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  1. Thanks to Rob and the team at PJS Sportscars for giving my Evora it's annual service and MOT. Thanks also for the loan of your courtesy car for the day. Excellent service as ever
  2. Phil

    just to let you know brakes all sorted now, nice new 310mm rotors and all the judder gone. See you on the run. 



  3. Congratulations Dan and good luck with the expansion :-)
  4. Lovely looking stuff Leigh.
  5. Flippin ' eck! Could that be any more pristine?
  6. Sounds like the best option Dave given your circumstances. Good job you spotted it early, all that hot oil spraying out in the vicinity of your front tyre and brake doesn't bear thinking about.
  7. Opening the windows on the 240r looks like fun ;-)
  8. Great, pleased to know it worked
  9. Hi Alex, it looks like your membership expired. If I've done it right you should hopefully now have an invoice coming through to your email address for payment. If not then it's all gone horribly wrong and we'll need Mark H to sort it out
  10. Welcome to the club Matt, great to hear you'll be bringing your new purchase to LitP :-)
  11. You could try Pirtek Dave
  12. If it were me and for 95% road use I would stick with the std set up, Lotus know a thing or two when it comes to suspension :-)
  13. Iain (Ninarin) had this problem on his 160, I think he replaced the entire hose and had the front clam off in the process. I'll text him and point him in your direction.
  14. Lol, I don't think anyone is listening to you Rich...DISCS everyone NOT pads..... I was listening but don't know the answer ;-)
  15. That photoshoot was quite something at the time Laura, especially as it required a helicopter. Would be so much easier to recreate now since drones have come on the scene. Can see me and my daughter beside my old type 49 in the letter O