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  1. Try here Stu - I presume the tinted ones will do? https://proplates.co.uk/
  2. What about getting a Lotus badged foam kneeler from the Club Lotus shop? It has a hole/slit near the top that you could use to hang it on the wall and remove it to save your knees when needed. I've tried to send a link but the page isn't coming up.
  3. Made me laugh over Dinner. Should include this sales patter in all brochures !
  4. Please post your next flying day on here Phil as I (and I'm sure several others) would love to come. Longnor is a great drive to get there and has some lovely pubs for dinner. I could ask my mate to bring his Lancaster, although whether he'd make it in his Hillman Imp is another matter!
  5. Very impressive matey. Just another 8 to go!
  6. Cant believe you let your daughter colour a Lotus in brown Dobbo 😀
  7. That looks superb matey. Well done, a true craftsman. I was sat under Derwent dam wall yesterday - on my own and it was a tad spooky, so do you think you could rattle me up a model Lancaster before lockdown ends, so I could have a little bit more fun than cycling in the Peaks without seeing a soul?
  8. When you get to my age Dean and getting up at some ungodly hour on a Sunday for a raz around the Peaks is out of the question, if you have a TVR in your stable, for some strange reason you are quite happy to rumble around in 5th gear in the midst of the Sunday drivers just listening to the sound of the exhaust.
  9. Looks lovely Dunc- needs christening with a party!
  10. Errr three 😃. Sorry mate, had a bad November - two of my mates died and I thought that there are no pockets in shrouds so get it spent!
  11. Did 'Trevor's' last year matey, It's 'Thor' that needs some Wayxoyl now!
  12. Sorry to introduce controversy to this excellent thread, but as the decorating is finished, I plan to go under the TVR tomorrow to do some maintenance work on the outriggers. In my defence, I'm saving MrWill's excellent colouring in idea for a rainy day.
  13. Aaarrgh - as part of the redecorating, SWMBO has decided that the sign on the door into the garage has got to go!!
  14. On my way out for an MTB ride (and to wave at the Derbyshire Constabularies drones no doubt!)
  15. Good fun that matey, thanks for that. For anyone else tempted, just make sure you have the volume low, else the 'tinkle' you get for a correct answer will certainly shift any earwax!
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