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  1. The best upgrade for track use by far i have done on my car was a set of 2 way ohlins. a mid priced street series nitro, as mentioned above would be an improvement I'm sure, or if budget will stretch a set of ohlins..... you can of course then adjust not only the suspension for road and track, but also ride height and add a little rake. this adds less improvement handling wise in reality, but looks great richbk
  2. Cheers guys. i am using the original 2 pot calipers as they fit and have never faded on me, i just wanted more stopping power. the problem is similar to leigh had / has and we are all at a loss (Gav included) on how to fix, i believe it is just a symptom of the "floating" nature of the discs as they aren't fixed to the bell but more suspended on the spindles that allow a small amount of lateral movement to make the most of the pressure applied slightly unevenly by the calliper/pads..........that almost sounds like i know what I'm talking about !! If i could switched to fixed discs on these bells that would solve the problem, but i don't believe that is possible. They are the nitron developed system that i think eliseparts or seriously lotus bought the stock / rights too. I figure if Gav can't improve it for road use , it properly can't be fixed, as I believe its not a fault as such just what you get with this set up?
  3. its not the calipers its the floating discs that are chattering, moving across the 12 spindles that allow the best and most effective breaking under heavy use, but the small amount of movement chatters on uneven roads/ potholes etc.
  4. So mloc friends I have decided to give in living with the constant chatter of my floating belled front discs. I bought them to improve braking on track days without having to upgrade to larger calipers etc. I noticed a slight improvement on the 2 track days I did on them, but nothing like the improvement that the ohlins made or dropping the cam change point. And I haven't seen a track since 2016 as days off are spent doing other stuff at the moment the massive down side is the constant chatter I get in normal road driving. As our roads continue to deteriorate so the chatter has increased, so as cool as they look and as underused as they are I am going to swop back to standard grooved discs. What is the disc of choice at the moment ? Anyone got any good feedback or current good deals you know of ? as ever any comments greatfully recieved and the floating bells will proberbly end in on the clsssified at some point of anyone's interested rich
  5. hope you enjoy the hunt jon, its good fun. my 2 peneth. from personal and a mate who is a serial car swopper. his favourite of all the rag tops he has had, everything from mini, mg, bmw, audi and mx5 is that the mx5 was the best by far. forget the hairdressers comments, the 2 ltr. is well sorted and does move, whilst still being a fun drive and bomb proof. he has just bought a last of the straight six boxter, and that is the only thing he rates above it, but it cost him 28k more!! good hunting. my s2000 was great, but as you say prices are getting near lotus money, unless its a dog. richbk
  6. wow laura, can't believe its 10 yrs for you and nearly 12 for me (having checked my profile). Time sure does fly. I bought my fab racing green elise when my son was 2 as an obvious baby transporting machine, my wife was delighted !! and still love the moment the garage door rolls up to reveal the bright blue rump of the exige. Lotus really does get under your skin, but the MLOC experience has been an integral part of ownership that i didn't expect to enjoy as much as I have. Some great folks have come and gone (scott, jon s, malbon,) and other are still here but more lurkers due to change of life (Steve J, Mark, Me) and others have taken the group on to new highs (dean, scatty, alex b,) and you and G have been fab to watch grow into a family...richly deserved for such great people. heres to the next 10 years richbk
  7. Hi. I had similar problem recently after having new rad fitted. Gav at unit 4 burton sorted for me at a reasonable cost, he can fit relatively easily (for him, not me) and a keen price. hth rich
  8. have you tried Junks on seloc ?, always comes up trumps for me richbk
  9. Great to have another expert in the area......unit 4 address, expect much confusion !!! Richbk
  10. next spring as in 2018 leigh ??? surely not ?
  11. i tried all sorts of fixes, using the 2 screws on the base of the doors front and aft to adjust the window rail alignment. no joy. then i went to gav at unit 4 in burton and asked him to fix it....and he did ! lesson learned richbk
  12. You seem to be looking at some big metal. What about an Audi A6 3.0tdi,or a Saab 95, or a 530d, or a vw passet estate, or a mondeo estate....... All will easily pull a trailer, some for a few k less than 5k - which means more track days. You are towing to a track not a rally stage Richbk
  13. Im pushing 80 miles - 2 trips to unit 4 !!! i do have shiny new things to look at though so worth while.
  14. Evening folks. I have ordered a bottle of renovo soft top reviver in black to bring my lotus and honda roofs back up to scratch for the summer. It suggests using the soft top cleaner to remove any old dirt / green stains etc. but TBH both my roofs are well kept, clean and in good nick so being tight I didn't want to spend £15 on a bottle of cleaner that i will probably only use 2/3 cap full of every other year. Does anyone know of a reason my normal car shampoo agitated into the roof and then well washed off shouldn't produce a clean enough surface to revive. ? I already have some of the waterproof coating to apply when all is clean and revived . Cheers Rich
  15. sounds like a great day....and good news on the mouse front, hope none stowed away !!!