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  1. I managed a 50 mile run out while I was in the UK- quite grateful for the fact I hit the few days when it was mild and dry! I fitted the battery isolator I posted about a while ago. Looking forward to getting back in the summer to enjoy it properly (and should make LiTP this year)!
  2. Elise S2 canvas roof

    Yes, a scrap roof would be very expensive! You could try Allon White Sports Cars though; they do roof refurbishment. They’re in Cranfield near Bedford. I had my seats reupholstered by them and was very pleased with their work.
  3. battery disconnects

    Thanks Miles. I used to have a chassis mounted key type one on my horse box and that never gave any problems. I’d forgotten! I found ones that just bolt straight onto the battery terminal post and disengage/engage with a knob. Is that what you have?
  4. battery disconnects

    Hi all, Just wondering about the merits of battery disconnects. Any pitfalls or particularly good models to look for? It'll be nice just to lean in to the boot and just twist a knob than all the leaning in and squinting in the darkness of a garage!
  5. Lotus /Moonraker JCL Boats

    I met a designer/builder involved with Marauder; a series of coincidences really. When moving out of my house in Lincolnshire, I found an old souvenir mug that was given to me when my primary school (back home in the middle of the Norfolk Broads) closed. The school was subsequently turned into quite a charming little house. I decided I would give the mug to the current owners of the house. I rolled up in my Elise, which the home owner was quite interested in for two reasons: firstly, he had a VX himself and a link with Lotus coming from his boat building background. We had quite a long chat about my time in the building when it was a school and also his work with Lotus. Hadn’t really thought any more about it until seeing this thread!
  6. Dilema

    Do it! I loved my S1, but I’m really excited by my Exige. Glad I made the change (even if I have barely driven it).
  7. Lotus Number 4...

    Enjoy getting to know something new! Another S1 off to the continent...
  8. My video from the Lotus Festival!

    If you made it to the Stratton Motor Company stand, you'll have seen my S1 there!
  9. Expensive MOT ;-) S1 Elise trade in

    Taken me a while to find the time to get back on here! Thanks for the congrats all! I managed to get 250 miles on her before she had to go back into storage! Not really enough time to get used to her of course, but finally I understand what everyone has been on about with the cam change. The extra hit is quite addictive, but I can't help thinking it would be more useful it came in a little lower down? If you hear of anyone wanting an indoor cover for an S1, I've listed it over in the classified section. Gingerbloke, I hear you. Being able to go roof off was the one thing making me pause, but I'm just going to put up with the hate and take the hard top off when I can. Dave, if I recall correctly, Colin and I had a braking related near miss at LiTP 2016... Colin?
  10. Gauging interest

    I can recommend it. Last time I was there was for non-aviation related reasons, but it makes a great trip out just for the roads around there. The cafe is decent too!
  11. Expensive MOT ;-) S1 Elise trade in

    Thanks all. I got the phone call last night to say I can collect this afternoon, a day earlier than expected! Currently thinking about where I'm going to go on my first drive, and then I have all day tomorrow to play too. Excited! Where can I put my MLOC sticker on an Exige? Thanks for the comment about the photo of Elsie, Phil. I have a few ready for my calendar entry this year.
  12. Elise 1/2/3 Indoor car cover

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I have for sale my Sahara indoor car cover. It is used but there are no rips or tears. It is mainly clean and I have cared for it well. There are however black marks on the hem where it has pulled around freshly blacked tyres. I would happily go on using it but have just sold my Elise. Will not fit V6 models nor Elise's with after market/large wings. Price includes postage for MLOC members. As described here: http://www.coveryourcar.co.uk/sahara.htm (Photo for reference only.)