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  1. cheers mark. Pagid vs CL's always seems to be the discussion.. I have the braided hoses and used motul 600 dot 4 previously, as with everything else in the world bar my salary they all seem to have gone up 25% since i last purchased any !!
  2. My 2005 na exige is in need of some new brake pads. Will change all at the same time, as part of a bit of a winter refresh. The car see about 2/3k of quick road driving a year, with 1 or 2 track days if i am lucky. I am fairly sympathetic to my car so don't need anything too aggressive, so long as it stops on a 6pc. Any suggestions on the current pad of choice, and whilst i am at it I might as well change the fluid, so any recommendations on that front greatly appreciated too richard
  3. Cheers for the replies folks. I went back to adrian flux in the end and insured with Aegis. £249, 3k miles per year, all mods declared, and including an excess return policy thrown in. quick and efficient on the phone and emails pinging through within minutes. Although as above, I am old, and bar a 4 yrs old sp30 and a 5 yr old no fault claim and lots of protected no claims i think i am pretty low risk for them
  4. Morning all. Its the annual 3 hours on the pc and phone time looking for new cover for the car. 2006 exige - 4k miles per year (managed 457 last year, but they often dont quote anything less!) Few mods, suspension, ecu upgrade, arbs, baffled sump etc. cheers Richbk
  5. and lucky they can concentrate on defending it next season, and concentrating on winning the europa cup next year too cant believe they missed out on champions league on last weekend again , but might be a blessing in disguise...
  6. richbk

    Isle of Mann

    Afternoon all. has anyone ever taken there lotus fo the IOM? I will be visiting this year to see my Godson who is just starting a new job as a helicopter pilot on the island and trying to work out of the ferry price is worth it over sleazy jet to have use of the car over there ?? cheers rich
  7. Cars looking good, the sunshine at the weekend had lots of folks out with the 2 buckets and polish..... That camper is going to take a bit of t cut though
  8. Ooops I appear to have logged onto the Jag forum in error 😂.
  9. Where are you based Nick ? I know current circumstances don’t allow but if you haven’t purchased by the time lockdown is released you should come along to a local meet where all types , ages and configurations are present . I am sure the owners would be happy to let you try out the different seats . Your height and size aren’t prohibitive. I am 6 1 and around 12 1/2 stone and sit 2 clicks from the back in my car so I don’t think reclining or moving the seat further back will solve the issue ..... richard
  10. Thats a precision cut, perfect length overbraided sleeve i am sure.....just probably on the wrong hose !!. Yes as said the clip is holding the hose fine, its a cleaner fit just placed over the hose rather than trying to clip the sleeve too. You could add a wrap of heat resistant black tape to the ends of the sleeve if you want to ensure it remains in situ over time.
  11. richbk


    tyres / brakes / suspension - all worth stretching the budget on these cars. can make a massive difference to performance and enjoyment along with a good and regular Geo check / set up
  12. As a true reflection of 2020, are we having 9 months of photos of cars tucked away in garages and 3 months of shots out in the Country side with social distancing ??
  13. Nearly there Leigh, after such an epic build and so many challenges over come. can not wait to see it in the flesh. and if the 1st post on this thread is a true marker it has been a 3 year journey almost to the day 👍
  14. As possionate lotus fans it's hard to imagine not driving one of norfolks finest. But if the brand didn't exist what car do you think you would be driving
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