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  1. is getting the lid on and off a bit of a faff when it's raining?
  2. That's a really low price, nice one! I'm on about twice that
  3. I was with Admiral on their multicar policy for many years, but then suddenly they went from about 400 to £900 for the exige this year! they couldn't explain it either, so i now have a 3 car policy with them, and the lotus is with AIB. The only claim i've made so far is for the cracked windscreen a couple of weeks ago and MarkerStudy, the underwriters, were pretty straightforward and easy to deal with. They do have a shockingly bad reputation if you read their reviews online tho...
  4. AIB were surprisingly competitive for me this year, but maybe the random number generators were just kind to me this time? They're underwritten by MarkerStudy, however, who have a very poor reputation
  5. I love the look of it, especially from the side, really beautiful. It's a great replacement for the Evora, but I feel very uneasy that it's nothing at all like an Elise or Exige. It's 1400kg+! I think it's also sad that there's not going to be a convertible in the range anymore. It doesn't look like the sort of car that could be easily made into a convertible either, so i don't expect to see it in a later model. Personally i would have liked to see this, and also a smaller, more exige-y car alongside it as well. Still, very cool, and i'll definitely have a test drive in one wh
  6. It's in for its service right now, and hopefully the window has already been done... Nobody's called me on a panic yet so I'm feeling confident!
  7. Well, i've had a crack in my windscreen for a while now, and finally getting it sorted on the insurance. The underwriters seem keen to only use their own guys, Auto Windscreens, who seem to be owned by the same group as MarkerStudy so i suppose that makes sense. Several hits on the various forums about glass replacement places cocking up the clam removal, or not even doing it and making a mess of the bodywork. Kind of nervous! I'm getting them to do it at Central Lotus, so hopefully under Andy's watchful eye nothing too bad will happen... Anyone else experienced similar?
  8. Stik

    Got married!

    Thanks chaps. Sounds like i'm going to have to get fatter, and/or develop a new knob gripping technique
  9. Stik

    Got married!

    I got married A related question: how do you lot drive with a wedding ring on your left hand? It's grinding against the metal gear knob and they're both going to get scratched at this rate. Do you take them off? Or do i just have a weird way of gripping it?
  10. Stik


    Yeah it's absolutely the right decision and direction for Lotus as a company, i'm just a little worried that their cars won't appeal to me personally as much. But we'll see!
  11. Stik


    While i'm a fan of tech in general, i can't help feeling a little uneasy about it. If this is to replace the elise/exige then it's going to be odd to be in a cabin that's not bare-bones, we've been so used to the current design for quite literally decades now. One of the things that's kind of "special" about getting into one at the moment is the sparse interior, you get that feeling that you're sitting in a machine that's been designed to do a specific thing very well, to be focused on one thing only. The lack of sound isolation and damping really adds to that experience, too, in my opinion
  12. I also wear headphones if i'm doing a long journey. With the speakers you have to turn the music up so loud to really appreciate it over the top of the road and wind noise that it feels like it's making an already dangerous situation worse. I already get that "it's 3am and the club has closed" feeling after a long journey, without the added sound pressure from a stereo boosted to overcome it. On top of that, even if you replace the speakers they're still tiny little things and there's no bass response at all. When I had my VX I remember meeting someone at an event who had put one of t
  13. Yeah night driving is awful, i do avoid going out after dark. pretty sure at the factory Lotus have a test area where they turn the lights on, and if they're too effective they go and find a more feeble bulb to put in. Totally agree about not using it every day to keep it special though. I intentionally have a crap second car (an old and quite rusty SLK in fact!) so that i appreciate my Lotus more The difference is pretty extreme
  14. They're absolutely fine in all weather (except maybe snow? i've never tried, seemed like asking for trouble!). You'll probably find you have a tiny leak somewhere, usually around the window seals, as mentioned, but it's normally just a few drips on the door sills when you get in. Parking it flat is important, in my experience, if it's at a angle then you're more likely to get leaks around the front of the windows. Windows are easy enough to adjust to make them fit properly if you do have a leak, and very worst case is that you need to replace the rubber seals around the doors, but every
  15. that's really nice! i've had a go at doing vector images of stuff before, and i'm impressed by the detail on the front grilles, that's a lot of effort there
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