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  1. Fixed My Fog Lights

    Hats off to you mate. I struggle to change a bulb on modern cars!
  2. paint touch up

    I used this company to get some Old English White earlier this month. It was a better colour match than the Lotus branded stuff! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Touch-Up-Paint-MIXED-COLOUR-CODE-RED-BLUE-GREEN-YELLOW-BLACK-GREY-SILVER-PAINT/292049694292?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  3. S2 Splitter - black or body coloured?

    Black, but then again I think white would look crap on a Type 49. Isn't there a computer wizard out there who can do wonderful things with pictures so you could see what both look like? I have a spare black one (because of Sheffield's ***t roads) that you are welcome to come up to put against your car to give you an idea.
  4. Lotus Number 4...

    Please tell me you're kidding? Bet it weighs more than a Veyron!!
  5. Try a post in Club Lotus mag. There are always a few ads for people wanting to trace cars they've owned >> http://www.clublotus.co.uk/contact-us.aspx.
  6. Lotus Number 4...

    First it was electric windows, then aircon, but heated seats - what is the (Lotus) world coming to! Great colour - same as my Celica GT. Is is called something evocative like 'Thundercloud Grey'?
  7. im back

    Looks stunning welcome back. Can anyone think of another make of car that looks quite so stunning in yellow? I saw a yellow Aston DB9 the other day and it looked awful.
  8. Ohlins - Service or replace?

    Thanks for the advice chaps, a refurb at Mick Gardener's it shall be. Barnsley is alot nearer to Sheff than Hampshire is!
  9. Ohlins - Service or replace?

    At my last MOT, the tester noted a slight misting from one of the Ohlins, but did the decent thing and only gave me an advisory. Has anyone ever had theirs serviced and could recommend anywhere? The Ohlins Official site gives me this place as the nearest centre http://mickgardnerracing.com/, but at £135 a corner, cheap it aint! I'm now wondering whether to put something brand new on instead. Any advice will be much appreciated - I only need 'fast road use' and not track! Thanks, Andrew
  10. New Member / New Elise owner

    Welcome to the club. I've got a lightweight outdoor cover you are welcome to borrow if required if you are ever coming 'up North' to Sheffield. I'm only in Ecclesall if you want to nip up for a cuppa. Cheers, Andrew
  11. New interior trim...

    Fit perfectly mate. Thanks alot.
  12. New interior trim...

    ...for the garage! Hope you approve ;-)
  13. Gauging interest

    Me too Alex. Great idea!
  14. Elise S2 Type 25 Door Roundel Dimension

    Hi, If you dont get anyone replying, I've applied some basic maths to come up with 44 cm diameter. I measured the width of my S2 door using the panel join above the side indicators as my reference point and the door is 120cm wide at this point. Then I measured a side on picture on Google images and the door is 71mm wide with the roundel being 26mm wide. So multiply 120 x 26/71 gives 43.94cm. Simples eek!
  15. Mulling over a Lotus Excel as a daily...

    A previous chairman of Club Lotus (who sadly passed away young) used one as his daily driver and loved it. I had one for several years and it never let me down once and I only sold it as I got the opportunity to get Mandy's Elise. Very reliable probably cos apart from the engine its virtually all Toyota Celica/Supra. The only downside I found is that if you were to use it as a daily driver you'd get a very sore head with constantly banging it on the very low lip of the boot lid. Mine apparently was bought by the President of the French LOC.