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  1. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Originals cars seem to have had clear fogs at the front but I think the yellow looks very 'period'. Film keeps lifting at the edges so I tried some of the lens tint spray stuff https://e-tech.uk.com/e-tech-lens-tint-150ml and it's bloody awful. so removed it. Hella do a really nice yellow lens driving light but not a fog version. But I have managed to find a pair of the fog ones with a yellow reflector (which seem to be discontinued). Look nice and old school: If I do sort out a bracket for the lamp pod it will also have foam tape on the bottom of the pod and PPF on the front bodywork to ensure no scratching of scuffing!
  2. Dr H

    Back with a bang...

    Nice. I'll give you a week before it's in bits and being prepared to your standard 😉
  3. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Just messing about with bits and trying to get a date to send the car to the trimmer, but no luck yet... So I decided to shed some light on the situation, so to speak PIAA Lamps Fixings riveted to the lamp pod Fit all 4 and voila! Driving lamps on the outside, spots in the middle. Put some yellow film on the fogs, Yeah or Nay? Looks more 'period Fitting the headlight surrounds. From this: To this. Will get some black fixings to make them 'disappear as the silver stick out too much. Still can't decide on this, but having spent hundreds on lamps and surrounds then I feel I should. Looks like a proper Stratos to me with these on. However I'm only going to do it if I can design a bracket system that allows me to remove them without leaving big holes in the front clam. Or needing a broom to hold them in place New heater controls done and read to fit to the dash. My video rear view mirror doesn't fucking work. Did when I unboxed it 6 months ago, now it won't find the rear cam . Amazon delivery bloke was a little taken aback today as I was working on it in the garage with the door wide open. 'Is it real one or a kit?' he asked! He knew what it was but thought you had to buy the kits form Italy.
  4. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Not yet Drage. Plan is to get it all finished and then sort any paint dings. Good job too as I chipped something else yesterday.....
  5. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Ian, it should have been completed ages ago! But such is life...... Am considering options on the ECU and ITB control front. One very simply option is to offset the angle of the DBW arm with the ITB arms by 90 degrees which will give a much finer control and small openings. But tbh looking like a move to a Motec ECU too. 😏 Build holders in rear lights were like this: Changed them to this style: That allows me to use proper connectors rather than spades: Headlamp motors and front lights etc. wired up. Wired up the central locking: I've been using the Deutsch DT connectors.Bought a cheap (£35) crimp tool. Dead easy to crimp, top quality, and very easy to de-pin if needed. Expensive to buy but I'm converted! Have a bit of an issue with the passenger lock mechanism, not sure what happening but part of the lock sits in a different place than on the driver's side and means the central locking doesn't work properly. Will have to work out a fix Rear now all wired up and functioning (well apart from the number plate light) Front all done Heater controls dash 'pod' 3D printed. Very kindly modeled for me by my (would be) BiL. Headlamps seems to operated Driver side a fraction before passenger side on both the up and down. This light is on the longer loom, but each is operated by it's own relay AFAIK. View on YouTube website
  6. Wonder if it would catch this sort of thing.....
  7. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Well it was an interesting day.... Started with bloody foul weather. Putting a car on a with no windscreen or window on an open transporter in weather like this morning is not good. Got to the dyno in one piece and after drying some of the water off we (well Daniel) got to mapping. Had a few problems with the DBW settings with the ECU limiting the 'full' opening to a max 50% instead of 100% and that only translating to about 25% on the ITB butterflies for some reason. Daniel seemed to that out but then yesterday's idle control issue reared it's head again. The throttle control step is 1% on the EMU Black ECU I'm using. Looks as though a 1% step on a single TB is OK to control idle as !% is only a small increase in air flow. But 1% on 6 45mm ITBs is much more overall airflow and the change is so big that is swings wildly. The Motec ECUs that Daniel normally uses have a 0.1% resolution on the DBW which would mean that it would probably work fine. So there is no way it will get through an IVA at the moment as it's can't hold and idle properly once it been off idle and drops back down again. The changes of it getting on the road this summer have just been fooked...... and it might actually need a replacement ECU and re-wire of the loom to accept. Off-idle mapping seemed to go well though. The Fan on the dyno wasn't that big and may have had something to do with very high temps. Oil was reading 120 (so probably about 110 as the gauge seems to read lower than ECU) and 110 water temps so about 100. However none of this seem to have any effect on the running of the car. Daniel mapped up to 6500 rpm and we got just under 210hp at the wheels. There is another 1000 rpm and some ignition timing work to do and he's predicting about 240 at the wheels. Which will be 280-90ish at the engine - just about what I was hoping for. Will try and get hold of a graph. but there is a great lump of torque after about 2500 rpm. Doesn't sound too bad either View on YouTube website So I'm a bit pissed off that the ECU seems to be unsuitable for the application and that the car will not be on the road this summer but I need to look for some positives. 1. The engine ran om the dyno to just under max rpm, got fookin hot and didn't spring a single drip / leak. Gearbox worked spot on, the first time it's ever had drive through it. 2. My totally custom setup of ITBs, Injectors, inlet manifolds, airbox and DBW works! It's just the ECU is shit at controlling it . 3. Nothing went wrong on the dyno. Nothing came loose, fell off, rattled, caught on anything else, melted or whatever. 4. I actually drove the car off the transported when I got it home and into the garage. The first time it's moved under it's own power (save for the dyno). So plan is to keep sticking it all back together, get it trimmed and in the meantime discuss with Daniel the best course of action for the ECU. I'm determined to get this fucking car finished Oh and Kieran, his missus and little one popped in to have a look whilst all this was going on. It's his mate that has the dyno and he put me onto him.
  8. Dr H

    Lucy lives on!

    Have a look here mate - good if you have insomnia I'm over 3 years in.....
  9. Dr H

    If you didn't drive a lotus......

    It's very piiple...... Rover V8?
  10. Dr H

    Lucy lives on!

    Have you realised I've sold mine? Yep I actually got rid of it 😕, I am now lotusless..............but have a nice V8 Vantage instead 😁 and the Stratos Replica is finally nearing completion!
  11. Dr H

    Lucy lives on!

    Looking good Bis. I hope things are OK with you and the family.
  12. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Cheap/old bikes Jonny, not worth the investment! Got it out in the sun today to help cure the paint. Cleaned dust form the engine / front although the body shop kept it very clean. Fitted front indicators and fog lights and some chassis plates. My son helped with the indicator/lights, first time he's really shown an interest in it! Got a reply from LB that the trimmer might be available early July. There's a slim chance it make make the road this summer!
  13. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Look what just got delivered.......
  14. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    If only 😕 Will be getting run in and mapped on a dyno next Saturday though. Just hope nothing goes bang......
  15. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Actually this is probably closer to what it really looks like

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