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  1. @duncx Maybe the youth was using shit in the complimentary vernacular?
  2. MG4Lotus


    There's a lot of speculation in the press and other online places. Some of it is contradictory so must be inaccurate. Unless lady luck is good to me I can't afford one but I'm looking forward to the reveal. If it takes it's styling cues from the Evija I think it will be enticingly impressive.
  3. MG4Lotus


    If it is more compact than the Evora why would the mule vehicle have the Evora shell but with wider arches?
  4. MG4Lotus


    There's lots of speculation flying about. There are a few facts having been drip fed from official Lotus sources. The official release is July 6th when we will know all details.
  5. Yes, it was beginning of April, so nearly a month ago now. https://twitter.com/metoffice/status/1377719667062677504?s=20
  6. There has been dust from the Sahara recently. But, also, it's that time of the year for tree pollen. This might be the cause of your worries. My Volvo is very dusty and I've not washed, or polished it recently.
  7. Over 40 years ago I had a Morris Minor van. It was my first car. Within an hour of ownership I had rolled it and wrote it off. I think the steering may have been faulty.
  8. Sorry if I appeared a bit paranoid earlier. I am not paranoid but I am careful. I am probably more aware of the issues than some people. Being an IT expert I have to deal with the aftermath of virus attacks, ransomware, phishing, other malware and scams. The business I work for has over 4,000 employees, it regards the problem with such weight that it requires all it's employees to attend a cyber awareness course. The cost of these courses is nothing compared to the possible and actual costs of viruses etc. Being in the recruitment industry I would expect you are aware of these issues anyw
  9. Hi KP Moving the car about - some years ago the dash on my Ford Focus failed. It took me 2 or 3 weeks to get it replaced. In the meantime I didn't want to get a speeding ticket so I installed a speedometer app on my mobile phone. I used a suction cup mount on the windscreen for the phone so it was easily viewed. Sorted. Just wondering KPelise, are you KP of KPHR, do you own the business? The app uses GPS so it is accurate. You can use to check how accurate a working speedo is.
  10. Good luck. The digital dashes do look good as an upgrade.
  11. Apologies KP. It just seems a bit weird that you would use a general contact e-mail address for a recruitment company when this is an open discussion forum and it also has the facility of personal messaging. Not everyone on here is like me. Yes, I am suspicious and have no desire to be scammed, which is all too prevalent at the moment. I'm not saying in any way that you are related to a scam.
  12. KPHR recruitment company - contact is the general e-mail address. Phishing for personal e-mail addresses? Trolling?
  13. contact@kphr.co.uk unusual e-mail address, a bit elaborate for phishing expedition. As you are now a member you can receive personal messages. Have you thought about taking the opportunity of upgrading to a digital dash?
  14. For left and right hand drive. It just flips over. ORE Cup Holder Kit Assembly — On Rails Engineering (squarespace.com)
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