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  1. You could try one of these, from Demon Tweeks - might be a little louder but not too intrusive
  2. I have the Eliseparts PRRT kit on mine. I'm no engineer but Rover developed similar kit themselves later on in the life of the K series so it seemed a good and relatively inexpensive bit of insurance. I haven't bothered with the beefier oil rail - Gav at Unit 4 has fitted countless MLS head gaskets without them and hasn't had hardly any come back so they probably aren't essential but they probably do offer a little bit more insurance I would guess. If you don't mind spending the money on fitting then why not? Beware aftermarket air filters as they can make a LOT more noise than oem
  3. Stop worrying you two, to prevent any argument or bad feeling between you I have decided to buy it - just put a deposit down And if you believed that you'd believe owt! 😁
  4. Reading your original post I'm afraid I know nothing about the Piper 270 cams, sorry. The MGF cams will not really affect reliability beyond the fact that they will probably mean you use the engine at 6000 revs more often and revs are wear obviously. I doubt you would notice anything though - even with the 135 cams in it should still comfortably cover 100,000 miles plus if run on good oil, serviced regularly and warmed up properly before giving it the beans. Hope all that helps 🙂
  5. This shows the air filter, although ignore the vvc plenum, my old engine with the 135 cams started blowing big clouds of oil smoke (rings I think, but it had done 106,000 miles, many of which were quite hard miles) so I swapped it with this one which had the ally plenum, much lairier cams, a ported head and Sport 135 ecu. I wouldn't advise putting a vvc plenum on to your car because, again, they cost a lot of low down torque apparently.
  6. I put 135 cams in my old engine, with a simple K & N cone filter (no cold air feed pipe) and a different back box and it was a huge improvement. Another 17 or 18 bhp is a fifteen percent increase (or thereabouts) and very noticeable on such a light car. As you say, they also allow the engine to rev much better between 5000 and 6250 rpm. There is a corresponding loss of a bit of low down torque but it's not bad. It is an excellent mod for the money, really really good value and I thoroughly recommend the cams. Be aware my K&N is a lot noisier than the oem set up - if that bot
  7. I read a positive comment about Voodoo on facebook today. The comment was from someone with pretty high standards I think, so a good sign.
  8. Quite right Hartley! Perhaps now is the time to take up yoga (if you haven't already) to maintain flexibility for longer. I'm told yoga with Adrienne on youtube is rather good, a workout for the entire body including the eyes 😁
  9. That's unusual Nick, i've not heard of people having that problem before, usually once in the car and driving most find it comfortable - i find it really comfortable because i don't have to bend my knees much (I'm 5'9, slim-ish). Are you sure you weren't holding your leg in a funny position or inadvertently twisting your hips or something? I would try one again just to make sure
  10. I don't know the answer to your question Graham but I would give Gav at Unit 4 Vehicle Services at Burton a call, or PJS at Burton. They will know and both are very helpful.
  11. Any chance of putting up pics of each month on this thread please?
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