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  1. Will my gearbox being going with you or are you leaving it in the corner of the old unit
  2. Had a delivery from Alitech today So I decided to see if they fitted Manifolds fitted: DBW actuator bracket / cradle Fuel rails, keep the injectors in the original place which should ensure good emissions performance. The other ITB setup available from Jenvey doesn't do this. ITBs fitted Need to get some air horns now. Done some calcs on intake runner length from mouth of air horn to back of valve. Needs to be about 85mm to give optimum performance at 5500rpm Wiring chap coming at the weekend to measure up for the loom. Now need to make some oil cooler pipes from 5/8 aluminium tube and AN10 compression fittings. Will also use a flexi section to allow for engine movement. Gearbox back next week hopefully, so can then sling the engine in the car
  3. Right! I finally have an engine!!!!!! Collected it today. Crap photos as I've just bunged in on the floor in the garage in front of the chassis. Will take some proper ones once I get it moved. Here's what's been done: Complete strip down Degrease, clean, wash vapour blast block, heads, sump cam covers etc etc. Clean and decrease all internals and check for wear. Hone bores (no wear so no need to re-bore) New mains, thrusts and big ends New piston rings Full new engine gasket set Full new cambelt kit with all new pullies, idlers and tensioner New water pump (metal impeller) Re-manufactured replacement starter motor Re-manufactured replacement aircon pump Re-manufactured replacement alternator Re-manufactured replacement oil pump New thermostat and housing New crank pulley New aux drive belt New Alfa GTA clutch kit New 6.5 kg lightweight solid flywheel custom made by TTV Mill heads 1.2mm to raise compression to 11.2:1 Valves reground Piper reground cams (slightly more list and more duration than standard) New hydraulic tappets New uprated valve springs Custom made valve spring caps (as OE ones wouldn't fit the uprated springs even though they should have!) All bolted back together once the whole bottom end was dynamically balanced by Andrews Precision. Uprated on-plug coils (Audi units) and required connectors New sensors: Cam Crank Knock (x2) Bosch LSU 4.9 Lambda and LSU 4.9 connector Water Temp Reverse switch Oil pressure switch New OE Lower Cam belt covers New OE Upper cam belt covers New OE Cambelt cover m7 stainless cap heads (x22) plus washers Fumoto Drain Valve New oil filter New platinum spark plugs Just waiting to take delivery of the custom CNC machined ITB manifolds form Alitech and The gearbox back from rebuild and I can dry fit in the chassis and run the oil cooler and fuel lines etc. Dry fit will also check the exhaust fit and once happy the manifolds will go for performance white Zircotec ceramic coating. Total cost? Erm...............let's just say fucking mad.
  4. Very nice Jonny Where did you get the xylan coating done - been considering some of that myself.
  5. Van booked for Thursday to collect engine and gearbox. New (to replace unused new) all ally rad fitted. Painted the cooling fins with heat dissipating rad paint Refit fans Stick back on car
  6. Engine almost there. Bit of an issue fitting the thermostat housing as since the heads have been machined the distance between the water take offs from the heads has reduced (by about 1mm) so the thermostat housing doesn't fit . A fix is being worked out..... Anyway, it's looking good
  7. Nice progress. I could do with a man to leave mine with
  8. Yeah there are a few things that I've replaced / done different as I've gone along. I did start a list of issues I've found as I've build it, can let you have that. Only a few bits really.
  9. Hi Richard Thanks for your kind words! I'll drop you a pm with my email and mobile. Which kit are you building, LB or Hawk?
  10. Feel free to drop me a PM. Happy to talk via email or on the phone I should have got someone to build mine for me - would have been much easier!
  11. Custom made valve spring caps collected by the engine builder today and he's back on the build from tomorrow. So hopefully it won't be too long now. Let's just hope the rest of it goes back together OK...... In the meantime there's not much been going on. Ordered all the stickers. White vinyl 'Stratos's' for the top of the doors, 'Bertone' for the rear pillars and HF and flag for front of the doors. Also 'Lancia' for the nose in front of the lights and the 'Lancia' HF and 'Strato's' foil stickers for the rear. Made some new earthing points and the main chassis one gets covered by the body and you'd really struggle to access it if you ever had to at a later date. The new ones are accessible from under the dash when you drop the panel that holes all the fuses etc. Removed the old (but never used ) radiator ready for the new 50mm all alloy one. Swapped my old Alfa ECU, engine loom and a solid flywheel for it - so haven't actually had to part with any cash, for once! Next step is to get the new rad in and then the engine!
  12. No great progress to report. Finished the heater controls Driveshaft paint wasn't great n the inner CVs so dismantled them and had them powder coated. Now reassembled Header tank powder coated black and a Stant radiator cap added Ordered the dash gauges that will look like this: But mine will have the speedo and tacho on the RHS in front of the steering wheel. The original cars had them to the side of the dash with the gauges in front of the steering wheel. Also ordered the whole interior today. Will be like this with their new 'Stradale' seats. Grey alcantara dash and door cards, black carpets (probably) and tan seats - as per the original road cars. Head lining and roll cage trim will also be alcantara on mine - they are usually vinyl. Oh and even though I haven't built it yet the upgrades have already started . LB now offer a full alloy rad with a 50mm core. So I've ordered one of them! Quotes for paint incomming. Had one already, looks like it's going to be £4-5k including trimming body, gapping and cutting holes for handles lights etc.
  13. Congrats Laura Just coming up to 11 years for me since i joined the world of Lotus. Never owned one before and went straight in with a 340R! Oh, and when I saw the thread title I though it was going to be something about Madeline McCann!
  14. Afraid not Dave. Changed my daily about 6 months ago. Funnily enough went to see the friend with the M135 yesterday. They've changed it for an F-Type!
  15. Very nice. So the 5 Series is gone? Friend has one of those, same colour.