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  1. Aaarrgh - as part of the redecorating, SWMBO has decided that the sign on the door into the garage has got to go!!
  2. On my way out for an MTB ride (and to wave at the Derbyshire Constabularies drones no doubt!)
  3. Good fun that matey, thanks for that. For anyone else tempted, just make sure you have the volume low, else the 'tinkle' you get for a correct answer will certainly shift any earwax!
  4. You must have a hell of alot of windows Fish to need that much sandpaper. Shall I come down and help - I'm sure with that many windows we can remain 6ft apart!
  5. Decorating the hall, landing and stairs which will take an age cos its a double ladder job and helping SWMBO to do her garden (I'm only allowed in under supervision and to cut the grass!). Daren't take Loti or TVRs out because of Sheffield Council's propensity to chuck tons of grit everywhere at the slightest whiff of a chilly breeze. Thank goodness Boris approved exercise (Mountain Biking) outdoors or I'd go stir crazy. I wish I'd not sold all our board games now - we could have visited all countries in 'Go'! May call right and/or left handed Dean for a game of Scrabble depending on which of them is worse at it!
  6. As far as I'm aware matey, but mine isn't one of the original 33 Sport 190s - it went back to the factory in 2009 for the upgrade. Maybe Martin Roberts or Russ Davey can advise as theirs are original Sport 190s - are you out there chaps? Cheers, Andrew
  7. Hi Dean, What about fitting a full set of 'worry gauges' like we've got in the Sport 190s? Cheers, Andrew
  8. Rather than bore people in MLOC with TVR talk, I've sent you a PM.
  9. Which TVR did you have Paul, I'm still smitten by them!
  10. Gav was happy to drop me off at the train station when I took my car there and his work is first class.
  11. Try Brendan, his TVR work is awesome >> https://www.conceptperformance.co.uk/ or when I pranged my Esprit, John at this place did a perfect repair >> http://www.malinmotorbodiessheffield.co.uk/body-shop.html
  12. Where are you in our great city? I gave my wheel arches, suspension and brake components a good clean using my trolley jack which you are welcome to borrow. I'm in Ecclesall and if you want to nip round tomorrow you can take the jack and I'll also show you where to put it on your Elise. I've got a sheet of 1/4 inch thick aluminuim and a 1/2 inch thick piece of wood I use to spread the load from the top of the lugs on the trolley jack 'cup'. Cheers, Andrew
  13. The Aldi ones are guaranteed for 3 years - didnt you take it back?
  14. Have you tried posting on NYLOC? More their patch than ours >> https://www.nyloc.org/ Good luck
  15. I presume you mean Claytons Cakes? If Sheffield is not to far Matty, I can help you with taking them there and picking them up for you. They dont have a Website but are at S3 9PP. I'm at S11 9JH if you want to consider logistics of dropping the seats off either at my house or their premises.
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