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  1. KurtB

    [MLOC TV]Lotus Evija Launch

    Looks good. But then it should for the price.
  2. KurtB

    Rear lights New or Old

    From my perspective the original lamps suit the car best (sorry to be a pedant but light is something emitted from a lamp on cars). I think I just have a thing for earlier lamps, as I’m in the process of changing the tail lamps of my MG Midget to backdate it by 1 year to give it a 1969 look. Older is better....
  3. I acquired one of these polo shirts a few years back in a shady deal involving a 2bular voucher I won at the raffle draw that year at Chatsworth. I’ve made several requests (including to the supplier on MLOC) only to be ignored or at best “come and lead a group, and you’ll get one for free”. I don’t need to subject anyone to that experience, trust me. My initial request was for 7, all for me, one for each day of the week! Those who know me will know I’m not even joking! I’m willing to pay the going rate, I just really like them. But even one more would do, in Large, even if no one can help me get to my magic 7. Please please please can anyone help? I promise not to wear it on the run, I don’t want to be labelled an imposter, I just REALLY like them. Please....
  4. KurtB

    Blyton Park

    I seem to remember doing it in 1:17 on a sprint day. My mate did it in 1:12 in his very potent hill climb Sprite. I went for a pax ride but it was like being on a smashed tea tray with stone wheels, pretty raw!
  5. KurtB

    Angles of entry...

    As strange brew said, approach at 45 degrees not 90 to the kerb. Borrow a car first explaining it’ll make your decision easier.
  6. KurtB

    Elise cabin filter?

    Don’t Eliseparts do those little mesh things that cover the intakes? Maybe long discontinued...
  7. The size of my rumour is quite considerable 😕
  8. Size 12 here, and broad. I wear Merrell Bearfoot shoes. In fact they’re the only shoes that work for me in the Exige, others rub the steering column! Try some silicone spray on that clutch pedal hinge.
  9. KurtB

    Europa S Owners.

    Hi Rich, Thank you for that, just the kind of info I was after. I’m not on Facebook, but I suppose I could join if I was ever in that position. Have you enjoyed the ownership experience?
  10. KurtB

    Europa S Owners.

    Hello peeps, I was just wondering if there are any Europa S (2006 onwards) on MLOC? I've seen a few cars at LiTP and wonder what they're like to live with, what parts are tricky to get etc. Just idle thoughts you understand..... Many thanks, Kurt
  11. KurtB

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    This is what I like about MLOC, lots of support for fellow owners. Keep the car Greg, if you can.
  12. KurtB

    Winter work.

    I’m yet to get the trolley jack out, but the notebook and pencil are ready for the snagging list. So far, I’m doing engine mounts, speedo sensor, wheel arch liner (if I can find one that’s not extortionate), washer jets, alternator rectifier and anything else I spot while doing that little lot. Like many folks I’ll have to fit it in around other jobs created by the long haired General... 😊
  13. KurtB

    MLOC Evoras

    Thats lovely Eric. As I'm new to Evora's please can you tell us more about it? I like those wheels! Thank you, Kurt
  14. KurtB

    Service help required

    Another vote for Rob Boston! Gainsborough.

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