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  1. I'd be up for it too Alex, date dependant....
  2. I got mine from Demon Tweeks. Amazing they were better value than Camskill when I ordered from the DT eBay shop! Good luck.
  3. Yes, I see it quite often Dean, he comes into Lincoln on the Horncastle road. I think I may need to leave a note on his screen to ask about his ownership experiences.
  4. After our little trek to Keddleston, and admiring Excels there, I'm looking more and more at the Excel SE and thinking I'd like a second Lotus in the garage. The only way to have endorsement from the boss is to know it's not "too heavy to drive", or an unreliable money pit. Have any MLOC drivers done similar? Can you offer any pearls of wisdom? Apart from the General car stuff is there anything in particular I should be looking out for? Cheers, Kurt
  5. Damn it Reg! So close, but so far. My youngest is having a ballet practice and performance this weekend, and I really wanted to go to Woodhall. Have fun matey.
  6. I'll tell you what matey, I'm utterly relieved I didn't sell it! The miles are going up, but so are the smiles. I'm really happy with it, and its getting given the beans nearly every weekend and the odd trip to work in the week. I'm not bothered about the naysayers or the value, it's a machine to be driven and enjoyed, and I'm enjoying it as Lotus intended.
  7. Ooh, I know, I know. They sell for whatever people will pay! Do I get a prize?!
  8. I'm not sure if we have the history channel (we have freeview), but I'm interested. I have to admit to be less keen on Suggs, but at least he has a general interest in programs like this.
  9. You're so right Kieran, amazing now, never mind for the time. Read about the Bell X-15. Just check its speed against that of a rifle bullet! Amazing times! Oh, and Concorde is still unrivalled, that was amazing too!
  10. Thanks Leigh. I'm having a bit of a funny year to be honest, busy with the kids, changing jobs, moving house (if the chain doesn't break), me and Mrs B like ships in the night and life in general being busy. I say every year that "I'll give it a miss this year" and every year Helen gets us tickets for my birthday, and I'm always grateful that we go! This year, I've said that we should definitely give it a miss! Similar with LiTP, I'm relishing time with my family, so I'll sit it out. I hope you have a good time, it looks to be a good one!
  11. That's correct Leigh, they are the main spar pintle pins. They're tapered bolts that attach the wings to the carry through spar which in turn attaches to frame 5 of the fuselage. In short, the main structural area of any Spitfire. Frame 5 also normally holds the manufacturers identity to that particular airframe, very often hidden between skins. If you've got one in your loft, frame 5 can be very valuable! Rocketeer (glad to see your username back :-)), the wing root fairings have been removed, allowing access to pintle pins, coolant ducting, control runs and extensive electrical cabling. Just thinking about all this lot again makes me miss it. I so enjoy explaining the engineering to others, it's all a bit clunky on a forum. (And I'm in fear of coming across as an anorak).
  12. I'm now thinking its AR213 (G-AIST), def not a Mk5. The 'hinges' you see Rocketeer are the emergency canopy release, which sheds the Perspex from the frame. The pointy bit at the front is called a spinner, good spot on the colour! MkI and MkII (Roman numerals until twenty series), are very similar, indeed AR213 is a MkI and a newer machine than the earlier serialed MkII that is P7350.
  13. Hi Leigh, Yes, P7 is the BBMF MkIIa. It's arguably the oldest (most original) flying Spitfire in the world, with continued provenance from new in 1940. When I worked on it, there were a couple of bullet hole patch repairs evident, but as P7 was reskinned a couple of years ago, these have been lost. Still, a quite beautiful machine, if baby Spits are your thing.
  14. That looks incredibly like P7350 (MkIIa) to me. Naturally I could be wrong.
  15. That winter time drive in the snow! Russ was in his porsche, Scatty was in Kermit. I loved that run in the peaks...