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  1. Good call. The first time I got totally blown away by the whole Lotus bug was back in 2006 when I test drove a N/A S2 Exige and then an S2 Exige S. I ended up buying the Exige S there and then, on the day!! The difference between the two is massive and, like Mr B says, that supercharger whine is very, very addictive :-)))).
  2. It's got a roof scoop too . Recent interview with JMG (after departing from Lotus) suggested that the next genuinely new Lotus will replace both Evora and Exige, but this doesn't look genuinely new (unless there are some very cleverly machined bits of Evora shaped polystyrene under that cover..... there's some clever kit in the Design Studio!!).
  3. Hmmm, interesting. Note the headline photo of the Donato Coco designed Elan - funny eh? Not even the mock-up Esprit 😄!
  4. You might be able to find an Elise SC for that sort of money. Had mine for three years and loved it to bits. You get the rev happy 2ZZ, but with the additional shove of a neatly integrated supercharger. Never had any heat-soak probs either. Also owned a 1.6 S3 for less than a year 'cause it was crap - one to avoid like the plague! My current Elise S (now known as 220 Sport) is a joyous little thing though. It's deceptively quick, loves to be revved out, and has the added bonus of very decent mid-range torque, thanks to the switch to the 2ZR (mit supercharger :-) ). It's just huge fun to drive - anywhere - love it!!
  5. Have you considered Reverie? They make superb carbon seats at various price points (ahem - none of which are particularly cheap), but this is one their finest motorsport seats for the Elise (and all Elise derivatives)... Reverie XC Carbon Ha - cancel this one - just seen your latest post!
  6. Ok thanks, good recommendation. And even if I could find the Pirellis, I reckon they'd be quite pricey anyway, so a full set of four PS4 might not work out much more expensive (ha - I've talked meself into it!).
  7. Probably because the Michelins are now the standard fit on all new Evoras.
  8. Anyone know here I can obtain new Pirelli P-Zero Corsa LSs for the rear of my Evora? 275 / 30 x 20. Lovely tyres but quite a soft compound. Alternative is an all-round replacement with Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss, which seems a bit of a shame 'cause the front Pirellis have loads of life left in them yet.
  9. Steve will travel just about anywhere to get your business. Both of mine were in Poole in Dorset!
  10. For PPF, you really can't get any better than the stuff that Steve Baker ( paintgard@live.com ) fits. I had front end kits fitted to both my Elise and Evora whilst they were still at the dealer. Here's the Elise immediately after Steve had worked his magic.....
  11. Evora would be favourite. If you can find a lightly used 410 then that would be the one to go for. Failing that, a low mileage Evora SR or Evora S SR (which have gorgeous, high spec. Recaros). Avoid the ugly 400 though.
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