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  1. PJT

    Empty hotel car park

    Empty car park........ powerful rear wheel drive car........... What happens next?
  2. In my mind, that’s a phenomenal distance to run. Best of luck in the run and the fundraising
  3. I’m so pleased you are having a better time with this one. Full points to you for sticking with the brand. How do your girls like it Adam? My lad prefers the Elise. He was never sick in that! I have to be careful driving the Exige when he is in it.
  4. That must go like a rocket 🚀 Scotty, you and your good friend Julian!
  5. Worst car dealer experience I ever had was in Porsche Nottingham. Never been in a Porsche dealer since. Lotus hits that spot for exciting road cars the are liveable with for some sacrifice. I guess it comes down to how you feel about that sacrifice. The Cayman S I drove was certainly a very impressive road car, but I opted for a more exciting drive and bought an Elise. So at some point, you’ll want to swap....but why? If your fed up with the noise and entry/exit, want to tour Europe, you’ll need something duller to drive and more comfortably (Porsche/MacLaren/Ferrari). If you wa
  6. It’s a secret, cos it’s damn embarrassing, but I’ve punched a 15cm hole through my sill when the car slipped off the Jack.  It cost £375 to repair and paint.  This was a place in Nottingham at the back of Central Lotus, organised through them.

    1. dobber82


      Thanks mate greatly appreciate this and  for telling me the price you paid for your repair.  I’ll contact my lotus garage 👍👍

  7. Very much so. Someone who knows what they are doing can lay some sheets over there. Leave the broken bit on. It shouldn’t be too costly either.
  8. Well, I am so pleased you are happy with your car. I know what you mean about where to go next, but if your happy, why worry? Your Orange 410 in lovely. Can't wait to see it. But if you still can not clear your mind, I have a one word recommendation.................. COLLECTION! You could look at adding the best examples of the S1 and S2 exiges. You could look at a model from each of the last 5 decades. You could get a dedicated track car. Even a type 49 in gold leaf livery. (probs my favorite lotus) When your happy with modern.....go old! I've al
  9. Careful with lifting all four wheels!
  10. Looks like a beautiful petrol station. Love the Reg!
  11. Do they make them for right hand drive. That would definitely get in my way.
  12. PJT


    Nice car after a long wait. Enjoy, and I will hope the weather forecast is good for the weekend.
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