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  1. Hi John, If it is any help I have the original artwork as a jpg file that I could send through to you such that you could get it printed locally? Regards Phil
  2. ....and so it begins! 😂
  3. Nice one Dave, I admire your reasoning but oh the dichotomy of it all, it doesn't look far off a garage queen already and presumably these photos are before the full 'Dave treatment'? Despite what you say I know you'll be wanting it looking as pristine as possible so I hope you're looking forward to many a happy hour touching in stone chips, polishing molten rubber from the bodywork and brake dust particles from the wheels 😊 Gearbox may just need a change to a good synthetic oil to quieten it down.
  4. Terrible news Kurt, very best wishes that all goes well for little Amy.
  5. I feel your frustration Leigh, hopefully the pace will soon pick up again for you now. Everytime I see an Asda van I wonder how you're getting on with it 🙂
  6. It's insanely expensive but the styling and aero details are simply stunning, Well done Lotus I wonder how much that carbon fibre Lotus badge would be to replace
  7. Congrats Kieran, lovely looking machine.
  8. I had a few Subarus yes but no 'big power' ones. I bought a secondhand Evora a couple of years back now from a Lotus dealership and then by pure coincidence my Evora's previous owner bought my old Type 49, it now resides in Scotland. Sorry to hear you can't make LitP this year, we'll hopefully meet up again some other time.
  9. Hi Bis, good to see you back on line again. I no longer have my S1 I'm afraid. Any chance of you making it to LitP this year?
  10. Stunning! Looks like it should be finished next week 😉
  11. Nice job! A word of warning, when you refit the bonnet, aligning the latch mechanism can be a right pain. It may look right, so you shut it, only to then find you can't open it again! Been there, done that!
  12. To stop the alarm going off you just need to ensure you disarm the alarm and then disconnect the battery before the alarm self arms again.
  13. Leigh, there's no such thing as a crap looking Stratos...even stealth black looks pretty good
  14. Nice video Ray, gives a good feel for the event, thanks to you and Derby Movie Makers for putting it together
  15. Is whoever is balancing them applying weights on both the inner and outer edges Alex? I had an issue recently where a tyre fitter 'balanced' my wheels with just weights on the inner edge. I had a wobble so took them back and watched them balance them again, still with weights just on the inner edge and still the wobble was there even though their machine was saying they were balanced. I went somewhere else (ETS on Alfreton Road) and they balanced them properly with weights on the inner and outer edges and hey presto - No wobble!
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