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  1. can't argue with that
  2. just added a few
  3. From the album Ray Addicott

  4. From the album Ray Addicott

  5. From the album Ray Addicott

  6. yes as a main dealer they have to be
  7. I think central will do a good job for you they are trying to build up a customer base, so are trying to do a good job
  8. Heres a question do drive top on or off ? the Exige looks ace but then I prefer your Sports Racer, I'm top off kind of guy so biased, although the top can come off the Exige but takes a bit of time. ps we always find a way to rationalise the things we want if its your desire go for it
  9. I might have a common yellow one, but hey its fun!!!!!
  10. Very nice
  11. Thanks I will check both out
  12. Thanks Miles
  13. well you did say they were not cheap, lol might look for a cheaper option I think
  14. Thanks Ian, mind if I ask how much?
  15. Hi guys, I'm looking to replace the paint protection film on my car, can anyone advise where I can get this done. Thanks in advance Ray