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  1. oooh lovely, it may very well have been you! saw it (or you) three times over the summer in 2019. I was probably in something dull, at the time though. Really wanted a green car, but they're so rare and seemed to carry a bit of a premium. I actually work in Newark (fernwood business park) so if our offices ever open up again perhaps you'll see me around the town on a sunny lunchtime I'm not sure which look i prefer to be honest. I'm a big fan of the spoiler-less look on the V6, but i can never decide between hardtop and softtop. Fortunately, i have both for this car, so i'll swap it over in spring time i think and have the best of both worlds
  2. I'll keep an eye out! I so rarely see other Lotuses around this area, very very occasionally saw a green exige on the A1 last year up toward Newark, but i don't think i've seen a single Lotus this year. Lots of caterhams (or similar) though. Maybe caterham drivers are less afraid to brave the plague infected wastelands
  3. Hmm odd, i can see it here. Here's another it's not quite as shiny anymore, the roads around my tiny village are caked in mud at the moment
  4. Gave in and went to buy this today It's almost identical to my old one, same age, etc, but has a hardtop as well this time. It feels so good to be back in a real car! Looking forward to next year and being allowed to use it to go to places again... Also, bonus because i don't have to change my forum icon
  5. There's a tasty looking evora for sale in Lancaster as the moment, but it makes me uneasy because it's so far away and the dealer selling it seems to be a big unknown. Is a long way to go just to find out it's got problems, and my weekends are pretty valuable these days! Why are these things never near by
  6. Thanks guys :) I am a sucker for the S3 tho! I did think about an Evora, and there's no denying they're pretty affordable now, but i figure if the kid's in the back then i'm going to be driving it like it's a mondeo anyhow, so may as well go for the traditional two seater and avoid getting vomit on things I've got three friends with k-series engines now (mg-tf, caterham, some old rover thing) and all three of them seem to spend their weekends endlessly fixing things. I don't think i have the skill or patience for that :)
  7. Ello! Various events coincided a couple of years ago and forced me into selling my Exige But now things are looking up, moved into my "forever home" (i hate that phrase), got my health sorted out, and had a baby daughter. Finances are back in line again, and desperate to get back in a Lotus! Really hoping to find one before this year is out. I've been driving around in an ancient and very rusty SLK for the last 18 months, and it's just not the same
  8. Pffft, Clarkson is good at writing things in a blunt and convincing manner that still manages to be entertaining, i don't think you can ever believe much of it though. Suspect in all his work he leaves out a lot of the facts for the purpose of making the piece simple and coherent (and amusing)
  9. I'd like to see more photos of your car scatty, i really love the colour
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