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  3. My tyre dealer had to order mine to get the correct size and rating. So far I am very impressed. I had old R888s on the car and I can’t say I have noticed a reduction in grip, but I have only been using them on the road. They appear to be much quieter as well, not that an S1 Exige is ever quiet.
  4. Time Left: 2 months and 28 days

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    Used Schroth Profi II ASM 4 point harness, specifically configured for Lotus cars. Cannot be used for racing as they are out of date. I’m good condition only sold as I have purchased a pair


    - GB

  5. Be VERY careful with online tyre places and cheap prices. Our little cars are specified with W rated tyres. Lots of the online places sell the cheaper V rated ones
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  7. Are tge holders big enough to hold a 330ml can ?
  8. Time Left: 2 months and 27 days

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    stainless steel cat replacement pipe and mill eliminator for s2 k series engine Elise £40 collected or happy to post at cost


    - GB

  9. Mark H

    AH 10TUS

    Please keep adverts to the classifieds section
  10. XH51MES

    AH 10TUS

    Thanks Dunc. Removed so you can’t nick it [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. duncx

    AH 10TUS

    Ahem! "We strongly advise you to keep your certificate number confidential.." Very nice plate that Matt, I think I might steal it
  12. XH51MES

    AH 10TUS

    Hi all, My private plate is now on retention. If anyone is interested I’m looking for returning the money I paid for it which is £500. Dm if anyone interested. Currently waiting retention certificate coming back from DVLA but went on retention yesterday [emoji106] Cheers Matt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SWMBO has got Advan 195/50s and we've got no complaints after 15 years
  14. hartleyj

    Isle of Mann

    I seem to remember when a group of us went from Liverpool in 2010 the loading staff were very good at placing additional wooden ramps etc to alleviate the problem. I recall we all snaked on one wheel at a time! Must have looked hilarious to the (waiting) queue behind us!
  15. If you decide to stick with Yokohama's, don't waste your time & money trying to find "LTS" variants. Lotus stopped fitting those a few years back (apparently due to 'noise' issues!). From personal recent experience, trying to find specific spec tyres is a nightmare. Blackcircles claimed to have what I was looking for, took the money, then emailed to say they didn't have it and refunded the payment. Same issue for the Lotus (1x puncture) and Jaguar (4x unbelievably ancient, just had to replace them!). Thank goodness the Michelin's for the motorhome were available... Yes it's been
  16. On my 111R i ran Yoko's and ended up with 23 front and 26 rear. This is 3psi lower than Lotus recommend, but I found over a couple of sets of tyres that 26/29 resulted in wearing out the centre of the contact patch of the tyre. 23/26 fixed that. Before everyone jumps in, my tyre gauge is a calibrated professional unit (which just happens to read the same as the other 2 halfords cheapo's). Anyway, 23/26 fixed the issue!
  17. I like the way you’ve done the ends of the stripes.
  18. Looks fab, mine doesn’t have any so no point in putting a pic up.
  19. Pmsl… god please no I’d hate to see your stripes
  20. Looks good and I'm not showing you mine! 😁
  21. After speaking with my local Lotus dealer I found that other than the 260 cup sprayed stripes nothing was available for my 250 cup! So I’ve taken it upon myself to create some stripes (cat scratches) as I’ve seen many of my fellow lotus owner do. We mocked up both white and red for the bonnet but I plumped for the Juicy Red , toyed with silver also and duel colour but decide simple plain Matt colour was best. Hope you like the finished product … I think I’ve added enough without overdoing it, please show me yours as I may add a little more ?
  22. Cheers Phil given I am with my young daughter I need to think of something to do beside her wanting to spot Nessie ! I was thinking of going on a cable car somewhere near Ben Nevis but besides that not sure what else is can I do ? I also only have a couple of days in the area before heading home
  23. Here’s a snapshot for scenery and good, fast, relatively empty roads (but watch out for plod and cameras as NO leniency is shown to sassenachs!):- Leave M74 at Beattock and visit Moffat for refreshments. A701 to Edinburgh. Round bypass and over new Queensferry bridge then M90 to Perth. A85 thro’ Crieff to A82 at Tyndrum, then down thro’ Glencoe to Fort William. A82 to Inverness or the smaller roads on the south of Loch Ness. East to Elgin then south through Speyside on A95 to join A9 at Aviemore. Visit Pitlochry. Visit Stirling. Then if you’re heading back ‘down so
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