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  1. I think I'm going to wait until I respray the front clam, such a simple thing yet so difficult ☹️
  2. Hope it puts a Smile on your face when its back from PJS it may have its quirks but its a wonderful car
  3. That's what I thought Dunc, it can wait until I want to respray the clam
  4. Hi Guy' doe's anyone know if the front grill on an Elise 220S can be replaced without removing the Clam ? Thanks in advance Cheers Ray
  5. Pleased you had a great day Pete
  6. not seen you for a while Jonathan, you will need to bring this beauty on a Peaks run so we can see it in the flesh
  7. I can tell you there is very little difference on the road between a 220 and a cup 250, the 250 in the right hands would be quicker on track, styling is a personal thing I like both the 220 and 250's style but edge towards the simpler lines of the 220 so the question to ask yourself is do you like the Cup enough to pay the extra for it? I'm sure you would enjoy either, buy the car you like the most from which ever dealer has it as you can always go to PJS Burton for warranty work and servicing They are an authorised Lotus service centre and will give the best aftercare you could wish for, then there is Gav at unit4 Burton a Mloc renowned specialist. I think go with you gut feeling as to the 220 or 250, hope that helps a little. Either way it will be Great to see you in your new car
  8. very sad :( to see you go, hope you get the lotus itch again soon, will miss you on the runs
  9. Welcome aboard, will be good to see you on a run soon
  10. Welcome to Mloc Nick, Loving your car
  11. AHH man Maths the secret of bridging the distance between long pockets and short arms
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