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  2. They are made in batches, but come up fairly regularly second hand
  3. Hi KP Moving the car about - some years ago the dash on my Ford Focus failed. It took me 2 or 3 weeks to get it replaced. In the meantime I didn't want to get a speeding ticket so I installed a speedometer app on my mobile phone. I used a suction cup mount on the windscreen for the phone so it was easily viewed. Sorted. Just wondering KPelise, are you KP of KPHR, do you own the business? The app uses GPS so it is accurate. You can use to check how accurate a working speedo is.
  4. Yes Option One is the place to go if you want the job done properly!
  5. Hi Alex, Thanks for the info. I've found a used cluster now and will be testing it next week. I've checked out the Garw cluster but they don't seem to have any stock at all. If the used unit doesn't work then this may be another option if they actually make/sell them still?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Paintworx in Loughborough did a lovely job on my exige.
  8. Your car is compatible with a Garw dash which may be a little easier to get hold of than a shurlock cluster. Where are you based? I could possibly lend you my dash to enable movement of the car?
  9. Option 1 seem to be the best bet. Not the cheapest but amongst the best, and very experienced with Lotus.
  10. Can anyone recommend somewhere in the Midlands to respray my rear clam? I had it mopped a few years ago but now the lacquer is flaking off so it looks awful. I’d like to get her looking good again. Thanks
  11. Thumbs up to the team at PJS. I had the 410's running in service completed late last week. I've used a few Lotus dealers/approved service centres over the last 15years, but more recently have used PJS to maintain my Exige S, Evora and now my 410 Exige. Friendly, personal and trust worthy service👍
  12. How frustrating! The ebay listing is for a 2001 model which would have been fine. But the picture of the car (we can assume it came from?) is definitely a much later toyota model. Good luck with the replacement. 👍
  13. Thanks Will. I saw this unit and it's actually off a Toyota engine car (Mine's a K series VVC) and the part code on the cluster's different so I decided it wouldn't work. So, Cluster Repairs have finally told me this afternoon they can't repair my instrument cluster. Now a kind chap has responded to me from another forum and has the right unit that he's posting out for me to test. Fingers crossed it'll work and thanks for everyone's help.
  14. I've heard they speak funny but I think folk from Gloucester still count as being from the UK even after brexit ? 😅 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INSTRUMENT-CLUSTER-LOTUS-ELISE-MK2-2001-On-1796-PETROL-Speedo-Clocks-WARRANTY-/164536292882?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  15. Good luck. The digital dashes do look good as an upgrade.
  16. No worries MG4lotus. I put my email address on here to make it easy for someone to contact me directly. To be honest, I just want my Elise fixed and back in my garage. I've had it 12 years and I'm missing it!
  17. Thanks Will. My old one's with a company called Cluster Repairs UK and they've had it for over a month now and keep telling me it's nearly fixed whatever that means. Basically, I'm now being fobbing me off and I'm going to tell them that they have till tomorrow to fix it or I want it back it whatever state it's in. I saw one on ebay too but it's pricey and in a different country but that may be my best bet. Thanks again.
  18. Apologies KP. It just seems a bit weird that you would use a general contact e-mail address for a recruitment company when this is an open discussion forum and it also has the facility of personal messaging. Not everyone on here is like me. Yes, I am suspicious and have no desire to be scammed, which is all too prevalent at the moment. I'm not saying in any way that you are related to a scam.
  19. There's one on ebizzle However I'd advise you to ring 123 performance first. They may well be able to repair and give you a quick turn around alternatively Email andrew@213performance.co.uk Good luck MrWill
  20. MG4LOTUS : Please?! Are you serious / really that paranoid? I am in genuine need of this part for my car which has now been out of action for 6 weeks. It's stuck with my mechanic who now needs the car to be moved and I have no working instrument cluster. Hence the post. And yes, I do work in recruitment and I DO NOT WANT TO PISH FOR PEOPLES EMAILS. What a very interesting first impression I now have of this forum. So, moving on, if anyone has any constructive help they can offer then I'd appreciate it.
  21. KPHR recruitment company - contact is the general e-mail address. Phishing for personal e-mail addresses? Trolling?
  22. contact@kphr.co.uk unusual e-mail address, a bit elaborate for phishing expedition. As you are now a member you can receive personal messages. Have you thought about taking the opportunity of upgrading to a digital dash?
  23. Hi all, my instrument cluster has failed and I need to find a new or used one. My car is a MY2004 Elise S2 111S Rover K Series. Here are the details of the instrument cluster: Cluster Manufacturer: Shurlock Instrument Cluster Model: Monsanto MPH Lotus Part Number: A117M0123F Serial Number: 004840 If anyone has one available, please get in touch. You can email me directly at contact@kphr.co.uk
  24. Last week
  25. Hey, that was me! Perfecting that lumbar support was made easier by having access to some Recaros (aka finest car seats on the planet), and precisely modelling the ProBax lumbar area on Recaro's. The end result was startlingly good. Full days of driving (literally hundreds of miles) and not a single back ache at all. With the ProBax in their unmodified state, I'd get hideous sciatica after every short trip!! In fact, I've done the same mod on every Elise / Exige variant I've owned over the last 14 years - all 7 of 'em.
  26. Hi there - I saw you had the instructions on how to replace the rubber boot(s) on the rear Brembo caliper upper sliding pin on an Elise. I have just ordered my sets from Elise Parts so will have to do this. Easy enough to do? 

  27. Hi Phil, No problems. I''ve forwarded the document and hope you find it useful. Just confirm that you received it, ok 👍
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