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  1. I’d like that Scott, let me know when or if I have to join a club 👍🙂
  2. That McLaren 🥰 just my colour. Nice pictures Scott.
  3. average-mph


    Very nice, you know how to look after a car Scott, that looks great 😊👍
  4. Great stuff Father and Son 👍, looking forward to seeing you both soon and the Cup 😊
  5. Now what would He do without His Radio 4.
  6. Hey Mike let me know meeting point and we can scoot over together on Sunday 

    1. average-mph


      Hi Mark, meet in Morrison’s car park on Nott’s road at 06:30



    2. LRS7


      Perfect see you Sunday 

  7. A lady on a horse was coming towards me and as she was passing she told me to slow down, I was stationary with the handbrake on. My car must look like it’s doing 100 mph when it’s not moving 😂😂😂
  8. Pete nailed it 😊
  9. average-mph


    As I understand there will be two models, 4 cylinder Renault engine and a V6 Toyota engine. I would go for the V6 model but this all depends on the styling and of course the cost. I like the car I’ve got this is why I’ve kept it for 3 years plus it being one of one helps to keep my interest. Most of all it’s fantastic to drive which to me is the most important attribute of the car. I have registered my interest.
  10. Nice drive out, Thanks Ray some nice pictures of your car there Mark👍
  11. I'd have something like a 12C https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mclaren/12c/mclaren-mp4-12c--full-main-dealer-service-history--carbon-interior--soft-close-doors/9220787 Or a V12 Vantage https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/aston-martin/v12-vantage/aston-martin-vantage-v12/8919722
  12. average-mph

    Mike Healey

    Exige at Donington Park.
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