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  1. PPF fitment recommendation

    Thanks Jonny, it will be a very worthwhile investment on your Exige after all the time and effort you've put into it, that's for sure. Looking forward to seeing it in all its glory at LitP
  2. PPF fitment recommendation

    Yes, very pleased with the result and even more pleased to be back on the road again
  3. PPF fitment recommendation

    Several weeks ago now I had the misfortune of seeing a lump of rock come hurtling across from the other carriageway and hitting the side of my Evora. Although it hit a part that had the factory PPF fitted it went through that and damaged the paint and glass fibre beneath. It could've been a lot worse I guess but I needed a respray and a fresh piece of PPF fitting. A couple of photos showing the damage:- I managed to get the panel resprayed by a company local to me who I've used on a couple of occasions previously, namely L W Smart Repairs in Alfreton and once again was very pleased with the work they did. The section of film that was damaged ran the full length of the sill and to replace it would have necessitated removal of the barge board. The replacement piece of OE film was also listed on DeRoure at £138-38 plus VAT and delivery so based on that I opted to have the existing film cut and then a small replacement section fitted. 2 more after the respray by L W Smart:- Leigh, the owner of L W Smart Repairs recommended a company in Giltbrook for fitment of the PPF - Mint Car Enhancements - situated very near IKEA. So after some 4 weeks of the car being off the road letting the paint fully cure I yesterday took it to them to have the PPF fitted. They're generally pretty well booked up in advance but as mine was a small job they were able to fit it in with just a few days notice. Laine, the guy who did the job for me, came across as a real enthusiast and was more than happy to chat with me and show me some of the many cars he's worked on whilst working on mine (Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Astons and the like). I've tried applying small sections of PPF myself, not very successfully it has to be said, so it was a real pleasure to see an expert at work. He really did make it look so easy. The film he used was a self-healing film produced by Suntek. It's expensive stuff but impressive in that you can attack it with a wire brush and then with the application of some heat the scratches will seemingly disappear again. I needed a 0.5m square piece for mine which worked out at £90 for the film and then a very reasonable £30 labour, both plus VAT. He offered me the offcuts too in case I want to apply some local protection elsewhere, around door looks or the like. And finally 2 photos after application of the PPF by Mint Car Enhancements:- Apologies, the photos are only off my phone and it's not the easiest thing to get across in photos but anyway, it's a big thumbs up for Mint Car Enhancements from me, I will readily go there again Their website is still work in progress but they have a facebook page:- https://en-gb.facebook.com/Mint-Car-Enhancements-210231492320802/
  4. Insurance Write off

    Wow, I'm not surprised you're furious, especially for him to then get out and say that. Good advice from Timbo above. It could still be repairable, so long as the suspension mounts haven't been damaged so don't lose heart.
  5. Spa Historic 2018

    Some beautiful machinery on show there Kurt, the M1 brings back memories of when I watched the pro-cars when they came to Donington in the 80's with the likes of Alan Jones behind the wheel. Thanks for posting
  6. gear box oil

    Yeah sorry MrWill, my previous experience was with a magnetic oil sump plug rather than the gearbox one, maybe they're a bit more substantial.
  7. gear box oil

    A word of caution with the magnetic drain plugs, be careful you don't overtighten it. The second time I used one I felt it starting to yield as I attempted to tighten it so went back to the standard plug. Personally, I feel that the installation of the magnet leaves insufficient material within the plug itself to be properly torque tightened a number of times. Maybe they should be treated as a single use item. This is just my opinion, don't know what others have experienced?
  8. I'm back! (well, almost)

    Welcome back Graham, the transformation brought about by replacing the ball joints and bushes should be a revelation I'm sure, it was for me when I replaced all mine on my old 49.
  9. Absolute Lotus Magazine

    Received my copy today, looks good. Good to see a half page on LitP in there and Kurt's Exige on the front cover, not read it yet so can't comment any further :-)
  10. Smash!

    Great news to hear you have a witness on your side, hope it's all better than new in no time!
  11. Lotus in the Peak

    We still have a few left Mike, pm me your address details and I'll post one out to you.
  12. Membership

    No problem, I can see both payments and have messaged Mark H to arrange the refund for you.
  13. Smash!

    Gutted for you Kurt, hope you soon get it fixed. Afraid to say also that accidents on roundabouts invariably end up as 50:50 with insurance companies.
  14. Engine mapping reccomendations

    Had my old S1 mapped at Dynotech in Ripley about 18 months back, a bit of a waiting list getting it booked in but I was very pleased with the results. I believe Martin used them for his S190 too.
  15. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Yes they are nice models Kurt, they're both by Kyosho. The lower one was a limited edition diorama snow scene with mud splatters over the bodywork.

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