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  1. Donington Museum Closing

    Good idea
  2. 2003 tappet noise 2003 elise

    Yeah a new water pump is only about twenty five quid
  3. Nice one Dave - I need (want, strictly) some s2 style elise decals so i will get in touch
  4. 2003 tappet noise 2003 elise

    Welcome to mloc Robbie. I too have a 2003 Elise but sadly I know next to bugger all about tappets! Martin R will probably be along in a bit with some sage advice. If you need someone to do the work though I would recommend using Gav at Unit 4 Vehicle Services in Burton. He's very reasonable and an excellent mechanic, with huge experience of these cars. I can also tell you Lotus say cam belts should be changed every four years so I would check if yours is due anyhow. Good luck! Dean
  5. Instagram account / Lotus in the Peak Adverising

    Oh no Kieran! We moved LitP to June for 2019 as Peak Rail couldn't accommodate July and we thought fewer members would be on holiday in June!
  6. Another New Lotus

    I noticed it caught the eye of the Absolute Lotus photographer today - it's on their Lotus 70 facebook post ?
  7. Evora clutch master cylinder replacement!

    Paul is a top bloke. A true Lotus enthusiast too.
  8. New car at last S190

    I suppose i got lucky when mine went - i was taking it to Gav's for a pre-track day check and he spotted cracking and leaking so it was swapped out before it burst.
  9. New car at last S190

    Is the rad knackered? If not i would wait until it fails before changing it.
  10. Another New Lotus

    Lovely mate. Great colour.
  11. Urgent help needed please

    I did it! I did it! Thanks Mark!
  12. Urgent help needed please

    You know i can't do that!
  13. Urgent help needed please

    Can someone please email me the mloc logo so i can forward it on to a printer? I will pm my email address. Thanks Dean Ps i need it before 10 am tomorrow! Thanks again
  14. off to bed..

    Lap time on Cup cars - proved at Hethel. And more high speed stability generally if you're talking about wings. Not everyone's cup of tea but i quite like a lot of them
  15. Great day at Donington

    Lol! There are two of course but I know what he means, there aren't three "n"s

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