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  1. Yeah the 135 cams are oem MG, for the TF135, so properly developed. Gav put me a pair in to my old engine before it started blowing out oil smoke! The engine I have now is from an s2 Sport 135 so it has the head, plenum, different ecu plus a bigger throttle body, a fettled exhaust manifold (some of the blobby welding ground away inside) and it had a pair of Piper 633 cams and vernier pulleys in it too when I bought it 🙂
  2. Good write up Dave. Are you sure the Sport 135 s1s had the 135 cams? I know the s2 Sport 135s didn't, they had standard cams, ported heads (standard valves), vvc ally plenum and a remap to suit. The 135 cams are a great upgrade though, you are absolutely right about that!
  3. Looks good Sheldon. Is it quieter than the oem too?
  4. i liked the joke. I like bad jokes 😁
  5. i like i3s. As a daily though, not instead of my beloved elise!
  6. my cat has been in the elise when the roof was off in the garage, and when I saw him there he jumped up and scrambled up the seat back and out, pulling threads in the upholstery on the way! Little b@st@rd!!
  7. welcome to MLOC! The elan looks very nice 😊
  8. DeanB

    Driving Academy

    If anyone wants some tuition on high speed driving in a Lotus the Andrew Walsh Car Limits days have a very good reputation, and are reasonably priced.
  9. That looks lovely. Nicer than the blue one i think. I wonder what it would look like with gold wheels though? Stunning would be my guess, but I could be talking out of my whatsername 😁
  10. I saw a LB at Donington the other week Leigh. It was really nice.
  11. Where have you got your Nitrons at Dave? I'm still experimenting with mine
  12. So it wasn't fully hardened in the oven as they said? Looking great though Dave
  13. DeanB


    Welcome to mloc Chris! As others have said, it isn't necessary to have big power in an elise to enjoy it. If you take it on a track day you might be surprised at how quickly it can lap relative to other more powerful but heavier cars. They are great on the brakes and carry lots of speed in the bends. That said, a good and cheap mod to get you 15 bhp (a more than ten percent increase!) is to fit the MGF 135 cams. They can be found for about £140 a pair. Aswell as giving you 135 bhp they allow the engine to rev much better between 5 and 6 grand. Good luck!
  14. Woo-hoo! The forecast is good for Saturday too, I think 😊
  15. Great news! Welcome to the fold. Did you spec aircon and a hardtop then? I think the current Sport 220 is a great car. Are you going to join us on some of our Sunday morning Peak District runs?
  16. Be careful with it for the first couple of months before the paint fully hardens off or it will chip like buggery. Other than that I agree with you though - ppf is very expensive and doesn't look as nice as a car without it.
  17. Epic! It will be great to see it when it's done. Are you having PPF fitted?
  18. Ha! He was in Absolute Lotus twice!! He's a lovely chap though. Having said that it's time he pulled his finger out and got his s1 esprit back on the road 😁 He probably won't read this but his lovely wife Louise will I bet 😊 How about in time for Lotus in the Peak 2021?
  19. Oakmere are a proper outfit, I don't think you'd go wrong. I suppose it depends on the car they have for sale. Happy hunting!
  20. Is the first at Cromford Wharf? We used that as a starting point for a couple of MLOC runs way back when. Car lools mega by the way Scott 😎
  21. Ooh that's lovely!
  22. That's fantastic Hartley, I'm well chuffed for you 🙂🙂👍👍 Can't wait to see you and it!
  23. Keith how would I know mate?!? Do I look like Gav? (actually he's looking more like me every day, the lad is 😁). Photo of your car looks mint though 👍👍👍
  24. Gav at Unit 4 in Burton will swap the engine out for you, he's as honest as the day is long and an excellent mechanic who has been working on Elises for 20 years (10 at a Lotus dealership before going it alone) and I bet he will be cheaper than anyone else. He swapped out my k series when it cried enough. As for where to source a new or good secondhand engine I don't really know. Try posting on seloc and maybe advertising on there in the wanted classifieds? You could also try UK Lotus centre in Birmingham, they are a Lotus breakers. Good luck!
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