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  1. Great job Jody, look forward to seeing it!
  2. Looks fantastic! MK roads are good fun, even more so in that I imagine!
  3. Had a great run today, little traffic and a beautiful morning. Good mix of cars concluded with the best breakfast sandwich for 50miles Big thanks to Ray for organising. Here are a few of my pictures...
  4. Would have to be a McLaren or a bike engined Westfield
  5. That looks fantastic! Congrats
  6. Mine arrived a few hours ago. Looks good, thanks for sending. One day I'll get mine featured in there!
  7. I’ve been a member for about a month, am I the other Lotus member you referred to? Seem like a good bunch, haven’t been on any runs or meets yet though, obviously
  8. Some of our fellow Mloc’ers are in the early stages of setting up a motor video channel. They asked to do some filming of my 720. Some teaser clips coming out, looking great so far. Be great to give these guys some support and give them a follow, their work looks great so I’m sure it will be worthwhile: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGesYpMgFXF/?igshid=gwoyykvf664w
  9. Three years in a row I’ve submitted to this and not once has it been included It’s not as if the car doesn’t stand out or look a bit different, perhaps just not to the taste of the judges? <going to see if I can retrieve the teddy I just threw out the pram>
  10. I was let down quite badly by my usual Indy late last year, so on the look out for a new place to look after my P&J, I was going to give Datum a try but might try these instead. 😎

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Change of plans and this is up for sale. Never fitted. 3" shoulder straps, 2" lap. 5 point buckle so can add crotch strap if required. Wrap around fitment at the back to go around roll cage. They're £252 on Demon Tweeks https://www.demon-tweeks.com/…/schroth-profi-ii-asm-harnes…/ £175 + postage. Collection can be arranged from Kettering, Northampton or Leicester.


    Rothwell, Northamptonshire - GB

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