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  1. Smash!

    Cheeky sod! It's only been 2 and a bit years so far......
  2. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Shows how much money you can make selling awful tasting booze
  3. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Red one must be Rob? Not sure whose the green and white striped car is. I have to agree with you on looks, but would you expect me to say anything else!
  4. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Neither do I, why do you think it's taking so long
  5. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Finally finished the dash - I think! Trouble is now Ive test powered it up, the tacho has a fault on it. No backlight. I have changed the connectors on the clocks but it isn't the issue. I've metered it and the power is getting to connector and across the connector to the clock. Everything else works just not the LED backlight Sure LB will sort it though. Anyway I sorted my air filter. Need to design some sort of 'holder' for it. Drew up some stuff and had it laser cut in 2mm aluminium Bottom plate: Top Plate Both have small returns on the to hold the filter on the outside Take trumpet tray and put foam around edge Bolt bottom plate to trumpet tray and add in some spacing post (bolted in from the bottom). Only got 4 - need another 2 for the ends. The spacers posts also act as a way of keeping the inner side of the filter in place Got my measurement slightly wrong so had to sup some cutouts in the filter to get it to fit, but do issue, it's only a bit of rubber Put the top plate on Threads on spacer posts stick out just enough to put some dome nuts on and sandwich the whole lot together. Pretty pleased with the finished article! Especially as the trumpet tray and plates only costs me £50! Will be sending off to powder coat black and then fitting it properly. Not bad for an 'interim' solution until I can get an airbox sorted. Also fitted a replacement clutch MC, this time a 7/8 one. fells much better and get a lot move movement at the slave. Oil cooler pipes should be finished tomorrow so I can collect and fit them.
  6. Starter motor “click”

    As the voltage drop at start looks OK then it could well be your starter.
  7. Starter motor “click”

    That drop sounds normal I would say. Maybe others can comment.
  8. Starter motor “click”

    If you want to use a standard size one I'd go for a good quality 063 size. I bought a Bosch Silver form Halfords, but they don't seem to sell them anymore. Maybe this http://www.halfords.com/motoring/bulbs-blades-batteries/car-batteries/yuasa-5-year-guarantee-hsb063-silver-12v-car-battery Good thing about Halfords is the 5 year warranty (just keep the receipt). Or Carparts4less (Eurocarparts) https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/c/Lotus_Elise_1.8_2004/p/car-parts/electrical/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/car-battery/?444770638&1&04de2175c630000bd261be3279491f6f98192397&000020 £81 with current 12% discount code (April12) and free delivery.
  9. Starter motor “click”

    Before you do anything else, check the battery. If you have another car connect it up and try to jump start it. If it's still the same 'click' then could well be the starter. When you say 'on a couple of occasions' - has it started OK in between these occasions? Has it sat for a period between the two?
  10. Smash!

    These are the guys that are going to do my Stratos.
  11. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Well, I drained the coolant down again and bought a new hose. Have put adhesive heat shrink on the end of the pipes and about 5 hours ago I connected everything up and refilled it. Will have to wait until tomorrow to see...... Have been wiring up the dash. After a hell of a lot of questions to Lister Bell and lots of helpful replies form them I'm almost there. I need to shorten all the wires to the rocker switches and add the wiring in for the illumination of the clocks and I'm done. ECU Bracket made and ECU mounted K&N air filter arrived. Looks like it will work well. Might foul the bodywork when it's fitted but will be fine for getting it all started and running. Have designed a base and cap and am having it laser cut from aluminium. Hopefully will be done next week and I can get it all bolted together. Have removed the oil pressure sender form the head and mounted it on the chassis with a braided line and AN3 fittings. Should help reduce likelihood of failure due to vibration. Was due to go to Dan's for wiring next week but been pushed back a week. My oil cooler pipes still haven't been finished.
  12. Smash!

    Oh FFS Kurt! At least you are OK and looking at the car it looks a pretty straightforward repair. Fibreglass damage can look really bad when compared to metal but it's amazing what can be done by people with the right skills. Yours doesn't look too bad really, but I feel your pain. You need to let your insurance company know ASAP. Can't understand why a claims line is closed at the weekend, accidents don't only happen Mon-Fri! You can also choose whoever you want to repair it, if they recommend a place to you, you don't have to use it.
  13. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Finishing off the ITBs earlier today. DBW actuator stripped, powder coated and reassembled. Removed the TPS from the end of the shaft to for a lever on the end so each side of the ITB bank is actuated by the same shaft through the actuator. 3D printed levers (in stainless) also powder coated. Thanks so much to Karl for all his help with these. You need to be able to adjust the butterfly of each ITB to balance them. The levers were designed with a small 'arm' of the side. I got some eccentric spacers made that thread on to an M4 screw, then a spring is added and the whole thing screwed into the body of the ITB. Seems to work pretty well! Connected all the arms on the ITBs with threaded rods and ends. This is a setup sold for triple cars and with a few small mods it seems to work well Need to sort out the final connection from the ITB to the other side of the actuator and then adjust everything and it's sorted. Trumpet tray powder coated and rivnuts added to allow me to attached a filter base plate. (Please excuse the tartan rag, it's amazing what you get in bags of rags. The best one was a cut up pudsey bear costume!) Looks like the ITG really isn't going to fit so having another re-think. Hatched a plan to use a K&N like this: Will need to make a base plate and top plate but I think it's doable. This particular filter is good for over 400hp so plenty for my needs. Will be fine for getting it started and mapping etc.
  14. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Had my head buried in wiring trying to sort out the dash. I have a complete mental block when it comes to electrics so struggling. But I'm determined to get it done and let Dan do the engine loom and ECU. Been considering the dash fascia finish and tried this. Brushed titanium grey vinyl. Does it work? Looks a bit darker in real life. Bear in mind the dash surround won't be black as in the pic, it will be covered in dark grey alcantara. Other options for the fascia are silver or black. ECU bracket and the final version of my oil cooler pipes to be completed. Got a trial version today and all looked OK so they are back at the fabricator to be finished off. Will post pics when I have them back. Oh, and I've just realised that my custom order ITG filter probably won;t fit . I looked at the external dimension (width) and it was fine. Didn't realise you lost about 40mm on the internal! Might be able to bodge it to fit but not looking good. Over £200 down the drain......... And I might have also worked out why my clutch is so light. I said I used the MC supplied. Well I did but there was an issue with it leaking. Rather than wait for LB to swap it (I'm certain they would have done as they are great on customer service like that) I just ordered a replacement Tiltion one. I've just checked and it's a 5/8. I'm certain I looked at the original one and ordered the same size. But apparently it's supposed to be 7/8........more wasted money! I really should pay more attention!
  15. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    After changing some hoses and buying some expensive lined constant tension clips I still have leaks......no idea what to do. Decided to ignore the leaks today and do something else. Re-bled the brakes as they are a bit spongy. Not really any better Re-bled the clutch as it was super light and didnl't seem to giving full movement to the slave. Gets full movement but stupidly light. I'm using the MC they supplied and a standard Alfa SC so no idea why it's soooo light. Feels horrible! I've been ignoring the wiring and it's going to Dan's in just over 2 weeks time to be done but I thought I'd better try and get an understanding of what's going on. Managed to work out what all the relays are and which fuses go where. There are 3 fuse holders. When I put them in (ages ago) I had no fuse diagram. I managed to put them in the wrong order instead of 1-2-3. I have them as 1-3-2 Can't get them out either, afraid I'll break something Also started tagging some of the wires for the dash, seems straight forward (so far).... Picked up the 'trumpet tray' I had made for the ITBs Put ITBs on manifolds: Fit tray (will fit a gasket to the base once it's powder coated. Fit gaskets to base of trumpets: Fit trumpets to the tray, they bolt through the tray and ITB into the manifold and help sandwich it all together. The I had to check how an air filter might fit. Ultimately I'll be having an airbox sorted (Lister Bell are working on one) but to get the car started and mapped etc I need a filter. Because this a custom setup I need to find something off the shelf that is suitable. The setup is quite long, longer than a 4 pot, but shorter than a straight 6 so it's a bit difficult. Best option seemed to be an ITG JC100/100. Looks like this: So mocked up a base plates and a 'filter' using a sheet of MDF I had lying around. Baseplate: Mock up of 100mm deep flat top filter: Issue is that it might not clear the rear clam when it's fitted. I can't be sure but it's going to be tight: Absolute minimum gap between air trumpet mouth and inside of filter is 25mm, 40mm is preferred. The JC100 filter comes in a 65 internal height (which gives the 25 clearance I need) but it's not ideal. The 100mm version has an external height of 125 and that's what I've mocked up. The best solution would be a sausage shaped version of the filter (which they do) with a 80mm internal height (which they don't do). Quick call to ITG and they will make a custom height 80mm version for me, will take 2-3weeks. More shit loads of money spent! Ho hum......

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