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  1. KurtB

    My Little Girl.

    We arrived home yesterday evening to find Amy’s bedroom made over by a small team headed by my best mates wife, People are really amazing! I’m struggling to text as in a bit of pain and only one lazy eye with which to see. Ihad an eye op in QMC to correct a squint and they said it’d hurt for 2 days and uncomfortable for 5, and that seems to be panning out as predicted! Still it’s not a patch (geddit??) on what Amy’s been through, so I’ll man up 😊 She has a very tight top lip, but no upper lip so the reverse face lift was a huge he success. There was no tracheostomy and no lip stitching so she can breath and eat normally (though I’m feeding her from a baby spoon again). Back to QUEENS on Tuesday to talk about stretching her top lip and talk about how further reconstruction will take place over the coming years. Again, I’d like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to you all for such kind words deeds and gestures. you are wonderful people and appreciate everything you’ve done for us. Naturally I’ll keep updating the thread as and when, but right now I’ve got to return the oitnof hours cuddles I’m getting from Amy. Thank Tou Kurt x
  2. KurtB

    My Little Girl.

    Amy update from last night: Amy went into theatre later than planned at 12.30, very happy giggling and chatting. We were called back at 4pm to see our two main surgeons. There were pleased with the surgery but it had not progressed as planned. Once they took the crescents from either side of her nose they were able to close the gap above her lip. They are seeing this as a big success. The next step would have been to do the lip switch, however the very small size of Amys new mouth meant that a tracheostomy would have been necessary. The consensus of the team was that this would not be in Amys best interests. So the lip switch has not been done, and instead we will now wait for the stitching to recover and there will be follow up lip switch/cosmetic surgery once we see how this turns out and also with Amy doing ‘lip stretching’ exercises. Short term she has a very small upper lip, making her lower lip disproportionate. The shape of her cheeks and lower face has also changed, and there is stitching around the bottom and sides of her nose as well as one scar from nose to lip where the join is. The down side is that we will be back for further major surgery at some point in the future, maybe 1-2 years. The up side is that the further intervention was limited, Amy does not have her lips stitched together, and there is a good chance we can be home sooner to speed recovery. We will of course have a period of adjustment to Amys very small mouth, but we support the decision made by the team to postpone the lip switch work until this healing is secure. Amy is subdued but well in herself, watching a film and daddy has just fed her some weetabix. We feel worn out but relieved. More work another time, but today she is safe and well. And from this morning: The start of a new day for Amy. After her enforced pre op starvation yesterday morning, Amy enjoyed weetabix, coco pops, yoghurt and noodles before sleepy time. So, nothing wrong with her appetite (she likes her food so it’s a good indicator of how she’s feeling). Hourly observations during the night, but apart from one of her meds alarming at night which roused her, she was absolutely out like a light! I must confess that I just had to check her a few times to see how she was, but all is well. We’ve played a card game this morning and put on The Nutcracker DVD, and she’s ready for Weetabix when I left for the hotel to freshen up. Since the op, she has a very tight “moustache area”, but no upper lip as such. It’s taped over at the moment to protect the stitches from food detritus, but the dressing will be changed today as it’s a bit crusty. Feeding is with a baby spoon, but it’s all going in! I’m so proud of my little girl. I did manage to find a few minutes for a snooze this afternoon, in my favourite polo shirt....
  3. Hello Everyone, I was asked by someone on SELOC to post my news here, to aid fund raising for the Queens Medical Centre (Nottingham) Paediatric Child Care Unit (QMC PCCU). On 25th August we (my wife Helen, youngest daughter Amy (6) and I) visited Amy’s godmother and partner for a little boat trip on their canal cruiser and evening BBQ. After a full day cruising small tributaries in Lincolnshire under the sun, we went back to their place, let the dog out, lit the BBQ and cracked open a beer. The day was blissful and the company sublime. We had a burger and the sausages were on. About 2 hours after cruising, we were really relaxed. I noted Amy squatting next to the dog (a staffy) saying lovely things with her arm across its muscular shoulders before it turned and tore off her upper lip. We were all within 10 feet and in clear sight of the incident. We all witnessed the attack, the guttural scream, and the blood. I reacted instantly, compressed the wound, told the godmother to call the ambulance, reassured Amy that she had a cut lip. Shock cut in and as we made the journey to Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham (a journey of 1.25 hours as the air ambulance wasn’t available), my daughter lay on my lap looking into my eyes. I smiled and smiled talking about our recent holiday to Tenerife and the fun we had in the pool, her eyes were glazed. Without going into too much detail, Amy underwent emergency surgery to reattach the recovered lip, and heavily sedated. She was in this state as the consultant was only able to connect one artery, one vein and leaches (yep, leaches) took away the excess blood. At one point she stopped breathing and we feared the worst. The result of the operation was unsuccessful and on 06/09/19 the dead lip was removed in the second surgical procedure my girl has endured. After a period of coming down off the drugs that kept her sedated, we left the QMC on Monday 9th Sept. We’ll be back on the 17th for corrective surgery including a reverse face lift to give her some skin to join under her nose, and 1/3rd of her lower lip flipped up to help the 80% of her upper lip that was taken away. She’ll have her lips sewn together for at least 3 weeks, her head bandaged to stop her attempting to open her mouth, a tracheostomy, and be unable to speak. Her lips will then be separated and we can come home. There'll be lots more surgery to come over the next 20 years (that's how long we'll be on the consultants books), to reduce scaring and give her a larger mouth if possible. It’s all truly heartbreaking..... My workmates have started a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the utterly amazing support Amy received whilst in the QMC children’s intensive care unit. I can’t imagine she could be in better hands, I owe them so much. The link is below and I'm happy for the link to be shared, but not the above story, as I don't need Amy to be part of a media circus, and there'll be a criminal investigation launched regarding the dogs (unbeknown to us) multiple incidents. Please believe me that the people who work at the PCCU do remarkable things every day, and anything you can afford to give will go towards supplies and equipment for the unit. My wife (Helen) and I are going to contribute directly to the staff's Christmas function and also get hampers for the staff who'll miss the function as they'll be working. I hope none of you or your families need the services they provide, but if they do, they'll be great hands Kindest Regards, Kurt Barker www.gofundme.com .. ;utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  4. Wheel 3 for me Kieran.
  5. Looks good. But then it should for the price.
  6. From my perspective the original lamps suit the car best (sorry to be a pedant but light is something emitted from a lamp on cars). I think I just have a thing for earlier lamps, as I’m in the process of changing the tail lamps of my MG Midget to backdate it by 1 year to give it a 1969 look. Older is better....
  7. I acquired one of these polo shirts a few years back in a shady deal involving a 2bular voucher I won at the raffle draw that year at Chatsworth. I’ve made several requests (including to the supplier on MLOC) only to be ignored or at best “come and lead a group, and you’ll get one for free”. I don’t need to subject anyone to that experience, trust me. My initial request was for 7, all for me, one for each day of the week! Those who know me will know I’m not even joking! I’m willing to pay the going rate, I just really like them. But even one more would do, in Large, even if no one can help me get to my magic 7. Please please please can anyone help? I promise not to wear it on the run, I don’t want to be labelled an imposter, I just REALLY like them. Please....
  8. KurtB

    Blyton Park

    I seem to remember doing it in 1:17 on a sprint day. My mate did it in 1:12 in his very potent hill climb Sprite. I went for a pax ride but it was like being on a smashed tea tray with stone wheels, pretty raw!
  9. As strange brew said, approach at 45 degrees not 90 to the kerb. Borrow a car first explaining it’ll make your decision easier.
  10. Don’t Eliseparts do those little mesh things that cover the intakes? Maybe long discontinued...
  11. The size of my rumour is quite considerable 😕
  12. Size 12 here, and broad. I wear Merrell Bearfoot shoes. In fact they’re the only shoes that work for me in the Exige, others rub the steering column! Try some silicone spray on that clutch pedal hinge.
  13. KurtB

    Europa S Owners.

    Hi Rich, Thank you for that, just the kind of info I was after. I’m not on Facebook, but I suppose I could join if I was ever in that position. Have you enjoyed the ownership experience?
  14. Hello peeps, I was just wondering if there are any Europa S (2006 onwards) on MLOC? I've seen a few cars at LiTP and wonder what they're like to live with, what parts are tricky to get etc. Just idle thoughts you understand..... Many thanks, Kurt
  15. This is what I like about MLOC, lots of support for fellow owners. Keep the car Greg, if you can.
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