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  1. Drage, there was a comparison of the 2 on you tube. Very long video but basically says they are the same apart from durability and I don't think there was that much in it anyway.
  2. I don't think it really makes that much difference if it's dark or light, they certainly have no colour/tint in them. When I used it on the Aston I threw a microfibre polishing cloth on the bonnet when I'd finished. It immediately slid off onto the floor, it was incredibly slick!
  3. I've used Soft 99 Fusso wax on my Aston, it's impressive stuff. Apparently they have changed the formula recently and it now not as durable but smells less of solvents. The stuff I have has a very strong smell. Supposedly last for up to 12 months. Looking at prices seems to have gone up by 50% too. Mind you it got such rave reviews I guess demand is high. I think I paid about £17 last year. This is the stuff I have https://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/soft99-fusso-coat-wax This is the new stuff https://www.shopnshine.co.uk/products/soft99-new-fusso-coat-light?_pos=7&_sid=f25009155&_ss=r They do a dark and light version.
  4. I know what you mean, I have no idea how they do it. Expensive but not totally mad £950 inc shipping to UK. Made in Bulgaria.
  5. Not much progress been messing about with bits and bobs. Fitting an RJ45 socket to connect to the new Motec ECU, making some more brackets and stuff like new ECU bracket. Loom is back with Calibrated Performance (now based in Aus!) to be converted to Motec plugs etc. But things should move on a bit more next week. Tomorrow my new manifolds begin there trip over to the UK..... I collect the GP4 exhaust and end cans on Tuesday from LB.
  6. Halfords do a nice range of low entry trolley jacks now. https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-workshop/trolley-jacks/halfords-advanced-2-tonne-low-profile-trolley-jack
  7. Still not great progress with Christmas and stuff but today I did a bit. I fitted the fuel tank neck and cap. Measured lots and lots as it's very tight to make it line up. Came out OK. I removed the ECU part of the loom and boxed it up to send it back to Daniel @ Calibrated Performance (now in Australia!) to be altered to take a Motec ECU. The ECU will be fitted on 16th Feb and RR session on 17th. That is all....apart from clocking the side of the car with a ratchet and chipping the paint in a very obvious place..... 😭
  8. I remember the day well. I'm there in my Honda S2. The silver car in the corner of the 'L'
  9. One of me new manifolds is ready for welding Just shows how incredibly 'unequal' the runners are on the original!
  10. Not much update I'm afraid. Been really busy with work, garage is freezing so all in all not much chance / motivation to go in there! Oil filter remote head now all sorted, fitted and engine re-filled with oil. Still waiting for door cards but I have made something for the interior. In previous posts there were questions about the roof vents and screws for the roof scoop: The standard setup is the roof vents in the holes and screw heads for the roof scoop showing. Not a fan of the screws showing so I made a thing...... It will be covered in Dianamica fabric to match the roll cage. Should look pretty good when done I think. Looks very stark in aluminium but covered will be much more in keeping. No screw heads showing at least. If it doesn't look good I'll rethink it. Should receive the first pics of the custom equal length exhaust manifolds tomorrow New inverter for the dash dials received from Speedhut in the USA and wired up. All working now. ITBs currently off the car and on a jig to have new linkages and arms made to sort out the fine control at small openings identified at the first RR session. However I have also thrown caution and budget to the wind and am replacing the current ECU (EMU Black) with a Motec . This will be fitted by Daniel of Calibrated Performance in Feb and the next RR session is booked for Monday 17th. If all goes to plan then that will be the engine all sorted. Then it really is just bolting the everything back on and getting it ready for IVA........famous last words!
  11. It nearly was, and the guy doing the repairs too! Both of us used some colourful language......
  12. Not much progress to report. All paint repairs were completed lat week. However the repair of the 'burn' mark on the rear clam which was perfect ended up getting damaged as the clam was sat for a few weeks . It was sat on the floor on a cloth and the weight of the calm and the very lightly soft paint mean the weave of the cloth imprinted into the paint so plan is to do it again once car is completely assembled for the final time..... Fitted the boot wall heat shield. LB do one but I didn't know that and made my own. Sheet of aluminum and standoffs to give a 5mm air gap. Should work well. Oil filter now relocated and hoses connected. Just waiting for a slightly different hose end (60 degree rather than 45) to make the bend slightly less tight on the one with the fire sleeve and then I'll get it all fully connected up and fire sleeve on both hoses. Also took the opportunity to move the oil temp sender. This was located right under the exhaust manifold and although I have a small heat shield fitted I'm sure it was helping to give the very high oil temps we saw on the RR when we ran it for the first time. It was where the silver colourred bung and copper washer now are: And it's been moved to the remote oil head on the feed from the engine before it goes to the cooler. All this allows me to fit a much bigger oil filter. Equal length manifolds currently being made, the guy has the OEM ones of the Afla 166 he's using as a pattern so things are moving on there. Will be putting the rear clam back on to sort out the catches etc and maybe start thinking about bunging the seats, fit the dash etc. Will probably leave the doors off for the time being. Less likelihood of me damaging the paint again and easier to get in and out for fitting interior and the like. Next RR session will be toward end of Feb next year and then we should really be on the home straight! Famous last words.......
  13. I reckon we'll see Aliens landing in their spaceships before I get this on the road!
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