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  1. Smash!

    Thank you Martin, that's very kind. I did ask Frank about that, and he said he'd run me to Bromsgrove station, so I think I'm sorted. Thank you very much for your offer though.
  2. Smash!

    I spoke with Frank yesterday and I’ll be driving it to Option 1 on Friday. It’s going to be tricky keeping my nose out, but I’m going to give them details of its geo, where the undertray, longeron and wheel arch liner are available from etc. Do I then just sit back and wait for the phone to ring? I’m both excited and really nervous, I really want it to be right. I feel there’s lots of trust going on here and sincerely hope I’m singing the praises of Option 1 in a few weeks. Roll on the day it’s ready...
  3. Smash!

    You’re a good man Jonny, thank you. I’ve a custom undertray that clears my 2bular that got distorted in the collision, but I’ll see what the body shop say about that. Honestly, the things I find as I look around it make quite a magnificent list of faults. It’s not going to be a five minute job fixing it.
  4. Smash!

    Hi Andy, I’ve tried without success to upload images, but the ones I have are light grey. Either that or a (preferably) a mid grey would be really good please. Please let me know how to pay you via PM. Thank you, Kurt
  5. Smash!

    Thank you all for your supportive words, and advice. I’ve fitted new toe link ends today, covered the damage in aluminium tape and noted further damage (rear longeron, exhaust cut out impacted by exhaust, filler cap eccentric in recess), but I’m not too concerned. I texted the witness earlier to thank her for her cool calming manner and assisting me with what to do at the scene, and generally making sure I was OK. She really made me feel better. She responded this evening and was glad that I was ok, thought the other driver made a reckless manoeuvre, and said I handled it very gentlemanly. I’m so glad I asked her to act as a witness, it’s heartwarming to know that she continues to be supportive and acknowledges my innocence. It’s ready to go now, as soon as Option 1 can take it. I hope that day comes soon....
  6. Smash!

    Well, I’ve been onto my insurance and they believe it’s the 3rd party fault. They’ve also given the go ahead to choose my own specialist, and I think I’m going with Option 1. I chatted to Frank this morning, so hope it can get sorted quickly. Thank you all for your advice and help, it’s starting to feel a bit less galling. Cheers, Kurt
  7. Smash!

    Thanks Dean.
  8. Smash!

    Dean, No apportioning of blame or guilt was done. I yelled expletives while the car pirouetted around me, steered into it, and may have mentioned faeces a few times before I got out of my car. Upon walking up to the other car, I asked if the driver (young lad) and his mum (front seat pax) and rear seat pax (female) were OK, I was dead calm. A witness stopped (lady in her late 50's I'd say) and offered support. I think they all thought I'd be raging, but was utterly ambivalent about the whole experience, no point crying over spilled milk etc.
  9. Smash!

    The full brunt is coming now, I'm absolutely gutted, but thanks to this thread feeling like there's light at the end of the tunnel. I'm so inexperienced with these things (mercifully), I'm not sure how to play it. So, I called my insurance immediately (REIS) but in the stress of it all just kept pressing options. Got through to a human, and given their claims hotline number, who were totally cold cos they aren't open on Saturday. Got the car recovered, via AA through our bank account. Since then, nothing, but now it's at home, I've taken video and stills of the damage, and removed the rear wheel to assess the toe link. Luckily it's just the outer bolt that's sheared, the shims have gone, and there's a little rubbing to the chassis from the tyre. A known list of damage stands at: 1. Pax door skin, trailing edge, latch/lock mechanism mounting holes (stress cracking). Window stiff to wind up/down. 2. Nearside sill, punctures just before rear clam join. 3. Rear clam leading edge to rear nearside wheel arch. Broken at mounting points in wheel well, and at under tray mounts. Rear arch liner split. 4. Rear Spitfire toe link bolt (did it's job and cost pence). 5. Rear nearside wheel, scuffed/chipped. @ndy, I may need some new rim stickers! If Option One repaired THAT much damage on your car, I'm impressed! So do I call Option One on Monday? Do I call their insurance AND mine? Please help guide me, I just want my car to be right. Thanks again guys, it really means a lot. Kurt
  10. Smash!

    Hi Martin, I suspect it’ll be an insurance job, just waiting for recovery now. I was on traveling toward Lincoln, from the Newark bypass. I was in the right hand lane, taking the second exit. On the roundabout the car in the left lane decided to overtake the slower moving car in front of it, and moved into my near side as I exited the roundabout. Absolutely nowhere to go, other than the kerb, so elected against that idea! The collision spun me through 180 and has sheared the Spitfire toe link bolt (happy about that doing its job), and damaged the sill, door and rear clam. Totally crestfallen, I’ve literally just collected it from Unit 4.
  11. Smash!

    Well, that hasn’t ended well! Picked up from Gavs, all going so well, then at Newark another driver attempted to change lanes on a roundabout. Gutted isn’t the word. So who are we recommending for body work?!
  12. Missing My Car!

    I’m so glad I’m not alone in this! Thank you all for your support and an insight into your thoughts. I’ve been away on a family holiday, but today’s the day I get on that train to Burton to pick it up! To say I’m excited by that is an understatement, I’ve been awake for an hour already! I chatted with Gav yesterday to make sure all’s well, and we’re good to go. I’m very excited, time cannot pass quickly enough until I’m in it again. Oh, how I love my little Exige!
  13. Geo - where?

    If HPE isn’t too far Dave, take it there, I hear good things. Mine went to Rob Boston Racing near Gainsborough, out of this world!
  14. Missing My Car!

    Is that to me Dean? If so, I’ll pick it up on Saturday. I’m glad it’s not just me fellas, thanks for understanding :-)
  15. Missing My Car!

    Evening All, This is a new phenomenon for me, and I’m only posting as I wonder if anyone else has felt similar, because what I’m about to say sounds a bit sad. I’ve owned my S1 Exige since 2011, and since then have maintained it myself, as close as is appropriate to the Lotus service schedule. In that time I’ve relied on a specialist for a geo, having the cambelt done at the same time. At that same point, they noted “the verniers are waaay out, it shouldn’t even run, but obviously does so we just locked it all up, changed belts and prayed”. It ran, the geo was better and I drove away. Later, it went to Emerald for a remap, I wanted the Scholar Evo II to be more driveable and less peaky. It was going fine until a CV boot let go onto the manifold, then WOOMPH! CV grease and a cherry red manifold equals instant fire! Put that out, returned after repairs (bought a cheap aftermarket weak CV boot, which was foolish), and went home again having not finished the mapping satisfactorily. Still, it’s still quite nippy. After those incidences, it’s had tyres and further geometry checks done, but all the rest has been at my own hands. Servicing, component replacement, full suspension overhaul, brake and exhaust replacement, etc etc etc. On Friday I took it to our favourite specialist to do an engine service and the reason I’m posting this is: I MISS MY CAR!!!! I often say that it’s the fifth member of our family but I’m not going to see it for a week and it’s making my chest hurt! I imagine I’ll get some stick for this (not as much as in other forums I’d expect), but am I alone in my phenomenan of petty grieving?? Has anyone else felt something similar? Go gentle....

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