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  1. Return trip...

    very nice. enjoy richbk
  2. Looking to buy my first Lotus

    Hi Alex welcome to proberbly the best car forum on the inter web ! the support, help, advice, knowledge and banter has made my lotus ownership an absolute pleasure. I am based in Endon so fairly close to youand run a bright blue S2 exige n/a that I have lightened and tinkered with over the years. I owned an early S2 Elise before that. I am lucky enough to run a boxster s along side it and have owned a mint Honda S2000 during the last few years, both are great cars, but neither come close to the driving experience of the lotus. If you would like to have a run out in mine, kick some tyres and chat all things exige from insurance, running costs, niggles, rattles, track days and where to stop on the cat and fiddle for 3 minutes between the average speed cameras Just drop me a Pm. Happy hunting, if you can buy sooner, I would as the prices are only going 1way and they don't seem to drop as winter approaches like some sports cars. I SORN mine over winter as semi slick tyres and wet weather are not a confidence inspiring couple so you might find yourself waiting till next spring to enjoy a car you buy this Autumn .which is a waste of insurance premium. richard
  3. Wheel refurb volunteer wanted!

    Mine are due to be done asap, as the finish is breaking up, proberbly. needs taking back to bare metal and starting again . Where are they based and do they have a re Furber in mind ? Richard
  4. Secure car storage needed

    Or just take it to unit 4 for a service and tell Gav there is no rush ??. Reckon you could get 6 months free storage !
  5. Smash!

    Stick to your guns kurt, if your not at fault in any way ( and it seems clear you are not) wonder why they put "independent " in that manner in the letter ? . Seems an odd way to describe the witness? It really is very frustrating when through no fault or behaviour of your own you are massively inconvenienced, put through stress of arranging an adequate repair and then the insurers try and blame you !!!
  6. Onlins set up exige

    Cheers guys, its just getting me down, the weathers fab and the car is off the road, as i am not confident to drive it how it should be unless its A1. I have set the bump and rebound to a more road friendly setting, and even though ride heights aren't correct i can feel a noticeable improvement in ride already, so the project has been worthwhile I will drop jody a line, although dont want to impose on his good nature and time, and as you say Gav is always there to save the day. richbk
  7. Onlins set up exige

    Agreed Dean, they are a specialist damper, and should be set up accordingly, but they were set excactly as i wanted them with a full geo 18 months ago prior to going to refurb. To send them back with the collar nuts spinning on 2 of them and tightened down to no specific measure just smacks of "that will do" mentality. Its off to a specialist and still no driving in 2018 then
  8. Onlins set up exige

    Bloody hell, I am so disappointed by this. Am i being unrealistic to think that the refurbisher should have taken measures and re applied them after the re curb ??
  9. Onlins set up exige

    Hi Martin, yes different lengths so only fit 1 way. Maybe just bedding in again on rears but didn't sound like this when 1st fitted. Might have to have a run over to Burton to see young Gavin .
  10. jean marc gales moved on

    Hi Mark yes I saw this just after, was just wondering what people’s thoughts and hopes were for the brand, as things seemed to be moving in the fight direction finance and product wise with new Elise and esprits being mooted. It seems lotus has a tendency to shoot itself in the foot on a regular basis with its management decisions
  11. Onlins set up exige

    So 9 weeks after sending my ohlins to cornering force in Harrogate for re furbishment, they are back, but alas the company did not note down the amount of compression my springs were under using the 2 nuts on the threaded collar at the top of the unit. I assume in my numpty lack of knowledge position this also impacts the ride height ? The impact of this is that having set them to equal ish levels all around, my front is riding about 25/30mm higher than before and the rears are "chattering" as though the springs are some how loose to move up and down. is anyone else running ohlins on an early s2 exige or a lowered yota Elise (dr h ??)who could measure in mm from the top of the thread to the top of the locking nut on the fronts and rears so I can compare mine .? on the plus side the car is so much more supple and damped on our horrid roads, and in my advancing years I have softened off the suspension a few clicks so save my aging back ,, as as ever advice, direction or banter all great fully received. I have it on good authority that an orange Jack and 3mm Allan key are possibly required so Scatty you can come and help ?
  12. Gav Unit 4. Totally Lotus Content.

    so seriously jonny are you saying your not going to drive it ???? i know it will be worth a very pretty penny, but i can only imagine you have spent lots on it to get to this amazing stage already ? i am with kurt, but to a much lesser degree with my S2 as values obviously no where near an S1. but i havent driven mine nearly enough to keep the miles off it, but have deceided this year to just drive it. unless this is a pension pot type thing, then far enough.
  13. jean marc gales moved on

    just spotted this on evo website. hadnt seen anything on here about his departure. "personal reasons" quoted, but that could cover a myriad of things, seems to close to the geeley take over to me Anyone got the inside track, or thoughts on where it leaves lotus ? in my mind he was a shrewd business man and a "car" guy with some clear ideas for lotus, no idea who or what the new guys mission will be ? richbk
  14. If you didn't drive a lotus......

    As possionate lotus fans it's hard to imagine not driving one of norfolks finest. But if the brand didn't exist what car do you think you would be driving
  15. Vibrations at high speed?!

    Hi Darren . What tyres are you running on ? track focused tyres can move on the rim causing vibration and endless rebalancing ? you are fairly close to oak mere at Northwich, maybe pop over and see Paul in servicing. Mention MLOC as they know a lot of the members here and he may offer some advice or simple diagnostic. I sure wouldn't be traveling at those speeds( on track of course) with vibration from 1 wheel. Final thought, have you checked the wheel bolts for correct torque , simple but obvious.....

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