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  1. Welcome to the club. I've got a lightweight outdoor cover you are welcome to borrow if required if you are ever coming 'up North' to Sheffield. I'm only in Ecclesall if you want to nip up for a cuppa. Cheers, Andrew
  2. Fit perfectly mate. Thanks alot.
  3. ...for the garage! Hope you approve ;-)
  4. Me too Alex. Great idea!
  5. Hi, If you dont get anyone replying, I've applied some basic maths to come up with 44 cm diameter. I measured the width of my S2 door using the panel join above the side indicators as my reference point and the door is 120cm wide at this point. Then I measured a side on picture on Google images and the door is 71mm wide with the roundel being 26mm wide. So multiply 120 x 26/71 gives 43.94cm. Simples eek!
  6. A previous chairman of Club Lotus (who sadly passed away young) used one as his daily driver and loved it. I had one for several years and it never let me down once and I only sold it as I got the opportunity to get Mandy's Elise. Very reliable probably cos apart from the engine its virtually all Toyota Celica/Supra. The only downside I found is that if you were to use it as a daily driver you'd get a very sore head with constantly banging it on the very low lip of the boot lid. Mine apparently was bought by the President of the French LOC.
  7. I've been after a Gear Gate for my new S2 since Sept last year and no where had them. Elise parts have had them on order for several months, so I was prepared to wait. Yesterday out of the blue, Ian rang me to say that his 'machinists' still hadn't come up with the goods and as he thought he'd kept me waiting long enough, he was sending me the prototype they keep in reserve. Top bloke - they will always be my first port of call in the future.
  8. newbie

    Agreed - and just as many will applaud you ditching the Mazda Common & Classless for an Eliise
  9. At 2015 LITP when Mike (Simon's Dad) was directing the parking and asked The Duchess of Devonshire if she was with the caterers. When she subtly pointed out she needed to drive through a gate marked private, Mike just about got away with a 'Sorry your Grace I didn't recognise you'!
  10. When the MLOC chaps first came to the South Yorks / North Derbs Club Lotus meet at Baslow. Dean (who I'd only just met), commented that he'd never driven a Bell & Colvill 160, so I handed him my keys. We pootled through the village at about 20 mph and I encouraged him to put his foot down.........! When we hit the open road, at least 4 times, he drew up to a dawdling car in front, dropped a gear and executed a perfect overtaking manoeuvre and he didn't hang around on the straight bits or the bends. When we got back to the pub and I rolled out of the car, white, wide eyed and open mouthed, Mandy stepped forward from the amused MLOC ensemble and asked if Dean had mentioned he used to race in Formula Ford. Actually no dear it must have slipped his mind !
  11. Brilliant - sounded much more genuine and spontaneous than when Clarkson & Hammond do it!
  12. Cheers matey - the nut had come off the bottom of the plunger so it wasn't going through the locating hole below the spring when the boot was closing.
  13. Bit of a boring one I know, but when I unlocked the boot on my old 2001 S2, the boot lid sprang up a couple of inches so I could get my fingers under the lip and raise it. On my new 2003 K Series S2, the lid doesn't rise and I have to hoick it up by the key in the lock. I know how this will end - with a broken key, has anyone delved into the lock - could I have a broken spring in there perhaps? Cheers
  14. Definately red. Matching wing mirrors is usually a paid for option!
  15. Voted - good call silver is a boring colour