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  1. Well the first thing I would say is don't fully remove the 22mm nut, else you stand a very good chance of smashing yourself in the face with your steering wheel if it does come off. Loosen the nut but leave it still attached. Ideally you need a puller but it can occasionally be done without. Try bringing your knees up behind the steering wheel to exert some pressure that way whilst simultaneously pulling/tapping the wheel at various positions around the circumference. It might work.
  2. Congratulations Leigh, absolutely fantastic. You'd be certain to get my vote for car of the day at Lotus in the Peak....but sadly we won't let you in 😁
  3. Congratulations on your new purchase, it looked to be a good price when I saw it advertised. It's coming up 5 years now since I parted with mine, I hope you have as much fun and enjoyment as I did, the gold leaf colour scheme is really suited to the S1 👍
  4. Does Google maps have an allowance for stagger on the return walk? 😉
  5. I would be very wary of using axle stands under the wishbones. As already mentioned I always used to place them under the rear end of each side rail with a pad to spread the load across the full width of the box section and protect the alloy. Again, as mentioned it's easiest to place these once the wheels are off. At the front I used concrete blocks with wooden blocks on top to support the front end of each side rail. A popular safe option that many people use is boxes of A4 paper placed under the side rail at either end. And another trick for extra safety is to chock the jack with blocks of w
  6. I reckon that would be my spec, although I'd have to have the wheels painted gold which isn't a Lotus option currently.
  7. Very nice Scott....but you need to post it in the gallery to be considered 😁
  8. Some brilliant photos coming in but we'll always want more so keep on submitting them. Don't forget too that we always like to cover all the seasons if we can so some wintry ones wouldn't go amiss
  9. Some splendid photos submitted already but keep them coming.
  10. That does sound pretty poor Duncan, by the sounds of it the car doing the rounds is no further on than when I saw it at Goodwood. I'm sure there will be plenty of folk who will commit to it no matter what they ultimately get but like you I'd like to be 100% sure of the spec before committing to it.
  11. Are finally going to have Dave add those Tigger stripes for you Ray? 😁
  12. Indeed, the gallery is already open for 2022 entries so no reason not to start uploading your favourites to there now... https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/gallery/category/633-2022-calendar-images-wanted/
  13. Thanks for that Mark, I have to say that must be the most comprehensive photo account of an MLOC event ever! 👍
  14. Absolutely stunning Leigh, I know you've had many trials and tribulations along the way but you should be rightly proud of what you've achieved. 👏 Really looking forward to seeing it sometime soon 👍
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