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  1. I'm in Ecclesall matey - S11 9JH. I have axle stands and a trolley jack you're welcome to.
  2. ..... you mean re-mortgage the house mate!
  3. When I had my 280 serviced, the two brothers who owned the garage had one of the 50 that were Turbo charged, that they assured me was worth at least £6.5 K at the time. Reckon they could put a 3 in front of that figure now. Looks like just over 100 are taxed every year so that's 900 that are either Sorned, in museums or more likely trashed!
  4. You've never liked my 'alternative cars have you Dean 😁
  5. Thanks for that! I'm well aware of what they go for now 😂
  6. I'd like to add 'Thunder' to this thread please 😀
  7. Brilliant choice matey. An absolute peach of a car to look at and drive. Sold mine for £4K....... sob 😔
  8. Our K Series Elises have always run on Shell V+ or BP Super with no adjustment to the timing necessary. I think alot of people run on these fuels not because cars require it, just the satisfaction you are not putting substandard petrol in.
  9. I wouldnt - they are bland and characterless, its like a 2 seater family saloon. They are banned from S11 by the way 😉
  10. Aldi have got their £12.99 chargers in stock at the mo https://www.aldi.co.uk/auto-xs-car-battery-charger/p/804759437763000
  11. Presume the car is kept indoor matey, if so you should have no bother. Mandy's Elise has been under an indoor cover for 13 years with no micro-blistering. Its the damp that permeates the fibreglass and if the car is stored outside there is no escaping it.
  12. Be bl***dy careful with outdoor covers chaps. I've kept my Chimaera under a cover outside for 2.5 years [the Loti are garaged 🙂] and the dreaded micro-blistering has just reared its ugly head big style. I used a top of the range 'breathable' Storm-force cover and every time it was dry, I took the cover off, aired it and wiped any moisture off the car and Chims are made of considerably thicker layers of fibreglass than Loti. I notice in the latest Club Lotus News that Machine Mart sell Clarke 'tents' for £286 and whilst they maybe a bit unsightly and more expensive than a fitted cover
  13. Have you seen this offer Martin? SWMBOs Elise runs 195/50/15s at the front https://www.blackcircles.com/?utm_campaign=bf20flash&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&dm_i=TIW,756CE,3BMWG6,SWSOW,1 Worth a read https://wiki.seloc.org/a/Tyres_-_S1
  14. Strange how its escaped having a Cat C or S slapped on it if it's been so badly damaged ?
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