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  1. Should be a rocket ship Dave, we had a 120i msport in that colour for a while...but after 2 winters being unable to get off our virtually flat drive it just had to go ;-)
  2. Lol...I'm with you Eric :-)
  3. It was a friend of Dean who had a place - Tollbar Racing but there was a recent thread saying they were no longer there I think. As above, PJS sportscars are able to do a full geo, they did my Evora for me just recently.
  4. Personally I think you would be more than suited with the N/A version. After 13 years with what ended up as a 170BHP S1 Elise I changed to a N/A Evora a few months back and I'm certainly not missing the performance, quite the opposite in fact. The first time I floored it I needed to have my brain recalibrated The N/As are certainly cheaper to run as you say, the tyres are significantly less provided you're running the 18/19 inch wheels (mine's on 19/20 so no saving there for me), tax is less and I presume the servicing, insurance and mpg will all be for the better too. The only thing I miss is the soft top. I guess if you were to take it on track regularly then maybe you'd want to opt for the S but that being the case then you'd probably be better of with an Exige S anyway.
  5. So which one did you put a deposit on then Fish ;-)
  6. Welcome to MLOC Alan, we're a friendly bunch and there are plenty of S2 owners on here who will be able to advise you on anything you might need to know. From what I've read the width including mirrors would appear to be approx 1850mm, I don't have one myself so can't confirm for sure. Happy hunting :-)
  7. Good to hear you got it sorted Dave
  8. Wow, that looks like fun, a 340r crossed with Mclaren F1 and Scooby...How much power does it put out? Hope you've got some good weather proof gear though ;-)
  9. You obviously didn't search hard enough Dave https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/63887-radiator-upgrade-and-all-that-goes-with-it/ Page 2 has a bit when I replaced the one in the sill by removing the sill tray, never had to replace the one under the windscreen.
  10. The devil makes work for idle hands Leigh!...and the devil is in the detail too! Let's hope your engine is soon ready, before you decide to modify the battery tray again ;-)
  11. With the 260 kit on I bet it goes as well as it looks! Congratulations Alex.
  12. Well that didn't take long ;-) Looks stunning, I love red interiors. On the forged wheels too I notice.
  13. That's good to hear, ideally you want to be able to fully open the door but that's rarely possible in reality, especially in garages, so I find sliding the seat fully back a big help. Good luck with your search for an Evora, they're great cars :-)
  14. Flipping ' eck! You'll be renaming your house 'Unit 4' next ;-) Gaz sounds like a top bloke, glad you got it sorted. Sounds like a trip to see Paul Shipley is on the cards now to get the alignment put right :-)
  15. Well, after being suitably impressed following my recent visit to see Paul’s new premises I said I would have no hesitation in returning when my car was due a service. My car was obviously even more impressed than me because shortly afterwards it decided to illuminate the engine MIL light for me….permanently! So just a few days later we were back at Paul’s where he immediately plugged in his diagnostic equipment, which produced a P0346 error code, pointing towards the camshaft position sensor. We left the car with Paul to run more detailed checks, which ultimately lead him to believe it was indeed the sensor itself that was at fault. He didn’t have one in stock but fortunately Lotus did and it would be covered under warranty. It took a few working days before Lotus were able to deliver the part so Paul had Rob perform a full vehicle health check in the meantime and after I’d mentioned how I felt the alignment was not perhaps as it should be he also checked that for me too. It turned out both the front and rear toe were not at their optimum so he corrected that and even fine-tuned the camber for me too We picked the car up again yesterday, all gleaming and ready to go, no more MIL light and a car that feels so much more stable and less like it wanted to throw me into the scenery! The best bit of all though was when Paul checked my car’s history with Lotus and he informed me that it had originally been purchased with a 3 year free servicing deal, an offer that Lotus ran in the last 6 months of 2014 apparently. When I bought the car the dealer never mentioned the free servicing deal so I can only assume they must have been unaware themselves. I have since contacted Lotus customer service and they will honour one more service, on condition I have it done before my car’s 3rd birthday, so I’m well pleased with that So thanks again to Paul, Rob and the rest of the team at PJS Sports Cars and I’ll see you again at service time