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  1. Phil S1


    Just Sunday I'm afraid Stu.
  2. It was a good watch, made even better by daveb99 and myself being in it I thought 😉 (We were in the background whilst Matt was being interviewed in front of Goodwood House). There was even an ad for the Emira in the ad break, that must surely be a first for any Lotus?
  3. Phil S1


    Could well be 🙂
  4. Phil S1


    Good to hear from you again Stu. Look forward to seeing you and bucket out and about again
  5. Apparently Matt Windle has posted about it on the Emira owners group so sounds like it should be all about that for sure and the Evija too no doubt. Should be well worth a watch.
  6. Me too, will be there Thursday and Friday to see it up close. I very much like the look of it. As Stik says I understand why Lotus have gone this way but I do feel that in seemingly making it a more useable car it may become more commonplace and hence less special. It isn't a direct replacement for the Elise, Exige or Evora 2+2 so I don't see many current owners trading theirs in but I may be proved wrong. This car is all about gaining customers that are new to the Lotus brand, which I think it very much will. Given that it's supposed to be more usable I'm a bit concerned that it is seemingly
  7. Hi Jon, you need to submit an advert in the wanted section of the classifieds... https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/classifieds/
  8. Phil S1


    Spot on Pete (and Stik). I think it would be fair to say the majority of us buy a Lotus as a second non-daily car and as such accept that it may be somewhat basic and not the easiest thing to get in and out of. We gladly accept these things in exchange for everything else; the look, the sound, the driving experience and that special feeling you get the moment you settle into the drivers seat. In making the Emira more usable as a daily proposition, which it needs to be in order to sell in greater numbers, then I fear it will lose much of that special second car feeling. I hope not though, I rea
  9. Phil S1


    Geely has done what needed doing for years but I think we'll have to either move with the times and embrace all the tech that has become a necessity for the majority or stick with what we have and take our current cars with us to the grave. Lotus - For the drivers....that do anything other than drive.
  10. It's truly amazing how you have turned that car around from where it was before you had it Dave. In no way does it look like a car with that many miles on it. Thanks for letting me drive it yesterday, it really brought back to me just how special the S1 is, especially an example as well sorted as yours and equally just how different it is to my Evora. Both great cars but in totally different ways.
  11. Looks fab, well done both. Lovely day for collecting it
  12. If you intend keeping your nice new garage like a showroom then I'd say an indoor cover wouldn't really be necessary or of much benefit. As you say, your car needs to be clean before covering it. If, like me however, you plan to have a workbench, ladders and do diy stuff in there then yes I would say definitely get a cover.
  13. Myself and daveb99 will be there on the Friday too 🙂
  14. I was already excited by the prospect of seeing the Emira at Goodwood FOS but now Lotus will also be the central feature too! I can't wait. 😁 https://www.goodwood.com/grr/event-coverage/festival-of-speed/2021/5/fos-central-feature-to-celebrate-lotus/
  15. Phil S1


    Sounds like they've really gone to town on it; you should have plenty of fun with that by the sounds of it 👍
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