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  1. R500 HPE

    It looks good. I wouldn't be surprised if it kicks out as much heat as the Lotus one.
  2. R500 HPE

    What's the heater from Dan?
  3. Rear brake discs - S2 111r

    Don't blame you!
  4. Rear brake discs - S2 111r

    I think you already know the answer to this! You will not notice any different from standard. I doubt even a pro driver would find something on the stopwatch either. It might be different if it was a very high power conversion that was currently brake limited. But maybe that's not the point. It's nice to have trick stuff on your car, and the two part discs are lighter which is very Chapman. If it makes you happy and you can afford it why not? We could all use a bit of cheering up in January ?
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere that the roof height of the s2 is fracrionally lower than the s1. The windscreen frame height is the same but the s1 roof rises up a tad.
  6. What price for an S2 ECU

    I advertised my old one for £70 on seloc and (after I'd agreed a sale) everyone from mloc I saw told me I was mad and thst I should have asked double that. A deal is a deal though so it went to a nice chap in Ireland for seventy quid. Whether it really was worth £150 is anyones guess but I can say it took about 5 minutes to sell at £70! Hope that helps.
  7. A Merry Chistmas to everyone

    Merry Christmas and a happy Lotus New Year MLOCers!
  8. MLOC mourns

    That is truly horrific!
  9. I’m liking the new Alpine A110.

    It's funny, my rich mate who races modern cars probably hasn't raced anything with an old fashioned manual shift in years, they have all been paddle shift.
  10. I’m liking the new Alpine A110.

    Well it's good to hear they are honest about it. I think it's a shame though that the majority of people nowadays who have fifty k to spend on a 'drivers car' prefer a paddleshift. But maybe I'm just an old fart.
  11. MLOC mourns

    There's no easy way to say this so i'll come right out and say it - a dirty fat pigeon shat on my flat cap today. Marie says i am to wait until it dries and brush it off but sadly i have been here before and know it will mark. Alas we must all accept the end. Sad face. D
  12. Absolute Lotus Magazine

    Fair's fair Kurt he's got you there! ?
  13. Absolute Lotus Magazine

    Just seen a thread about this on seloc. Someone is starting a magazine dedicated to Lotus. Paper and tablet versions will be offered. I have to say it sounds right up my strasse. I shall definitely buy it. I do hope the writing is good though. And that there are plenty of articles. And it's not dumbed down. And the art editing is good. And so on. But then i am a picky bastard ? I can think of hundreds of story ideas, one of which would be a feature on Lotus in the Peak (obvs)
  14. I’m liking the new Alpine A110.

    I suspect that the real reason is to do with cost but they won't admit it. By that i mean they have to engineer a paddle shift anyway as most people want them (not old giffers like me) and it would costs way too much to engineer and test etc a manual as well. Just think how much work is involved in engineering a gear linkage, stick and so on that will be slagged off if the shift quality isn't perfect. I think I'm right in saying the pdk box is a lot heavier than a manual which puts me off too. The 'performance is more accessible ...' line is rubbish really - these cars are about enjoyment not outright lap times. They are road cars after all. What matters to me is the sensation and satisfaction of driving a nice thing well, and a nice heel and toe gearchange is a big part of that.
  15. I’m liking the new Alpine A110.

    Yes i agree. In concept it is terrific and it looks nice too. It is very very Lotus and similar to what i think Gales wants the new Elise to be, albeit the Elise will be a soft top. I still don't understand why makers of this type of car don't offer a manual gearbox though.

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