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  1. DeanB

    Bye for now

    Drage! Get a nice s1 or early s2 (like mine!) elise - I'm sure you can find £14k down the back of the sofa. Not as special as your previous stable but probably as much fun to own and drive and it keeps your hand in 😊
  2. DeanB

    Bye for now

    Oh no! Missing you already mate ☹
  3. DeanB

    New(ish) to MLOC

    It's a Hangar 111 extended three channel thing, with eliseparts panel delete kit
  4. DeanB

    New Member

    welcome to mloc!
  5. Feeling your pain mate. It will be worth it when it arrives though!
  6. DeanB

    New(ish) to MLOC

    Nice one Alex. Welcome to mloc proper. Say hello to your mum & dad for me. Oh and nice choice of car - silver K series s2s are the best!
  7. Welcome to MLOC Rich! Great car you have there. I love the Elise Cups. I'm not far away from you, also quite close to Mansfield. Keep an eye on the events section as we often have runs out to Derbyshire and the Midlands Tick on Sunday mornings but places are limited (covid!) and they fill up quickly
  8. I texted Gav and he says his phone was working today. Weird. He will be in tomorrow if you want to try him again then Steve?
  9. sounds like a great day Dave! The walking is great. When you walk round Carsington Water think of this - the reservoir was built in the 80s when I was at school. One of my mate's big brother's was killed in an accident building it. I went on site once with another mate whose Dad was a plant fitter and their workshop was by this house that had been bought under a compulsory purchase order. I went inside out of curiosity and in one of the upstairs rooms, in a child's handwriting on the wallpaper was written 'goodbye old house'. It is flooded now of course.
  10. Yeah the 135 cams are oem MG, for the TF135, so properly developed. Gav put me a pair in to my old engine before it started blowing out oil smoke! The engine I have now is from an s2 Sport 135 so it has the head, plenum, different ecu plus a bigger throttle body, a fettled exhaust manifold (some of the blobby welding ground away inside) and it had a pair of Piper 633 cams and vernier pulleys in it too when I bought it 🙂
  11. Good write up Dave. Are you sure the Sport 135 s1s had the 135 cams? I know the s2 Sport 135s didn't, they had standard cams, ported heads (standard valves), vvc ally plenum and a remap to suit. The 135 cams are a great upgrade though, you are absolutely right about that!
  12. Looks good Sheldon. Is it quieter than the oem too?
  13. i liked the joke. I like bad jokes 😁
  14. i like i3s. As a daily though, not instead of my beloved elise!
  15. my cat has been in the elise when the roof was off in the garage, and when I saw him there he jumped up and scrambled up the seat back and out, pulling threads in the upholstery on the way! Little b@st@rd!!
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