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  1. I've been having issues with the paint job, which at this stage is soul destroying. Seems to be an issue with the colour coat adhering to the primer/undercoat. Seems to chip off far too easily. The doors are back at the painters being checked and having some damage repaired. There is a small chance the car needs to be repainted but I really can't face that.....so I'm ignoring it at the moment. Notwithstanding paint issues I've been working away. Windscreen fitted and wiper mech all set up. Double glazed rear window made and fitted. Just needs surround for the intern
  2. Wow! Never knew it had come through Ashby, even way back in 1975!
  3. Thanks Scot. That's a very famous picture! I would love to say mine would sound the same but the Alfa V6 has a longer stroke than the Dino engine and can't match it's high pitch 'wail'!! I do have a second exhaust with very small silencers so it should make a semi-decent noise, if I ever get the damn thing on the road 🙄
  4. Not too much more. Mosting fiddly little jobs and finishing stuff off. Made a list yeasterday, it was longer than I thought it would be........
  5. Right, know you're all probably bored rigid with this b now (I'm getting there tbh). But I feel I should keep things updated. Managed to spend some time on the car this weekend. First time in ages. All interior bits now fully trimmed. LB's trimmers eally do a great job. Sorted out the centre console and footwell dividers. Made a little 'cubbly hole' in the centre console. Gives a bit of storage for a wallet, smaller phone. Made of aluminium, coated in self-adhesive felt. It houses a double USB power output. The small steel rivnuts hold the front edge of the inner bit onto
  6. as I'm still waiting for stuff and bored shitless I decided to redo my cam covers. Wrinkle black is so last year! So is matte bronze (looks brown) the new black? I quite like it I think. Think it looks more 'period' for some reason. Mind you this colour is everywhere at the moment, it might date quite quickly. Also had the 'head' of the starter motor black Cerakoted and as it lives under the exhaust manifold I've put some nice gold heat reflective foil on it. Have also replaced all the a/c hose with Easton E Z Clip stuff which is smaller diameter. Because I damaged t
  7. Classic Car Services in Leicester did my S2 retrim a number of years ago. Seats, door cards, centre tunnel, sill covers etc. Great job. Classic Car Services Leicester
  8. Just realised I'd not updated for ages. Partly because the lockdown, cold weather and being busy with work has meant not much progress. Trim pieces now gone for trim, that's everything now except trimming the boot with carpet. Still refining the map for IVA via email with Daniel in Australia. Doing lots of starts showed up a bit of a weakness in the electrics I think. After the car got hot re-starting was very laboured. Was possibly heat soak on the starter having sat getting hot whilst stationary and engine running, or maybe a dodgy earth on the starter, or maybe a dodgy starter as it
  9. Bread's in the wrong place if you want it toasted on the journey home.
  10. Another 3 hrs in the garage tweaking the ECU, not on a RR this time but connected to OZ over the Interweb - where my mapping guy is currently living and can't travel! The new linkages on the ITBs were all sorted before hand and I'd balance them to make sure they were all matched and opening / closing properly. Daniel did his stuff. We altered the linkages and adjusted the amount the ITBs were open at idle as they were drawing too much air and the ignition was retarding loads to try and get idle / lambda target. He then he went about re-writing and testing the PID control for the
  11. New door cards. Slightly different from the previous ones as they are for use with glass windows, the others were for plastic windows. I need to somehow work out how to drill holes in the right place to match the holes in the doors from the previous door cards! Never one to miss the opp for an 'upgrade' I also collected...... New centre tunnel and trigger hand brake. Rather than being the same height from the gear stick back it raises up a lot. Acts as an armrest and I have plans to put some sort of 'cubby hole' in there and a cover of some sort.
  12. Quick update. ITB linkage now all sorted and everything seems to work OK. Balanced the ITBs again. Interior bits are finally ready! Pick them up on Tuesday, the I pre-fit, make the mods need to make and send them back for trimming. Then it's just the engine to sort. I've managed to book some time with Daniel (Calibrated Performance) to sort out the ITBs and finalise the PID control. He'll be connecting to the car over the web from Oz and sorting it remotely. Booked for 3rd Sept. Then I am really on the home run! However IVA test's are currently very limited. 6 classes of ve
  13. Nice! Looks like mine.....but that one's finished...... Any idea who it belonged to?
  14. A bit more progress. Finally got the new ITB arms etc fitted. Put the air horns on (without the airbox) to balance them Ran the engine and got it all nicely balanced. Came to tighten up the lock nuts on the rods between each lever and one of the threads in the aluminium bearing holders is buggered and it just pulls out....... 2 steps forward and one step back. Mind you the car started after sitting for months and didn't shit itself
  15. Would probably help you if you had insomnia Bis! 😁 How are you? Keeping well I hope?
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