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  1. Great wheels Joe, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. If the cat in the picture is anything like mine, it’ll wait for the car to be spotless before walking over every panel with dirty paws. I honestly believe she aims to get every panel with the least steps. I actually found her sleeping in the passenger seat at the weekend, post wash. By the look in her eye and the speed of her movement, she know what was coming her way. Didn’t stop her curling up there 10 minutes later.😠
  2. PJT

    Driving Academy

    Shame that Steve. I’ve not come across any bad reviews. I know when I did a silverstone course the instructor was pretty direct and mildly abusive, but I learnt a lot, such as banging on the brakes is not a good idea! Not expecting friendly and nice. Hope to come away with more confidence.
  3. Carpet a bit of the wall. You’ll need at least 80% wool and a decent underlay. 🤪
  4. Easily. I reckon width wise you only need 240cm. Mine is 250cm. And I do fine. Length is also not a problem.
  5. PJT

    Driving Academy

    God knows, I need something to look forward to. 🙁
  6. PJT

    Driving Academy

    Took the last place on 9/10.
  7. PJT

    Driving Academy

    It’s an hour on track
  8. PJT

    Driving Academy

    It’s £399 and you get to drive someone else’s Elise around Hethel. 😂. Factory tour, Classics tour, and a lunch. Hopefully the lunch will NOT adhere to the Lotus philosophy of lightness! The driving is in the afternoon. These thing always have less track time than you’d want.
  9. PJT

    Driving Academy

    Booked myself into the bronze. Let the journey commence!
  10. Looks good in the picture. I believe the colour is one that sells quite easily. I free your quote is a couple of grand under. That era on elise were only made from 2008 to 2010. After that the engine changed. There are not too many about. Trouble with Lotus are that they are all individual and rare so I don’t think rarity commands too much premium.
  11. Driving it again looks to make you happy. Nice video
  12. Fun watch. Love hearing other people’s experiences.
  13. PJT

    Lotus Dealerships

    An Elise is ok in a garage, but an Exige really needs a padded cell! 🤣😂. Congratulations on your purchase. Great colour choice. Look forward to maybe seeing it one day.
  14. I’m loving the exige. Nice choice/ find
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