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If you didn't drive a lotus......


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I'd probably have my old Evo back from when I lived in Japan. Bought it when it was about to be junked, then spent 6 months getting it running right and over double that building it up. When work changed and I had to move back to the UK I had to part it out. A very sad time, as it was such good fun to drive 😟


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On 18/02/2019 at 07:42, kayj_prod said:

Resurrecting an old thread here while I wait for my computer to finish installing some software.

I know I would have a deLorean by now. Nothing about performance obviously, everything about having something quirky and tinkerable with that makes me smile.

you could do a lot worse :) 


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For me this time around it was a tough choice between the Exige and a C7 Corvette, i absolutely love the look of those things.  To be honest the thing that put me off is that the C8 is hopefully on the way and is better in many ways (mid engine, and RHD!).   I suspect in a few years I'll break and get one of those.  However, if it's anything like my other departures from Lotus then i'll own it for a year, get bored of it, and finally come back to the fold and beg forgiveness for my betrayal

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On 01/01/2021 at 19:56, MG4Lotus said:

Mazda MX-5 is inspired by the Elan so I might give one of those a go.

I wouldnt - they are bland and characterless, its like a 2 seater family saloon. 

They are banned from S11 by the way 😉



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