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  1. Looks very tidy Dave
  2. Well the trimmer has had the car for over 4 weeks. Estimated time was 3 weeks. As of Friday this week they still hadn't done a thing. Only just ordered the materials etc. 😕 Collected some bits from LB on Friday but nothing to report really. Still working out the ITB lever situation. Jenvey have proposed something but didn't seem to understand what I needed and having explained it to them again have gone quiet. The bloke (Kieran's mate Paul) at the RR I used in Long Eaton is continuing with his proposal though. He's a top fella and wants to help. So won't have the car back for another couple of weeks at the earliest.
  3. Dr H

    S2 exige carbon bits

    That's a pity, it was very well made stuff at a good price!
  4. Dr H

    S2 exige carbon bits

    When I had my Elise (Exige front clam) I bought the S2 splitter from this place http://www.ultimatecarbon.co.uk/. really nice quality.
  5. Lots of great places dotted around all over the place, as Drage says. Doubt you'll get somewhere that will agree to do it whilst you wait, without being able to look at it and properly assess the work needed. Best find somewhere local, drive over and show it to them.
  6. Have considered magnets but too risky. I have a plan!
  7. Dropped off at the trimmers today! LB were collecting one of their cars and after looking over it my 'to do' list seems to have got longer . Hopefully car will be ready collect towards the end of Sep. Bit longer than planned but it's summer hols and some of the staff are going on leave.
  8. They are actually on the front Confirmed that I can take it to the trimmers on Thursday and managed to rent a transported at very short notice! Better hope for good weather as it needs to go without the doors on if possible.
  9. Small update. Fog lamps look like this when switched on: Pretty yellow compared to the LED sidelight I have fitted Some other bits and bobs I've been doing. The paint was getting mashed where the rubber stops from the front canopy rest against the body (as paint is still soft and not fully cured I think). So I had some small plates laser cut in stainless and powder coated. Cut a gasket out of very thin rubber sheet and pop-riveted them in place. Quite pleased with the result. Should stand up a lot better than the paint! Rear arch liners fitted, but rear canopy off to add stonechip. Custom heater controls fitted. 3D printed, custom decals, electric temp controller and AC on/off. Will either be trimmed with the dash, or if this isn't possible painted satin black. Looks like it might be going to the trimmers next week if everything works out! Fingers crossed....
  10. Will look a bit out of place on the nose of a 2000hp electric hypercar!!
  11. The more I look at it the more I dislike it! 😏 Looks like the work experience kid did it.....
  12. It will be lots. Anything Motec is bloomin' expensive.
  13. , I did that and it cost me a lot of money!
  14. Good to see the thoughts on mods are creeping in already 😄 Motec? Have you been talking to your mate Paul?
  15. Not much progress really. Still waiting for a date for trimming. In the meantime I've been messing about fitting stuff and wiring up other bits and bobs. I now have footwell lights and also puddle lights in the base of the doors. I used 12v LED 'strips' for the footwells, they are a bit bright! So I might have to replace them with something smaller. Wasn't happy with the yellow film on the spot lights so went hunting to try and source original yellow Hella fog lights. Manged to find a set with yellow reflectors. Bought them from Amazon.com and including postage they only cost £77.90 for the pair including lamp covers. Which is about £10 more than a standard clear set from the UK. Look much more 'period' Sorted out the problem with my rear view camera - it was 2 bent pins in the connector. Bought from Ali Express so didn;t expect much support but the supplier was brilliant. Replied to my messages immediately and suggested a way to sort it all out. So I've test wired it up and fitted the cables into the car to test it. Took a bit of messing about to work out where it needs to go and what angle to fit it at. Used a 3D printed number plate housing from a fellow Stratos rep builder. Pair of LED lights Camera positioned and bonded in before finishing off with filler and paint. Not totally happy as you can see a very slight 'lump' where the filler is in some light. Can't see it when fitted to the car but might re-do and repaint it. Camera feeds video to the rear view mirror which is a full screen not a 'box' in the mirror. When you select reverse the camera view 'drops down and it adds proximity lines over the view. Have ordered some new linkages for the ITBs from Jenvey as they have a new system that should work well with my setup. Have ditched the system of running a linkage off each end of DBW actuator and am now looking at running a single link to one bank of ITBs and the using a spindle extension from the back on the first ITB on benk one and connecting it to actuate bank 2. With the previous setup the ITBs were opening slightly out of sync on each bank, this way they open at exactly the same time. Can sort of see it in this pic: Until I get a date for trimming and some window parts it's all a bit slow....
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