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  1. Christ, has that thing got a supercharger on it? What is it?
  2. Def do both axles. You could try Carbon Lorraine - I have them and rate them. RC5+ on the front and RC6 on the rear which are higher-friction. It gets the back axle doing a bit more.
  3. I'm very excited! Great news that we are back at Chatsworth. There are a few extra little things planned this year, and we are confident it will be the biggest and best LitP so far! Save the date and spread the word 😊 By the way, if you aren't local to Derbyshire I recommend including the event in a weekend break - that's what Mrs B and I do. As well as all things LitP there's lots of great walking and other things to see and do.
  4. DeanB

    Emira in 4K

    🤣🤣🤣 Seriously though, compared to what other stuff costs, they aren't bad value are they?
  5. I think you misunderstand me a little Timbo - I don't object to the term 'haulage industry' I was simply pointing out it doesn't act as one single entity. I agree they have relied heavily on cheap, usually eastern european, labour. I also agree they have had a lot of drivers retire. Your point is they are at fault for not somehow recruiting (and where necessary training) more UK nationals to replace those that retire and those that go back to the eurozone. My point is, the only way they could conceivably have done that on a large scale, that I can see, would have been by spending loa
  6. The haulage industry doesn't act as one, it comprises lots of businesses competing against one another, aggressively, on price, mostly. It costs money to train drivers, and if you spend that money and your competitor doesn't he will beat you on price. So you can't. Also, it's not so much the training it's the fact that the job isn't attractive - who would want to be away from their partner and kids for days, sleeping in a truck in a lay-by for rubbish money when there are plenty of better paid jobs out there? There's not been much 'the industry' can do about that before now - if one fir
  7. DeanB

    Emira in 4K

    I can't make my mind up - currently thinking green with full black pack, silver wheels and tan leather interior and black alcantara steering wheel, as a daily driver. Can anyone lend me seventy-seven grand?
  8. I have CLs on mine Rich, iirc they are RC5+ on the front and RC6 on the rear - deliberately, to get the rear to do a bit more work. I think Lotus set the balance quite a long way forward as standard. Anyway, the set up works well, I'm very happy with it on the road and track. They are a bit dusty though, and more aggressive on the discs than oem, but I suppose all higher-friction pads are. I think you can see the coefficient of friction ratings for all the different makes and types of pads on the Demon Tweeks website which might help you choose. Good luck! Dean
  9. Have a good day! Car looks great 🙂
  10. DeanB


    Hi Richard Is yours a Type 14, 75 or 83? I don't think there are many Elite owners on here, although I know of a guy restoring a Type 75 in Nottingham - I think he is on lotusexcel.net sometimes. I think the 75s and 83s are great, in fact I went to look at one to buy two weeks ago. Looking forward to the pictures.
  11. A Clan?!? You could have chinned him for that! Only joking of course. The car looks amazing Leigh. Top, top job 😊
  12. Just wonderful Dave. Love your attention to detail.
  13. Deffo not Raymondo
  14. I saw a very nice yellow s3 near Southwell yesterday - it wasn't you was it?
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