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  1. 2020 Elise

    That is very very nice. I think the roof looks to tall and domed but apart from that, lovely.
  2. Back in a Lotus at last

    Oh my! That is lovely!
  3. Sill repair

    I don't think PJS have a bodyshop. Try edmonds auto refinishing at Burton - they painted my car and made a very nice job. They're on facebook
  4. Pete Smith - LOT

    I know, it's dreadful.
  5. Lotus Number 4...

    Lol! Fish too i reckon ?
  6. im back

    Looks great in yellow and black. Welcome back!
  7. Lotus Number 4...

    Looks lovely Dave. The roadster is a great road car and I love the colour combination.
  8. Ohlins - Service or replace?

    Andrew I would have the ohlins re-furbed. It will cost more to go back to standard billies. The Ohlins are a much better damper than the made to a price billies and should give a very good low speed ride if the spring rates are sensible. How does the car feel to you? Do you like the ride and handling? If you would prefer a softer set up billies are still good and you could sell the Ohlins for £4-500 on seloc i would guess.
  9. New Member / New Elise owner

    Welcome to MLOC!
  10. Williams Film

    Sounds fantastic. I need to get my name down.
  11. Gauging interest

    Sounds like too much fun to miss. Date dependent and all that I'm in
  12. Expensive MOT ;-) S1 Elise trade in

    Omg Keith that looks beautiful in red. Nice choice.
  13. Well done Mloc

    It was a good morning. It definitely had that MLOC vibe.
  14. Powerhouse Chesterfield

    Good stuff mate. Does this mean you're coming on Sunday? ?
  15. Suspension Refresh!!

    Thanks chaps. Leigh I will probably be in touch about the tools.