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  1. NightHaunter666

    Tyre help please

    Yep I have the 205 AD08R on the front of mine, slight rubbing on absolute full lock, otherwise they're great.
  2. NightHaunter666

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    HAHAHA That's me at the end!! brilliant.
  3. NightHaunter666

    Is it still AD07 and AD08 ?

    I've got AD08R on all round for the summer months on my S2 Elise, been very happy with them. That's the 205 width (on 195 exige wheels) on the front, 225 at the back.
  4. NightHaunter666

    Good paint shops

    I've used Dr. Bodyshop in Nottingham, they operate from the same building as Central Lotus and handle their bodywork needs, so is familiar with Lotus materials, paint codes etc.
  5. NightHaunter666

    Bodywork Repair

    I've used Dr Bodyshop, operates from the same building as Central Lotus in Nottingham, does their bodywork repairs and has good access for paint colours etc. Fixed my bumper after i got hit by an uninsured rabbit.
  6. NightHaunter666

    If you didn't drive a lotus......

    Cayman GT4 would be the sensible choice, but i would love a Corvette Z06. That would be glorious.

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