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  1. It's Blinking Stunning Rob I luv the wheels I cant wait to see it in the flesh Sunday
  2. Well done Fantastic win Emma Raducanu Proud to have a new British Woman no. one and US open Champion
  3. I'm sending my car to be Wrapped! 😁 great job Dave
  4. So your going to have greater turn in,(thats good on track) that certainly may make the back feel a little unsettled as you say, ADo8's need heat in them to get the best out of them so probably better on track than road, given the car and age I expect it could also benefit from a full Geo set up, I had mine done at PJS, money well spent, personally I would get a bit of wear out of the ADo8' then change them for52's neither tyres will clear water very well so will be twitchy in the wet if your budget can stretch to it a set of wheels with winter tyres might be a good idea something like
  5. Some Good Pics there Rich
  6. he had an Elise S2 dark grey I think
  7. Marky was on my first ever Tick run we have done a lot of run's n trackdays together
  8. Very Nice indeed you should be well Happy
  9. Thats Fantastic news Mark, I cant wait to see it🧐 and have you on a run soon hurry up with the Pics
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