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  1. DeanB

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    I keep thinking about this. What repeats is how the s2 Exige looks. It's a fantastic looking thing. Who wouldn't want one in their garage?
  2. DeanB

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Fabulous! Well done mate
  3. DeanB

    My Lotus Esprit s4 gets new paint!

    Nice one Charlie šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š
  4. DeanB

    AD08R Vā€™s ZZS

    I haven't tried either, but worry that running 205s on the front might upset the balance and make the steering a bit heavy? Is this not so?
  5. DeanB

    My Lotus Esprit s4 gets new paint!

    Looks nice! Are you happy with it?
  6. DeanB

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    Dunc prefers a brake servo but don't read too much in to that as he's got very skinny, feeble legs šŸ™‚
  7. DeanB

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    I know Simon's blue Exige. It's a very nice, straight, un-molested car.
  8. DeanB

    Last drive.....

    Lol! It's time i did the same
  9. DeanB

    Best aftermarket steering rack

    You're not wrong there Scatty!
  10. DeanB

    Which elise to go for?

    Paul Matty have a 135 R up for sale - I've just seen it on pistonheads. It's Ā£26,750 mind.
  11. DeanB

    Which elise to go for?

    I don't think you should worry about reliability and age with an elise. It sounds like the 135R is the car for you.
  12. DeanB

    Which elise to go for?

    I agree with Jonathan above. I would recommend an s2 111S. The k series is very reliable except for the head gasket - and if that has already gone and a new type gasket is fitted they usually don't go again. If they do, it's about Ā£700 to fix properly so not a ridiculous amount. The 111S has also started to appreciate slightly and so is a fairly safe investment. I particularly like the k series cars because they are 100 kilos (ish) lighter than the Toyota cars and don't have a brake servo so pedal feel is better. They are a purer expression of the elise concept and history will judge them well i reckon. I also like the supercharged cars but they are probably out of your price range. There is a nice blue 111S for sale at a garage in Louth by the way. Happy hunting!
  13. DeanB

    Best aftermarket steering rack

    I'm not sure of the answer tbh but I need a new rack so will watch the replies with interest!
  14. What was the ice driving holiday like Jonny? I've read about it and it sounds awesome
  15. I have some suede low top omp racing boots that are black and pretty low key. I like the suede because they are soft and don't mark up the aluminium tub.

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