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  1. 2020 Elise

    Ok little confused by this, I think Eric's son has had a good go at interrupting lotus for 2020 and some people like it and some don't., and maybe some have taken it to seriously, imho. It looks like a Ferrari / mclaren mash up which is no bad thing but has a little too much going on for a small sports car, maybe elongated for a esprit chassis ......
  2. Just bought a.

    great looking car, thought the same as phil, super sticky tires !! get a pal to drive the excel and bring them both !!
  3. have you got any pics of the problem area. I had a long tail roof on my 52 plate S2 elise, changed on 2003 iirc richbk
  4. Dilema

    I love the colour.... Go for it. The s2 whilst appreciating isn't going mental like the s1. So you could always change back once you have scratched the power itch .
  5. Lotus Number 4...

    Looks great dave. I am sure it will be as well looked after as the S160 but as you say will see a few more miles, which is what these cars thrive on. With prices going the way they are I imagine driving the S1 was becoming a bit nervy as you are driving an asset not a fun toy. Who ever has bought it has got a real peach and you can enjoy the thrill of a new car, so it's a win win in my book. I have just bought a 13 yr old Mini Cooper that replaced a bright red old Alfa 147 for daily drives to keep miles off the lotus and crappy winter days and I have to say it's great fun with non of the stress of worrying about car park dings and other poor road users. You can have some great fun for £1000 and if you buy right not cost you penny. enjoy the new motor and maybe see it on a run out before winter
  6. AC compressor

    AC as in air conditioning ??? - ditch it all and save the weight. mine failed last year and i thought about replacing the bits, but over £700 for the parts plus fitting, plus the fact i haven't used it since 2012 made up my mind and gav removed the broken bits and saved me a few kilos. all can be re-installed by new owner if i ever sell it. However Keiths kind offer seems too good to miss so maybe i should be quiet......
  7. MMG Performance

    Morning all. browsing as you do.......and I have spotted a later summer replacement for the Honda S2000 I sold in the spring. It's a 987 shape boxter. Fancy having a look at it and it appears to be for sale at MMG Performance in Ashbourne. I have never heard of these guys but they seem to be a lotus VX specialist. Cant believe I have never heard of them as they are only 10 miles from. My house. Has anyone ever had dealings with them cheers rich
  8. Hi Rich, I would be really grateful if I could pop round one evening to look at the rattling.

    If I'm honest I do need someone with a bit of experience and mechanical confidence as the thought of me trying on my own scares me and those around me 😂!! 

    Ive also figured out the Idle Control Unit ICU needs cleaning. I found it (I think) but haven't the tools to take a closer look.

    If you were to buy front and back badges where would you go? The ones I've seen that look decent have bolts on the back??

    Id understand if you instantly regretted putting the offer out there to help 😬.

    Cheers Chris 

    Lightwood, Stoke

  9. Garage recommendation in Stoke on Trent

    Morning Chris and welcome to MLOC. I am based in Endon if your are that direction and would be happy to help you one evening to do the seats out or lend you the long angled Allen key which makes it easy. Badges as mentioned are honestly straight forward. rattles are another issue, fix one and you will hear another proberbly but behind seats/ rear window is a decent start point. It's a cgallange but satisfying when you find/fix one for mechanicals I would reccomend Gav at unit 4. In button Slight confusion that his business is called unit 4 and the newer PJS who are also getting good review are also based in burton and have a similar address. You won't go wrong with either. rich
  10. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    yeah , i was getting bored of it to anyway tbh sure you can find a new photo host???
  11. Hot Vulcanized Tyre repairs (for DD)

    Hi Dave. spooky i have exactly the same problem with my daily runner, nearly new tyre, in similar place, my good fortune could be that i live 8 miles from Stone..... whats the name of the company you contacted there? I might pop over tomorrow. If yours has gone their and i can be of any help, let me know rich
  12. Glad you got this fixed, and all under your own steam. odd no one posted a suggestion, its usually a fountain of knowledge on here. what colour is your car btw, looks a bit like my old BRG elise colour ?? richbk
  13. Where were all the Lotus cars?

    I was at work ?. but did take the car and managed to go home the long way ?
  14. To Nitron or not

    The best upgrade for track use by far i have done on my car was a set of 2 way ohlins. a mid priced street series nitro, as mentioned above would be an improvement I'm sure, or if budget will stretch a set of ohlins..... you can of course then adjust not only the suspension for road and track, but also ride height and add a little rake. this adds less improvement handling wise in reality, but looks great richbk
  15. New front grooved discs

    Cheers guys. i am using the original 2 pot calipers as they fit and have never faded on me, i just wanted more stopping power. the problem is similar to leigh had / has and we are all at a loss (Gav included) on how to fix, i believe it is just a symptom of the "floating" nature of the discs as they aren't fixed to the bell but more suspended on the spindles that allow a small amount of lateral movement to make the most of the pressure applied slightly unevenly by the calliper/pads..........that almost sounds like i know what I'm talking about !! If i could switched to fixed discs on these bells that would solve the problem, but i don't believe that is possible. They are the nitron developed system that i think eliseparts or seriously lotus bought the stock / rights too. I figure if Gav can't improve it for road use , it properly can't be fixed, as I believe its not a fault as such just what you get with this set up?