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  1. I can hear mine squeak when I turn the engine off. Never concerned me. Perhaps it should.
  2. PJT

    Well Done

    Youngest since a Williams, youngest ever UK winner, only ever winner of any open to have come through qualifying, no sets lost….. these are preludes to the mark of a future tennis legend and hopefully a career of domination for well over a decade. I’ve not been so proud to be British since the 2012 opening ceremony. Well played Emma.
  3. I'm now sending all my Christmas presents for wrapping to you!
  4. Looks stunning in the sunshine. I picked up mine from CL and was hoping for the whole undercover experience. But it was just as good to walk into an empty hanger (sort of building) with it sat in the middle.
  5. Sorry to see you go, Adam, and never having seen the car.
  6. Just got a quote from Classic line, but have read that they don't carry forward no claims bonus, so you lose it all when you move elsewhere. Has anyone found this?
  7. Maybe many of you will have already seen this but.............. Pretty sure the speedo is in MPH. It looks other worldly. Uphill starts at 4:30 in. Not a fan of JWW, but not seen any in car footage before.
  8. PJT

    Back in Red

    Serious machinery. Can’t you get it for next Sunday???
  9. Thanks for the clarification Ray/Dunc. Next week😜🤪. Im so excited....I could wash a car!
  10. So the new badge is on the nose of the Emira!
  11. I am with Direct Line. They only know of the existence of the Exige S, so it wouldn't matter if I had an S or a 430!
  12. The Vents front and back look a bit cheap plastically on the video and website, I'd appreciate your feedback of the reality. Now, what colour to choose..............................?
  13. That’s a lovely looking Motor.
  14. I didn’t appreciate that the Exige hardtop was different to the current Elise’s (it’s different from the 2010 one I had, but thought it had just been updated). The seal is still not secure also I’m going to clean off the existing tape and replace with some number plate tape.
  15. Thanks. Sorted now, though it’s not needed to stop water ingress. Adam from Central Lotus says it’s to cut down on creaks etc. The diagram has the roof upside down I believe.
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