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  1. kayj_prod

    LitP 2019 help

    Dean, Janey and I are happy to help. I'm up for leading a group as the OH will be kept busy!
  2. kayj_prod

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    Agree with all the above, plus: When the fuel gauge says ‘refill’, just do it (and ideally before then as they’re not that trustworthy). Take your time with the soft top- those cam fixings that pull the back tight onto the body are heavy and pointy and will easily mark/scratch/chip your probably pristine 20k paintwork if allowed to flap.
  3. kayj_prod

    PPF film - midlands

    Can’t advise on PPF, but as for your other question about seat bolts, I would recommend good round headed long Allen key drivers. Don’t forget the correct thread lock fluid too!
  4. kayj_prod

    Sat nav/Route planner

    You can build a route plan on Google Maps on your desktop (obviously Mac or PC). If you mean that you’re using an iPhone, then there’s no way to transfer a route plan over to your mobile device and Google Maps on iPhone doesn’t support multiple way points. Apple Maps definitely doesn’t either! I use an app called Copilot- used it for years. Yes, it’s paid, but you only need to buy the geographic areas you need. I’ve used it for navigating in a lot of countries without any issue and as you download maps to your device, you don’t need data for it to work. The only issue I have had is here in the UAE where the map data can lag behind the rate of road building and road closures/diversions. You can enter way points, choose to avoid motorways/tolls etc. save and load routes, and it will dynamically adjust your route if you make a mistake or if traffic delays warrant it. HTH
  5. kayj_prod


    Really sorry to read this Kurt. Well done for holding your temper. Not going to go against some many others' recommendation of Option 1, though I had my Elise repaired up in Louth and was really pleased with the work. All fibreglass damage. As others have suggested, a good repairer will deal with the insurance company/assessor visits. My repairer tried to get a new clam but that wasn't happening, nor was a full respray. (I ended up paying the difference as to be fair, it was something I had already considered.) I can't remember who was insuring me at the time, but I had to refuse their insistence on using another repairer. Despite the hassle and costs (my car was parked, the other vehicle drove off- no details), I had an immaculate car to enjoy after it all.
  6. kayj_prod

    Missing My Car!

    Totally understand where you're coming from Kurt. I got back to the UK for a few days a couple of weekends ago and couldn't wait to get into Lexi. 200 miles from Norfolk up to Lincolnshire and back was so great! Even the fact that it was torrential rain all the way back was fine. It just proved that Lexi will start after being out in the rain (unlike my S1), that the interior remains dry (unlike my S1), and that semi-slick tyres aren't so bad in wet conditions after all. Back in July and looking forward to racking up a few more miles for LiTP.
  7. kayj_prod

    Suspension removal

    Agreed, use the above guides. Suspension removal was one of the first things I did to my S1. The only major issue I had was with one extremely stubborn (corroded) bolt that necessitated a trip to the local garage and a spanner being welded to the head!
  8. I managed a 50 mile run out while I was in the UK- quite grateful for the fact I hit the few days when it was mild and dry! I fitted the battery isolator I posted about a while ago. Looking forward to getting back in the summer to enjoy it properly (and should make LiTP this year)!
  9. kayj_prod


  10. kayj_prod


  11. kayj_prod


  12. kayj_prod

    DSC 0068

    Andalsnes, Norway. Higher res available.
  13. kayj_prod

    DSC 0103

    Trollstigen, Norway. Higher res available.
  14. kayj_prod

    DSC 0170

    Lærdal Tunnel, Norway. Higher res available.
  15. kayj_prod

    DSC 0183

    Northern Norway, near Stryn. Higher res available.

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