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  1. AS long as no other instructors are off at the German shepherd club I train at I will be coming along
  2. fingers crossed then 🤞
  3. are you staying with a lotus?
  4. wonderful work Phil looks very sharp, makes me wish I wasn't useless 😂😂
  5. Pleased to have you Back I personally use Gav at Unit 4 but he doesn't have a courtesy car, PJS also is highly recommended they are both in Burton on Trent
  6. O Oh Bugger (I nearly said dear) Hope you were OK Steve how bad was the car?
  7. Wishing everyone a Fantastic Xmas and a Wonderful new year
  8. Well said Scott, he is a great ambassador for the sport, and fully deserves a Knighthood
  9. 6 world Championships !!!!! Lets all celebrate the great champion we have, Well done Lewis I hope you can get to 7 😉
  10. you got yourself a real little gem there Dave hope to see it in the flesh on a run soon
  11. The Titles says it all, he has done the impossible and outdone Botham!!!!!! we now have got a chance at the Ashes sorry guys but I had to share it
  12. Great review Charlie, you will have to drive my Elise and review it as I told you thinking of getting a go Pro, been looking the Go Pro Hero 7 Black seems pretty good what do you think?
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