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  2. Well, it's approaching the end of August, and disposal time for the banners / flags. Last chance for someone to acquire some MLOC history for their garage wall (or lounge wall if you're brave enough to risk it !).
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  4. I usually use Dan Webster at HPE automotive for my servicing and Mot, he is in bromsgrove. I have used tyre fix in Althorpe street at the bottom of town in leamington the one year and can't fault them. Little back street garage, but sound enough, used to use them for my Clio too. I also have used Heathcote Automotive in leamington, used to use them for servicing my truck, and have no doubt they would treat my exige with respect, only reason I didn't use them for my Mot is they are a little too 'by the book' if you know what I mean Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  5. Worth asking definitely ! thx !
  6. Guglielmi Motorsport in Daventry? Not sure where they take them (they don't have an in house facility) however they have MOT'd our sprint S1 and 340R the last couple of years without issue.
  7. Anyone knows a good place to get the MOT done around Leamington ? If I could avoid the 37 miles to a Lotus shop for the MOT .. as they are many sports cars around leamington/warwick, I am sure there are good places .. the one I tried with the previous Lotus, reminded me that I want to avoid regular MOT places .. Ideas ?
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  9. That's what owning a Lotus does for you! Welcome and enjoy. And in case you think it's a one-off, I met a chap in Lotus, California who let me drive his newly-turboed Elise round the twisties of the Sierra Nevada. Wherever you are, you can be among friends.
  10. @Quasimodoscott @mattletiss7 @manchesterisB Yeah, he knew he looked at him.

  11. Does Gav at unit 4 service evora? im thinking about one as well, but worried about the cost of a £3500 clutch change every few years. Have to find an independent to do it.
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  13. Time Left: 2 months and 27 days

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    Looking for a used S2 Cat as mines bitten the dust and I can't a new one for over a week. I'm preferably looking for a standard cat as prefer the quieter approach, if you have one that you don't need then please let me know. Happy to pick up. Thanks in advance Jim


  14. Time Left: 2 months and 26 days

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    Tern Link C7 folding bike in immaculate, as new condition, complete with all documentation. Used for only a couple of months for the last leg of a commute on a previous (IT) contract. Specification... Physis 3D, 3D forged construction, 4 patented technologies Headset: Flux, cartridge bearings, dual-seal technology Grips: BioLogic Ergo, dual-density Kraton Rims: High profile, doublewall Front Hub: Mini, aluminum, QR Rear Hub: 7 spd, aluminum Spokes: Stainless steel, brass nipples Front Tyre: Schwalbe Citizen, 42-406, KevlarGuard puncture protection Rear Tyre: Schwalbe Citizen, 42-406, KevlarGuard puncture protection Saddle: Comfort Seatpost: SuperOversize, 6061-AL, micro-adjust clamp Seat Binder: SuperOversize, 6061-AL Please, no silly offers. To buy a similar Tern new will currently cost you well over £400!


  15. Hello, if anyone owns an Elise S2 Type 25 SC with the original Lotus fitted door roundels would you be kind enough to let me know the overall diameter? Would like to have some pattern items made up unless anyone has a set for sale! Many thanks!
  16. Time Left: 2 months and 25 days

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    Hi looking for a Gold LitP sticker if there are any. Have a Red one to barter with. stu


  17. RT @TheDailyShow: Who will be the next to go?! #TheCelebrityAppresident https://t.co/ogS1OXzghS

  18. Hi Luke, not sure I'm using this site properly so just wanted to ask whether you received my message? Cheers Chris

  19. Exige Cup 380 Weight Walk View the full article
  20. RT @LiftonHallHotel: Some super lovely cars in our car park - a BIG welcome to @LotusDriverClub @SWLOTUS - may the sun shine all weekend #D…

  21. If it's a drive by wire set up then 100% the first thing I'd do is completely remove the TB and clean it with some carb cleaner.. hopefully that's all it needs ?
  22. Those throttle bodies are confusing, there are K-Series parts which seem to be up around 800UKP as I think they might be custom jobs with four bodies, trumpets and shiny bits. The toyota part looks a lot less exotic as it's the same as fitted to many 1ZZ's, problem seems to be that even within the 1ZZ-FE there are lots of different configurations around the same throttle body based on some cars being cable, some wire and lots of different shapes for all the toyota variants. Trick will be to work out which one Lotus used, surprisingly little information on this even over on the seloc tech wikies.
  23. Mine is a drive by wire. I think I saw some posts from another guy who had the Throttle Body changed and it was north of 1000€ if I recall well ...
  24. I think that is out of reach for the time being :-D
  25. Reminds me of something very similar that happened to my daily a few years ago, it got so bad in the end that the car would stall then refuse to start.. The fix for me was to remove and thoroughly clean the engines throttle body valve (this car was a drive by wire, there was no mechanical cable between the accel pedal and TB). These valves don't appear to close completely under normal conditions - they always allow a small amount of air to pass on idle and start-up. Now, if the small air gap is gunked up (as was in my case), even by a small amount, then the ECU ends up pulsing the valve to prevent the engine from stalling at tick over. However, if yours is cable driven then the TPS/wiring is definitely the likely candidate and first thing to replace - do they cost very much to try?? Ol
  26. If I've read those codes correctly then: P2014 - This is just status from the ECU telling you that's it's gone into the limp mode due to some other fault. P0638 - I think this is the root problem. I'm guessing the toyota model has a fly by wire accelerator in which case there is a stepper motor driving the throttle opening rather than a cable. The 638 error is complaining that the ECU has set the throttle position but the TPS is reporting back a different position. So either the throttle isn't being set correctly by the stepper motor or the TPS is reporting the wrong value. Think I'd test that TPS to narrow it down a little and then (assuming it's OK which it probably is) I'd check the price of a new throttle body before taking the old one off and having a bit of a clean and spruce up anything obviously gummed up. If you do get the throttle body off or it's easy to photograph post a picture as I'm kind of curious now which one it is.
  27. Ok, I just came back from that independant workshop where I had the car connected to an ODB reader (it cost me 25€...). Here is the codes I got on the car: - P0638 : Throttle Actuator Control Range/Performance B1 detazils here => https://www.obd-codes.com/p0638 - P2104 : Throttle Actuator Control System - Throttle actuator control system is in FMEM mode of forced idle Possible causes - List of elements that might trigger the appearance of this code PCM damaged Multiple ETC system faults Bad APP sensor Diagnostic help - Some tricks to help us for the diagnosis of the failure DTC indicates FMEM condition, and can be set in combination with DTCS P2121, P2126, or P2131 and P2111 or P2112. When P2104 is set in combination with P2121, P2126, or P2131 repair Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor faults first (pinpoint test DK), when the P2104 is set in combination with P2111 or P2112 repair the Electronic Throttle Body faults first (pinpoint test DV). Any thoughts ? By the way the car is from 2007, this may help. I also found an interesting post here from a guy with similar issue: http://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f101/p0638-p2104-cel-unable-move-421321/
  28. Keep us posted. If all else fails you can always swap it for a whole new level of problems and buy the Testarossa.
  29. Ok, these are today's new. In the morning I visited a Toyota dealer who refused to diagnose the car (despite having told me yesterday to come by on the phone). The good news is that I went there without trouble: no rough idle whatsoever and normal power delivery/throttle reaction. After that I found a small mechanic shop who agreed to diagnose Elise tomorrow morning, their agenda was fully packed for today... The guy had a nice Testarossa in the garage :cool I did all that without stopping the car but eventually I had to do actual shopping so I needed to leave the car on the parking lot and, to be able to close the doors I had to turn off the engine... I bought a multimeter (to test the TPS) and when I came back to the car, it again had the issue on start up (expected). Finally, we craweled back home pretty slowly (10 or 20mph). So, if all goes well, tomorrow i'll be able to share the error codes with you guys ! (fingers crossed)
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