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  1. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    That's a pity Jonny, but it's pretty unusual to completely rebuild something in the way you have and not get any teething problems. Look forward to seeing it next year, I can;t make LitP again this year as I'm on hols. Maybe I can follow you next year in the Stratos - I'll just stick some Lotus badges on it and see if I can sneak in
  2. Wing Commander Tom Neil - RIP

    Nice memento. No matter how much I read / hear about these chaps I am always totally fascinated with what they did and saw.
  3. 340r recommission

    They painted it with sensoft or senotex or something similar. It's a soft touch paint. They also put a soft touch lacquer on the sliver paint on the centre tunnel, dash bar etc. That just attracts dirt! It's also pretty much impossible to patch up if it's damaged. Another thing to mention is the roll bar. Many of them had to be repainted under warranty as the paint just fell off. Might be worth getting it done before you put it all back together and then the paint falls off! Carefully remove the safety cage stickers and then re apply them with adhesive after the new paint. AFAIK you can;t get them anymore.
  4. Another one of 'the few' no longer with us...... 2 days short of this 98th Birthday. Blue skies Tom. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/987870/battle-of-britain-ace-pilot-dies-tom-neil-prince-harry-prince-charles
  5. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Just stunning mate. Whatever you do, don't go bloody driving the thing!
  6. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    I know it's taken you a while but i didn't realise you started in 1966!
  7. Smash!

    Person who causes an accident then lies to try and shift responsibility shocker! I stinks but happens all the time. In the case I mentioned in my previous post he ran up the back of me when I was stationary. He went on to submit a repair claim to my insurance for new headlights etc. along with a latter explaining how I'd run up the back of him. Fucking unbelievable, that's why we ended up in court - well not me personally but my insurance company. Thank God I paid for legal protection.
  8. Front calliper rebuild for an Elise S2

    I'd give it a go yourself. There is very little to it tbh - well as long as you an extract the pistons! Are they jammed even when they are on the car? Keep them connected to the brake lines, take them off the mounts so the disk is out of the way and press the brake pedal to push the piston out? You can get refub kits such as this: https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/20/500/ap-caliper-refurbishment-kit This has pistons too but if you don;t need new pistons and the rest of your calipers such as the bleed nipples, pad plate and pins etc are all OK, then you only need the o-ring seals. https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/23/665/ap-brake-caliper-seals/
  9. Smash!

    Tell 'em to FRO. What's the point of having insurance if your insurer is happy to roll over and admit fault? Well I do know actually as a friend's wife works in the industry. They see a quick settlement at 50/50 easier and sometimes ultimately cheaper than fighting your corner. They just want to get it sorted as fast and painlessly as possible. Years ago I had a claim like this and it eventually went to court. The other party decided not to turn up and was found at fault in their absence. Loads of wasted time and money to get the result that should have been very straightforward as they ran into the back of me whilst I was stopped at a red light! Hope you get it sorted.
  10. The 919 Tribute Tour: Nordschleife 5:19

    It's like watching a video that's been slightly speeded up. I don't know how he has the balls to do that, I'm nervous just watching it.
  11. Can I come back and apologies

    Hi Howard I had no idea that you were battling this. I am however, glad to hear you gave it a run for it's money! Welcome back.
  12. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Neither can I! Long overdue......
  13. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Good job they worked well - cutting up my brand new seats was very nerve wracking! Should have had then cut in before they were upholstered but of course I ddn't even consider it until i tried the harnesses. First start will be very very apprehensive! I think I;m going to invest in a new fire extinguisher just in case.... I'll video it so when it does happen you can all watch the results, good or bad!
  14. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    A quick update - not that there is much to update on tbh. Final bit of dash wiring sorted (MIL wire). After sitting in the seats with the harnesses done up I decided that the waste straps coming over the side of the seats was not good for 2 reasons. Firstly it could move quite a bit and it would probably also wear / mark the side of the seat. So I decided to fit some grommets. Very nervous about cutting up m brand new seats. Needed to mark them, cut the fabric, remove foam and then cut the fibreglass shell. First grommets I tried were Corbeau ones (D on here https://www.corbeau-seats.com/product/seat-grommets/) but distance between the 2 'faces' was too big. I tried cutting them down and then gluing them in but didn't really work. One worked OK, the next just looked crap. So I ordered a set of Bride seat grommets. A et of 4 with postage from Japan was cheaper than a set of 4 Corbeau grommets! Ordered Thursday last week, arrived on Tuesday!https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302737892868 Much better for seats with a thin shell. They click together really well too. Finished them off today: Worked quite well I think. I have, however, managed to scratch the painted shells of the seats quite badly on one side and put a coupe of chips in the back of the other . Saving grace is that it will be impossible to see either when they are fitted, but I know they are there..... Finally got the oil cooler lines sorted. I had bought some Earl's Ultra Pro stuff that is super flexible but didn't look at the temp rating - which turned out to be only 125 degrees C! Had to but the bits from the USA, cheaper to buy from a retailer there than from Earls in the UK even with postage and custom charges added in! Anyway that was a waste of a couple of hundred quid....so I called Goodridge Direct. I got them to make be up the hoses I needed in 811 Stainless Teflon hose (which has a very small bend radius ) and put crimped on ends. Ended up cheaper than the stuff I bought form the US . So that was the oil circuit finally completed. More than enough slack to allow for engine movement! So I finally added some oil! - Millers Competition Running in Oil. Filler cap is a bit awkward to get to so have to use a funnel. About 6 litres so far. 5 directly into the filler and that showed up mid way on the dipstick. Then I disconnected the oil feed and return lines from the oil filter housing and put at least another litre in the lines. Filled into the lower line and the pressurised it a bit to get rid of some air before adding more. Pretty sure the lines and cooler are now full. Loom has been measured up and now being made. Plan is to get it fitted on the week of the 9th July, so might even see a first start that week if I'm lucky! But not sure whether the ECU map will be done by then. Need a map to get it started and then it will go for RR run in and mapping proper. Body fit August ish........
  15. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    So when you going to park it up and not drive it through fear of getting a stone chip on it.......

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