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  1. Hi Andy thx for the info, all sorted £148. Still expensive but way better price than a flux and a nice chap Justin to deal with on the phone
  2. Hi dobbo trackday is with MSV full day at donungton insurance is with flux direct , as broker company is Agias I think. 15 yrs no claims , 3k miles per year , not got agreed valuation , excess £400 and alas no track says
  3. richbk

    Bye for now

    Sorry to see you and the cars leaving MLOC for now Drage, but I am sure you will be back . have the cars stayed in the UK ? Good luck with the home move, remember the old saying , you can sleep in a car , but you can’t drive a house 😏. don’t be a stranger on the forum richbk
  4. Evening all . i am doing a track day at Donington on Monday and have discovered I dropped track insurance off my policy in 2018 as I hadn’t done 1 the previous year . My annual policy is £296 this year so I was a little shocked to find Adrian flux could only offer me a 1 day policy at £213 for 1 DAY !. can anyone recommend a better priced company to cover me ?? And almost as importantly is anyone else here booked for Monday, would be nice to see some familiar faces.
  5. I am off on track for the 1st time this year at Donnington on 21st September. I am giving the car a good shake down, having refreshed the ohlins suspension and replaced all the suspension bushes with superpro's over lockdown i am re visiting older parts and find the air intake has seen better days, I have no idea what brand is fitted, but its similar but probably less expensive to the ITG system. i dont have the original box, so replacing this with an uprated filter is out. and spending ££££ on the ITG system is not ideal after spending on the suspension, so i am looking to you guys for advice / suggestions on the best replacement? cheers richbk 2006 NA S2 exige
  6. Could it be Carl “Nights” the guy on the late shift who finishes everything off when everyone else’s has gone home 🤔
  7. Farewell for now Jake. whats replacing it ?
  8. Sorry to here of the Evie’s woes but I think you made the right decision. I am constantly amazed at the lack of care people give their cars and the way garages describe average cars as immaculate 😡. my exige has been with me for 12 years and is now painted Porsche GT2 Riviera Blue. Along with ohlins, engine upgrades and some weight reduction is known in the family as “triggers broom “ will stop next time I am passing and say hi for sure . Have you considered an older Bentley Conti as a family weekend GT, and keep the exige......
  9. Ahhh I know where you are? No surprise as I am in Endon and regularly head up to light oaks from Milton lights. Will slow down and say hi if I see you polishing over next couple of weeks 😉
  10. looks very nice, what model is it ? As a local i will keep an eye out for you ? where a-bouts in sunny S-O-T are you ??
  11. Ohhhh you are in for such a treat 👌. My best pal ran a lovely looking Z4 for 2 years. As a GT type roadster they are great, I am fortunate enough to run a 987 boxster S alongside my exige, which I would but in a similar if slightly more involving category as the Z4. As an 8/10th car to enjoy open top spirited motoring they are great, reliable, smooth capable cars. the lotus is something else entirely. It always feels like an event to drive , be it a 200 mile run to the welsh coast or a 10 miles commute or trip to B & Q. If you “get it “ as I am sure you will, It will excite, frustrate, challenge and reward you all at the same time. Don’t be afraid to take it on a Track day/evening at some point in its time with you , ,if not immediately , it’s what these cars are built for. I am no driving god and my talent runs out way before the cars ability, but have had some of my best times in a lotus at Oulton park and donnington, both local tracks that suit the size and speed of the Elise /exige. only 9 weeks and 6 days to go now !! rich
  12. Congrats on the purchase. Sounds like its going to be a great looking car. Mloc will be a constant companion and font of knowledge both useful and useless on your ownership journey. I would definitely try and get on a run this autumn to meet a few like minded souls, if we keep pestering him we might even get Jonathan E to organise a late season Wales run, which usually starts in Shropshire !! what type / make of motor have you driven previously? There is certainly nothing like a lotus for connectivity / communication but they do take a bit of getting used to. I spun my 1st elise on a local roundabout at less than 30 mph on my first trip in the wet, a sobering moment having chucked it at every bend in the dry and marvelled at its handling. heres to 10 weeks and counting richbk
  13. richbk


    Love it Jon. looks like a great colour and spec. Cant wait to see it in the flesh....i feel a wales run coming on sooooon
  14. richbk


    Cant wait to see the new addition Jon. Safe travels and enjoy the experience rich
  15. Hi. Guess it depends on what you are aiming to do by having a lithium battery ? If you are on an OCD weight reduction process it’s worthwhile . If you just fancy one cause they give a bit more boot space and look cool then I would be mindful . I ran an odyssey for 3 years similar to Martin and tbh found it a bit of a pain. Didn’t hold its charge very long at all , so if you don’t use the car every 3/4 days you will need to remember to put it on trickle as part of your parking up routine . Mine eventually went pop ....literally after it failed to re charge from flat so I replaced with the lightest weight standard battery and don’t notice any difference at all . All just my opinion of course, but that money but towards new suspension , engine mounts, tyres, cam change, etc all where money better spent Richbk
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