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  1. Elisemadray

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    Thanks Dunc That's Better, that was what I was trying to do I've only gone n blinkin done it
  2. Elisemadray

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    If you had the pleasure of being at LitP 2018 this is a Must see, and even more of a must see if your thinking about going this year the short film gives a great insight to the event. kindly produced by 'Derby Movie Maker' for your enjoyment did you spot your car? please add to thread
  3. Elisemadray

    My Lotus Esprit s4 gets new paint!

    Now there's a collaboration 'Lotus Porsche' mark 1 🤣
  4. Elisemadray

    Finally, back in a lotus!

    Well done that man 😀 She looks very nice!!!
  5. I'm a Puma Drift cat 7 guy very soft leather and thin soles for good feed back through the Pedals, similar to the OMP's but soft leather
  6. Elisemadray

    LitP 2019 help

    It will and Thanks Mark
  7. Elisemadray

    LitP 2019 help

    Thanks Pete
  8. Elisemadray

    Site upgrade

    Good work Mark 😊
  9. Elisemadray

    LitP 2019 help

    It will be very sad to lose you two this year 😪 if things change just let us know
  10. Elisemadray

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    If at this stage you have not put it back up for sale 😂 Welcome and enjoy
  11. Elisemadray

    Seasons Greeting

    Merry Christmas everyone I hope you and your family's have a great time and an even better New Year Cheers Ray
  12. Elisemadray

    LoT Black Friday prices

    I might join you on this one
  13. Elisemadray

    New Elise owner

    Welcome aboard Daz, Great car Enjoy
  14. Elisemadray

    Evora engine cover upgrade

    OK see you another time
  15. Elisemadray

    Evora engine cover upgrade

    it's looking dry for Sunday morning why don't you come and give it a blast with us on some different roads

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