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    thanks Ian

    you can get a Carbon Fibre cover made at Central Lotus, not cheap though, if dipping isn't to expensive you could buy the Oem one and have it dipped, I want to get mine done though

    now I know I'm not bright but explain please
  4. PPF fitment recommendation

    looks like they did a great job for you Phil you must be well pleased, not that far from me if I need them, which is a bonus
  5. Insurance Write off

    I just can't believe the idiot, but then so many van drivers don't give a jot. I hope you got some pics to help you get what you deserve, fingers crossed for a good outcome, if you have legal protection on your insurance it would be worth running it passed them
  6. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    That would be a great help. Thankyou
  7. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    A bit of other good news Derby Film Makers seem interested in filming LITP, this is a reponse I had from their secretary Hi Ray, I'm Andrew, the secretary of DMM. I've sent a note out to our active members to check who is interested in filming Lotus in the Peak. I think I'm available that Sunday morning, and would like to come along. I hope there will be others too and we will be able to produce a decent film. I'll be in touch again soon when I have responses from the rest of the group. Cheers, Andrew fingers crossed, these guy's are amateurs but take it serious
  8. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    thanks MrWill that would be great. Thanks Ray
  9. Spa Historic 2018

    Thanks Kurt , I've really enjoyed the pics
  10. Spa Historic 2018

    I can't imagine the hardship of having to drive the Jag But hey looks like you've had a great trip Loving the pics
  11. Could you video the LITP Route starts

  12. Could you video the LITP Route starts

  13. I'm back! (well, almost)

    Cant wait to see it once its had its respray it should be stunning Hope you can make 'Lotus in the Peak' July 15th Cheers Ray
  14. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Dave that would be absolutely Fantastic your a star. your booked Thanks Ray
  15. Hi all you keen Video filmers, we are looking for people to film the |LITP Group run Starts from Ashbourne, Matlock Bath and Baslow also the groups arriving at Hassop station and the cavalcade into Rowsley peak Rail, for anyone interested in filming this has to be a great opportunity to film all the wonderful Lotus cars that will be on the runs, the idea is to give all on the runs a link to the Video's and then use them in a Promo for next year. Please if your interested contact me ASAP Many thanks Ray

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