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  1. Phil S1

    [MLOC TV]Lotus Evija Launch

    It's insanely expensive but the styling and aero details are simply stunning, Well done Lotus I wonder how much that carbon fibre Lotus badge would be to replace
  2. Phil S1

    Back with a bang...

    Congrats Kieran, lovely looking machine.
  3. Phil S1

    Lucy lives on!

    I had a few Subarus yes but no 'big power' ones. I bought a secondhand Evora a couple of years back now from a Lotus dealership and then by pure coincidence my Evora's previous owner bought my old Type 49, it now resides in Scotland. Sorry to hear you can't make LitP this year, we'll hopefully meet up again some other time.
  4. Phil S1

    Lucy lives on!

    Hi Bis, good to see you back on line again. I no longer have my S1 I'm afraid. Any chance of you making it to LitP this year?
  5. Phil S1

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Stunning! Looks like it should be finished next week 😉
  6. Time Left: 1 month and 5 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    A pair of part-worn Pirelli PZero Corsa rear tyres for the Lotus Evora These are the Lotus-specific tyres (designated LS) size 275/30 ZR20 97Y They are both date stamped for week 34 of 2016 so not old and still have good life left in them. The tread depth on both tyres measures approximately from 5.5mm on the outer to 4.5mm on the inner on the 3 main grooves. There are no puncture repairs in either tyre. I have recently changed to Michelin tyres all round so these are now surplus to requirement. The pair cost £480 when new. COLLECTION ONLY from DE55 or MLOC club meet / LitP £50 for the pair


  7. Phil S1

    1997 S1 Elise Bonnet Hinge replacement

    Nice job! A word of warning, when you refit the bonnet, aligning the latch mechanism can be a right pain. It may look right, so you shut it, only to then find you can't open it again! Been there, done that!
  8. Phil S1

    New Member, coolant loss

    To stop the alarm going off you just need to ensure you disarm the alarm and then disconnect the battery before the alarm self arms again.
  9. Phil S1

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Leigh, there's no such thing as a crap looking Stratos...even stealth black looks pretty good
  10. Phil S1

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    Nice video Ray, gives a good feel for the event, thanks to you and Derby Movie Makers for putting it together
  11. Phil S1

    A small favour...

    Is whoever is balancing them applying weights on both the inner and outer edges Alex? I had an issue recently where a tyre fitter 'balanced' my wheels with just weights on the inner edge. I had a wobble so took them back and watched them balance them again, still with weights just on the inner edge and still the wobble was there even though their machine was saying they were balanced. I went somewhere else (ETS on Alfreton Road) and they balanced them properly with weights on the inner and outer edges and hey presto - No wobble!
  12. Phil S1

    Last drive.....

    The end of an era Leigh, it must feel a bit strange I'm sure. Mind you, you've got 2 stonking cars to console yourself with, well 1.9 maybe just now
  13. Phil S1

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    Sim@n looks to have a non-supercharged Exige for sale, not sure where that sits with your budget... http://fulwoodmotorcompany.com/car_detail.cfm?id=593 He's a top bloke and Lotus enthusiast...give him a call.
  14. Phil S1

    Pirelli P-Zero Corsa LS 275 / 30 x 20

    I got mine from Camskills but they're out of stock so no use to you right now. I intend to change to the Michelin's next time though as Chris has done.
  15. Phil S1

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    I certainly had to think long and hard before finally selling my S1 type 49 a couple of years ago now, after 13 years of ownership. Whilst I don't regret the decision I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it. I've only seen your car on a few occasions but it was always a stunning looking and well spec'd example and given it's a 111s as well I would be careful not to undersell it. As for an M135i in the Peak District, I think you'd better make sure you have winter tyres fitted, else you'll be going nowhere! Maybe a Defender might be more appropriate Best bet I reckon is follow Duncan's advice, look for somewhere on the edge of the Peak District with a garage and keep the Elise.

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