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  1. Cars looking good, the sunshine at the weekend had lots of folks out with the 2 buckets and polish..... That camper is going to take a bit of t cut though
  2. Ooops I appear to have logged onto the Jag forum in error 😂.
  3. Where are you based Nick ? I know current circumstances don’t allow but if you haven’t purchased by the time lockdown is released you should come along to a local meet where all types , ages and configurations are present . I am sure the owners would be happy to let you try out the different seats . Your height and size aren’t prohibitive. I am 6 1 and around 12 1/2 stone and sit 2 clicks from the back in my car so I don’t think reclining or moving the seat further back will solve the issue ..... richard
  4. Thats a precision cut, perfect length overbraided sleeve i am sure.....just probably on the wrong hose !!. Yes as said the clip is holding the hose fine, its a cleaner fit just placed over the hose rather than trying to clip the sleeve too. You could add a wrap of heat resistant black tape to the ends of the sleeve if you want to ensure it remains in situ over time.
  5. tyres / brakes / suspension - all worth stretching the budget on these cars. can make a massive difference to performance and enjoyment along with a good and regular Geo check / set up
  6. As a true reflection of 2020, are we having 9 months of photos of cars tucked away in garages and 3 months of shots out in the Country side with social distancing ??
  7. cheers guys. will be sure to give them a call and the track day was good, had a great day with the car, but was a little unnerved by the fact that the caterham acadamy and a couple of full on professional race teams with telemetry, stacks of tyres etc etc where flying around the track....I thought thats what test days were for ?!
  8. Hi Andy thx for the info, all sorted £148. Still expensive but way better price than a flux and a nice chap Justin to deal with on the phone
  9. Hi dobbo trackday is with MSV full day at donungton insurance is with flux direct , as broker company is Agias I think. 15 yrs no claims , 3k miles per year , not got agreed valuation , excess £400 and alas no track says
  10. Sorry to see you and the cars leaving MLOC for now Drage, but I am sure you will be back . have the cars stayed in the UK ? Good luck with the home move, remember the old saying , you can sleep in a car , but you can’t drive a house 😏. don’t be a stranger on the forum richbk
  11. Evening all . i am doing a track day at Donington on Monday and have discovered I dropped track insurance off my policy in 2018 as I hadn’t done 1 the previous year . My annual policy is £296 this year so I was a little shocked to find Adrian flux could only offer me a 1 day policy at £213 for 1 DAY !. can anyone recommend a better priced company to cover me ?? And almost as importantly is anyone else here booked for Monday, would be nice to see some familiar faces.
  12. I am off on track for the 1st time this year at Donnington on 21st September. I am giving the car a good shake down, having refreshed the ohlins suspension and replaced all the suspension bushes with superpro's over lockdown i am re visiting older parts and find the air intake has seen better days, I have no idea what brand is fitted, but its similar but probably less expensive to the ITG system. i dont have the original box, so replacing this with an uprated filter is out. and spending ££££ on the ITG system is not ideal after spending on the suspension, so i am looking to you guys
  13. Could it be Carl “Nights” the guy on the late shift who finishes everything off when everyone else’s has gone home 🤔
  14. Farewell for now Jake. whats replacing it ?
  15. Sorry to here of the Evie’s woes but I think you made the right decision. I am constantly amazed at the lack of care people give their cars and the way garages describe average cars as immaculate 😡. my exige has been with me for 12 years and is now painted Porsche GT2 Riviera Blue. Along with ohlins, engine upgrades and some weight reduction is known in the family as “triggers broom “ will stop next time I am passing and say hi for sure . Have you considered an older Bentley Conti as a family weekend GT, and keep the exige......
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