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Lotus in the Peak
30th June-2nd July 2023
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    • A common problem on S1's is that the bolts that go into the captive nuts at the bottom rear of the clam sieze and then when you apply force the captive nuts detach from the sill meaning they then spin, which is what's happened on mine. So i dremeled the bolt heads of, knocked the remaining part of the bolts and captive nuts into the sill. To fish them out from the sill I removed the coin tray (stupid amount of sealant used) which reveals a hole, then with a bendy magnet wire I could get them out.
    • So, they've gone in a bucket of water mixed with Deox C, will see the result in a day or two
    • I've previously had my 2002 S2 (K-Series) serviced by Steve Guglielmi in Daventry - but believe he's now moved to Lotus dealership at Silverstone.  Does anyone know a good reliable independent Lotus specialist in the Daventry / Northampton region???  Many thanks!!!
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