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  1. Sounds fantastic. I need to get my name down.
  2. Sounds like too much fun to miss. Date dependent and all that I'm in
  3. Omg Keith that looks beautiful in red. Nice choice.
  4. It was a good morning. It definitely had that MLOC vibe.
  5. Good stuff mate. Does this mean you're coming on Sunday? ?
  6. Thanks chaps. Leigh I will probably be in touch about the tools.
  7. That's good to know Phil thanks. How long ago did you do it? Was it about 6 years before you sold it?
  8. So I am thinking of maybe having a go at refreshing the suspension on the old girl. The wishbones are a bit scabby now and she bangs and clangs horribly - it really takes the pleasure out of driving the thing. I am enjoying reading Martin and Phil's threads but my questions are these - those guys that have done this before, how long has it lasted before the rust creeps back in, what do you think is the best thing to use on the wishbones (zinc passivate? zinc passivate and paint on top? POR 15 or some other paint? powder coat? something else?) and is there anything else you would do differently with the benefit of hindsight and experience? Thanks in advance for the help guys ? Dean
  9. Chris remember to always take your adjusters to full hard and then adjust from there. Don't take full soft as your reference point - I'm not sure why but you aren't supposed to! On reflection who not try standard ride height rear but lower the front 10 millimetres to put a bit of take in? That should deal with most driveways but if you are bothered there is no arguing with Winthatt's logic that there is nothing wrong with the standard ride height. Also I always find that having the dampers adjusted the same (e.g. 20 from full hard) on the front and rear axles usually gives the best handling.
  10. I would try Jody"s damper settings but I wouldn't go standard ride height, I would lower it a bit. Remember if you lower it at a later date you will need to re set your geometry which is quite expensive.
  11. There is a guy that works in Lincoln who uses a red Excel daily. I've never met him but he parks it in the car park opposite the police station.
  12. I am tempted to make the trip over for this. I have been to the Northern Lights cinema before, it's good.
  13. Nice arse!
  14. Nasty. Gav put some Spitfire hub carrier bolts in mine today after he had noticed one on the front was starting to loosen - eek!