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  1. I'm jealous! Apart from nearly being shot at that sounds as close to fun as we can get right now 👍😊
  2. I like that Keith 😁👍
  3. It's really easy: 1. Get in car 2. Start engine 3. Drive to Unit 4 Vehicle Services in Burton 4. Ask Gav to do it! Sorry, I have no idea how to do it by oneself, but I couldn't resist!
  4. Yes! I shall wntertain myself by cleaning and polishing it 😁
  5. So I ought to mention on here I got the car back just before 'lockdown'. Unfortunately I can't take it for a proper drive now, only to the supermarket and back which involves only four roundabouts and no proper corners so I shall probably sorn it for a bit. A huge shame but necessary, of course. Early impressions are good though - the ride and nvh levels are much improved even with stiffer springs, the car is nice to drive again which is a big relief! The quick rack is great - super positive but not too much so that it feels nervous or anything. Very pleased.
  6. It's nice to help out, and no trouble at all really. The elise is awesome now by the way 😁 love the quick rack and uprated anti roll bar. Love the beautiful taut and rattle-free suspension. Really really love the proper Nitrons (never liked the Street Series). Desperate to get it on track now!
  7. So I'm off out now to the supermarket, to buy groceries for my family, for the elderly couple next door who are self-isolating and for Marie's disabled Aunty who is also self-isolating. A perfect opportunity to use the Elise, I reckon! Toodle-pip!
  8. Well last night I played myself at scrabble as Marie and the kids all refused ☹ In the end it was a surprisingly tense and very close contest - Right Dean took the lead early on with a seven letter score (fifty point bonus!) and remained in front until the very last go. I actually found myself rooting for Left Dean at this point as I always love an underdog. Incredibly, at the finish Left Dean sneaked ahead by dint of Right Dean being stuck with a Q and having to deduct 10 points. 😁
  9. DeanB

    Eventful week..

    You can put your's on the other lift! 😁
  10. DeanB

    Eventful week..

    Get it on Gav's lift for a thorough once-over?
  11. Is that bracket original Lotus Sport Andrew?
  12. DeanB

    Eventful week..

    Nice one Alex, welcome back to Elises! It looks nice. Any more pics?
  13. Another dumb question probably but how would i secure the ally plate in place without cutting or drilling the dash? Thanks Dean
  14. Hi folks I am thinking of fitting an oil temperature guage on my s2 now it has a modified engine - I want to be sure it doesn't get too hot on track days. My question is, what is the best solution for mounting it in the cabin? I don't have a radio, and the hole in the dash is covered by a cheap plastic blanking plate but it isn't sturdy or secure enough to mount a guage. Thsnks in advance for any help 👍 Dean
  15. Fab! Glad you got sorted. This might sound a little trite, but Lotus people do seem to be really helpful.
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