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  1. Nothing that snow chains and a skilful right-foot can’t cope with, Dunc!
  2. Now THAT I like…with yellow callipers, black leather and AMG 4-pot!
  3. Isn’t that the one that you ‘stole’ from me, Ray?😂😂😂 Thx for pics. Why couldn’t the doors be closed?!
  4. Is that a Ford Pilot? (Tho’ obvs with some induction assistance?!)
  5. Yep, I’ve got one (well, a complete set actually!)
  6. Nice work, Ray👍Some tasty kit there!
  7. Sure it’s not a squeaky bum!🏎👍
  8. I always loved the 1.5litre turbo F1 era…these jewels producing up to 1000bhp in race trim and supposedly up to 1500 for qualifying! I wonder what this is like inside?
  9. Great pics to record a brilliant day. Will poach a few, thx! I add a few of my humble snaps….
  10. I agree. I surprised myself on Sunday on the Classic Team Lotus visit…270 miles at the speed limit on fast dual carriageway/motorways (not my choice of Elise road but that’s the way Tom Tom sent me!) inc some ‘spirited’ driving for the last 25 miles home across the Peak District…..brim-to-brim refuel gave 52mpg!! From a 23-yr old S1 k-series with 63k miles roof off and windows down!
  11. So…as something of an NC500 expert…would you recommend! I’ve seen lots of reports of vast overcrowding on roads and beauty spots, not enough accommodation, every beach full with camper vans etc etc! Was thinking of giving it a go this year…any tips please?
  12. Couple being broken on eBay? I assume you’ve tried the usual SJ Sportscars, PNM Engineering, SW Lotus Centre etc
  13. Passed you on M6 northbound Staffordshire on Wed (not in Lotus). Nice colour…your Exige looked brand new?! Couldn’t make out what model as the spoiler confused me…tho’ I’m not fully up on all the Exige variants!
  14. Channel 4 17.45 Sat 17th July…Lotus-A New Dawn. Presumably the Evija/Emira story. Haven’t seen it advertised before so hopefully not a repeat!
  15. Yes agreed, tho’ it’ll be interesting to see what the ‘step-up’ premium will be for the V6
  16. Drop-dead futuristic looks inside and out! Two observations/queries(don’t recall where I read this?): Weight 1400+kgs-hardly Lotus-like? Why use the 360bhp AMG engine from the Merc A45…surely the A35’s 300bhp unit would have given a better entry-level and price?
  17. Here’s a snapshot for scenery and good, fast, relatively empty roads (but watch out for plod and cameras as NO leniency is shown to sassenachs!):- Leave M74 at Beattock and visit Moffat for refreshments. A701 to Edinburgh. Round bypass and over new Queensferry bridge then M90 to Perth. A85 thro’ Crieff to A82 at Tyndrum, then down thro’ Glencoe to Fort William. A82 to Inverness or the smaller roads on the south of Loch Ness. East to Elgin then south through Speyside on A95 to join A9 at Aviemore. Visit Pitlochry. Visit Stirling. Then if you’re heading back ‘down so
  18. Just finished BBC’s The Pact…not a bad drama…and it was nice to see that the brewery boss drove an Evora! It reminded me of other tv/film favourites…(shows his age here) The Prisoner’s Seven (KAR120C), The Avengers Europa and Elans, the Bond Esprits…but my personal favourites were the black and white Esprits in Basic Instinct! Whats yours?
  19. Also that you haven’t dropped any eg: coins etc under the seat!
  20. Check all undertray bolts!
  21. Sorry…couldn’t quite work out where the vid was filmed from! Have u got a shot from, say, a metre away for reference?
  22. Do you know what…I’ve actually thought that could be a way forward since the new all-electric future was announced. And particularly after noticing that Caterham have new Japanese owners.
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