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    Elise: Exige S Prem. Pack S/W. Evora: silver alloys + chrome badges (aka The GTE look!!).
  1. Welcome to Evora ownership - you'll love it, I'm sure. One of those extraordinary cars that can not only mop up huge distances with ease, but also instantly transform into a fantastically capable sports car, whenever you want! BTW I have a Venon Red interior and, whilst not quite as bright as Paprika, it does work really well with dark paintwork .
  2. Superb looking Exige mate - still one of the most successful facelifts that Lotus has ever done. Mine was a red one, reluctantly traded-in back in 2015, but have very fond memories of some fantastic drives through Wales (They do have a big appetite for rear tyres tho )
  3. Blimey, do you guys have grape vines growing on the car sales grape vine ?
  4. Sadly, I have to report that Hennessey has now ceased production of the much loved (and ever so slightly unhinged) Venom GT, but has bowed out in style with production of one last build (which is already sold, sorry guys) - The Final Edition.... http://www.venomgt.com/ The good news is that they already have plans for the Venom F5, an extraordinary piece of automotive art which, spookily, comes complete with the "new face of Lotus" from the pen of Donato Coco back in 2010 - yay!
  5. Welcome - there's a cracking article in this month's CAR magazine, comparing the Exige Sport 380 with many of the significant Lotii from the beginnings of time (starting with Guy Munday's S3 Seven). Amy (one of the featured owners) has provided her S1 Exige (with HPD K-Series engine) that she's owned for 12 years. There's a chuck away line that says she'd ask 35 grand for it to sell. It is original and bloody immaculate, so might be worth investigating?
  6. Oh dear, what a shame, I've decided to sell it now. Only joking - this one is for keeps - love it .
  7. Great news Phil - really pleased for you. And yes, those Recaros really are the best seats on the planet.
  8. Hi Phil, did you take a look at that Evora then? Looked mint in the photos, at least. I have to say that the SR does seem to be rock solid price wise, which is very good news for owners :-), but not so good for potential buyers :-(.
  9. Merry Christmas to all MLOCers everywhere And have a cracking 2017 (when it arrives)
  10. Yay - mine just arrived in the post. Thanks chaps - brilliant job, and really good to see the return of the spiral binding again. Can't wait for September next year though - best month of the year by far - ha!!
  11. Ha - you're never too old to enjoy a stonkingly good hot hatch (at least that's what I keep telling myself ). Good luck with the search. PS And just in case your numbers come up, I hear great things about the McLaren 570S and 570GT. Personally, I'd have the GT in this spec...... GENERAL • Model: 570S • Body Style: GT • Country: United Kingdom • Region: Europe PAINT • Paint: Elite - Vermillion Red WHEELS & BRAKES • Wheel Style: Super-Lightweight Forged • Wheel Finish: Silver • Brake Type: Iron • Calipers: Red Calipers with Black Logo • Tyre Type: Pirelli P ZERO EXTERIOR • Aero Blades: Carbon Fibre • Diffuser: Carbon Fibre • Door Mirror Casings: Body Colour • Wheel Arches: Natural Finish • Badge Set: Rocket Red • Side Intakes: Carbon Fibre • Door Insert: Body Colour • Side Skirts: Carbon Fibre • Exhaust Type: Standard Exhaust • Exhaust Finish: Silver • Front Splitter: MSO Defined Carbon Fibre • Rear Bumper: MSO Defined Carbon Fibre • Rear Wing: MSO Defined Carbon Fibre INTERIOR • Seat Style: Standard • Seat Type: Power Sports Seat • Interior Trim: Extended Leather • Trim Colour: Carbon Black • Headlining: Carbon Black Leather • Door Insert: Carbon Black Leather • Carpet: Carbon Black • Steering Wheel: Carbon Black Leather • Steering Wheel Stitch: Carbon Black • Tunnel: Carbon Black Leather Tunnel • Sill Finishers: No Sill Finisher • Facia Stitch Inner: Carbon Black • Interior Components: Black Sparkle Metallic • Seat Belts: Carbon Black • Seat Backs: Standard • Steering Column: Power Adjust • Facia Stitch (Outer): Carbon Black • Tunnel Stitch: Carbon Black • Console Lid Stitch: Carbon Black • Door Stitch Inner: Carbon Black • Door Stitch Outer: Carbon Black • Seat Stitching: Carbon Black • Seat Stripe Stitch: NA • GT Upgrade Pack ENTERTAINMENT • Audio System: Bowers & Wilkins Audio System SAFETY & SECURITY • Protection: • Volumetric Alarm Front and Rear Parking Sensors • Rear View Camera Include Parking Sensors • PRACTICAL • Practical: • Car Cover • Branded Floor Mat Set • Nose Lift • Owner's Manual: English (UK) • System Language: English (UK) Not that I've been researching it anything, honest guv!!!!!
  12. You could do a lot worse than to bag one of the very last RenaultSport Megane 275 Cup S. They are getting very thin on the ground now that production has ceased, but there are still a FEW brand new ones in stock up and down the country. A fully spec.ed up car with all the bits including Ohlins dampers, Akrapovic exhaust, mechanical LSD, and Recaro seats will be around 28K, maybe better if you can waggle a wad of cash at the salesman (ahem, salesperson!). I had two of these slightly unhinged monster hatches and enjoyed every single mile .
  13. If you advertise on a specialist club's site, then there is an implicit assumption that you can offer something special (i.e. highly competitive) for that particular niche group. I also took the advice given on YOUR site.... "75% of customers could get a cheaper quote over the phone* ....and so spent a significant amount of time on the phone providing all of the requested information. Then, right at the end, when I was asked what policy and associated premium that I'd found, I was simply told "we can't get anywhere near that". And that was that. As I said earlier... bloody useless.
  14. Anyone been delighted (or ******* annoyed) with their insurance quote recently? My Evora renewal came through last week and the cheeky ******* were asking for a 21% premium hike! And I have full NCD, no claims at all, clean licence, and full IAM membership! Needless to say I haven't accepted. But, after a couple a hours trawling the entire world wide web for a better quote, I got one for 11% less than their renewal price. Job done :-)). PS Adrian Flux were bloody useless, even after a very lengthy 'phone call, and confirmation of my MLOC membership!!!! Not sure why they're on MLOC at all.
  15. Somewhere between £1M and £4M per episode (according to recent interview)!!!!!!