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  1. The same engine is in seventh generation Celicas and some Corollas, it may help when looking for a replacement.
  2. Alex, It it looks and sounds great, The strap holding the car on the rollers looks a bit fragile I hope to see it on track sometime in the not too distant future.
  3. Nice looking car Alex
  4. My car is an early S2 Elise 190 K series ( 2003 ) which I think has the same oil cooler take off. If you can find out if it does I can remove the undertray and take some photos for you. AFAIK the cooler is long, linea & front mounted behind a front undertray similar to my S2. Again I don't mind taking photos if you find out that's the case. This shows the filter housing with the take offs : https://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=1671&MAK=1&MDL=16&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0 This shows oil cooler and pipe routing : https://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=1688&MAK=1&MDL=16&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0 Russ
  5. I have the Eliseparts rose joints and no increase in harshness that I noticed. They allow the wishbones to pivot smoothly up and down without the self centering you get with the rubber OEM joints. This is the kit : https://www.eliseparts.com/shop/steering-br-suspension-1/bushes-bearings/ep-tuning-wishbone-bearings/
  6. Leigh you may have been seeing high oil temps due to running on the dyno, the fans can never replicate the ram air from driving. There is bound to be some swarf in a newly built engine, the filter is doing it's job
  7. Kurt my thoughts are with you all, wishing for the best outcome for Amy.
  8. It does say 2001 model year on the cover which indicates K series cars, not easy to spot though
  9. russelld


    From the album: russelld

  10. russelld


  11. russelld


    From the album: russelld

  12. Just a thought Leigh, could it be the pulley ?
  13. A Caterham but I guess they wouldn't exist either
  14. Well done Jonny Bloody amazing what you have achieved with that old shed ( soz Mark ) Can I suggest you hold an open day where you provide coffee and bacon cobs so we can all come and have a nosey, in return we'll all dribble on your garage floor
  15. I don't like the way the lip of the higher trumpets slightly shrouds the lower trumpets with the unequal lengths as in the top photo. I realise that the higher ones are not sat on the TBs in this photo but I presume it would look similar in reality with unequal lenghth trumpets ? Have you got a solution for this other than cutting the lip to stop shrouding ? I would favour option 2 personally, I think this would also work better with whatever air filter you intend to use.
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