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  1. I reckon we'll see Aliens landing in their spaceships before I get this on the road!
  2. Slightly off topic but sort of related..... On Sunday I turned 50. Good God I'm 50......that's old. But I got a good cake! The attention to detail is astounding (done from pics of my garage) And in the strangest of LB-related twists it turns out the woman who made it is married to a chap who used to work at Ultima at the same time as a certain Craig White.....he's the owner of LB! How spooky is that? My other half just chose the cake maker from her website and the fact she's close to us (in Loughborough). When she sent over the pics the woman replied to say her husband worked with someone who had gone on to set up their own company making Stratos kit cars. Small world isn't it?
  3. Not much going on at the minute. Been busy at work and not too many things to go at. But I have sorted the brackets for the lamp pod. Made from stainless steel so nice and stiff even though very thin. Slip down the front of the louvers and get 'clamped' when the lourves are bolted up to the body Two 6mm threaded studs welded onto each which go into holes at the base of the lamp pod Brackets bolted to the lamp pod and look quite discrete. The front bracket will bolt through the holes drilled for the nose badge. And that will be put once the car is finished so will be designing that in the future. Did some rewiring of the dash earlier to get rid of a couple of dodgy crimps on connectors. All good and the ll but one of the dials decided to loose their back lights
  4. It just stopped working. Wouldn't read any voltage when connected to a battery and charge light stopped coming on.
  5. Yup, got a refund no questions. Just my luck, never seen a bad review!
  6. I've got 4 CTEKs of various sorts. 3 Branded CTEK and one branded Aston Martin. I also had an Aldi one. 3 of the CTEKs have issues with dodgy buttons and the Aldi one died in less than 12 months!
  7. More 'progress' of sorts. ITBs and DBW actuator removed and taken by a very helpful chap (from the rolling road I used) to modify the arms and fit a new linkage mech he's designed. This will give us the much finer control at small throttle openings. Oil filter remote head gone to have some machining to make it work with the fittings i want to use, but mounting position all sorted as are the new hoses needed to connect it all up. Lamp pod brackets done, I'd measured wrong so a modified set ordered. In principle it should work well. Should have them by the end of the week. Looking at adding a second lambda sensor to the exhaust system. Wiring loom was made so I can have one on each bank of cylinders. This give much better control, should mean better emissions control and ultimately better running. Will mean sacrificing my zircotech coating as it will need to be re-done, but will give me the opportunity to change from flanges to v-bands too. Today I collected the rest of the interior. Dash Including the 3 printer heater control enclosure Centre console. Handbrake needs a 'boot' of some sort. Will look into getting one made. Gear stick gaiter nicely done Footwell divider and passenger footrest fitted Dash loosely fitted in place Nice CNC pivot points for windows New door cards should be ready and trimmed soon. Slow progress but still heading in the right direction I guess.
  8. A break from my build to show you another LB currently under construction. The owner is registered on SELOC but has only ever posted once. The car is being built by a third party and LB. I love the exhaust manifold, it's very reminiscent of the original. No cats though so not sure how it will get through IVA! Lovely build. Used LB's ITB setup which is re-purposed from an E46 M3 BMW. I've seen it in the flesh and it's top notch. He's put a website together. http://renmure.com/stratos-menu/ View on YouTube website
  9. Spoke to engine builder. He doesn't see much of an issue and (quite rightly) said there are 2 options. Take it out and pull it to bits to check / clean etc or bung some oil in it and run it again as it's showing no issues. So option 2 it is at this stage I think! Oil filter relocation seems to be pretty easy. Blocked off the Alfa oil cooler inlet / outlet with plugs and dowty seals. Got a nice Mocal billet take off: And a Canton Racing remote filter head like this: Mocked it up yesterday and worked out the hoses and fitting required. Will go from engine through remote filter, out to oil cooler and back from cooler to engine inlet. Luckily I had shit loads of expensive Aeroflow kryptalon hose and fittings from my previous oil cooler fitting exploits. So this time all I need to spend on is a set of olives for the current fittings so I can remove and reuse them and on 45 degree fitting. Unusual for me to not have to spend! Should have all the bits for next week and can then show how it all works. One thing it will allow me to do is run a bigger filter with more capacity. OE Alfa is only about 75mm high. With this setup I can use pretty much anything. Might go for a Jag XF 3.0 filter which is 120mm tall and has the same bypass valve setting of 1.5bar. I've read loads on oil filters and bypass setting etc. recently so I now understand it all I think..... Also took my cam covers off to check the cams as they were reground and needed bedding in when we first ran the car. Still have some running it to do by the looks of it but can't see anything wrong so far?? No sign of my dash and centre tunnel from the trimmers yet.
  10. Drage, had a few others have suggested the same. Had another look and think and will probably put in some new oil in, add a new filter and run it again.
  11. Very kind of you, thanks. I've had a offer from someone else for the same thing when I visit them for something else (non-car related) so I'll see how that goes and if I doesn't happen I'll drop you a line.
  12. Was seeing about 120 ish, which is high for the Alfa by all accounts. I guess rear engine positioning doesn't help. Anyway it's in bit now.... Have had further opinions on the bits in the filter so pulled the filter pleats out. Found this: I pulled the oil filter to bits and found this in the filter pleats once they were completely unfolded: Only small bits but shinier than the ones in the base of the oil filter. Not magnetic. I washed out the filter with a bit of white spirit (only thing I had) and filtered it through some kitchen towel. Nothing in it apart from 2 tiny bits. I could see some 'sludge' still in the casing so wiped round it with a cotton bud and it's a very fine grey 'dust'. This is what I did expect to see on a newly built engine as stuff wears in. Like very fine iron filings. Not sure if they are magnetic So all the bits in the canister of the filter were in that pic on my finger it seems. I have put a magnet in some of the oil I drained but gets nothing. Will try again. Plan to try and filter the whole lot. There is no way of getting the sump of without lifting the engine. At a push I might be able to remove the bolts from the mounts and lift it vertically enough the remove it. Not feeling very optimistic about this..... Could just be normal bits being flushed out of a rebuild and machined engine but not sure how much machining was done. So I either bung in some clean oil and run it again for a bit and check again or try and drop the sump. Have sent pics to the engine builder for his opinion. If I hadn't cracked open the filter I would never have known about this. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.....
  13. Good point, certainly won;t want to actually drive the bloody thing!
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