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  1. I'm waiting for a factory warranty replace part, then I can have mine done there. Don't you have to leave half a tank in to get the right set up? Did you notice a diffrence right away?
  2. Any one made or seen a cheaper option? I may plunge for the above but would like to see alternatives first, I may even make one in my workshop yet, a one cup holder would do for how often the otherhalf travels in it. Thanks
  3. Paint job would be, BRG/Saffron yellow of course, if the factory could accommodate.
  4. address change, how?

  5. bebee


    My desktop, Nice!
  6. bebee


    I'm sorry but that looks fantastic!! Stunning! can't wait to see it on the grid!
  7. Loving the 'Concorde' nose, looks fast, lets see! Cheer up Heikki!
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