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  1. MOT

    Congratulations....but you REALLY should get out more
  2. Great photos Dave, I don't think we've opened entries for the 2019 calendar just yet though ;-)
  3. Hello to MLOC people

    A sleepless night on the cards by the sounds of it! Hope you manage to get some daylight hours for the first drive. Most of the buttons on the dash are hidden behind the steering wheel so it helps if you can memorise them all beforehand, especially the sport button Enjoy the day, look forward to hearing your first impressions and seeing some more photos of course.
  4. A Winter runaround

    Nice...are you going to give it the gold leaf treatment ;-)
  5. Hello to MLOC people

    Mine's not an S either, the NA still makes for a very capable machine though. The aftermarket exhaust should enhance that V6 nicely
  6. Hello to MLOC people

    Welcome to MLOC. One Evora owner here, albeit in Derbyshire. Great colour choice, red really does suit the Evora.
  7. The One That Got Away

    Yep he was definitely booked on LitP last year, sounds like you already have his details though
  8. My memory is obviously going in my old age! After 3 years we're long overdue another one
  9. Lovely, I don't think we've ever had a 2 eleven at LitP...hope you're able to rectify that for us this year
  10. Indoor cover

    Just the job, should help keeping it looking it's best
  11. Lol, thanks....Time will tell as to just how durable it will be
  12. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Your car was never going to be OE Jonny, it was always going to be way better than that, I say keep your bit of bling, I love it
  13. Polishing complete, there was something else that's been bugging me since I bought the Evora and that was a chip at the base of the screen on the driver's side. It's been repaired prior to me getting it and hasn't got any worse since. Whilst it doesn't warrant a new screen, it's a blemish and it bugs me! As it's where it is I thought I'd try to mask it with a sticker but couldn't find anything suitable that would look right, in the end I found an Evora silhouette image that I liked the look of. Then, with more than a little help from my daughter Laura we resized it and printed it onto the back of the some grey sticky black plastic after which Laura carefully cut it out with a scalpel. I then carefully applied the individual pieces to the screen and voila - no chip Not an easy thing to photograph but this is it before and after... It'll be a good job when winter's over....I think I need to get out more
  14. Well I've just about finished polishing away as many swirl marks as I could and have then rewaxed it all, apart from the front bumper/splitter which still needs a little more work. A quick photo off my phone...
  15. Lol, really missed your car at LitP last year Mark, let's hope the 'no improvements' plan works out

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