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  1. I'm not convinced by powder coating though. I've never known it not chip, and wishbones are obviously vulnerable to stones and gravel attacks.
  2. I can't get on seloc because I've forgotten my password and it seems to have frozen me out! I'll keep trying ...
  3. Matty are the wishbone bearings really ok on the road? Presumably they are a bit harsher than oem, even if it's at an acceptable level (for you)?
  4. Thanks chaps, keep the info coming please! I already have spitfire toe links, so I shall be keeping those. I shall also be keeping my springs and dampers otherwise this would be a four grand job!! I have Nitron Street Series which I think are crap, but hey-ho, I'm not made of money. Does anyone have experience of the Eliseparts drilled bushes? Gav says he has fitted them before and found them to give good nvh levels.
  5. Thanks Jonathan. Any reason why not passivate (although I'm all for saving the money and hassle!)?
  6. I'm after some advice please, from those on MLOC that have more technical knowledge than me - which is probably most of you! My car is going in to Gav's in January to 'refresh' the suspension. The wishbones are coming off and need rustproofing - I'm thinking POR 15, is that best? And should I have them passivated first? Also, what bushes should I use? I don't want it to be harsh as it is mostly used on the road. And what about arb bushes? Are there any of those to avoid? Any extra advice welcome! Thanks folks Dean
  7. Correction to my previous post - that trick colour I mentioned is called 'military grey' and it's a sort of metallic olive/grey green. It's mega. If you google Road Racing Centre Pau and have a look at the cars they have for sale it might help - they have an exige in military grey as well as a few other colours and combinations you don't see so often in the UK.
  8. It sounds like an Elise Cup 250 is the perfect car for you. As Martin says the air con is worth having - you will be very glad of it as you drive home after a track day in the summer - they can get very hot inside! If it were me i would spec the big brakes as using it on track but not bother with bluetooth or carbon (waste of money imo). Colour is massively important for maximum enjoyment of the car i think plus you don't want to turn up at a meet and see someone else with one in a better colour! I have seen pics of new Lotuses in a colour called 'air force grey' or something similar which looks great, as does Daytona blue. I would look at a brand new car or at least no more than a year old because the current front clam is a lot better looking. Lotus have done a 50/50 finance package on new cars that i heard was good but I don't know if they still do - why don't you give Connor at Central Lotus a call? - he's a nice guy, tell him MLOC sent you 😁 I don't know if you would prefer an Exige 350 but I know of at least one guy who had one but swapped it for a 250 Cup because the Cup is better on twisty roads because it is smaller, lighter and more wieldy. Personally I prefer the Elise too but that's just me. I think you'll find the Cup 250 really does work on both road and track straight out of the box, and probably better than any other car full stop. Some can do one thing or the other very well, but not both, except maybe a GT3 which is hideously expensive to buy and maintain. Have fun looking and welcome to MLOC. If you do get one do join us for a Sunday morning run and meet in the Peak District next spring! Dean
  9. Just seen this thread. Good advice from Martin and the guys. I have Street Series and they are rubbish on the road. Oem Billies are great.
  10. You could also try a Sunday morning run and meet in the Peak District - Elisemadray usually organises them and they are good fun, a good social and you get to see some wonderful countryside. S1 111S a great choice of Lotus by the way! Oh, and welcome back 🙂
  11. PJS, Paul Matty and Unit 4 are all excellent. I use Unit 4 at Burton and have done for the last 8 years.
  12. Hi John. I can't find a spare but I could lend you mine to be copied if that would be any good? Send me a pm Cheers Dean
  13. Nice one Dave! Have Gav put some 135 cams in when he does the cambelt 😁 What's up with the gearbox? Are you sure it's not a noisy clutch release bearing? A nice close ratio box would be a good thing though ...
  14. If you are wanting to sell the car find out what it's worth now, estimate what it will be worth with a respray and subtract the cost of the respray (you'll need quotes but three grand plus is probably the ball park) from that number. If you still end up with a number bigger than what it's worth right now you may want to paint it (if you have a spare three grand lying about). My guess though is you won't end up getting your respray money back on a sale. Different considerations if you are keeping it, of course. Good luck! Dean
  15. DeanB

    My Little Girl.

    That is so awful Kurt, I feel so sorry for you all. Heartbreaking, as you say. If there's anything i can do let me know. Dean
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