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  1. Mazda MX-5 is inspired by the Elan so I might give one of those a go.
  2. Do the photographers of selected entries get notified? I'm not really a calendar person, I have nowhere to put one and would never use it. However, if one of my photo's were selected I would like to buy a copy.
  3. MG4Lotus

    Cheeky smiles!

    Lovely smiles - great photo, you're right, better cropped. Panasonics - 10/300 exposure time - haha
  4. MG4Lotus


    Dejeuner sur l'herbe a la Covid Apologies to Manet.
  5. look at those clouds........ Oh, and there are some Lotus too. hahaha
  6. MG4Lotus


    nice atmosphere again
  7. MG4Lotus


    Nice atmosphere
  8. MG4Lotus


    Love the lines, enhanced by the shaded reflection. Have to agree with Russell Carr, the windows are reminiscent of a crash helmet visor.
  9. MG4Lotus


    Love the lines of the Evora and the sunset wasn't bad either. 10/500 exposure time - hahaha
  10. MG4Lotus


    Like the graphic quality of the shapes and lines. Deliberately under-exposed to get the richness of the sunset colours. would have liked more sunset colours so might re-create this when the sunset is better.
  11. MG4Lotus


    10/20 exposure time. haha makes me laugh. (handheld)
  12. Is the sleeve meant to prevent the hoses rubbing together? The other hose, should that be fully seated? and clipped?
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