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  1. Great to have you back again Luke 🙂
  2. I 'drove' mine yesterday, about 2 feet forwards and back again...just to make sure the wheels still turned. I might have to do an essential supermarket run it in before long I've not used it properly since the Lower Damgate meet back in September last year
  3. Loving the colour change Scatty
  4. Just received mine. Unfortunately though I must issue an apology to Alex H as we have made an error for October. The photo in the calendar is one from last year rather than of Alex's. Sorry Alex, I'll try to make sure we use your image in next year's calendar.
  5. I think the answer to that one lies with the Royal Mail 😁
  6. I believe everyone should have been notified but I can confirm that those who had photos selected for this years calendar are as follows:- Steve J Gormski Morty PJT Duncx Eric Daveb99 Sammyg lotus111 Paul Smith AlexH RichEuropaS tron2k3
  7. The search function within MLOC is not the easiest to navigate to be fair. The easiest way to find your info would be to do a search on Google for 'midlandslotus.co.uk kmaps'. That should find you people's thoughts, good and bad. Happy Christmas 🎄
  8. Merry Christmas all, hopefully at some point next year we might finally make it to Classic Team Lotus...might be the latter part though. Thanks also to all those that help out and make the club the friendly fun place it is.
  9. Don't worry Phil, we have your address and a calendar should be winging it's way to you and all the other full club members before too long.
  10. See Lummo's initial post Karl, there is a link to the gallery there 🙂
  11. They're obviously your photos Dave, they're so much better than those in the mag 😄
  12. Lummo would be the one to confirm but there's still time for folk to submit their photos I reckon. We always aim to get the completed calendars posted out to all our paid members and supporters in time for Christmas (not sure Christmas will be happening this year though!). We usually also order a few extra to put on sale in the MLOC store for anyone wishing to purchase one.
  13. Absolutely stunning and well worth waiting for, look forward to seeing it one day
  14. Well there are some stunning entries thus far but there's still time for plenty more so keep on submitting them 👍
  15. Looks to me like you need to get your wheels sprayed black Dave
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