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  1. Phil Hutchins


    I thought that the Lotus/Alpine link-up is to develop their respective next ranges of all-electric sports cars. I’m sure I read that the rumoured 4-cyl 131 is to use a Merc engine? Anyway…not for me but I’m hoping that it’ll lead to a softening of used-Evora prices (sorry owners!) to encourage me to buy one!
  2. Phil Hutchins


    Hi Clive Have pm’d you to blag a copy as well please. Might give it a try later this year. Cheers...Phil
  3. If in North Shropshire there’s Blink Motorsport in Winsford. I’ve used them together with TG but as you’ve found out, Martin has ‘retired’ from his garage although I did read that he does mobile mechanic work locally. As you travel to Derby, I’m sure others will soon be on to recommend PJS or Unit4.
  4. I hope you’ve translocated all the spiders from their cosy nest, Ray?!!
  5. A lucky escape if you ask me guys. I’m sure that your offer, Dunc, was on the basis that he actually owned the car and there was no outstanding finance. Perhaps that scared the seller off! On the current 50/50 deal couldn’t he just have taken a buyers cash and run off with a £20k-plus profit and to hell with the finance liability?! Its a car...albeit a very nice one...there will be others!!
  6. Interesting documentary on BBC last night...now on iplayer...about the whole DeLorean debacle inc Lotus/Chapman involvement, the Govt con, the FBI sting etc. Of its time!
  7. Yep...arrived yesterday after 10 days of messages from Hermes. Excellent photos...well done all! (I’ve given our Hermes driver an award for filling every possible cubic-centimetre of his Ford Galaxy with parcels!)
  8. Green cars should only be on the road when there’s no foliage about. I mean...have you ever seen a green rally car?!
  9. Great! A query please...I upgraded to Full Member this yr so haven’t had had an ‘included’ calendar before. I don’t recall having to provide my postal address when I originally joined...or did I?! Cheers... Phil
  10. Spotted these following Clive’s earlier post about Ollie:- https://media.lotuscars.com/en/blog/oliver-winterbottom-24-february-1944-to-6-november-2020.html https://www.classicandsportscar.com/obituaries/rip-oliver-winterbottom-1944-2020
  11. If you have a passenger, hand cup to them! If not...buy coffee...walk around admiring the lines of your Lotus whilst drinking...bin cup and drive away!😂
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