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  1. Hi Mark, a cup 250 is made for the track, maybe not this one from what Scot say's the aero is made to work with the hardtop on track for best performance , but as Scot says it can be taken off, a 220 sport is not quite as capable on track but not that far behind, the supercharger give's both the cup and 220 a very linear power delivery so great fun. so what ever you end up getting it will be great to see you on a run when things allow cheers Ray
  2. Have a Great New Year Everyone!!!
  3. you must feel like a kid on Christmas morning now we need a few pics of Adams
  4. It's cheaper for next year to become a paid up member rather than buying one.
  5. someones left the bin out again 😂
  6. Wishing a Very Merry Christmas to all my friends & their families on Mloc fingers crossed for a better new year
  7. so dam fast their off through the vegatation that's why we cant see them
  8. I forgot to mention just before the last Peaks run a Couple of weeks ago I had my Elise Serviced By Gav at Unit4 Burton, he changed all brake Disc's and Pads supercharger belt and plugs, it felt great on the run and the brakes were brilliant, Thanks Gav a great job done again Ray
  9. I'm really pleased for you Adam 🙂 And was that the T word you used? how very dare you 😂😂😂
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