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Lotus in the Peak
30th June-2nd July 2023
  • Lotus in the Peak 2023 – Booking Information




    This will be the 11th Lotus in the Peak

    In the 21st year of the ‘Midlands Lotus Owners Club




    Please note all revenue less expenses will be donated to Rainbows

    In the 'Store' you will find seven individual items.  These are: 

    30th June

    • Friday evening BBQ at the ‘Monsal Head Hotel’

    2nd July. 

    • A choice of three Sunday morning car Runs in the Peak District (entry to the Eyam venue included)
    • Direct to Eyam ticket, if you are not taking part in the Runs
    • Breakfast at Thornbridge Hall (Quackers) Café.
    • Gourmet Picnic Box served at Eyam
    • Raffle tickets for our amazing Lotus themed prizes in aid of Rainbows Hospice for children and young people with life limiting conditions, a very worthy cause. Please add some if you can, the draw will take place at Eyam Village Sports Field
    • Lotus in the Peak polo shirts (by popular demand)

    PLEASE NOTE that these items are exclusive of each other, i.e. booking one of the runs does not automatically include the breakfast, or picnic etc.  These must be added separately to your shopping basket if required.


    Click Here to go to the store or scroll down to see more details of the items.


    Friday Evening BBQ at Monsal Head Hotel (Friday 30th June)

    For those making a weekend of it, and also for the more local Lotus owners, there is a BBQ in the spectacular location of Monsal Head, at the Monsal Head Hotel, starting at 7pm. The BBQ is priced at £16 per person but great company and fantastic cars are all free to enjoy; so even if you do not require a BBQ please be sure to join us for a great social evening.


    Sunday Early Morning Runs and Eyam Village Meet ( Sunday 2nd July)

    The early morning Run is £18 per car and includes entry to the Lotus only parking and meeting area at the Sports Field in the centre of the historic village of Eyam.

    You have a choice of three runs, from two different start points and of different lengths.

    For those not wishing to go on a Run the cost will be £12 for entry to the Lotus only parking and meeting area at the Eyam Sports Field.

    Note that if you have family meeting you at Eyam in a non-Lotus car there is plenty of non-Lotus parking immediately adjacent to the Sports Field and elsewhere around the village.


    The ‘Runs’ are organised in groups of up to 10 cars and lead by an experienced group leader. A tried and tested system means that you drive at your own pace and you are guided along the entire route, there is no need for a map or sat-nav!

    Choose your preferred start point and pace option to suit your driving style and car.

    All the Runs finish at Thornbridge Hall for the breakfast stop, where the free parking will be organised to accommodate all the cars together. It is expected that all cars will arrive for breakfast by 9.45am.

    All cars will leave Thornbridge Hall in our Grand Procession to Eyam (a sight to behold) at 10.45 am sharp.


    Ashbourne Run

    All cars to arrive for registration and safety brief, by 7:00am at the Latest, at Shawcroft Car Park (off Park Road) Ashbourne (DE6 1GD).

    This route will be approx. 55 miles long, using a mixture of A, B and good minor roads, all well suited to our cars and chosen for their outstanding views and your driving pleasure.

    You can choose ‘Regular Pace’ or ‘Steady Pace’.


    Calton Lees Run

    All cars to arrive for registration and safety brief by 7:00am at the Latest at Calton Lees car park (DE4 2NX).

    This route is approx 53 miles long, and has again been designed for your driving pleasure on some of the Peak District’s finest A, B and minor roads.

    You can choose from ‘Regular Pace’ or ‘Steady Pace’.


    Calton Lees Classic (Shorter) Run

    The Classic Run will start from Calton Lees (DE4 2NX). Cars to arrive by 8:00am for registration and safety briefing.  At 35 miles long this is a shorter run than the others and is ideal for classic cars and those wishing for a more relaxed pace at the start the day. (Open to any Lotus, classic or modern).


    Breakfast at Thornbridge Hall (Quackers) Café (Sunday 2nd July)

    A choice of bacon, sausage, or vegetarian sausage, in white or wholemeal bap, with either tea or coffee, priced at £6.50. Please order the breakfast deal in the LitP store.  To ensure a good service the café will be open exclusively to LitP at this time.  It will also be possible to buy food and drinks at the counter, but please note that serving priority will be given to those that have ordered breakfast in the LitP Store


    Gourmet Picnic Box (Served at Eyam Sports Field, 2nd July)

    This high quality Gourmet Picnic Box (individual boxes for each person) will be served at the Eyam meeting area at approximately 1pm. The Picnic box is great value at £15 per person. Please note that it will not be possible to purchase a box on the day, so to avoid disappointment please remember to order now and join in the fun!


    Raffle tickets in aid of Rainbow.png

    Please buy some raffle tickets, £5.00 for 5 tickets, for our famous LitP raffle. There is always an impressive list of prizes to be won with the proceeds from the raffle going to the ‘Lotus in the Peak’ donation to ‘Rainbows’ a Hospice for Children and young people.   The raffle will be drawn at the Eyam Sports Field on 2nd July.


    Lotus in the Peak Polo shirts (by popular demand)

    So many people have asked about our LitP Polo Shirts we have decided to let you enjoy them too. They are now available in the store for pre-order only (this will not be a stock item).

    Available in the size you require and a choice of ‘Regular’ or ‘Premium’ qualities please take care when picking your sizes.

    Regular Quality £29.95

    Premium Quality £39.95

    Choice of either collect on the day at Eyam or delivery +£6.50

    Please enquire via PM on MLOC to elisemadray should you require a ladies size.






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