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    One of, if not THE most sought after Elises in the entire range, this is the S3 Supercharged with the proper Toyota 1.8 2ZZ engine, before it was replaced by the 1.6. Originally metallic grey (see final photo), the car was professionally wrapped, internally as well as externally, by well known vehicle wrapper, Dave Bean, of Bean Vinyled last summer. The car was serviced 50 miles ago, including new front discs and pads, and new rear pads. Wheels have been upgraded to the Exige version with almost new Yoko AD07s all round, and the air box has been upgraded to a TRD for extra supercharge whine! With a full leather interior, electric windows, upgraded Bluetooth head unit (not that you’ll be able to use hands free, but you can listen to music!), both keys, push button start, LED lights front and rear, all paperwork, MOT until December, private plate, only two previous owners, and having covered only 36,500 miles this car as ready as it’ll ever be for summer fun, I just don’t get chance to drive it anymore. Nothing else in its price bracket turns more heads! Feel free to message with any questions. Please include your phone number if you’d like me to call you back. £26,500ono NO TEST PILOTS.


  3. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    ill come to next rutland meet for some breakfast ? i fancied an exige but the ones i wanred were way out of my spend and to be honest not that different to my elise for a lot more money i drove the M2 and wow what a car !
  4. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    Life’s too short not to try different cars that you like. i wanted to try an Evo and then returned to the fold. Then wanted to try a Caterham which I now have. jeffs your man to chat too about saloons, he can’t get enough of them :-) (in joke)
  5. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    I’ll be interested to have a look. You ought to tag along on a Rutland run, I did one with Ray in my M3
  6. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Sadly I didn't attend so I have nothing.
  7. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    no thats not out yet , its got full m performance pack though , lots of carbon fibre and exhaust system
  8. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    i know what you mean with the tyres , its a lot to do with the continentals that come on them oem , as part of the deal ive had a new set of michelin pilot super sports fitted for when i pick it up ive spoken to ray and the next rutland water run you do , ill meet up for breakfast?
  9. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    I quite like the M2. It's small, looks aggressive and no doubt a quality product with lots of kit. The one thing I REALLY dislike though is the stretch of the tyre sidewalls, particularly noticeable on the front tyres. It looks SO awful and I can't help thinking that (as I wouldn't get exclusive use of such a toy), the wheels would be kerbed in no time. If only tyres would go back to higher profiles with a bit of a bulge to the sidewalls. I'm sure the camaraderie on the M2 forums won't be a patch on MLOC, but this may not be a factor to you. Enjoy your purchase Ian, and we'll see you back before long.
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  11. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    As long as your are happy mate, no matter what brand of car you buy, the M2 is the best M car since the E30 M3 and happy motoring to you. Will miss you on our breakfast runs.
  12. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    Is it the competition pack?
  13. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    have you got an m2 ?
  14. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    Why would you do that?! Seriously though - I did the same earlier in the year and it’s been a great change. I’m sure I’ll be back in a lotus, but not for a while... What’s the date for M2 in the peaks ? Oli
  15. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    PM sent Thanks Ray
  16. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Hi Ray I ended up on the Ashbourne Run (group 5 with Duncan). Filmed the first 50 or so miles until a snapped toe link forced an early an retirement. there's a couple of decent snippets & You're quite welcome to the footage if you want me to put it on a flash drive and post it out. Just pm me your address. Filmed at 1080x60fps Cheers Will
  17. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    That's Great Dave, I will look to catch up with you and transfer the file, don't worry about editing well done Thanks Ray
  18. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Hi Ray, had an excellent day thanks, all the hard work by everyone was well worth it. I had the GoPro mounted on the top of the Exige and started it in Ashbourne Car Park, and the battery died after 1 hr 20 mins so got most of the run in, apart from the last 20 mins or so. I then changed the battery and did a walk around with it at Hassop, and also recorded the convoy from there to Rowsley - though this was very slow with lots of traffic! I’ve only had a quick look at it on the GoPro so far, there is certainly lots of wind noise but with music dubbed over it it will be very good I think - it is 2.7k 50p footage so very detailed and smooth (Hero 6). The suction mount was rock solid, for anyone considering one. We are full on with working on the house move now so I definitely haven’t got time to edit it, but if you have a spare flash drive I guess I could copy it all into it for you? (I’m reluctant to post the original flash drive as it was really expensive - fast and high capacity!) Let me know what you think.
  19. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Hi All if anyone has some good footage of the vent that you think could be used Please get in touch Thanks Ray
  20. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Hi Dave Hope you and the family had a great day did you manage to get any footage that may be able to be used? Thanks Ray
  21. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Hi, Well it was a great event hope you enjoyed it did you manage to get any footage we maybe able to use on the film we are trying to put together? Thanks in advance Ray
  22. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Hi I hope you enjoyed this years event, I certainly did if you have any footage that you think we can add to the film we are trying to put together please let me know. Thanks Ray
  23. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    may be , the m2 unlike other bmw s is nt really a grown up car , in fact its an animal , ive never been a big bmw fan but the m2 is bmw s game changer
  24. **** The Official LitP Photo thread ****

    My pleasure! It's that new tilt-shift lens of mine that makes you see things in a different way!
  25. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    Give it a year and you'll be back I did the same between this and the last Lotus, decided i wanted a grown-up's car and regretted it almost immediately
  26. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    You were away for LitP? That's two bad decisions on the trot! ???
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