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  1. Drive fast, take chances!


  2. PJT


    Great stuff Kurt. It looks great. Shame that they have done such a prestige job and let themselves down by tearing a stick. Whoever put that on would have know what they did. Anyhow, it is great it’s back with you.
  3. PJT


    Your exigellence!
  4. PJT

    If you didn't drive a lotus......

    I used to have a Honda S2000. I still hanker after one at times, so I guess that’s my choice. I hanker after a BAC MONO too . Eeeek
  5. PJT

    Roof liner

    Hi guys, i took my hard top off today to get ready for the summer sunshine and I noticed the roof liner is saggy where I guess the glue has failed. I’ve already had a word with Sherwood restoration, near Southwell, but they are not interested in doing it. Has anyone faced this problem before and/ or can anyone recommend a place to get this put right?
  6. PJT

    Sat nav/Route planner

    Chris, that looks great. Are you using it without voice guidance?
  7. PJT


    Damn, you got some cool motors!
  8. PJT


    That’s a real shame Kurt. Don’t allow the insurance company make the decisions that are really yours to make, such as accepting any liability or not suing the third parties arse off if need be. A buddy of mine always involved a solicitor straight away. I thought it was an odd thing to do, but now, after a bit of bad experience, I think he was right.
  9. PJT

    Sat nav/Route planner

    Does anyone know of a good app to plan routes with. I want one where you can pick a destination then point and “pin” waypoints to keep you off motorway, away from built up areas/ traffic and on B roads. i’m on Apple
  10. PJT

    Missing My Car!

    When mine goes in, the garage have it usually from Saturday to Saturday. But this time with Snow and balls ups, they had it for a month. I found myself staring at the empty space in the garage. My son’s go kart actually ended up there as a symbol of a reminder. One of the first things I do when returning from hols is to go and say hello. Not saying it’s not sad Kurt, but your not alone
  11. PJT

    Door waist seals - any interest?

    Sorry Foxy, the old waist seals have already been binned.
  12. PJT

    Door waist seals - any interest?

    I have a quote from JCT600 for £45 each in 2016. Just paid £112 each!
  13. PJT

    Door waist seals - any interest?

    Foxy, I’ve just had mine changed. I’ll see if it’s not too later for the Garage to keep the old ones. They may have already chucked them

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