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  1. This looks like so much fun! We need more frozen lakes and stuff in the UK
  2. +1 to this! my daily is a 2005 diesel toyota avensis, it's brilliant because i just don't have to worry about it. It's worth about £500 i reckon, so worst case scenario is i just throw it away It's also really comfy and slow and boring, and is everything a Lotus isn't. After a few days driving my lotus around i get back in the toyota and it's so comfy it may as well be a bentley. And then a few days later i get back in the exige and my mind is blown all over again Also, a great thing with Lotuses is that they hold their value. My first S2 exige i sold for slightly more than i pai
  3. For me this time around it was a tough choice between the Exige and a C7 Corvette, i absolutely love the look of those things. To be honest the thing that put me off is that the C8 is hopefully on the way and is better in many ways (mid engine, and RHD!). I suspect in a few years I'll break and get one of those. However, if it's anything like my other departures from Lotus then i'll own it for a year, get bored of it, and finally come back to the fold and beg forgiveness for my betrayal
  4. Those are fantastic shots! Love the idea to put them in a big arc
  5. I don't see where you could put that, if it went on the sills then it'd be in the way of the seat, and if it was glued on top you'd not be able to get in and out anymore. Has yours not got the infamous extending cup holder already? Also, haha, i just saw the ebay car compatibility table, i'm really glad it'll fit in your "3L diesel estate" Elise
  6. My S2 Exige used to do something similar, i can't remember how high it used to go but it was very much like you started it with the throttle pressed a bit, then immediately released it. I always assumed it was an intentional thing done to show off a bit (sports cars are supposed to start with a snarl, after all )
  7. Really nice. Welcome. My first Exige was a CR, too, although the previous owner had got it resprayed white, for some reason. Surely half the point was the colour scheme... ? But oh well, it was cheaper because of it You're really lucky to have the Peaks right on your doorstep, hope to see you on some of the runs next year
  8. there better be at least one pic with a car wearing a medical mask over its intake scoop
  9. that's a really unique colour scheme, i think if you described it to me i wouldn't have liked it, but actually looks great
  10. Glad to see you're still around scatty looking forward to meeting everyone again once we're allowed out once more (and the sun comes out of hibernation). It was great to do the little run with Ray and the others last weekend, but i fear that may have been my first and only outing this year...
  11. Stik

    It's Here...

    my celica has the predecessor engine (2zz-ge) and that's always been very clicky sounding, i think it's just a thing they do. I assume the 2zr-fe is heavily based on the old one so probably inherits the same noise. I think my S2 exige was the same, but it was a long time ago now and i suspect it wasn't all that audible over the general noise of the exhaust and tyres etc. 'tis a lovely looking car
  12. oooh lovely, it may very well have been you! saw it (or you) three times over the summer in 2019. I was probably in something dull, at the time though. Really wanted a green car, but they're so rare and seemed to carry a bit of a premium. I actually work in Newark (fernwood business park) so if our offices ever open up again perhaps you'll see me around the town on a sunny lunchtime I'm not sure which look i prefer to be honest. I'm a big fan of the spoiler-less look on the V6, but i can never decide between hardtop and softtop. Fortunately, i have both for this car, so i'l
  13. I'll keep an eye out! I so rarely see other Lotuses around this area, very very occasionally saw a green exige on the A1 last year up toward Newark, but i don't think i've seen a single Lotus this year. Lots of caterhams (or similar) though. Maybe caterham drivers are less afraid to brave the plague infected wastelands
  14. Hmm odd, i can see it here. Here's another it's not quite as shiny anymore, the roads around my tiny village are caked in mud at the moment
  15. Gave in and went to buy this today It's almost identical to my old one, same age, etc, but has a hardtop as well this time. It feels so good to be back in a real car! Looking forward to next year and being allowed to use it to go to places again... Also, bonus because i don't have to change my forum icon
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