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  1. I'm surprised by this. My battery was dead after about 2 weeks without using the car, so I got a CTEK for it. Got me to my trackday the next day, and it's still fit 3.5 years later. I'd say it's done the job well and postponed the cost of a new battery by a long time.
  2. I use a CTEK charger on my 111R, slotted this connector (supplied with the charger) onto the battery Same here! I do worry one day I'll set off with it still plugged in.
  3. For me, the difference is you can feel the rubber is still supple and keying into the tarmac when it's cold, where summer rubber would feel hard and wooden in comparison (i run AD08R). We did a spirited run through the peak district last week on a frosty morning, and it felt great. And i cleaned it after too.
  4. I have Alpin 4 on the front of my 111r, first thing i did when i got mine 4 years ago. Bridgestone winters on the back.
  5. Cayman GT4 would be the sensible choice, but i would love a Corvette Z06. That would be glorious.
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