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  1. Must admit that played in the back of my mind. However that white S1? Same thing, except that started off as a cat D Elise and isn’t as well sorted, and that’s £4K more?
  2. That’s the other one I was very close to buying. Awesome spec. Doubt much would touch it on track. It’s actually a pre my10 bodied, well it’s got the my10 spoiler but the older style front clam.
  3. Ok so this isn't happening This post was started when I had arranged to go and see (and had mentally already bought) this car: https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/lotus/exige-s1/lotus-elise-exige-420bhp-audi-agu-turbo-charged-and-charge-cooled/8115086 I did go and see it and the owner was great. However I come away with some reservations but I was working through them with the owner. In the mean time Will Blackham let me know about a very nice Honda Supercharged Elige that was coming up for sale, it had an awesome spec and nearly 400bhp. But then....... F**king inland revenue to the rescue......... tax bill! So I'm reverting to plan a and heading back to another area of my past - RX7's. I will get another Lotus in the not too distant future. The Storm is away having a refresh - once that's back I'm going to have some fun in it then sell it and get another Lotus. So if anyone is on the lookout for a 500bhp per tonne, 3 seater, atom style nut job of a car let me know
  4. You could definitely tempt me with yours!
  5. ..... yeah its one of those annoying posts where you want to / have to say something as you're so excited but don't want to give too much away in case a) you jinx it and b) someone thinks awesome car and gazumps you. Its mine, leave it alone, all mine This is a massive extravagance, not so much the car itself, there are more out there a lot more expensive, but the fact I already have enough cars, this will be in addition to them and I've already got a car that should be performing the role this would. But this seems like just the one I'm looking for, they don't come up often and if I let it go it could be years and then I doubt it would be as good. Well anyway, I've had a good chat with the guy, very happy with what I've heard so far, seems very genuine, passionate and the car has obviously had no expense spared on it. Insurance is coming out a reasonable £445 a year inc 6 track days and guaranteed value. That's with no NCB taken into account as that's used elsewhere. Still feel a bit sick, head says I shouldn't do this, but heart is winning the battle. Man maths is helping. I'll fund this partly with a low rate loan. I've found over the years that finance helps me save Seriously (man maths remember) If I owe car finance whenever I earn commission I pay chunks off my finance. However, since I got rid of the Aston and cleared it all, I haven't put any money away, I've just found myself spending it on crap. So by buying this car it will encourage me to save (in the form of equity growth in the car) but I'm swapping 1% interest (in a bank) for the use of what will be an awesome and depreciation proof Lotus. See....justified, now where is my cheque book Haven't even been to see it yet but I know I will love it so as long as I haven't been fed rubbish, which I'm confident I haven't, the viewing will be a formality
  6. Lotus Number 4...

    Really nice!!!
  7. Your best MLOC memory so far

    This always tickles me
  8. Can't wait to get it! I haven't even driven it yet, in fact not seen it in the flesh! So bought blind aside from my Dad going to have a look. Power its at 330 on the higher boost map. Engine internals tweaked so can go to 450? Apparently it's been mapped with reducing lag in mind, so turbo spools up nice and early.
  9. So after 4yrs of ownership my 4th Lotus has left my ownership :/ I'm really sad to see it go, was the best all round Lotus I've ever had, so capable on track yet a breeze to drive on the road. And aside from a minor issue it had that the resolution has proved elusive, it was so reliable. So why did I sell the Exige? I needed to free up some cash, mainly because I was a little extravagant on my other car purchase. So I set myself a £10k budget to get a track toy. As I have my Aston I could get something a lot less practical. It also needed to be as quick if not quicker than the Exige. So I was only really looking at Kit Cars to achieve that. So two weeks of looking and I've done my usual, fell for something way over budget! I managed to negotiate a very decent discount but still well over budget. So basically I havent freed up the cash I wanted but boy I'm going to have some fun in this! Planning to get on a decent amount of track days this year, maybe do some sprints. And of course some Sunday morning Peaks runs

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    Mak XLR light weight wheels in Toyota fitment. Perfect fit for an S2 Exige, may fit Elise? Shod with Advan A048's with legal tread. Easily enough tread for another track day or two. Wheels are in immaculate condition, no kerbing at all. Would make a great upgrade from the OEM y spokes or to have as a second set of wheels with winter or all season tyres on. Two of them have lost the lotus badge off the centre caps. Caps are still present, just needs a couple of those gel coat stickers from eBay. Ive also got some more semi slick tyres that can be included for the right price. I have 4 tears and 2 fronts. All have at least 3mm of tread. Collection from NN14 (30secs off the A14 in Northamptonshire). Can also arrange Collection from Northampton or Leicester.


  11. Number 5

    NICE!!!!!! Well done
  12. Farewell But Not Goodbye

    Good luck buddy

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