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  1. Top work Dave, I reckon you need to update your profile now though:- Car Type:Elise S160 + Std S1 by no means does it justice. How about OCD S1?
  2. Top advice there Jon.... certainly raised a smile over breakfast anyway 😄
  3. Likewise, I've always had the very best care and attention from all the team at PJS and will be back there again this week for the Evora's annual service and MOT. Great to see Paul picking up the award from Lotus in this month's mag too 👍🙂
  4. So which model Evora do you plan on buying with the proceeds then Drage? 😁
  5. Very nice Scott...only 2 more sleepless nights 😄
  6. Great choice, the Essex colours have always be one of my favourite F1 liveries. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh one day 👍
  7. Hi Keith, Car looking fab there 👍 I don't know anything about the Toyota engine and it's service schedule but has it ever had a fresh fuel filter? Just wondering whether there could be a bit of muck in the fuel line?
  8. Phil S1


    Lovely Jon I trust the roof was off all the way home?.....Assuming you aren't still on a very scenic trip there of course 😁
  9. Phil S1


    Ooh, nice, that's going to brighten up any lockdown blues 😁
  10. I don't know whether you know but there is a heated screen available for the S1. I've never experienced one personally but it may be worth considering... https://www.heatedwindscreen.com/acatalog/lotus-elise-mark-1-heated-windscreen.html
  11. Thanks everyone for all the comments. Whilst I could build 8 more Andrew, flying 9 in formation would be more than a little tricky, flying just one is challenging enough for me at times! Dave, we fly in the Leek area, near some of the LitP routes around Longnor but where and when exactly is very much dependent on the weather and wind direction and can often be a bit last minute as a result. Once we start getting back out again and things start returning to some kind of normality I'll try and let you (and Ray) know where we'll be in case you can make it one day 🙂
  12. Thanks chaps, it's taken me about a month since finishing the Super Corsair, it took me a while at first to decide how best to make the all moving tailplane with anhedral which the original plans didn't have, plus I've also added the carved balsa side air intakes. Quite pleased with how the canopy turned out on this one; I had to carve a wooden former and then reform 2 pop bottles using a hot air gun. So yes quite a bit of effort Dave...but nothing like the effort you're putting in to the yellow peril 😉 
  13. It looks like lockdown might finally be starting to ease enough for me to get out flying again sometime soon but I've still had time to build one more plane in the meantime, no prizes for guessing what this one is. Laura recently purchased a Cricut machine, which proved most useful for the graphics 😁
  14. Wow! That looks simply stunning Leigh 😛 Really hope some good warm sunshine does the trick for you.
  15. Excellent work as ever Dave, I had to chuckle about the steering column UJ bolt, I did exactly the same when I replaced my rack 😄
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