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  1. If you spend the money on a daily driver, it will soon become ordinary. Spend the money on a weekend toy, and drive an old banger everyday, it will always feel special. Plus, cos of the low use, depreciation is not a killer. I’ll opt for the nice unused car with a mediocre daily everytime.
  2. How old was the Elise? Comfort was greatly increased with the Probax seats. I am a bit on the heavy side (particularly after Christmas) and 6’2”. My right buttock aches after a long drive, but I would have to blame its size for that!. We’re they carbon fibre seats?
  3. That’s lovely. You must be so stoked
  4. Been out working on the 2022 calendar. I’ve heard winter shots are always in short supply.
  5. There is also a 2m gap between the seats, rather that 2cm! Merry Christmas to all. I'm looking for excuses for essential car trips over the festive period. Suggests welcome. I know Ray has formed a support bubble with one of Karl's Llamas, so that one is already taken. Thanks to all who put in so much effort to the club. Calendars, runs, running the site etc. It is a really good community to be part of.
  6. Oh Shit! ....................................On a completely unrelated matter, just thouht I'd add............those magazines under the mattress belong to my wife!!!!!😬
  7. PJT

    New Arrival

    Very pleased it’s sorted Adam. Hope to see it soon. It looks great
  8. They'll be 195/50's then, yes?
  9. Thank goodness for that Scott. The car badge needs to remain unchanged. So much history. So much heritage. I like the new logo on the paperwork. The two can, and were probably always intended to co-exist.
  10. 🤔😱 what have I done. He seemed nice and says such nice things!
  11. Thanks Scatty. You’re my new bestie!
  12. PJT

    It's Here...

    Tight engines will give poorer economies.
  13. PJT

    It's Here...

    I used to get 250ish The Exige, same size tank, around 180ish
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