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  1. Paint Protection

    Used Carl for the Elise and the 340R. Great job both times.
  2. Fed up....

    There are many, many things that should not be discussed on the interweb!
  3. Fed up....

    I got there before you!
  4. Fed up....

    You've changed.......
  5. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Well it's finally off its build trolley! Spent yesterday tightening up the suspension and fitting the rear ARB and drop links as well as a few other bits and bobs. Then had to somehow get it off the trolley. LB told me it's 60/40 weight distribution so the point of balance should be just behind the seats. They said to use slings and an engine crane..... So, 2 1 tonne slings and a couple of 1.5 tonne karabinas Had to extend the crane to it's 1.5 tonne setting to make it long enough. Then slowy raised the car. Very nerve wracking! The car just about balances from this point. Driver's side front wheel was a little low and I didn't fancy hoisting the car any higher than I had to, so put a trolley jack under it to lift it slightly. The plan was to push the trolley out sideways. But the distance between the wheels was too low and I didn't want to have to hoist it higher. So cue rushing about and removing the front wheel. Once that was off the trolley pushed out. Then I had my car with just 3 wheels on it hanging about 18 inches above the ground from just a single point..... Didn't have time to take a picture unsurprisingly! Fitted the wheel and dropped it slowly onto the ground. Then rolled it back into the garage and put it on skates. Engine coolant pipes all connected up, exhaust manifolds of to Zirotec tomorrow. Will be testing the coolant system for leaks with one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/o/ASIN/B003BVD5NE/ref=nosim/seloclotusent-21 Puts the system under vacuum and shows any leaks. Then uses the vacuum to draw coolant in and fully fill the system without having to run the engine. Will eliminate any air locks or issues hopefully. Collected the seat runners on Friday and will be fitting the driver's seat soon. All the engine stuff is now connected back up. Still working on an air filter / airbox setup. All ITB levers currently being 3D printed in black stainless. Should have them in a week or so. Engine looking quite good i think
  6. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Yep, that new design has been around for a few years. They have a running car, lots of videos on YouTube. Bet it will cost a fortune. Was based on a Ferrari 430 at the time but I guess it will have to use something different now - more modern / current. May well be bespoke apart form the engine. Wonder who will supply the drive train? Suppose it could feasibly be completely unique but the cost of developing an engine would be insane.
  7. Cheers Martin! I'd better go and but the tool Will be in touch. I should only need it for a day or so.
  8. Dear MLOCers Does anyone have a small (25l or 50l) air compressor I might be able to borrow? I need one to use a vacuum coolant filler to fill the coolant system on the Stratos replica. Using this I can ensure the system is full before the engine is started for the first time. It's also a great way of checking for leaks on the system before it's filled. Happy to come and collect and even exchange beer tokens! Just need a compressor and an air line to connect to the tool. Cheers
  9. Windscreen replacement S1 Elise

    That's main dealers for you 'in'it.
  10. Consultation on 'Road vehicles: improving air quality and safety' https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/road-vehicles-improving-air-quality-and-safety If this goes through it really will kill it stone dead. It could mean my car would have to meet Euro 6 regs on a 1998 engine
  11. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Right, got the engine back in again! It was only 2.5 degrees in the garage this morning when I started! Easier than the first time and managed to get the gearbox engine mount fitted properly this time. I put studs in the box, rather than bolts through the bracket. Miles better as the studs locate in the mount and help to line everything up. Managed to connect everything back up too. Just a couple of hoses and that's it really. On small setback. Removed the starter motor (to get a manifold off after dropping the engine in). and found this Bought 18 months ago but only ever bolted to the engine and not used. Have contacted the place I bought it off as it only has a 12 month warranty. Hope they play ball. Couple more bits to sort out, fill with fluids, pressure test the coolant system and then off for wiring. Will be coming off the trolley and onto it's wheels for the first time in the next few days
  12. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Emailed DVLA and asked them if this plate (and some others) had ever been issued. They said they hadn't and they will put it in an auction. Took about 8 months for it to go in. Hammer price £130! But total price nearly £300 after fees Not a bad plate for a car that is officially a Lister Bell STR. Did exactly the same with DRH340R - but never got round to putting it on the car - don't support there are any Dr Hs out there who own a 340R and need a plate?
  13. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Not much to report really. Bee waiting for a bit from Jenvey for the ITBs since before Christmas. arrived the other week. Also worked out another (better) way for driving the ITBs form the DBW actuator. Postponed the wiring as it was due to go in last week but wasn't ready and I was away snowboarding.. Refitted all my new (exchanged) suspension and added some more heat shields in the engine bay. Bought an AC hose crimping tool so I can get the AC hoses finished. Added more heat shielding to the engine bay (AC Hoses) Pressure tested the fuel and oil hoses I made up and they all seem good. Will be putting the engine back in on Wed hopefully. But no rush as been told it will be March at the earliest when I can send it to LB for the body fit..... Oh and I got a number plate from a DVLA auction. Will be registering the car as brand new so can use it - hopefully!
  14. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Superb. Now don't even consider driving it when it's finished. It will ruin it

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