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  1. These are the ones I have. They are brillliant.
  2. I think I remember you coming - it was a long time ago! It's great news that you are planning on coming again, and yes, Belper is not far away - perhaps a 10 minute drive to Cromford, where we are having our Friday night barbecue.
  3. That's just lovely. Really, really nice. And subtle too. I love it.
  4. Thanks for the post Phil. I missed the first 20 minutes but really enjoyed what I saw. The interior restoration by Steve Fulcher was stunning.
  5. Yes, huge thank you Mark. Your work on this site brings so much enjoyment to so many, and all for free, and you never ask for anything in return. I take my hat off to you. Dean
  6. Looks a million dollars Dave. Love it. I totally agree about the diamond cut finish - I'm not really a fan.
  7. I've seen it done, on my car. Gav just pulled it really, really hard and fast with his bare hands! Came straight off and he didn't smash his chest in either! I wouldn't risk it myself though....
  8. George will be a real challenge for Lewis I agree. It pains me to say it but i think age is slowly getting to Lewis and he isn't quite as fast as he was, certainly in qually. And it will only get worse. It gets to the all - Kimi hasn't been what he once was for the last 5 years, Alonso struggles to get top-side of Ocon, Vettel struggles with Stroll.... Look at Schumacher at Mercedes - he couldn't get near to Rosberg
  9. Oh that is good news. Bloody hell though, not a nice experience.
  10. Well done Leigh! It's a fantastic car.
  11. Nice one marten! You are on top of the world up there 🙂
  12. Bottas, who was considered to be lightning fast at Williams, was also driving a Mercedes yesterday; he started on pole and still couldn't get near Verstappen. Lewis started 10th and won.
  13. It was brilliant. Lewis was just awesome in the sprint and today. Max was also brilliant, but went too far when he pushed Lewis off. He should have got a five second penalty, but as it played out it made it better that he didn't as Lewis was able to pass him on the road.
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