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  1. Thanks Mark and all involved 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  2. The only thing with yellow calipers, is they are a different yellow to the Hethel Yellow paintwork..... and a different yellow again to the centrecaps and nose badge! 🙄 Not sure what Lotus was thinking there!
  3. That does look good. Ive leather is an interesting choice, silver wheels too. That’s pretty much Schmee150’s spec except he’s gone for the black pack. It is really annoying they didn’t have ice leather samples, I wanted to see how it went alongside Nimbus. Colour wise, I’m hearing rumours that they may lighten Verdant Green. If so that could become a contender. Would be good if they paint some of the cars, those samples were a bit rubbish. Have you decided on Sport or Touring? And assume V6? Manual or Auto?
  4. Such an epic build, really enjoyed reading this, and massive respect! And so close now! Would love one of these!
  5. I think you're right, that's where I'm leaning I think. If I went for the Nimbus/silver, I think I'd want to add some colour, but with the blue?... Keep it all clean. I would be looking to replace the yellow wheel badges with black, bonnet badge too (when they're available)
  6. Yeah you should be one of the early ones. I put mine down the day after launch, been told I should be one of the first 500 cars to come off the run. Not sure what that’s based on though. I’m 80% sure I’ll go ahead. Things that could cause me to pull the plug: if the point we put in the final deposit (Dec/Jan) they say expected delivery for my slot is August or later. And if they don’t offer the 50/50 finance deal they offer on all their new cars. With demand so strong I’m not sure they will? Spec wise I had pretty much made my mind up on Nimbus with red leather and callipers, but I’ve
  7. Fantastic! What spec have you gone for? And when did you put your initial deposit down?
  8. They do look even better in the flesh. Do it Ray, could just see you in one of these!!
  9. That was on my way to a Tick run, about 6 in the morning in early Spring IIRC. It was bloody cold I remember that much!
  10. 10th Anniversary!! Wow, time flies! I'll aim to come to this one. Fingers crossed it will be in the Emira if my allocation isnt too far down the list!
  11. I attended the reveal event at Rybrook this week. I know there has been a lot of discussion around the colours, what they're like compared to the configurator, how metallic they are etc. So to help me decide I took some videos of the colour discs in and out of direct sunlight. Thought they may be useful to others so combined the clips and put them on Youtube:
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