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  1. Blinking Well Done Rich you should feel very proud of yourself I will upgrade my donation as promised you deserve it
  2. As Above, I would go with Gav at Unit 4 or PJS just outside burton both will do a first class job
  3. Hi Rich, if you complete the 50K I will increase my donation from £20 to £50, so don't give up go do it hey all the people who enjoy my runs £5.00 is not a lot to ask, please consider a little donation thanks Ray
  4. Hi Boys n girls I fully support Richards cause I like most of you have had a loved one who has had to deal with this terrible desease please make the effort to make a donation no matter how small you can all make the difference cheers Ray
  5. Bloody brilliant, tats one hell of a job Well Done Jody
  6. it was a real fun this morning in the sunshine, you should come and try it sometime 🙂
  7. A Fanblinkintastisc run Great weather almost clear roads Great cars and good company After Marks pics I wont bother with my poor attemps😂 Thanks Guys for a Great Morning
  8. Loving it great car and Welcome back
  9. Welcome to the clan that's one stunning car you have on order, very jealous!!! will be great to meet you and see your car in the flesh at one of our meets Ray
  10. Andy I'm very sorry to see you leave the fold, maybe when things open up more you can meet us at Hassop in your day car is your car the 1.6 or 1.8? Cheers Ray
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