1 leaking damper and 3 non working adjusters to fix. The process was pretty straight forward and has given me opportunity to clean things up a bit and replace bits and bobs. i need to source one of these B122B0133F Bracket, clamshell to diffuser, LH Exige If anyone has a spare one floating about in there garage for beer tokens ? Also replacing the under tray bolts with stainless steel. some new exhaust heat wrap as the previous has gone brittle And some scrubbing and cleaning on the wishbones and general mechanicals. wheels are off for a shot blast and new powder oat in Matt black too. if no one has a spare bracket, any suggestions for purchasing an oem.part Thanks rich
  4. Suspension removal

    So having a go at this tomorrow, alas I can't see any of the images on the threads due to photobucket shenanigans. But it looks like car up on stands ( where is best position to place these under car for weight distribution ) wheels off 4 bolts off 4 jubilee clips holding remote reservoirs off. what could possibly go wrong richbk
  5. Suspension removal

    lol. it will be ready for LITP dont worry, particularly if any of the mechanical gurus can point me in the direction .......
  6. Suspension removal

    My onlins require some tlc, so will be going off to BG Motorsport for a re build. because this takes a few weeks I have the offer of a friends garage to store the car sans suspension and wheels. we figured on removing and re fitting the suspension our selves. Does anyone have or suggest an idiots guide to this. I will look to spruce up any areas that need some work but do not think I will have the time or know how to get into a whole refresh . Gav checked everything over at last service and gave it a clean bill of health as I wanted to ensure the car was fit and well for at least 1 or 2 track days this year. as always any advice gratefully recieved richbk
  7. damned MOT

    So. In need of Mloc help again to pass the mot. tyres sourced, sent and fitted, now to what thought was a minor problem of rear fog light.... replaced bulb..no joy, check switch-works,checked wiring-works... any thoughts ..?. Does it have some sort of module like the central locking that could have given up the ghost?. thanks Richard
  8. Selling up...

    olly. No........ cant believe you are selling, your car is awesome. whats next on the tick list ??
  9. damned MOT

    Cheers for the comments guys. I think I may look at the zzs when I change a full set as they sound ideal. For now I have put a new set of 888's on the back to match the fronts. This is my second set so figure when these die the fronts will be nearly ready for a change so will go Avon to see how they fair. Was tempted by the ad08 but not over keen on the wider front , roll on on sunshine and a few trips to my north wales hide away, the roads are just exige perfect around there rich
  10. damned MOT

    cheers martin. quick search throwing up £227. per corner, i was hoping they would be cheaper than the r888 !!
  11. damned MOT

    Cheers martin. Alas I havent seen the track for 2 summers, but fully intend to try again this year. however i really enjoy the grip the 888's give me, i am happy to lose 5% as i am no driving god, but wouldn't want to lose much more than that as i really like to enjoy the feel of the car in the bends. If the avons will give me that i am happy to give them a go , any suggestions for suppliers ??
  12. damned MOT

    So as i havent driven the car since sept 14th. i figured i should get the lotus mot'd and ready for the spring i have managed an embarrassing 870 miles in 12 months, so figured my rear os advisory from my last mot would be ok this time too but no i need new rubber. I always swop in pairs, so need to replace my worn out r888's. i think the garage mice have been chewing my tread away over winter !! I have 888's up front too, and am not over keen on mixing brands / types so have been looking for replacements. It seems an r888r has appeared but r888's are still also available. has anyone run the newer tyre like this https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=87693603.110.80428&sowigan=So&Breite=225&Quer=45&Felge=17&Speed=W&Load=94&kategorie=&Marke=Toyo&ranzahl=1&tyre_for=&x_tyre_for=&Herst=Toyo&Ang_pro_Seite=10&sort_by=preis&rsmFahrzeugart=ALL&filter_preis_bis=&filter_preis_von=&homologation=&Label=F-E-70-2&details=Ordern&typ=R-360600 and if so any reviews/feedback. The r888's are £170 per corner, these for some reason cheaper and then another similar r888r but not coded as xl for lots more money £267 per corner. As ever opinion, info and recommendations welcome. Avon zzr's get good reviews, but not sure how they would work with 888's up front until it is time to swop them ?? richbk
  13. Hello to MLOC people

    Enjoy the new car, it looks fabulous. Take it easy in the cold and wet, very easy to be sitting backwards on a roundabout with your new purchase on the Armco, wondering how the hell that happened in such a great handling car !! my son and his car seat fitted perfectly from the age of 18 months, not so sure about the rear facing seats for brand new babies, but times have changed and I am sure you can find a safe secure and of course colour coordinating seat to work . He is 15 now and fully capable of reversing my motor in and out of the garage for me so early experience can be benificial. oh and get used to being stared at by school kids, other blokes and if you lucky hot ladies but be totally clear, it's the car they are looking at !!!! enjoy richbk
  14. Great Morning Drive

    And i had to go to work and listen to all the sports bikes passing my store on the way to a fun day to in Wales ..... maybe next weekend
  15. Driving experience ideas please.

    edit "itswherescattystillhangsout

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