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  1. Managed to get out today for a picnic and spend some time driving outdoors. While I was out I thought it prudent to test my eyesight, the Evora still looks lovely so my eyesight is still OK.
  2. Not go faster lines. Skid marks.
  3. I thought you were going to say it had been stamped on upside down. 9818
  4. 12/17 but in my defence I didn't see the first question until after it had timed out and on the second question didn't realise you had to submit answer until after it had timed out. I was continually tapping Evija and nothing was happening. haha. Speed wasn't too good either as I was continually having to scroll up and down the page. 65% overall.
  5. Midlands tick for breakfast - March 2020 Damp day with standing water in places Just before the Covid 19 lockdown
  6. 185hp (or is it 300) - That lawnmower has got some poke, you must have got a real grass problem.
  7. I did the weekly Asda shop in the Evora on Thursday. All the shopping does fit in the boot. We also needed some Marks and Sparks items so I also had to drive all the way to the nearest M&S shop. It's not a big drive but it's better than nothing.
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