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  1. A certain mathematical whizz with spreadsheets I suspect...
  2. Oh I love the blue/white Sprint! I would struggle to choose between that and a Scura.
  3. I remember the first stone chip after I had my S1 re-sprayed, Dave. It hurt! Car looks great.
  4. Thanks. I'm really happy with that photo- it will be my first calendar entry with the Exige! I did wonder about the fuel filter, Phil. The service book is fully stamped, but maybe with it being such low mileage, like other things, it needs attention based on age. I've just looked up the service schedule and the fuel filter isn't even mentioned; unlike the K series, it seems it is a non-service item in the tank. Erk. I wonder if I get a code reader something might show up?
  5. Hi all, With lockdown easing, I took a glorious trip up to Norfolk on Sunday from Berkshire. 320 miles of fun, (minus the M25 which still has people sitting in lane 2 at 65mph with lane 1 empty). Anyway, at some point on the A11, roughly 4000 rpm, engine at temperature, not under acceleration or cornering, I lost power for a second- not a total loss, not even like a lift off from the accelerator. It was fine for the rest of the journey. This has happened before on the way back from LiTP last year, same sort of circumstances. No issues starting, with oil or with cooling. 23000 m
  6. Actually that was back in my S1. No roof rack, no trailer. Just a very small tent and every inch of space used.
  7. The next drone for LiTP perhaps?! I don’t think the design criteria included carrying enough kit for a camping road trip around Norway either... versatile cars these!
  8. Great work Phil. Will it fly? I needed to get out to the supermarket today... well there's no rule about which car you have to use is there?
  9. Lovely looking work Dunc. I was hoping to replace my soffits and fascias until having a sample test on the existing boards. Asbestos. Well that's a DIY job just become an expensive professional job. 😤
  10. Seeing as I can’t drive the proper one, I decided to pimp my mower (in hope for June)...
  11. Great job. I look forward to seeing the end result soon.
  12. kayj_prod

    S2 key

    Key blank is nothing out of the ordinary. Any key cutting place should have a blank. The last one I had done wasn’t quite accurate enough, so had to be done a little more carefully. (More metal filed off the key saves weight of course. 😉)
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