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  1. Having to re-watch it due to noisy Eddie King. haha.
  2. MG4Lotus


    The lane gauge is for people not tall enough to see over the steering "wheel". 😄
  3. MG4Lotus


    I was joking about the lane control but looking at the dash again between the petrol and temp gauge seems to be a lane gauge? 😱
  4. MG4Lotus


    Surely the lane control will prevent that.😁
  5. It's also part of this video. Cheers Scotty @lotus111
  6. It's a "photoshopped" picture. The Battcon lorry is driving the wrong way down a one way road, which is possible but the angles look all wrong. He would have had to have driven through the trees to get to that angle. The undercover Emira has all the correct shapes to look like a mini Evija but the scaling just seems wrong, I suspect it is a stock picture of an Evija under wraps that they scaled down. It is also parked on an area that might be green (grass / plants). The paved area with the three white paving slabs has been pasted over inaccurately along the edges. The block paving looks a
  7. Torn muscle on the inside of your thing.... Yikes!! 😱
  8. @duncx Maybe the youth was using shit in the complimentary vernacular?
  9. MG4Lotus


    There's a lot of speculation in the press and other online places. Some of it is contradictory so must be inaccurate. Unless lady luck is good to me I can't afford one but I'm looking forward to the reveal. If it takes it's styling cues from the Evija I think it will be enticingly impressive.
  10. Modern practices, just in time, etc. Warehousing costs money.
  11. MG4Lotus


    If it is more compact than the Evora why would the mule vehicle have the Evora shell but with wider arches?
  12. MG4Lotus


    There's lots of speculation flying about. There are a few facts having been drip fed from official Lotus sources. The official release is July 6th when we will know all details.
  13. Yes, it was beginning of April, so nearly a month ago now. https://twitter.com/metoffice/status/1377719667062677504?s=20
  14. There has been dust from the Sahara recently. But, also, it's that time of the year for tree pollen. This might be the cause of your worries. My Volvo is very dusty and I've not washed, or polished it recently.
  15. Over 40 years ago I had a Morris Minor van. It was my first car. Within an hour of ownership I had rolled it and wrote it off. I think the steering may have been faulty.
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