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  1. Thanks for the kinds words all - it's been a bit of an epic project. Scope creep played a big part in the extended timescales 🙄
  2. I might well turn up as a visitor anyway. I was considering asking for a special guest slot as a previous winner of car of the day 😉
  3. IVA retest this morning. ECU fuel corrections for high IATs disabled. Tailpipe restrictor fitted. Sailed through 😁 Just needs registering with DVLA to get a V5 and plates and then I can actually drive it........
  4. Thanks Chaps, it's been a bit of a marathon. Retest on the 16th. Not sure what I'll do if it fails again!
  5. Worked out what it was. So in terms that I understand, there are algorithms built into the map that will override the main fuel table in certain situations. And no matter what changes we made to it, the main fuel table would be ignored. Which fully explains what happened. The IAT reached 73 degrees! They are known for engine bay heat issues and sitting with it revving at 2500 rpm with zero air flow really made the temps sky rocket. I then checked the tables in the Map and for table for the fuel mixture aim for IAT and see this: So if the IAT was 73 degrees the fuel mi
  6. Yay - IVA today. Booo - it failed 😞 Emissions. Everything else fine, just emissions. Oh well, only took 5.5 years to get to this point, sure I'll get it sorted somehow......
  7. Right, that's it. I (personally) can do no more pre IVA. Spent a few weeks doing all the finally little jobs / snagging. It goes to LB on Tuesday for final IVA prep and a few little jobs. Even after IVA (if it passes) there are still lots of things I need to do, so it's not finished yet
  8. Back from PPF Hopefully will get the boot lid back from it's paint autopsy later this week. The guys that did the PPF did the front and then decided they could do it better so removed it all and did it again. And the paint stayed on...... Drove it up the drive yesterday morning from the trailer on the street and the accelerator seemed super sensitive - quite kangerooey (if that's a word). It will need another proper dyno session after IVA before any real road use.
  9. Oi - I get enough of that sort of abuse on SELOC! I expect better from MLOC 😄
  10. JCar went to have PPF fitted today. Had it collected and taken to a place near Burton on Trent. This meant I had to drive it out of the garage, down the drive and onto a trailer. It's the furthest I've ever been in it under its own steam! A full 70 odd metre drive..... Also the first time I've moved it with all the windows/glass in. Quite a distinctive sound in the cabin with the ITBs. Glad I have a double glazed rear window! The guy with the trailer just stopped and stared at it when I parked at the end of the drive. 'That is amazing' was all he could come out with Then a
  11. IVA forms accepted, fee paid but no booking for the test made. NOTHING at all available at Derby or Notts. All released slots gone. Might be November...... Really don't want to be carting it across the country, Derby and Notts are both close to me and LB. Car needs to go to LB for a bit of IVA prep.
  12. Thanks for all the kind words chaps. Just need to get the IVA passed. Looking at current waiting lists could well be towards the end of Sept before I get a date.
  13. I like to feel I've provided you with a much needed service, giving a modicum of stability in this crazy world. Over the last 5 1/2 years we've had Brexit, Trump, Covid and now the events in Afghanistan but throughout it all you've all been safe in the knowledge that I still haven't finished the car! 😁
  14. Well after very many years/months the application for an IVA test is in. Pretty much finished, couple of little bits to do but almost ready to roll! Suspension now set up. Car looked over and nothing major in terms of IVA, just a couple of tiny changes just to be safe. And removing the masking tape off the leading edge of the door.
  15. I've been having issues with the paint job, which at this stage is soul destroying. Seems to be an issue with the colour coat adhering to the primer/undercoat. Seems to chip off far too easily. The doors are back at the painters being checked and having some damage repaired. There is a small chance the car needs to be repainted but I really can't face that.....so I'm ignoring it at the moment. Notwithstanding paint issues I've been working away. Windscreen fitted and wiper mech all set up. Double glazed rear window made and fitted. Just needs surround for the intern
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