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  1. Beginning of the end

    I'm Sure these are the lads that filmed themselves, one of them lost it on a bend but just managed to avoid a crash was on YOUTUBE. not a good idea
  2. Done it!! Bought another Exige :) :) :)

    great car Mark, good to have you back in a Lotus
  3. FLEM Meetings... gauging interest

    Would be interested Mon/Tues/Wed OK, thurs/Fri no can do, wish it was for Deans reason but just blinking work
  4. A Winter runaround

  5. Hello to MLOC people

    welcome to Mloc, lovng the car hope to see you on one of our runs, enjoy your car Ray
  6. Great Morning Drive

    Yep that's the only downside, but its nice wen its done
  7. Great Morning Drive

    Well I woke up the weather was good, no rain forecast so I just had to get out for a drive, so took the soft top off and decided to go and drive the 'Midland Tick' and a Great mornings driving I had, the roads were mainly clear, So I had a nice Blast just what I needed to clear the cobwebs, now I'm beginning to think about Wales again
  8. 4th July - Anyone Local To Me Free ??

    Its not that near to me but if your struggling for numbers nearer the time I may be able to help , I will keep an eye on things
  9. Alarm / key fob problems again

    Pleased you got things sorted
  10. Alarm / key fob problems again

    Have you tried both keys? may be a problem with the fob on the key, also maybe change the key battery, sorry if you've tried these already
  11. A Merry Chistmas to everyone

    Hoping you all have a Fantastic Christmas and even better New Year Cheers Ray
  12. 1966 Elan S3 DHC SE

    I'm in love!!!!! Well done what a beaut, Could you give me a make over LOL
  13. Back in a Lotus at last

  14. 2020 Elise

    Umm not to sure, proportions look a little out on this mock up, But I bet the 2020 will be a Fantastic car and even better looking than this
  15. Great Results - Wheel Refurb

    they really do look good, job well done

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