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  1. Elisemadray

    Living with a Lotus Evora 400

    Great review Charlie, you will have to drive my Elise and review it as I told you thinking of getting a go Pro, been looking the Go Pro Hero 7 Black seems pretty good what do you think?
  2. Elisemadray

    Trailering to Unit 4

    Bugger!!!! sorry you got a problem Steve, Gav will sort it if you can get it there safely do you have break down cover? could it be used to get it to Gav's?
  3. Elisemadray

    Instrument cluster lights

    There is a Button on the Steering column which controls how bright on not the instrument panels is, check your handbook I doubt it's a failure but then you never know 😀
  4. Thank You  If you are concerned that you have not received your tickets then don't panic - there aren't any tickets! It works like this - after the bookings close on this Sunday (16th) at midnight the LitP team springs into action and collates all of the booking information into lists of participants, what route and what pace each person has booked, + extras such as raffle tickets, BBQ, picnic. As you can imagine this takes some time. On Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on how quick we are!) we send an email to every participant with details (in list form) of the route start, the start time, what group you are in etc. All the information you need will be in the email but of course we can only send you this email if your email address is on your profile. If we don't have your email address then check out this thread - we will post the same information on here. When you arrive for the start of the run on Sunday morning (or at Peak Rail if you are not doing a run) you will recieve a welcome pack which will contain (amongst other things) your raffle tickets and picnic voucher, IF you have booked them. Please Note Breakfast orders are to be paid for at Hassop Station Café on collection. If you want to check yourself what you have ordered you can do so here https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/clients/purchases/ Finally, don't worry, provided you turn up at the right place and on time we will be waiting for you and all will be OK Watch this thread folks and check your emails Cheers The LitP team. 2:39 Just to add you need the following setting enabled to allow us to send you the email, otherwise you will need to read it here. To check the setting go to: https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/notifications/options/
  5. Elisemadray

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    If you had the pleasure of being at LitP 2018 this is a Must see, and even more of a must see if your thinking about going this year the short film gives a great insight to the event. kindly produced by 'Derby Movie Maker' for your enjoyment did you spot your car? please add to thread
  6. Elisemadray

    Help needed

    Hi All, Has anyone got a Van that can be used over The 'Lotus in the Peak' weekend to transport the LITP goods from storage in Derby, and return it after the event on the Monday? any help will be very welcome Thanks the LITP team
  7. Elisemadray

    Lotus Parking Problem

    Ah the grass is always greener 😂
  8. Elisemadray

    Elise roof cable.

    I believe these are designed for the short soft tops only , I think you may have the long soft top? but if you have the short top same as as later s2/s3 then it should be all good
  9. Elisemadray

    Elise roof cable.

    Cheers, the eye ends seem to be a better design 👍
  10. Elisemadray

    Elise roof cable.

    I Brought one to replace my snapped roof cable took 10 mins to replace well happy £49 (still not cheap for a cable) but halve the price of the lotus one
  11. Elisemadray

    Custom print

    Cool Print Mike👍
  12. Rich I have not enjoyed a game on tele as much for years it was unbelievable, there's still a bit of a chance for the league and remember they were given no chance last night
  13. Elisemadray

    Lotus in the Peak - Group Leaders needed!

    These Runs are Great Fun
  14. Elisemadray

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    thanks Phil, it's on the Facebook page aswell 🙂
  15. Elisemadray

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    Pleased you like it Mark, Its on the LITP facebook page if you want to like and share it
  16. Elisemadray

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    Thanks Dunc That's Better, that was what I was trying to do I've only gone n blinkin done it
  17. Elisemadray

    My Lotus Esprit s4 gets new paint!

    Now there's a collaboration 'Lotus Porsche' mark 1 🤣
  18. Elisemadray

    Finally, back in a lotus!

    Well done that man 😀 She looks very nice!!!
  19. I'm a Puma Drift cat 7 guy very soft leather and thin soles for good feed back through the Pedals, similar to the OMP's but soft leather
  20. Elisemadray

    LitP 2019 help

    It will and Thanks Mark
  21. Elisemadray

    LitP 2019 help

    Thanks Pete
  22. Elisemadray

    Site upgrade

    Good work Mark 😊
  23. Elisemadray

    LitP 2019 help

    It will be very sad to lose you two this year 😪 if things change just let us know
  24. Elisemadray

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    If at this stage you have not put it back up for sale 😂 Welcome and enjoy

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