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  1. 2ZZ Oil Filters

    Time Left: 1 month and 10 days

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    I have five genuine Lotus 2ZZ oil filters in the cupboard (B120E6277S), all brand new and sealed (plastic seal over the business end). I bought them from a Lotus main dealer during my ownership of 2ZZ engined Elises and Exige, but no longer need them (my current Elise has the 2ZR engine). The price is £9 (plus postage) per filter, or I'd sell you the lot for £40 (plus postage).


  2. Dilema

    Just a tiny bit of additional advice. I'd also drive a recent Elise 220 (any variant), back to back with an Exige 350. I think you'll find that the Elise feels very quick indeed, is beautifully light and balanced, has immense turn-in bite (especially with a little lift), and enough mid range grunt to bullet out of corners with that gorgeous low mass feel. And, after driving an Exige 350 on the Silverstone open day (and a car that I really wanted to like), I have to say that came away a tad underwhelmed. Compared to the Elise on a typical tight B-road, it just felt a tad unwieldy with that big, heavy V6 lump hanging out at the back, especially over mid-corner bumps (oooh, errr, mrs). And, of course, inside, it's exactly the same as the Elise. Having said that, I'd have a 430 tomorrow, or on the 25th (whichever is most convenient for Santa really ).
  3. 2020 Elise

    Blimey, calm down - keep your hair on mate. This is a bit fun, all done in his spare time!! Come on then, lets see YOUR contribution to a 2020 Elise thread. Are you up for that challenge?
  4. 2020 Elise

    I knew someone would spot that - doh!
  5. 2020 Elise

    Tis my son Richard - genius CAD bod - not a student but fully qualified designer. Created from scratch as a possible new direction for the 2020 Elise. That really will need to be special.
  6. 2020 Elise

    Wow, hot off the press, these early renders could be showing the 2020 Elise...
  7. Gauging interest

    Yep, I'd be up for this, having missed out on the LiTP run this year (for reasons that are too traumatic to go into here). Do you have any more info on possible dates? Cheers, Eric
  8. Brilliant day last Saturday at the Lotus Festival - yay! Highlights included: - that gorgeous September Evora (mine - ) - lots of Lotii - a stunning Evora GTE - my old Exige S240PP (sporting its original number plate - FJ11 EVF) - yet another stunning Evora GTE in JPS colours - a totally pornographic Exige 380 Cup (plus a signature low level shot) - lots of carbon on an Exige 380 Sport - some very special two wheeled Lotiii (and riders with sore bums - not entirely surprising with those razor sharp saddles!) - even more Lotii - tons of variety in a single shot :-) - and a couple of action shots - that guy in the 211 was on fire (not literally, obviously!
  9. Wow, September in the MLOC Calendar (at last) .
  10. Tern Link C7


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Tern Link C7 folding bike in immaculate, as new condition, complete with all documentation. Used for only a couple of months for the last leg of a commute on a previous (IT) contract. Specification... Physis 3D, 3D forged construction, 4 patented technologies Headset: Flux, cartridge bearings, dual-seal technology Grips: BioLogic Ergo, dual-density Kraton Rims: High profile, doublewall Front Hub: Mini, aluminum, QR Rear Hub: 7 spd, aluminum Spokes: Stainless steel, brass nipples Front Tyre: Schwalbe Citizen, 42-406, KevlarGuard puncture protection Rear Tyre: Schwalbe Citizen, 42-406, KevlarGuard puncture protection Saddle: Comfort Seatpost: SuperOversize, 6061-AL, micro-adjust clamp Seat Binder: SuperOversize, 6061-AL Please, no silly offers. To buy a similar Tern new will currently cost you well over £400!


  11. Exige s2 rears

    Chaps, Just gauging interest at the mo. I have a pair of S2 Exige rears in normal satin black Y spoke design with part worn A048 tyres. Before I bring them out of the garage for a photo shoot, would anyone be interested in purchasing? Pristine condition (what else could they be - they were spares from my Exige S240!!), so was thinking around three hundred notes for the pair. Just reply here (or PM me) if you'd like me to post the photos in this thread - or I could post them in a classifieds if you'd prefer. Cheers, Eric
  12. Elise -> Evora

    Love my N/A Evora! Did well over 300 miles over the weekend - up to Lincoln for Pistons in the Park on Saturday, and then in and around Silverstone on Sunday. Every mile feels special though, even when doing battle with Sunday drivers (there were loads out there on Sunday - grrrr). I've said it before (and I'll say it again - ha) - the sound and grunt of that V6 produces goose bumps like nothing else. It is also a genuine head turner and didn't feel the slightest bit out-classed in the supercar parking area down at this year's Goodwood FOS!!! Brilliant - thank you Lotus (and special thanks to Russell Carr for his great design work). PS Evora GT430 - wow - bloody superb - the best yet (imho). PPS Erm, I also love my Elise S - supercharged 2ZR - slightly unhinged but completely and utterly addictive. Longer geared than the 2ZZ screamers but with a fair bit more mid-range torque, so can do the motorway thing (if absolutely necessary) but is also damn quick and loves to play!
  13. Lotus bought by China's Geeley

    Can't wait to see how the new Elise is shapng up. Who knows, new investment from Geeley might just help accelerate (or at least solidify) the new model programme. And, if the new Elise is half as desirable as the 2010 Donato Coco mock-up, it'll be ultra desirable!
  14. Goodwood FOS

    Anyone else heading down south for the Goodwood FOS? We're going on Sunday 2nd July this year after discovering (shock, horror) that all the Saturday tickets had already sold out weeks ago. I also made the rash decision to buy a SuperCar parking pass too - yehaaa. Only trouble is, I'm not sure the Evora will enjoy being surrounded by filthy McLarens, Lambos, Porkas and Ferraris..... but, I guess we can give it a try and see how she gets on . Stand by for the photo diary!
  15. Lotus bought by China's Geeley

    I reckon that the back end of the Evora 400 reminds them so much of their beloved Volvo V40 that they just had to buy the company . Lets just hope that its a "hand off" majority stake and they'll let Lotus get on with it.

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