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  1. M@r]{

    [MLOC TV]Lotus Evija Launch

    Most beautiful car I have ever seen, gobsmacked.
  2. M@r]{

    Hello old friends......

    Welcome back Chris! And looks nice that 😎
  3. I cannot see how these will work. How will the camera know the noise it is picking up is entirely from one car and not a combination of many cars or other unrelated noises such as planes, screeching tyres, music etc? So I assume the first step if you get caught would be to get an official measurement at an MOT station? At which point you've put your quiet exhaust back on? Hoping this is just scare tactics. Although the Saxo boys with their straight through systems driving like twats through the towns at 11pm waking all the kids up do need a slap. They're better off putting a noise limit on at unsocialable hours and just let the BIB police it with DB meters. Then they can tackle the nuisance areas.
  4. Thanks John. I do have an adjuster already fitted, knob on the dash. I just get so carried away when I'm on track I forget stuff like that It was only after watching the video back I thought about trying to move the bias to the back slightly. It's funny, I don't notice any of the skipping you've mentioned, doesn't feel too light at the front. Although I've got both a splitter and canards at the front so maybe that's adding a little downforce? It has been properly set up, corner weighted with my fat arse sat in it Handling wise it's sublime, so well balanced and controllable when pushed too far. I've done three track days in it and I haven't spun once yet!! I think I need to try harder! I've always been of the mindset that if you don't spin at least once you're not trying hard enough
  5. Yes that seems to be where I catch most cars up by braking so much later. I actually think I can improve that side, I’m pretty sure the front are locking before the rears really bite. Anyway, I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with a seven style car or a car with a bike engine, but I’m sold. It’s taking track days to another level for me
  6. M@r]{

    Rear diffuser

    Try Simon at http://www.scottrussellsportscars.co.uk/ He seems to be able to get hold of most stuff
  7. Some enjoyable sessions out on track yesterday with Opentrack. Glorious weather but it was red flag city, people driving beyond their ability and taking shit boxes on track and breaking down. So first 1.5hrs of a 3hr day were pretty much written off. But after a 2nd driver briefing where they threatened to send home the next person causing a red flag, things got better. It was my 3rd track day in my new to me Westy, really loving this car. Brake bias needs moving to the rear a bit, but aside from that it is so well balanced. I do love Donnington, shame the noise limit is so low but short shifting past the meter is no hardship. Took Marcus out for a bit, nearly killed him twice (both "moments" in the video below) but we made it back in one piece.
  8. M@r]{

    A small favour...

    I take it that's a no you don't want to try my wheels then Alex?
  9. M@r]{

    A small favour...

    More than welcome to pop down and borrow mine Alex, only thing is, it is a bit of a trek for you. I'm literally just (less than 1/4 mile) off the A14 about 15 miles from the M1 junction. Handy for a quick spin to check them though. Just put brand new R888R on them too
  10. M@r]{

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    Cool video, thanks for sharing. Great to see my car appear a few times too (not to mention the dodgy interview piece ☺️)
  11. Wondering if anyone has one or knows where I can get one from? I want to get a large image in vinyl to put on my trailer 🧐
  12. M@r]{

    Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    So did you buy the Vantage?!
  13. M@r]{

    GRP GT Rear Lights

    They do look good, I'm tempted. You've probably seen the guy with the yellow V6 Exige (HE11 SLO), he's had them for a while, apparently, they had to keep going back as they kept failing. May have been early sets so better now? Anyway, EliseShop supply them now, so at least if there are issues you have someone local to deal with returns rather than shipping back to the states. Only thing stopping me now is I can't decide what style to get, there are about 4 different options, tinted lenses, reflectors etc

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