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  1. I know Jonny, your input is really appreciated. I need people to table any ideas as I'm a bit baffled. What I was getting at is this car is no heavier than my last Exige, that had 40bhp (actually after Hangar 111 dyno'd it seems it was more like 60bhp less) than this car. Yet this car feels slower. I've no doubt there are some weight savings to be had, but this particular issue I don't believe is related to weight, something else is slowing it down. Once I've got to the bottom of this I'd love to pick your brains sometime and get some ideas about how to get the weight down on this.
  2. Thanks for that input, it is looking more and more that drag is the issue. Will definitely have a play with some settings at Rockingham on the 8th
  3. I’m surprised you say that, a standard Exige is booked at over 900kg? (And I’m comparing this with my last Exige) And I imagine that Lotus quotes oem figure is without any fuel. My car was fully wet when weighed, oil, water and half a tank of fuel. I’m not sure when Lotus quote the oem cars weight all that is included either?
  4. Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    I want that!!! Looks great. Can I pay you to do mine?
  5. Blyton - struggled to keep up on the straights with a factory Elise SC. Other Exige SC seem to pull on me. Spa last week, can run out of puff at 120 down the back straight. Just doesn't feel as quick as my last exige (260bhp) So took it along to CAD motorsport today, they have a Dyno and lots of experience with Lotus. Stuck it on the dyno and....... What the actual f**k. I really did think it would get around 200bhp. Apparently this dyno under reads compared to most (fondly nicknamed the heart-breaker) I'm baffled, don't get it. It definitely doesn't feel that quick out on track. Alan stuck it on his scales, just over 900kg wet with half a tank of fuel. So it's not weight. Spoiler is set at max rake so could be acting as an air brake? But that would only effect at high speed right? Springs are quite soft, tyres show rubbing, perhaps the downforce is so high it's pushing the car on to the tyres? But wouldn't I see plumbs of tyre smoke? Part of me is over the moon that the car is obviously in very good health, but part of me is disappointed that I still don't know what the issue is (or is it just me?) Someone want to give me a ride out in their Exige so I can compare?
  6. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Really like that! Well done
  7. Anyone know of a DeLorean locally?

    Or buy one...... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253658011448
  8. Anyone know of a DeLorean locally?

    Talk to Craig at DynoTorque in Birmingham. He’s just put an LS3 in to a DeLorean! No idea where the guy lives etc but it’s a lead for you....
  9. Farewell, but not goodbye.

    That is going to be soooo quick! Congrats mate, can’t wait to see it in the flesh
  10. Wanted: CG Lock


    • WANTED
    • USED

    Anyone got one or two kicking about that they don't use? Especially if you're coming to Blyton Park tomorrow


  11. Absolute Lotus Magazine

    Just signed up too
  12. Smash!

    Sorry to see this Kurt but you’ll get it back looking shinier than ever. And no one is hurt. Brace yourself for a battle of blame over who ran into who, unless you have a witness I suspect it will go 50/50, your word against yours. I know it’s not something you’ll want to hear right now but better to be ready for it. Insurance companies are legalised criminals, their insurance will try to get out of paying. One reason I run dash cams in all my cars. But bottom line, one of the insurance companies will have to pay up, Option 1 sound fantastic so you should have it back looking better than ever in no time.

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