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  1. My insurance companies (and I've been through multiple) have always accepted a screen shot of my user name, but perhaps that is because it makes little difference to the quote, or perhaps now they're just tightening up. Have you considered paid up membership? I know you can be a forum member without paying, but with paid up membership you would have a membership card, and of course the MLOC calendar!
  2. The road is 3 lanes wide wide all the way up and an even width, and because it doesn't go anywhere, no trucks. (Quite different to Norwegian mountain roads.) There are concrete barriers all the way, but little run off, so at least if you made a mistake you'd stay at the right altitude. I'm way up in the north, Jonathan. Relatively quiet up here! I was fortunate to be given a ticket to the grand prix two weeks ago so made the trip down to Abu Dhabi. So much development all the way down it seems, although a closer look reveals projects which have been started and then never finished. Ah yes the heat... have to say its lovely now, but August was hard work!
  3. Last weekend I took a little trip up to the highest point in the UAE, Jebel Jais, on recommendation that the brand new road up there is quite something. It didn't disappoint, and it would be fantastic in something lower and lighter than the Ford Edge I have here. Having said that, going up there in the morning, before it got busy, meant that I could enjoy a 'progressive' drive. At the moment, the road literally goes nowhere, just to a turning/parking spot at the current end point. Work continues up to the peak though and I would imagine will go down the other side to Oman eventually. I need to bring my walking boots (and more water) next time to take a hike further up.
  4. Oh bother... missed this thread! Was hoping for a second year.
  5. Just like Top Gear was, only in a tent and with a much bigger budget.
  6. I just went into Autoglass and they gave me a sticky pad. Prep is everything as Martin suggests. Must have replaced mine 4 years ago I reckon.
  7. Think yourselves lucky/unlucky you're not out here in the UAE! Speed cameras are everywhere, grey, moved around, hidden behind shrubs, in vehicles... However, the margin between the actual speed limit and the camera threshold is published. 120kph limit on the main highways, but cameras are set at 140kph. (Bought myself a 3.5l V6 Ford Edge, useless on bends, but handles 139kph well.) The downside is that on local roads, depending on the emirate you're actually in, there is either a 20% margin or none at all, depending on whether the emirate needs to make some money or not from drivers speeding out of Dubai. ...its not always clear to a foreigner when you've crossed into a new emirate.
  8. Thanks Phil. Changed into some shorts without buttons and zips... I traced the cable down and found it. Finding the pin to fit the new lead back on took a fair amount of finger tip probing! Job done. Another simple -if awkward- fix.
  9. Sunday, for the first time ever, I resorted to calling for recovery. Car just wouldn't fire. Anyway, turned out it as just a broken tip on the distributor end of an HT lead. The rubber shroud was enough to hold it on to get going, but so annoyed I didn't spot it was hanging off! (Must have just been one bump too many.) Anyway, I bought a new set of HT leads- figured if one had fatigued, the others might need doing. Wrong. Four are fine, and it is the lead to the coil that is broken. I've changed the leads to the spark plugs, but I can't actually see where the coil pack is. Do I need to access from below? (Great, I just took my trolley jack to my parents house in Norfolk!)
  10. +1 for adding a small sub. You may well find doing that gives you enough satisfaction from your existing HU and speakers. You're always going to be limited by the size of the drivers and the enclosure otherwise.
  11. Will Red Bull be sponsoring you? Isn't 'decals suggesting performance alterations' (or words to that effect) one of those tick box criteria on insurance websites? Can't see numbers being illegal.
  12. I will cite my 1999 S1... 3544 miles to Norway and back without issue. People who say they're unreliable and needs lots of work usually speak out of ignorance rather than knowledge. Yes, it's looked after, but it hasn't cost me more to look after than any other car and hasn't depreciated!
  13. Firstly, welcome. Another member to the sub-chapter of Lincs MLOC. Autoglym do a soft-top product, but I'm not sure how much it will dye if the fading is that bad. (I'd be worried about a patchy finish looking worse to be honest... but maybe that's just me.) Let's see a picture of your car so we know who we're waving at! Have you seen this... MLOC's big event for the year: http://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/65129-lotus-in-the-peak-2016/page-22#entry295665
  14. Oh I see! Not the best bit of naming in the world. Volt 2 would have done the same job without the confusion of a single consonant change.
  15. The Ampera is already available here (or am I missing a key point somewhere). Test drove one down in Peterborough before getting seduced by the i3.