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  1. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    I think the pic 'overstates;' the brightness a bit but it's not too far off.
  2. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    It's getting greener...... This pic is a better take on the actually colour but probably shows it a tiny bit greener than it actually is. It's very bright in the flesh (or plastic/FG) Will be ready to collect on Friday 31st May (2019)
  3. Time Left: 2 months and 16 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2 Steel tambour cupboards free to good home. 100cm wide x 200 cm tall x 60cm deep. Retail new at well over £250 each. Great for garage / workshop storage. Doors and locks all work fine (one has just one key, the other has two). Some very slight corrosion in parts on the front but it's very very light. Can't vouch for the backs as I've not seen them for years! But should be fine. 3 shelves fitted in each but fourth included. You will need to source some supports for it. Easy to find on ebay etc. Must be collected and preferably in the next week Happy to split the pair.


    Ravenstone, Leicestershire - GB

  4. Dr H

    RR to rent in the East mids?

    Cheers Scatty. Spoke to Kieran's mate earlier, looks like he should be able to help.
  5. Dr H

    RR to rent in the East mids?

    Yep, I went to the RR day MLOC did and also had them service the 340R before Gav came on the scene! This RR directory tells me they are closed at that address now. https://www.rollingroadregister.com/dynos/monster-motorsport
  6. Dr H

    RR to rent in the East mids?

    Doesn't sound stupid - it's sounds perfect!! Any chance you could have a word with him? Where is he based? Cheers
  7. Dr H

    RR to rent in the East mids?

    Alex - a bit far but it is an option. It's probably a good hour away. Chris - I thought about them but they seems to have closed down? One search told me they were closed, website looks like a web shop and no physical address.
  8. I need to rent an RR, don't need a mapper as I have a guy who is doing that for me. I either take it down to Sussex where he rents time on RRs or he comes up here and I rent an RR for him to use. Tried a place in Hinckley but they won't rent it out if they aren't doing the mapping. Anyone know of any RRs around me (Ashby) that might be able to help? Cheers
  9. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    I must admit, it does look quite good in matt back!
  10. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Well the primer is on and it will be in full colour by the end of next week. The front lamp pod has been painted in the colour I chose just to make sure it's what I want. So I took a pic........... It looks nothing like this in the 'flesh'!!! It's actually like this: So looks like my car will look crap in photographs when it's done
  11. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Stop being realistic Jonny! You're supposed to tell me that I'll have it finished very soon
  12. Dr H

    Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Quick update. Starting the paint got delayed but should be in primer on Tues next week when I go over and take the recently collected windows and screen over to check the fit before painting. Current timeline is: End May collect from paint First week of June - engine mapping End of June go to trimmers for carpets, dash, door cards etc. With a lot of luck I reckon it might be ready for IVA end of July. But now I've said that there is no way it will happen
  13. Dr H

    Anyone know this car

    Good detective work Kieran Doesn't seem to have had much exposure on the usual Lotus forums.
  14. Dr H

    Anyone know this car

    Have you tried asking on SELOC? Bigger membership so more chance someone knows it. Might be Wayne's car (Pro Alloy) but it was silver when he had it. He passed away unfortunately 😔
  15. Dr H

    Last drive.....

    Cheers Dave. You're always welcome to come round. I still haven't seen your Exige!

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