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  1. I've been making steady progress on my latest scratch-built Correx r/c slope soarer. It's quite a distinctive shape so no prizes for guessing what it is. Sadly the Lotus has been reduced to a workbench these days 😁
  2. I know it's a long lap round the Ring Ray but was it really February when you started 😄
  3. Well that should help pass away the hours....a somewhat quicker build than the Exige too 😄
  4. Good to hear you got your car back before the lockdown Dean, just a shame you can't get to test it out fully for a while just yet, let's hope we don't have to wait too long. For now you'll just have to jack it up, take the wheels off, pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine and admire all those shiny new parts 😁
  5. Congratulations on your comeback Left Dean, commiserations Right Dean. Hour 1 of the big lockdown Dean and you're already reduced to this.... doesn't bode well for the coming weeks 😄
  6. You would always be welcome Ray, whenever that might be...
  7. I never thought I'd say this but thankfully the garden is starting to wake up so there'll be plenty for me to do out there in the coming weeks and months and I'm sure there'll be some decorating to be done too Having already polished and waxed the Lotus, daily and daughter's car I have now moved onto the wife's to make the full set. And I've just about got everything either to hand or on order to build another radio controlled plane, so that lot will keep me busy for a good while yet... hopefully one day I'll be able to get out and fly them all 😁
  8. That's good to hear Paul, they are a top team at PJS for sure. Enjoy your driving
  9. Good choice Alex, always loved the look of the 135R
  10. Excellent work, good to hear you've nearly finished, but I'm starting to wonder now whether we may have all shot ourselves in the foot. With nothing left to do on our Lotus cars and the impending likelihood of self isolation we may end up having to do some decorating 😆
  11. Lovely, you can't beat a good suspension refresh
  12. Welcome to MLOC Paul, my first ever track experience was in my first Lotus at the Nurburgring...very exhilarating! Not sure I'd still have the bottle to do it again now though 😄 Another recommendation for PJS Sports cars, and not too far from you either.
  13. Top work Dave, I still can't get over the transformation of those front brake calipers...that and the fact you managed to bake them in the oven, I'd never get away with that one 😆
  14. Gav is a well respected independent Lotus specialist in Burton - Unit 4 Vehicle Services.
  15. If you only have a thin layer in there then you may we'll be fine Dean. Good to see you giving it a go anyhow
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