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  1. Return trip...

    Really like that! Well done
  2. Anyone know of a DeLorean locally?

    Or buy one...... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253658011448
  3. Anyone know of a DeLorean locally?

    Talk to Craig at DynoTorque in Birmingham. He’s just put an LS3 in to a DeLorean! No idea where the guy lives etc but it’s a lead for you....
  4. Farewell, but not goodbye.

    That is going to be soooo quick! Congrats mate, can’t wait to see it in the flesh
  5. Wanted: CG Lock


    • WANTED
    • USED

    Anyone got one or two kicking about that they don't use? Especially if you're coming to Blyton Park tomorrow


  6. Absolute Lotus Magazine

    Just signed up too
  7. Smash!

    Sorry to see this Kurt but you’ll get it back looking shinier than ever. And no one is hurt. Brace yourself for a battle of blame over who ran into who, unless you have a witness I suspect it will go 50/50, your word against yours. I know it’s not something you’ll want to hear right now but better to be ready for it. Insurance companies are legalised criminals, their insurance will try to get out of paying. One reason I run dash cams in all my cars. But bottom line, one of the insurance companies will have to pay up, Option 1 sound fantastic so you should have it back looking better than ever in no time.
  8. Geo - where?

    Can recommend Alan S1 on here. He seems really knowledgeable. Looks after a competitive Elise that is doing very well, so for me that says a lot!
  9. I might be doing one of my famous boy looks but I can see an option just to log in to the forum and simply select, show me all Todays Posts. Like you can on SELOC and most forums? I've been just clicking on All Activity but that shows a separate result for every post, rather than grouping them into the their single thread. Makes browsing the posts a right PITA. So am I missing something?
  10. Done it!! Bought another Exige :) :) :)

    Yes I remember as I saw it when I ended up buying the V-Storm
  11. Done it!! Bought another Exige :) :) :)

    I took the spoiler off my old one as I wanted it too look a little different i quite like the idea of a the same style spoiler that is on the later S2Exige but just a little more extreme, bigger. Needs to balance out with the big front splitter and the rear diffuser.
  12. Done it!! Bought another Exige :) :) :)

    I just wasn’t feeling Will’s car. Just couldn’t get over that money considering that it’s a 2003 Elise and it needs another £1500 spent on seats. I also had my heart set on the newer style front clam. At least this one is an Exige with the engine they were designed to have. The main thing, it looks different. And also it was considerably less money! It’s one down side is the CatD status. But it’s reflected in the price and will be when I come to sell. Everyone said the V-Storm would take a long time to sell. Took two days. Just need a decent ad, pictures and the right timing, ie that one person As for the spoiler, I probably will do something, but actually in person from the right angles it’s ok. So I’ll keep my eye out for alternatives, but not in a massive rush.
  13. Picked this up today. I'm soooo happy with it. Looks so much better in the flesh that the pictures. It fits the bill perfectly for me. I was hesitant over an S2 as ideally I wanted something over 300bhp, but the gearbox's aren't up to it. However this has the Jubu gear set fitted so that's that issue sorted The GT3 clams tick the "want something different" tick box. And being a Cat D it meant it was cheaper than most so less of a worry about hammering it around track (it will play on my mind ragging a £40k+ car round track, I found that out when I took the F-Type to Silverstone last month) The Cat D bit doesnt bother me, by all accounts its been really well repaired and the build great. Certainly not skimped on the pennies. Interior re-trimmed in alcantara is a nice touch too, feels more special than my last Exige. How quick is it compared to that? Not a clue It was snowy/icy on the test drive so no opportunity to open it up. Hopefully I'll get a chance this week, if not I certainly will at Rockingham on Saturday Anyway, feels so good to have a Lotus in the garage again. Its my 5th one, always end up coming back, nothing compares to the drive of them. And at least now when we do our Peaks runs I won't be bringing down the tone of the convoy anymore.
  14. Selling up

    As others have said, if you can get your head around keeping it you should. You'll earn more money having it say in the garage with the mileage not increasing than you will if the money is in the bank. And at least you can get it out on a whim and go for a drive if the opportunities arise, lot more fun than having it in the bank I've had 4 Lotus's. Every time one has gone I've ended up hankering after another shortly after, the proceeding car not lasting long in my ownership. And ultimately it costing me! I'm just on the look out for my 5th, faced with the reality that prices have increased significantly since my last one went a year ago. If you've gone through the initial pain and got it sorted, you'll regret letting it go.
  15. Thanks for the input guys. For once in my life I think I'm going to let my head lead the charge here and be patient. I'm trying to squeeze my ideal car into a budget I have't got and will end up making compromises that could end up tainting the ownership experience. Will's blue car has all the right bits, fantastic spec, but its Exige money for a 2003 Elise. And I'd need to put another £1500 into for decent seats. Big hit when I come to sell? That green one, it's cat D, colour I'm undecided and I'm not a huge fan of the front clam, imagine its got a lot of presence though! Again hard to re-sell? Scattys car I'm in love with every time I look at pictures. My fav colour, later spec, love the seats and a newer, factory SC car. But it's stretching my budget just that little bit too far, not much more and I could get a V6. A jump that may be quickly bridged with a good month or two at work. Having said that the money on that should be safe? I'll tentatively keep my eyes out in case something comes up that catches my eye in my current <£30k budget, but for now I think I'll get a few little bits done to the little MX5 and use that as my track toy, whilst I get some money together to go for a V6, ideally a 350.

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