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  1. The Aldi ones are guaranteed for 3 years - didnt you take it back?
  2. Have you tried posting on NYLOC? More their patch than ours >> https://www.nyloc.org/ Good luck
  3. I presume you mean Claytons Cakes? If Sheffield is not to far Matty, I can help you with taking them there and picking them up for you. They dont have a Website but are at S3 9PP. I'm at S11 9JH if you want to consider logistics of dropping the seats off either at my house or their premises.
  4. +2 to this. Aldi and Lidl are usually £12.99 and work fine. No brainer!
  5. Great to see you again matey. Its certainly been a while. Concert was one of the best I've been to - started with 'You Give Love a Bad Name' and finished with Livin' on a Prayer. What more can a man wish for? Maybe see you at Baslow in the Summer at one of the Club Lotus meets at Baslow Up the Blades, Andrew
  6. Cheers Chaps - advice much appreciated. See you Sunday morning - not in the Loti I'm afraid, look out for something loud and purple!
  7. Yeah but the train terminates in Matlock Fish and that's a hell of a walk to Coventry!
  8. We are coming to The Ricoh this Sunday 23rd June for The Manics and Bon Jovi. Can anyone recommend a decent B&B or failing that, tips on where to park and walk/taxi/bus so I dont get ripped off £25 by the robbing b******s at the stadium? Thanks, Andrew
  9. Glad its sorted matey. 'Searching for a live wire' on a Lotus? Oooh that is a minefield. Good luck with that one - way out of my comfort zone! My solution for your battery problem came out of my vague recollection of Physics 'O' level and not the vagaries of Lotus electrics.
  10. Indeed sir - 4.5 litre, lifted straight out of a Range Rover.
  11. Sorry - only just seen this post. Dont whatever you do go for a genuine Ford part like my idiot garage did as they are over £30! Get a cheap 'n' cheerful non-original from Elise Parts https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/23/10/brake-light-switch/ With regards your battery - all may not be lost! Can you get some jump leads attached to your Exige? If so, connect them up to a 'donor car' and then try and trickle charge your Exige whilst still connected to the donor car. After 3 or so hours, disconnect the donor car and see if your Exige battery has now got over 4V in it to enable full charging. Good luck
  12. Yes they could erect the statue in place of that bus shelter that a fat bloke demolished when he fell through its roof celebrating! I love this though ..........
  13. Dont worry Scatty, it didn't come close to the Blades v Ipswich game a couple of weeks ago 😉
  14. Would either of these help? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2X-Plastic-Car-Ramp-Low-Rise-For-Low-Sport-Cars-1-Pair-Heavy-Duty-Strong-Ramp/352371734162?hash=item520afdf692:g:UZMAAOSw1pxZzziP https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-Cougar-Ramp-Mate-Low-Clearance-Car-Ramp-Extensions-Pair/183761190002?epid=1742913522&hash=item2ac9053c72:g:UgoAAOxy-W9SOxPM Regards, Andrew
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