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  1. See Lummo's initial post Karl, there is a link to the gallery there 🙂
  2. They're obviously your photos Dave, they're so much better than those in the mag 😄
  3. Lummo would be the one to confirm but there's still time for folk to submit their photos I reckon. We always aim to get the completed calendars posted out to all our paid members and supporters in time for Christmas (not sure Christmas will be happening this year though!). We usually also order a few extra to put on sale in the MLOC store for anyone wishing to purchase one.
  4. Absolutely stunning and well worth waiting for, look forward to seeing it one day
  5. Well there are some stunning entries thus far but there's still time for plenty more so keep on submitting them 👍
  6. Looks to me like you need to get your wheels sprayed black Dave
  7. So sorry to hear that Drage, you'll be sorely missed, although maybe not as much as your cars 😉. They really were the best of the best but you wasn't afraid to drive them nonetheless. Thanks also for volunteering as a LitP run leader. It's been a pleasure to make your acquaintance, all the very best for your future endeavours and I hope to see you again one day, back in a Lotus
  8. Sounds like a fun day out Dave, there's at least three more stops for a full set though, Hassop of course plus Nether End car park and the Wheatsheaf pub in Baslow where the classic run has started from. If Dunc had his way you might have needed to go to Whaley Bridge Tesco's as well 😁
  9. That looks stunning, we need more classics in the club. Welcome to MLOC 👍
  10. Hi Joe, welcome to MLOC. As soon as I saw the photo of your Exige I thought I've seen that car somewhere before and after reading on realised it was in Absolute Lotus. The Exige looks stunning in military grey and obviously worthy of a second glance from the feline fraternity by the looks of it 😄
  11. I don't know anything about them personally but there's plenty of info here... https://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/topic/91260-transforged-racing-afterburners-grp-halo-lights/#comments
  12. Congratulations, it looks stunning. We'll have to create a GT410 Sport sub-forum at this rate 😄
  13. Phil S1


    A full check over and refresh of the suspension as necessary will be an excellent place to start for sure, the bushes and ball joints do wear over time, as can the steering rack. Also check the condition of the rear tie rods as they can sieze and ultimately break with potentially disasterous consequences.
  14. Phil S1


    Welcome Chris, my first foray into Lotus ownership was with a 99 S1 Elise, hence my user name, I've moved onto an Evora now so the name is now something of a misnomer 😁 As Andy has said don't get too hung up about power, it's all about the handling. Frankly there are loads of more mainstream cars on the roads these days that would out-run a Lotus in a drag race but that's not the point. There's a wealth of knowledge on here for whatever tinkering you're thinking of so don't be shy to ask. In the meantime we really need to see some photos of the S1 🙂
  15. Top work Dave, I reckon you need to update your profile now though:- Car Type:Elise S160 + Std S1 by no means does it justice. How about OCD S1?
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