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    • How tight is the front cable? Don't overtighten it BTW, but it should be just tight enough to be wind and waterproof.
    • Just been catching up on this since Foxy made a start in 2018. Fully appreciate the amount of RnD required to get these right due to design and material complexity, any sign of light at the end of the tunnel yet? I would like to get an order in for a new set, probably leave it for a winter job this year so would be up for trying these if manufacturing goes well in the coming months, otherwise I’ll jump on the waiting list for OEM👍 Fair play for giving it a crack, good luck for the end result 🍻
    • Has anyone suffered a leaking roof and if so, where is it coming from. The leak appeared last weekend at the wet Silverstone Classic. The rain was steady and persistent but not by any mean torrential when drips started falling from the area of the sun visor on the passenger side. A few moments later the same happened on the driver's side. Stuffing paper tissue up where the visor hinge sits soaked it up alright as a temporary measure. There is no sign of any rubber deterioration along the gutter when the hood was finally removed. The problem seems to be forward of the gutter itself, as if the water is seeping behind the wide trim that covers the top and sides of the screen. It's a mystery... has anyplace got the answer please?  
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