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  1. Winter work.

    Holy Cow!! Are you Ed China in disguise? ?
  2. Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Just noticed Central Lotus have a really nice early Evora in ardent red for sale. Have you seen it? The wheels aren't very nice imo but with some nice black rims it would look sensational.
  3. 340R Wheels

    Have you asked on the 340R facebook page?
  4. 340R Wheels

  5. Winter work.

    What a terrific advert for the VHPD this thread is! ?
  6. Piper 633

    The MG 135 cams are good - they do what they say on the tin, that is up the power to 135 bhp with no other mods. You can usually find a pair for about £130 - £150. They are better at low revs than the 633s.
  7. Sticky starter fixed

    Yes! They definitely like to be driven
  8. Piper 633

    I have these. I can tell you that with my set up - ported head, standard valves, s2 135 sport ecu, alloy plenum, standard but cleaned up s2 exhaust manifold, standard cat but hangar 111 back box, the power feels good at higher revs but it doesn't pull very well low down. Perhaps with ITBs and emerald that could be improved though. Welcome to mloc!
  9. Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    I meant 997 Carrera 2S, sorry. The 996 is the one with the fried-egg lights isn't it? If so it's hideous!
  10. Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Have a look at Phil S1s Evora Rich - that would be in your price bracket and is a great looking car - it's not for sale but shows what can be had. Please don't buy an Audi because ...well, it's an Audi! It's just not special is it? Maybe if it wasn't ugly, but it is. A car born as a cynical marketing excercise to create a halo effect for A3s & A4s. Nasty. I like the Vantage. A genuinely great looking car. And what about a 996 Carrera 2S? A truly great car. Classic. History will judge them very well indeed - trust me. :-)
  11. Evora engine cover upgrade

    That looks great Phil - a big aesthetic improvement. I think you should stick with the chrome letters too by the way.
  12. SDC10499.JPG

    Oh my gosh. What a beauty.
  13. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Really looking forward to seeing your car Kieran - it looks lovely. It's good to see cars like this in the hands of people who know how to really look after them - like Dave and his 160, Phil with his Evora ... Maybe we should have a concours d'elegance competition at LitP next year as well as the Car Of The Day!
  14. Elise S1 shocks/springs

    Welcome to MLOC by the way! Now i have more time to answer your post i can say the s2 Billy conversion is very popular - the s2 springs are actually a little stiffer than those on the s1 Konis but the dampers are apparently a more sophisticated design that allowed for softer bump and a bit harder rebound. That allows for a much better ride. I think they drop the ride height a tad too but no so much that you will get clearance issues. Try Eliseparts for a new set. By the way is the blue FF in the pic yours? Is it a Merlyn? I have a bit of HFF experience - great fun!
  15. Elise S1 shocks/springs

    The thing to do, apparently, is fit Bilsteins from an s2 k series car. The ride is improved as is the handling generally and they don't clonk as much.

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