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  1. Your only supposed to have one MOT a year 😂
  2. Got to be one for next years calendar
  3. And about time Luke !!!! Nice looking Cup can't wait to see it in the flesh
  4. Hi and Welcome I also have a 20th edition Elise and great fun it is Hope to see yours when we can cheers Ray
  5. a As soon as lockdown allows I will be on it
  6. Welcome aboard Luke, look forward to seeing you on one of our run's when things allow Post some pics when you can
  7. The BnC car much better in my mind and as Scotty say's the PPF is a great addition and a must on track 🙂 money well spent is soon forgotten 🙂 Wish I had thought that last week as I regret not getting the 410 last week
  8. I went 1 mile to Sainsburys and back it was heaven 😁
  9. yep that was his reasons but there will be others
  10. He Paid 77k and had it less than 2 months!!!!
  11. you have to wonder if there was an issue with it, when I last spoke to him I said don't sell it to the trade without talking to me so his loss or as Dunc says we dodged a bullet
  12. I keep my Elise under cover, a top tip I had from Stik (Dameon) is to put a Auto silicon bag inside it stops all the condensation build up, I took the cover off mine yesterday it was dry and clear usually I would need to dry the condensation off the internal windows. I didnt go for a drive but I might take it shopping tomorrow ps Great job Scotty I'll pop mine over 😜
  13. Are you pleased with the quality of the respray Scatty? it looks blinkin great
  14. its that engine that's been tempting me to buy one Adam and you got the exhaust switch bloody great👍
  15. you do make me giggle Dunc
  16. it made a great view well worth watching
  17. I hope the time was taken to get it perfect for you
  18. jezz thats one high horse you got yourself on there Dave😂
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