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  2. Glad you got this fixed, and all under your own steam. odd no one posted a suggestion, its usually a fountain of knowledge on here. what colour is your car btw, looks a bit like my old BRG elise colour ?? richbk
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  4. as in the title! I'm so please I've got the car back after sorning it for a year (I know I know...) which means I will be able to join the pack in the peak this year. A huge thank you to Gav at Unit 4 in Burton, he certainly knows his stuff and is a really nice guy. I would recommend him to anyone who's still hesitating (I doubt anyone is). top job, super fair price and a smile!
  5. Any one else go to the Cosford Airshow ? Didn't spot any Lotus in the car park. For the aviation enthusiast among us - you can see some of my pictures on Flickr here https://www.flickr.com/photos/rocketian/albums/with/72157682091870973. here is one to whet your appetite
  6. I agree with Martin get it looked at by a specialist. I would ask Gav at Unit 4 in Burton on Trent if you and the Car or reasonably close to there. He won't charge a lot but the car really needs to go on a ramp so he can take the undertrays off and inspect the chassis for damage (and the steering in this case as it may have had a big knock) - if the alloy chassis is damaged they can't be repaired so the car is effectively a write off. Brake and wheel balance problems should be an easy fix but will cost money and should be reflected in the price. S2 cars with standard 175 front tyres should have light steering. If the brakes feel wooden without much bite it's probably just rubbish pads. Gav will tell you how much to fix the heater fan, that might not be cheap either. My advice would be buy the best car you can afford - It will be cheaper in the long run. Service history is essential. High miles not a huge problem if it has history and is in good condition. Remember too that these cars are slowly appreciating and the good ones will appreciate faster than the ropey ones. Hope that helps. If you are looking at cars in Notts or Lincs I may even be able to come and have a look with you. Welcome to MLOC and happy hunting!
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  8. Welcome to MLOC. Caster setting on the front will have a big bearing on how light / heavy the steering feel is. The Elise steering is generally lightish though. Steering wheel offset is normally a sign of a poor geo. Could also be a sign of a front steering problem, get it checked before purchase? Sounds like the front wheels next re balancing. Fan noise. Quite possible, needs checking. You need to stamp on Elise brakes but work well once you get into this. Might need better pads? Hard to say re the lights without looking. Do you have the members name? If it were me i always have it independently inspected by a local specialist before purchase at my expense. if the seller will not agree, walk away. Hope that helps?
  9. RT @TimHarford: "I can only conclude that the UK government's plan is to walk out of Brexit negotiations" https://t.co/wrPH0JtGCY I hope he…

  10. Hi all, this obviously didn't ring a bell with anyone but thought I'd post an update in case anyone comes up against a similar issue in future... Managed to locate the source of the problem yesterday... This hose had been rubbing against the side of the engine bay and had worn right through, creating a hole in it which was sucking in air. Must have been doing it for a long time (I've only had the car a few months) but only recently got to the point where it was noticable. Due to where it was located it was essentially sucking itself to the side of the engine bay at idle (so wasn't making a noise) but under load it was obviously drawing in air through the hole and making the hissing sound. A bit of tape over the hole has removed the noise completely, so now just need to replace the hose! Relieved it wasn't anything mechanical - now just need to locate the source of the rattle which is still present (must have been unrelated). I guess it just wouldn't be Lotus-ownership if there wasn't some noise or another to diagnose...
  11. Hi Guys, I'm Suzanne and new to the world of Lotus. Always wanted one and finally on a serious hunt. I went and saw RWR today - first S2 I've driven, paperwork shows it use to belong to a MLOC member so wondered if anyone remembers it? First one I've driven and I found a few things: - Quite light steering - Steering wheel offset, presume fix with a Geo - Steering wheel wobble above 40mph particularly noticeable at 70mph. Wheels not balanced?? - Heater matrix fan very noisy, as if something is caught in it. - Brakes are heavy, expected as not assisted but performance was rather weak. Took a lot longer than I expected to slow and stop... brakes on one side were partly striped, one side cleaned up nice and shiny - temps felt similar all round on the caliper. - Headlamps had what appeared to be scratches on the top in the area of the black surround. Any thoughts or insights on the above points would be very welcome. Thanks, Suzanne
  12. It was a nose and splitter respray as you see.there is a slight colour difference,but I expected it,consider the paint is 15yrs old,but for £230 I can't grumble!!
  13. Make room for the bacon and egg sandwich bar Dan!!!
  14. Congratulations Dan
  15. I may also be making the trip for this - about time I found some nice back roads that way, and I keep being told to drive the S160 more......
  16. Thanks Martin - it's in the garage so maybe a software issue which they can fix
  17. Today was the day Jonathan became the proud owner of this stunning Lotus Exige V6! Enjoy - see you at the track ;)… https://t.co/9RP4mfBkX7

  18. Great news Dan. Will have to take a ride over once you are in.
  19. RT @FoxsGlaciers: Stroll down #MemoryLane with #FoxsGlacierIceCreamFavourites. Which is yours - #RaspberryRipple #StrawberryCream #RumandRa…

  20. Great news Dan
  21. Its right at the top of my to do list!!
  22. @EE Hi, I currently don't seem to be able to make calls on EE in central London (clerkenwell) - any idea why?

  23. Will my gearbox being going with you or are you leaving it in the corner of the old unit
  24. Great news Dan - good to hear things are going well. So, I presume you'll have room for a receptionist, lounge area with occasional tables, glossy magazines and the like
  25. Yep, on the same estate! Thanks both!
  26. Great !!!! Still in the same area ?
  27. Congratulations Dan and good luck with the expansion :-)
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