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  1. I lost the will to live half way down the list 🤣 ps I didn't write that much at school let a lone since 😁 yep straight to Gav
  2. you should have kept that one Scott!!! it was fab as is DW's
  3. it looks blooming luvly
  4. not that I'm aware of Pete, but I am just going to put one up very short notice, forecast possible light rain and breezy, see events
  5. Well done Scotty , look forward to seeing it on a run soon hey and guess what I love the colour
  6. thanks Paul I will look forward to having a look at the route there are a couple of rules to follow 1) groups of more than 12 cars require an MSA licence 2) covid distancing rules must be followed at the moment being no more than 6 people so 6 cars if one person per car and keeping 2 meters apart.
  7. Hi Paul, I would love a run across Lincolnshire, if you have your car back on the road set one up I'm sure it would be great fun or send me a route and I will arrange a run
  8. you would do better to cruise the Peak's and get some fish n chips at Matlock bath, I had some there last week a proper treat
  9. is it not covered on your insurance?
  10. their my go faster lines 😁
  11. it will be great to do a run with you and see the your hard work in the flesh when the madness allows ,
  12. Dave I seem to remember you saying this one was not going to be a Garage Queen But hey its great to see the fanatic job your doing well done
  13. how longs the waiting list for this hand made beauty 🤣
  14. I have just had confirmation that this years GP is cancelled
  15. absolutely excellent Phil
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