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  1. damned MOT

    Cheers for the comments guys. I think I may look at the zzs when I change a full set as they sound ideal. For now I have put a new set of 888's on the back to match the fronts. This is my second set so figure when these die the fronts will be nearly ready for a change so will go Avon to see how they fair. Was tempted by the ad08 but not over keen on the wider front , roll on on sunshine and a few trips to my north wales hide away, the roads are just exige perfect around there rich
  2. damned MOT

    cheers martin. quick search throwing up £227. per corner, i was hoping they would be cheaper than the r888 !!
  3. damned MOT

    Cheers martin. Alas I havent seen the track for 2 summers, but fully intend to try again this year. however i really enjoy the grip the 888's give me, i am happy to lose 5% as i am no driving god, but wouldn't want to lose much more than that as i really like to enjoy the feel of the car in the bends. If the avons will give me that i am happy to give them a go , any suggestions for suppliers ??
  4. damned MOT

    So as i havent driven the car since sept 14th. i figured i should get the lotus mot'd and ready for the spring i have managed an embarrassing 870 miles in 12 months, so figured my rear os advisory from my last mot would be ok this time too but no i need new rubber. I always swop in pairs, so need to replace my worn out r888's. i think the garage mice have been chewing my tread away over winter !! I have 888's up front too, and am not over keen on mixing brands / types so have been looking for replacements. It seems an r888r has appeared but r888's are still also available. has anyone run the newer tyre like this https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=87693603.110.80428&sowigan=So&Breite=225&Quer=45&Felge=17&Speed=W&Load=94&kategorie=&Marke=Toyo&ranzahl=1&tyre_for=&x_tyre_for=&Herst=Toyo&Ang_pro_Seite=10&sort_by=preis&rsmFahrzeugart=ALL&filter_preis_bis=&filter_preis_von=&homologation=&Label=F-E-70-2&details=Ordern&typ=R-360600 and if so any reviews/feedback. The r888's are £170 per corner, these for some reason cheaper and then another similar r888r but not coded as xl for lots more money £267 per corner. As ever opinion, info and recommendations welcome. Avon zzr's get good reviews, but not sure how they would work with 888's up front until it is time to swop them ?? richbk
  5. Hello to MLOC people

    Enjoy the new car, it looks fabulous. Take it easy in the cold and wet, very easy to be sitting backwards on a roundabout with your new purchase on the Armco, wondering how the hell that happened in such a great handling car !! my son and his car seat fitted perfectly from the age of 18 months, not so sure about the rear facing seats for brand new babies, but times have changed and I am sure you can find a safe secure and of course colour coordinating seat to work . He is 15 now and fully capable of reversing my motor in and out of the garage for me so early experience can be benificial. oh and get used to being stared at by school kids, other blokes and if you lucky hot ladies but be totally clear, it's the car they are looking at !!!! enjoy richbk
  6. Great Morning Drive

    And i had to go to work and listen to all the sports bikes passing my store on the way to a fun day to in Wales ..... maybe next weekend
  7. Driving experience ideas please.

    edit "itswherescattystillhangsout
  8. Alex you are assuming that I know how to remove the suspension !!! Or more importantly re fit it !!. Seems it's a 3/4 week job for the re build and no one has space for my car to be hanging around taking up work space at a garage alas. so I figured if I took it to the re builders they could keep the car and do the geo etc when the suspension was refreshed. It's a nice drive up that way if nothing h else
  9. What price for an S2 ECU

    Hi Andrew , no idea on price TBH, what is the price of a new one ? Then knock of 30% for second hand and MLOC friendship seems reasonable to me !! Transit wise mine went to lotus for the cam drop via bubble wrap and a cardboard box and came back in perfect knick. richbk
  10. So whilst putting my Christmas trees away I stumbled across a sports car in my garage that I had completely forgotten about ! All tucked up under its car cover with the tickle charger and de-humidifier buzzing away every now and then, A quick check of the phone and the last time i took it out was a bright sunny evening.....on14th September.. So anyone who has me on "social media" will know i ran a Honda S2000 as well in 2015/16, but the missus suggested i sell it to buy a new kitchen. The up side of the sale was a healthy profit on the car and some fun motoring, although i was a little underwhelmed tbh with the car, despite always wanting to own one. So the kitchen still hasn't materialised yet so i invested the cash in an 987 boxster S. which in polar opposites to the honda I had no great expectations of, but i actually prefer. It handles great, sounds meaty and goes like s@@t off a stick ! The result of this is that whenever the mood and time arise i have been taking the Porsche out rather than the lotus, I think its a roof off thing, as I had a great drive around the cat and fiddle in the snow and ice sans roof with the son and heir, So to the Lotus. It needs a service and MOT, plus a Geo and more importantly, or expensively an Ohlins rebuild. It seems I need to take a trip to Harrogate for this as I can't find anyone local who offers a re-build service, unless anyone has an good recommendations ? The front of the car also needs a re-spray as the rivera blue paint shows up the gravel rash and after 4 years of peak district roads its peppered. and finally if the man maths will add up I would dearly like a set of Tillet B5 seats to complete the lightweight diet. After all that i promise i will drive it more, because it is without doubt the best handling car and makes me smile !! Richbk
  11. NJ16 GXD - Blue Exige

    feeling tempted by that corrupting horsepower....... no knowledge I'm afraid but a test drive might not be too much fun in these conditions !! richbk
  12. Driving experience ideas please.

    Hi, My lad has done a few of the "young driver" days. 1 hour with a proper driving instructor learning how to actually drive rather than ragging an old fezza in 2nd in a straight line. not as "cool" as a supercar day, but my lad really felt like he was learning to drive. failing that, there is a rally school near belfast that would make a cool weekend away richbk
  13. MLOC mourns

    cough cough, barbour do a few very fine replacements at friend prices of you point the good lady to the outdoor and country web site delivery in time fro xmas
  14. 2020 Elise

    Ok little confused by this, I think Eric's son has had a good go at interrupting lotus for 2020 and some people like it and some don't., and maybe some have taken it to seriously, imho. It looks like a Ferrari / mclaren mash up which is no bad thing but has a little too much going on for a small sports car, maybe elongated for a esprit chassis ......
  15. Just bought a.

    great looking car, thought the same as phil, super sticky tires !! get a pal to drive the excel and bring them both !!

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