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  1. I'm looking for an employment law expert

    i know an excellent chap - Steve Britton at Sills & Betteridge solicitors in Nottingham. Tell him I sent you.
  2. Lotus Elan S4 SE refresh/Restoration

    Nice! Thanks for the link. I like videos and I love Elans! ? Dean
  3. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    You were away for LitP? That's two bad decisions on the trot! ???
  4. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    Is there a 'BMW M2 in the Peak'? ???
  5. **** The Official LitP Photo thread ****

    Great photos David, thanks!
  6. Thanks for the run you lead earlier....me and my lad loved it.  Especially as we had two rather loud green Exiges to follow.  The "in your face" GT3 S2 in particular caught his eye.  Too many computer games!

  7. Absolute Lotus

    Phil is in there too don't forget ?
  8. Workshop recommendations required...

    I quite enjoy the walk from the station to be honest. One day I'm going to pop in to the Brewery Museum too ?
  9. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Mega. Just mega.
  10. Wheel refurb volunteer wanted!

    Rich she is based in Birmingham but will travel. I think she is happy for you to use whichever refurber you choose. They won't pay for it but I think you might get a free magazine and copies of the really nice photos she takes. Why don't you pm her? Cheers Dean
  11. Wheel refurb volunteer wanted!

    Thanks chaps but what Emma really needs is a Lotus owner that wants their wheels refurbed now, and that would agree to the car being featured in the magazine.
  12. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Jonny don't sweat it. Bring it on a trailer. You can put paint protection on and have the geo done later. There are lots and lots of people that just have a lot of love for this car and it's restoration. They aren't bothered about seeing the finishing line, they are engaged in the journey. Trust me. Just bring it, you'll see ?
  13. Well Done England

    Bloody hell! That put ten years on me!
  14. Secure car storage needed

    An ex Lotus owner too!
  15. Hello folks I have been asked by a nice young lady called Emma if I know of anyone about to have their wheels refurbed for an article in a nice car magazine (you can guess which one!). She needs to take photos of before, during and after. Can anyone help? Please post up on here if you can and either I or Emma will pm you. Thanks Dean

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