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  1. MLOC Evoras

    Mike, Your Evora looks stunning. I’m struggling to see it clearly on my phone but is it a 410? Do you miss any aspects of previous Lotus since getting your Evora? That’d be the car for me come the Lottery win!
  2. MLOC Evoras

  3. MLOC Evoras

    Have you Evora owners got pics of your cars?
  4. Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    That looks great, well done!
  5. One less VX220

    I’ve no sympathy for the driver, he made a bad choice. Shame the car got destroyed but better that than anyone got hurt.
  6. GEO

    Rob Boston in Gainsborough, he does race Lotus’ and did my Exige. Amazing work!
  7. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Very very exciting! How long will it take them Leigh?
  8. Love

    She didn't ask ..... In the bonnet vents, perfect for the kids....
  9. Love

    I’ve owned over 70 cars in 28 years of driving, 3 have been Lotus (Europa S2, Elise 111S, and Exige S1). Although the Exige has been in the cross hairs twice, I changed my mind when I realise it’s pretty much amazing in all respects. 7 years in, it’s still as lovely as ever. I may have said to the Mrs that if the house were ever ablaze, 4 souls and one car are coming out....
  10. Another New Lotus

    You’ve just made an S1 Exige owner VERY envious! I love your choice, well done!
  11. Well...

    Did you take any pictures of the car in the weather? What have you got?
  12. off to bed..

    Lots of aero addenda is there to reduce lift at speed, but the negative effect is increased fuel consumption due to drag.
  13. Lancaster photoshoot

    Fantastic shot! I really like that!
  14. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    And it looks stunning! It's almost a shame to put the bodywork on, but I think thats my mechanical bias coming to the fore! Great work as ever Leigh.
  15. Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

    I’ll give you that Lummo, but they do seem to recover in a shortish time frame.

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