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  1. I think Kieron owned that one back in 2016 😂. my 1st Elise was bought on the proviso that the car seat fitted perfectly, daily child minding commute aged 18 months onwards for my lad has made him a petrolhead. cant believe he will be driving in 6 months on his own !!
  2. Thanks for the write up Jon. With your past cars and years of experience, its good to get a clear view of where the elise is today. i often think of swopping back to the elise from my exige, but can never see a modern incarnation that i like more to look at as they seem a little sanitised, and find myself wishing i had bought your yellow S1 when you sold it, as that is proberbly the car i would want, with a few comfort upgrades for my aging bones. that orange car seems to be riding quite high, i assume this also helps the ride comfort, but detracts from its looks, and i am not a fan of the led running lights. it will be interesting to see what happens with the new model range that follows the 130 hypercar, hybrid and pricey or internal combustion and lightweight trickery. I think i will keep mine for another 4/5 years and see what exciting route lotus takes, if Geeleys efforts at Volvo are a signpost it could be good richbk
  3. why no track days monkey.....they are great fun, and you can go as fast or slow as you like. if your sympathetic like me the car will suffer no ill effects at all, and you will enjoy the car on a whole new level ? What suspension are you currently running on ? best upgrade (of the many) on my car was a set of ohlins , pricey, but sooo good. others may be along to speak of nitrons who also make some great kit, always worth a look around the classifieds as folk upgrade too;
  4. As ever with cars, it is worth slightly less than you hope, but a lot more than the dealers and internet sharks want to pay.!! I would clean and polish it to a high standard, take some good pics in a nice location, be honest and extensive with info in your advert and advertise on autotrader or pistonheads for £15995 if you want to sell before summer, or £16500/750 if you dont mind it hanging about on the sales sites for a couple of months whilst the "right " buyer comes along. The elise is well sort after, but a niche market. folks just wanting a summer sports car can buy a decent boxster S for 9k (i did last summer and love it btw) but lotus enthusiasts are a bit more of a rare breed (thankfully!) so might sell in a day or 3/4 months. Good luck with the sale, what are you replacing it with ?? richbk
  5. Thanks for the info 👍. blown bulbs proberbly due to lack of use, I think I may of surprised my car by starting it up the other day, it's been resting under its car cover on trickle charge since November 😳
  6. Some great cars Alex, real eclectic mix. Love the Rivera blue porker and the 911R, but those Lancias get better with age. Nice too see the exige in pride of place on the plinth
  7. And now Spurs do the impossible !!, i think I am too fatigued to care about Chelsea and Arsenal tomorrow !
  8. So, as described, a super easy job, I love MLOC Many thanks. LED's ordered from amazon prime, but little old 501 popped in to get it through its MOT tomorrow. Cheers Richbk
  9. As a life long Liverpool fan I have to say last night was just fantastic. i had to travel to snowdonia last night after work and had the pleasure of listening to the whole match on a slightly fuzzy am radio in the boxster with the roof down and had to stop a couple of times to just listen to the atmosphere created in the ground. i know many folk aren't bothered about the beautiful game but to hear the crowd, and feel the collective desire from players, fans etc to succeed was just awesome. lets hope they life this trophy at least this season as it looks like man city will pip us to the premiership richbk
  10. Thanks for the info. I will have a good look this morning. might look at updating to led if it's an easy fix, as I am sure my 06 exige is on standard lamps ? then off to the testers just in time for the sunshine ...... Oh or maybe the rain 😩
  11. Evening all. About time i got the exige on the road for this summer. Car is due to go for its MOT on wednesday. As i managed a heady 787 miles last year, i am sure it shouldnt need too much to get it through its MOT apart from pumping the handbrake a thousand times !!. however 1 of the bulbs in the rear clam brake light has given up the ghost. I believe this is a sealed unit and can not be fixed just by changing a bulb ?, happy to be corrected if this can indeed be done. My question is..... if 1 bulb has failed does that mean the car will fail its MOT, and if this is the case, can i disconnect the whole fitting and just use the normal rear brake lights in the light cluster as the only brake lights for the purposes of the MOT ?? I could theoretically then re connect post MOT, although my OCD might give me a nervous twitch knowing 1 bulb is out !! cheers Richard
  12. Just stunning. a credit to your time, effort, skill, dedication and downright madness !! Aren't you just going to use it a little bit before it departs........
  13. Hi Darren. Welcome to MLOC. I ran a standard k series Elise for 5 years before swopping to my current NA exige 8 years ago. The power on my Elise was obviously lower than the 111s but the delivery was similar. Experience wise the exige feels a more track focused as a car, wider wheels, more grip and aero, but on the road the performance proberbly wont feel that much different. What will feel different is the engine and delivery of power. You need to rev the NA cars to get the performance, but when you do, and hit the second cam it really makes you smile and keep chasing it. I had the cam point dropped via the lotus ecu flash from 6250 to 5750, which doesn't sound much, but it makes a big difference when making progress and overtaking on roads. it also flattens out the cam change a little which smooths the transition a little, which is no bad thing, as it can feel a bit too on / off, if that makes sense. The toyota engine isnt very characterful, but the addition of a tubular (or similar) exhaust helps the noise a lot and the breathing a little with an air intake upgrade along side it. I miss open top motoring in my elise, but have bought a succession of cheap(ish) summer sports cars for that buzz which i buy carefully, improve and sell on when i fancy a change. i have had an alfa spider, Honda S2000 and currently 987 boxster S and am in profit on those if you ignore fuel and insurance. But what i wont be doing is selling the exige as it gives me more smiles per mile than any other car i have driven. Power wise I know we all like more BHP, but i am constantly amazed when we do a hassop meet how the standard S1 and S2 elises more than keep pace with S2 exige S's and near 400BHP exige and evora S3's, at sensible, but enthusiastic road speeds. If you fancy doing a few track days the exige is very well suited. For me if you fancy a change, go for it, the driving experience is definitely different and if you dont like it you can sell it and know you wont lose any money and go back to an elise. I am based at Blackbrook mid week and some weekends and will have the exige mot'd and taxed by end of next week, so if you want to have a short run out in the exige i am sure we could sort something Happy shopping Richard
  14. suede puma speedcats for my size 11's - have 2 new unboxed pairs as they are fairly rare these days. slim toe and racing shoe rubber backed heel for comfort and stop you wearing the backs of your ordinary shoes out, oh and a pair of Tods loafers for if i actually go anywhere thats not car meet related in it.....
  15. Love it Leigh, very nice, everything i would want in a vantage. hope my initial post didnt start this whole process !! and heres me still pondering....... enjoy richbk
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