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  1. A reminder that it's the MLOC AGM this Thursday evening, all MLOC members welcome... Details here
  2. Yeah me too Alex.
  3. Just go to the store and you should see the option there Chris
  4. 2 great looking cars there Keith, congratulations on your new purchase, it looks stunning.... And I love the photo of Elsie...another calendar opportunity there I reckon, whoever buys that from Stratton's will be getting something special that's for sure!
  5. Lovely, I contacted the owner of that car when I was looking for mine last year but sadly he wasn't ready to sell at that point, great colour and very rare in early Evoras.
  6. Only downside for me is the lack of a soft top. Mine is only a N/A and I find it plenty quick enough. Running costs will be a little higher with fuel and tyres etc but it's a great drive. An Evora sounds ideal for your needs I reckon :-)
  7. Yep, did it over the winter of 2010/11
  8. From my own experience I think all I would now do differently would be using a clear coat POR15 over the passivate instead of black to keep a more OE look. The POR15 stood up really well on mine, no rust reappeared on any of the wishbones so I would readily use it again.
  9. Hi Mark, the price depends on a whole number of different factors, the Prestige + that I had starts from £299 but once I had entered my car details and chosen the logo type mine ended up at £349. (I could have paid more for different coloured panels, stripes, an embroidered logo and a holdall which would have easily taken it over £500!)
  10. Just taken delivery of a new indoor car cover for the Evora so thought I'd share a photo or two with you all. After a recommendation from Sim@n I opted for a 'Prestige +' from Specialised Covers. http://www.specialisedcovers.com/car-covers As well as a choice of colours there is also the facility to customise the cover design with stripes but I went with just plain black one with silver piping and a silver printed Lotus logo. The fabric is stretchy and has a nice soft fleecy underside, should keep the paintwork clean and protected over the winter months. Happy with the finished product and it only took 2 weeks to arrive from ordering despite their advertised standard 4 week leadtime
  11. Thanks to Rob and the team at PJS Sportscars for giving my Evora it's annual service and MOT. Thanks also for the loan of your courtesy car for the day. Excellent service as ever
  12. Phil

    just to let you know brakes all sorted now, nice new 310mm rotors and all the judder gone. See you on the run. 



  13. Congratulations Dan and good luck with the expansion :-)
  14. Lovely looking stuff Leigh.
  15. Flippin ' eck! Could that be any more pristine?