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  1. Yesterday
  2. Not always, my old S2 elise 52 plate was short roof.
  3. Mines black too
  4. RT @TwatBibIe: This could be the video of the year!!! 😂 https://t.co/nq2z4EycYL

  5. Mine is Satin Black.
  6. have you got any pics of the problem area. I had a long tail roof on my 52 plate S2 elise, changed on 2003 iirc richbk
  7. From the album Mike Healey

    Exige at Donington Park
  8. Thanks Scott Ray
  9. Had mine fitted at bodyguard in Daventry, do a great job, great guys and at a reasonable price.
  10. @Barley_Racing good luck @Oulton_Park in @BritcarNews this weekend!!

  11. RT @TheWorldOfFunny: I'm done 😂 https://t.co/Io6gfg5DDJ

  12. Last week
  13. I've just had a black splitter fitted. Had considered having it painted red but decided against it. Glad I left it black.
  14. I have an S2 Exige calm on my silver S2. Went black. Got chipped to hell, so had it wrapped in carbon vinyl.
  15. no , i understand apparently the c codes came in when water based paints did ill order 1 tomorrow ?
  16. RT @wearethentia: Happy 18 Birthday @fabriclondon So good to be able to say that! Thank you & everyone for contribution #savenightlife http…

  17. Wozza could you PM me the one you wouldn't use Thanks Ray
  18. B106 is the same colour as C106 Saffron yellow, so no problem Lotus assigned more than one code to the colour C206 is also the same colour. so three codes One colour' If I've not confused you hope that helps
  19. help !!!! trying to buy a touch up paint for my car , the paint code says c106 but i can only find saffron yellow that says it paint code b106 ! any one help ?????
  20. Yep, parted with the 340R. Maybe I should have kept it the way prices went after I sold mine.........but it's done now. And still in Ravenstone.
  21. Jon Seal might be able to help you out? He's in Wakefield i believe
  22. just caught up on all the latest on this - it looks mega! Really excited to see the finished article!
  23. Lots of progress on the house today (and whilst I was in hospital). House was sandblasted… https://t.co/H3AHL2mPC4

  24. RT @bob_drummond23: Let the fun begin!!😄 https://t.co/si8ifES7U4

  25. I'd say black - safe option that goes with pretty much all colours [emoji1303]
  26. Black, but then again I think white would look crap on a Type 49. Isn't there a computer wizard out there who can do wonderful things with pictures so you could see what both look like? I have a spare black one (because of Sheffield's ***t roads) that you are welcome to come up to put against your car to give you an idea.
  27. RT @AdamMorgan33: #TBT to winning the inaugural 2011 @ginettacars #G55 championship with #ciceleymotorsport 6… https://t.co/fwrLWUBuvL

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