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  2. Haha good work, I haven’t got the patience for it! Wish I had though because they look really good. 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. Haha! That may we'll have been what set me off Drage 😁
  4. Think it looks great Phil, funny I saw an Evora on Pistonheads the other day and thought how good it looked with red mirrors and diffuser!! https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/lotus/evora/lotus-evora-3-5-v6-s-2-2dr/10310214
  5. Some of you may recall that a little over a year ago I decided to change the colour of my Evora’s engine cover from silver to a more sporty red:- Now, having recently been taken by the sight of an early black Evora with red mirrors and a red stripe around the diffuser I decided mine needed yet MORE red too! This is nothing new by any means, having already been done initially on the Evora S GP edition, but I thought it needed to be done on a sports racer too. I didn’t want to respray my existing black mirrors so thought I would have another go at vinyl wrapping. I have previously had mixed results when trying to apply vinyl wrap; my first ever attempt using a satin black vinyl went pretty well when I gave my old Type 49 the panda eye treatment:- Since then my results using gloss vinyl wraps have been pretty poor but undeterred I thought I would give it another go and it started off reasonably well… ....but then went rapidly down hill:- Even if I had managed to apply it successfully I was never going to be happy with the low grade finish of the film – maybe I needed a better quality film in the first place but either way that idea and the film was rapidly consigned to the bin. So the only option left to me then was then spraying and I needed to find myself a spare set of mirror covers. I looked on DeRoure and a single primed cover from Lotus was going to be over £70 presumably plus VAT as well!!!! https://www.deroure.com/partinfo.asp?MAK=1&MDL=20&TBL=12631&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0&PBID=1086838 So that wasn’t happening either! Fortunately, from previous surfing of various Lotus forums I knew that, as is often the case, the mirror covers are shared with those of another vehicle, namely the Jaguar XK amongst others and I was able to collect a pair from a specialist Jaguar salvage company called Auto Reserve Jaguar As a bonus they were virtually on my doorstep and the chap there was most helpful. Like many though he had never heard of an Evora so was most interested to hear all about it. These were a far more reasonable £18 for a pair including the VAT! https://www.autoreservejaguar.com/jaguar-parts/electrical/electrical-components/x-type-s-type-xj-xk-left-wing-mirror-cover-paint-required.html That price may be changing in the future though, now he knows there is another prestigious outlet for him A quick comparison to one of my black mirrors soon showed them to indeed be identical:- I gave each a clean and rub down with some wet and dry to key the paint and remove any stone chips:- Fortunately I still had the primer, some calypso red and just about enough acrylic lacquer left over from my engine cover so I started with a few light coats of the primer... ...followed by the red and then the lacquer. Whilst the finish was reasonably glossy it still had the orange peel effect:- Truth be told I ran out of the lacquer, I had applied 3 thin coats but I would have liked to have gone over them one more time ideally. They were already looking better than my vinyl wrapping effort anyhow! I let the paint harden off for 24 hours, with some help from the gas fire along the way, and then thought I’d try to remove the orange peel effect with some fine wet and dry (1000 grade or more). I have not tried this before so I sanded it carefully in stages, checking progress along the way... ...until I had removed all but the worst of it:- I then mounted my trusty DAS-6 PRO in the vice and started polishing the cover, starting with a medium pad and polish... ...before finishing off with a soft pad and fine polish. As you can see there was a considerable improvement:- Suitably pleased with the first cover I then moved on to the second:- This one didn’t go quite as well since I polished through the lacquer very slightly on one edge, fortunately it won’t be overly visible on the car so I have decided to live with it for now. Once they get stone chipped I’ll aim to do a better job next time So what do they look like on the car? I reckon they’re just the job and go nicely with the red calipers, others may disagree of course but then I can always swap back to black again at the drop of a hat should I ever wish:- The second part of this mini make-over is the addition of a red stripe around the rear diffuser. I had some red vinyl left over from one of my r/c plane projects so have used that. At 15mm wide I couldn’t bend it through the 90 degrees on each side so I opted to make it in 3 pieces; a straight centre section and then the two end pieces were cut to shape. It’s a little more subtle than the mirrors but I feel it gives the back end a bit of a lift too:- So that's it. You may have noticed I've been doing a bit of polishing in recent weeks too, the bodywork's done but I still have the wheels to do yet
  6. Happy to pass my Calendar onto any member who as a photo of there car in this years issue, will not post but happy to pass it over to anyone on my next Sunday run out with the club.
  7. O Oh Bugger (I nearly said dear) Hope you were OK Steve how bad was the car?
  8. Yesterday
  9. I havent got one car fixed after an incident with a Deer !!
  10. Last week
  11. Try Brendan, his TVR work is awesome >> https://www.conceptperformance.co.uk/ or when I pranged my Esprit, John at this place did a perfect repair >> http://www.malinmotorbodiessheffield.co.uk/body-shop.html
  12. The diagram you sent me look the same. Probably the filter housing will be the same (Rover-K engine); part # A111E6146F The spare part number of the radiator is: A111K0036F Actually a Setrab oil cooler number 52-05635 is mounted on the car (see pictures attached) Thank you for your help
  13. My car is an early S2 Elise 190 K series ( 2003 ) which I think has the same oil cooler take off. If you can find out if it does I can remove the undertray and take some photos for you. AFAIK the cooler is long, linea & front mounted behind a front undertray similar to my S2. Again I don't mind taking photos if you find out that's the case. This shows the filter housing with the take offs : https://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=1671&MAK=1&MDL=16&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0 This shows oil cooler and pipe routing : https://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=1688&MAK=1&MDL=16&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0 Russ
  14. I am restoring my Exige S1 from 2000. The car was, unfortunately, modified in several aspects and I am trying to bring it back to the original specs. Could some one please let me know what kind of oil cooler was mounted originally on the car and what type of fitment were used to fix the hoses it on the filter housing and on the radiator. As far as I know the hose should be a SAE 100R6 Thank you for your help. Adriano
  15. Dave, Why not enjoy a few good track days 1st then worry about the front clam?
  16. Can't go myself, but LoT emailed me to say that there's still space if anyone fancies it. Very cheap for a weekend day at Donny and weather looks OK.
  17. Decided in my favour and never even got to court.
  18. How did you get on with that eventually? As I recall there was some thought about a claim against the body shop?
  19. The last time I saw him was at the Hilltop LDC breakfast meet Jody, back in August ...
  20. He doesn't recommend anyone now after a couple of bad experiences, mine included unfortunately.
  21. Don't all Unit 4 bodywork jobs go elsewhere for all work, nor just final prep & spraying - he used to send to Edmonds but I believe this may have changed?
  22. Gav at Unit 4 for repairs and he has a tame local for the final prep / spraywork.
  23. Mrker60


    I sent them a mail. Not sure what seats and few bits of carpets would cost. Like you say may be better just using this summer ive only had her 2 month. Then decide after summer
  24. The Cakes


    Live with it for a while, as you may get to like it because either option won't be cheap. Best bet if really want to change is buy some second hand black one's (S2) and sell yours. I reckon you'd be paying a shed load for a re-trim to a good standard. I used Doncaster Trimmers, very good.
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