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  1. DeanB

    LITP group leader polos, a plea!

    Sorry guys! Please remember that all the LitP team are volunteers - i can promise you the only reason these things aren't sorted is because of the time it takes. This year Dunc, the lead organiser, has been run off his feet doing all that needs to be done to make sure the event happens. He has however ordered some LitP polos for this year's new group leaders. They are printed and don't have embroidery or the logos on the sleeves but should still be nice. Can i suggest you both ask him on Sunday if there are any spares? Jonathan yours is free if there are . See you later? Dean
  2. DeanB

    What’s it worth?

    I think Dunc is in the right ballpark if the condition is good and so on
  3. DeanB

    New bloke

    I'm not sure but if you ring Gav at Unit 4 in Burton he'll tell you. He does mine and he's very reasonable.
  4. DeanB

    Lotus in the Peak - Group Leaders needed!

    Thank you! By the way Dunc is sorting some exclusive black LitP polos for all group leaders that don't already have one. You can't buy 'em, you can only earn 'em!
  5. DeanB

    Considering a return to the fold....

    I really like Dave's Exige roadster. It looks great - even better in real life - and being able to have the roof off makes it more fun on nice days.
  6. DeanB

    New member on a rescue mission

    Fuel and fuel filter is a good shout. I wouldn't bother changing the radiator and tow post until they fail but I'm not made of money like Fish! Where is the car? If it's not a million miles away from Mansfield I don't mind having a look at it and offering some advice
  7. DeanB

    New member on a rescue mission

    Do oil, filters, plugs, cam belt (and probably water pump while the belt is off) and brake and clutch fluid first. What state are the brakes in? Discs might be ok with just a skim, if not ask Gav at Unit 4 in Burton to source you discs as he can get good ones cheaper than most. Tyres - depends on how much tread and how hard they are of course. If it were me i would trailer it to Gav's and get him to do it. He will then look over it and tell you if there's anything else amiss. He's very reasonably priced and as honest as the day is long.
  8. DeanB

    A small favour...

    Alex I have an old set of front wheels at Gav's you can borrow if you like. Just tell Gav - they are on the roof of his toilet!
  9. DeanB

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    I keep thinking about this. What repeats is how the s2 Exige looks. It's a fantastic looking thing. Who wouldn't want one in their garage?
  10. DeanB

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Fabulous! Well done mate
  11. DeanB

    My Lotus Esprit s4 gets new paint!

    Nice one Charlie 😊😊😊
  12. DeanB

    AD08R V’s ZZS

    I haven't tried either, but worry that running 205s on the front might upset the balance and make the steering a bit heavy? Is this not so?
  13. DeanB

    My Lotus Esprit s4 gets new paint!

    Looks nice! Are you happy with it?
  14. DeanB

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    Dunc prefers a brake servo but don't read too much in to that as he's got very skinny, feeble legs πŸ™‚
  15. DeanB

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    I know Simon's blue Exige. It's a very nice, straight, un-molested car.

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