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  1. Time Left: 2 months and 19 days

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    Hi Folks, I hope you’re all well. A year after selling my S1 Exige there are various bits hanging around and I could use the space and cash. I’d need £120 for the following, as one job lot. All used unless specified. S1 Exige inlet duct, aluminium air box back. 3 headlamp covers, one cracked. S1 Elise/Exige rear undertray and diffuser, sealing tape for same, spare naca ducts x2, ball joint replacement tool, cat gaskets (new), brake buffer pads (new), clutch slave cylinder, track rod end, Scroth crotch strap, dash insert in red alcantara, lambda sensor cable insulation (new). Basically everything in the picture! Available for collection from LN2 4AR, I won’t split, but feel free to sell on what you don’t need 👍 Please call me on 07702094187. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you. Kurt.


    Lincoln , Lincolnshire - GB

  2. Leigh, despite my mickey taking on SELOC (ref NG, NG), I am in absolute awe with this build. You continue to do a great job, way beyond anything I’d be bothered with doing. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing the finished Strato’s.
  3. Very very exciting! How long will it take them Leigh?
  4. And it looks stunning! It's almost a shame to put the bodywork on, but I think thats my mechanical bias coming to the fore! Great work as ever Leigh.
  5. I genuinely cannot wait to see your car Jonny! My time at LiTP is limited to around one hour, I intend to spend 50% of that time hearing about your restoration journey and seeing the fruits of your labour. I can see me going through this in 20-30 years or so, when I’m retired and need a project. Roll on July 15th...
  6. A Ginetta G4. Or a warmed up 1275 MG Midget. It’s not about outright speed, it’s deftness allied with small proportions that floats my boat.
  7. Er, and my S1 Exige too! I guess mine will be usurped now, and relegated to the back row. 😩 I’m really looking forward to seeing yours Jonny, can’t wait!
  8. Phil, what manufacturer are the two 1/18 Strato's in the middle of your image? I like those.
  9. Wow! That looks amazing Leigh! I’m very excited for you, I’m looking forward to body on!
  10. I'm so in awe of your work Leigh. The dedication you're showing toward this project is amazing, AND you manage to hold down a day job. Your attention to detail is extreme, I can see there's no cutting of corners. I'm willing you to finish it, but at the same time I'll lament the loss of a wonderful thread. Well done.
  11. Well, I'd be honoured and privileged for that drive in it Leigh, I'm so thinking I need a little six cylinder action in my life. I'm really chuffed that you're paying attention to detail with it, it'll reap rewards later. I wonder if you've considered doing a photo diary of the build? What are the forums you've used for advice?
  12. I've got to stop looking at this thread Leigh! I'm watching way too much Stratos videos at the minute, I'll be in flares and rally jackets next... What have you found to be the most difficult to obtain and or expensive parts so far? Are you content with the build quality of the kit? How have you found having no build manual? I have to say I'm really looking forward to you getting it on the road, I bet it'll sound fabulous.
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