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    That's very true, by more compact I was meaning the length more than anything.
  2. Phil S1

    Goodwood FOS

    You're welcome Dave. It'll be one hell of a long day but well worth it I'm sure πŸ™‚
  3. Phil S1

    Goodwood FOS

    Booked tickets for the Friday, going with Daveb99 in my Evora, booked into the performance car west car park too. Can't wait
  4. Phil S1


    I'm excited about it although I doubt I'll ever be in a position to afford a new one. From what I understand it'll share the same architecture as the Evora but be more compact and lightweight since it will only be a two seater. Styling derived from the Evija. Same Toyota V6 in manual and auto initially then followed up with a 4 cylinder turbo engine, possibly from the A35 Merc with 300bhp but dct only, no manual option. The tie up with Alpine will create an all electric version.
  5. Phil S1

    Goodwood FOS

    I'm still loving mine too Eric although it's not seen much use for a while obviously. I've just about forgiven you for not letting me prise yours from you now; the carbon grey and venom red combo in mine is wonderful but I still think Nightfall blue just tops it. There is nothing else out there to tempt me away from it so another keeper here too. Maybe after mid-day today that may change things in time, if I could ever afford a secondhand Emira that is πŸ™‚ https://drivingtomorrow.lotuscars.com/
  6. Phil S1

    Goodwood FOS

    Exciting times Eric. How's your Morse code? 😁 https://fb.watch/50nurvdn1q/
  7. Almost there now Leigh surely? It looks absolutely stunning, I love the seats.
  8. Thanks chaps, hopefully not too much longer now and we'll be able to get out and enjoy driving them properly again
  9. Me too, I had a diamond white 2.8i in the the late 80's, it was a bit of a step change from my 1256 Chevette
  10. Just for you then Dave, here's a couple in daylight, now that I've done polishing and waxing the bodywork 😁
  11. Thanks Dave πŸ‘ 1. Photos to see the full effect will have to wait until the next time I get out from the garage I'm afraid. 2. I'd love a GT410 sport but think this will be the nearest I ever get to owning one πŸ˜„
  12. I fancied fitting some GT410/430 style shark fin protectors to my Evora, I have to say this was for totally cosmetic reasons since the paintwork already has ppf applied in that area anyhow. Whilst aftermarket pairs of these can be readily bought on line I thought I’d save some money and cut some myself so ordered a small piece of protective vinyl to try. With us not being able to get out very much I’m not entirely sure what the texture of the genuine Lotus vinyl is like so can’t be sure how similar my piece of vinyl might be but I thought it was worth a try anyhow. The texture is very mu
  13. There are all manner of reflections going on there. No toilet, just a paper towel dispenser over the garage sink, in fact you can even so a picture of my old type 49 near there. Those hideous hinges are the reflection of the sectional garage door that was open at the time. Claying on its own won't make any improvement to the shine as you say, that's where the polishing comes in.
  14. Yes, me too. I'm giving mine a bit of a fettle just now and am more than happy with the results... The first time I ever clayed a car was a real revelation. A car park where I worked years ago used to get fallout from a nearby foundry when the wind was in the wrong direction. All the upper panels would end up with tiny specs of rust embedded in the paint. Claying it completely removed them and left a super smooth finish ready for polishing.
  15. That's fair enough Clive, I guess it depends on what condition your paintwork is in. If you only need to remove light swirls, improve the gloss and subsequently protect it with a wax then this is something that could be easily achieved on a diy basis. Paint correction of more major blemishes is where it can start to get tricky. On my own car there are a few marks that maybe could be fully removed by a professional but I'm not prepared to try and risk cutting through the lacquer.
  16. No, not on a professional basis Clive, I just like polishing and have a bit more spare time on my hands since taking early retirement 😎
  17. Dual action polishers are very forgiving so I'm sure you would be fine but having a garage certainly makes life so much easier. If you were nearer and we were out of lockdown I might have offered to have a look at it for you myself πŸ™‚
  18. Have you not considered having a go yourself? I've never tried ceramic coating but for a couple of hundred quid you could easily set yourself up with a good da polisher kit and wax to finish it off with. Much of the cost is the labour ultimately.
  19. Great to have you back again Luke πŸ™‚
  20. I 'drove' mine yesterday, about 2 feet forwards and back again...just to make sure the wheels still turned. I might have to do an essential supermarket run it in before long I've not used it properly since the Lower Damgate meet back in September last year
  21. Loving the colour change Scatty
  22. Just received mine. Unfortunately though I must issue an apology to Alex H as we have made an error for October. The photo in the calendar is one from last year rather than of Alex's. Sorry Alex, I'll try to make sure we use your image in next year's calendar.
  23. I think the answer to that one lies with the Royal Mail 😁
  24. I believe everyone should have been notified but I can confirm that those who had photos selected for this years calendar are as follows:- Steve J Gormski Morty PJT Duncx Eric Daveb99 Sammyg lotus111 Paul Smith AlexH RichEuropaS tron2k3
  25. The search function within MLOC is not the easiest to navigate to be fair. The easiest way to find your info would be to do a search on Google for 'midlandslotus.co.uk kmaps'. That should find you people's thoughts, good and bad. Happy Christmas πŸŽ„
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