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  1. PJS, Paul Matty and Unit 4 are all excellent. I use Unit 4 at Burton and have done for the last 8 years.
  2. Hi John. I can't find a spare but I could lend you mine to be copied if that would be any good? Send me a pm Cheers Dean
  3. Nice one Dave! Have Gav put some 135 cams in when he does the cambelt 😁 What's up with the gearbox? Are you sure it's not a noisy clutch release bearing? A nice close ratio box would be a good thing though ...
  4. If you are wanting to sell the car find out what it's worth now, estimate what it will be worth with a respray and subtract the cost of the respray (you'll need quotes but three grand plus is probably the ball park) from that number. If you still end up with a number bigger than what it's worth right now you may want to paint it (if you have a spare three grand lying about). My guess though is you won't end up getting your respray money back on a sale. Different considerations if you are keeping it, of course. Good luck! Dean
  5. DeanB

    My Little Girl.

    That is so awful Kurt, I feel so sorry for you all. Heartbreaking, as you say. If there's anything i can do let me know. Dean
  6. DeanB

    Exige S2

    Sorry for slight thread hijack but my mate who bought Kieran's s2 elise Sport 190 a few months ago now wants to sell it. Nothing wrong with the car (it's mint, it was Kieran's) but for personal reasons. Just in case anyone is interested. Pm me. Ta.
  7. DeanB

    Need Your Help

    Looking at Pistonheads Paul Matty does have a really nice looking 111S for sale, as does Jon Seal Sportscars...
  8. DeanB

    Need Your Help

    It is not a 111S, it's the 134 bhp Toyota model which is not the best, in my opinion. They are much heavier (100kilos nearly!) than K series engined cars but still not very powerful. I would look for a 111S for the same money (it would be an older car but would hold it's value better) or a supercharged Toyota engined car.
  9. DeanB

    Exige S2

    Ol you might want to reconsider red - on an s2 exige ardent red looks absolutely fantastic, trust me. Having said that, isotope is also a great colour on them - i think i saw one of those for sale recently, somewhere on my social media feed?!?
  10. Good review! I suppose it goes to show how good a car the s2 111S is ....
  11. Welcome back buddy! Spill the beans then ...
  12. What Martin says. 100 percent.
  13. Sorry guys! Please remember that all the LitP team are volunteers - i can promise you the only reason these things aren't sorted is because of the time it takes. This year Dunc, the lead organiser, has been run off his feet doing all that needs to be done to make sure the event happens. He has however ordered some LitP polos for this year's new group leaders. They are printed and don't have embroidery or the logos on the sleeves but should still be nice. Can i suggest you both ask him on Sunday if there are any spares? Jonathan yours is free if there are . See you later? Dean
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