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  1. off to bed..

    Lots of aero addenda is there to reduce lift at speed, but the negative effect is increased fuel consumption due to drag.
  2. Lancaster photoshoot

    Fantastic shot! I really like that!
  3. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    And it looks stunning! It's almost a shame to put the bodywork on, but I think thats my mechanical bias coming to the fore! Great work as ever Leigh.
  4. Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

    I’ll give you that Lummo, but they do seem to recover in a shortish time frame.
  5. Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

    I got my tiles from Duramat. They’re based in Essex I think. Good to deal with, I’ve no complaints.
  6. Ferrari 512S Modulo Pininfarina

    Erm, each to their own, but I’m afraid nostalgia is a big thing for me.
  7. Ferrari 512S Modulo Pininfarina

    Very cool! Is it the real deal? I had a Matchbox one too!
  8. Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

    I went for interlocking tiles too, and as Adam says, I'm expecting some insulation properties this winter. You'll have to excuse the mess, we're DIY'ing at the moment...
  9. Best Car!

    Brilliant! I've got a Midget (a recent, covert, unauthorised purchase), and the only prize it'd win would be "Best Purchase by a Blind Man". Well done that man!
  10. Front-end respray S1 Elise Worcs

    I'm going to recommend Option 1 too! The paint is flawless after my recent bump, and option one will charge you around £900 for a front clam repaint. That's what the proprietor (Frank) told me in April 2018.
  11. Smash!

    And yet again, it’s looking like things are on the up. Fingers crossed.
  12. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    I quite like the M2. It's small, looks aggressive and no doubt a quality product with lots of kit. The one thing I REALLY dislike though is the stretch of the tyre sidewalls, particularly noticeable on the front tyres. It looks SO awful and I can't help thinking that (as I wouldn't get exclusive use of such a toy), the wheels would be kerbed in no time. If only tyres would go back to higher profiles with a bit of a bulge to the sidewalls. I'm sure the camaraderie on the M2 forums won't be a patch on MLOC, but this may not be a factor to you. Enjoy your purchase Ian, and we'll see you back before long.
  13. Spa Historic 2018

    Hi Foggy, Spa Classic is an annual event and we’re going next year too. After that, we’ll alternate Le Mans and Spa. Its still a trek to Spa, but yes definitely a shorter trip. I really like the Euro trips, plenty to see and as long as you’re near the circuit, they’re very atmospheric. Looking forward to seeing your pics!
  14. Wing Commander Tom Neil - RIP

    I met Tom Neil too, whilst serving on BBMF. He seemed a good sort. RIP, Sir.
  15. Smash!

    It’s taken a turn for the better.

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