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  1. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    I quite like the M2. It's small, looks aggressive and no doubt a quality product with lots of kit. The one thing I REALLY dislike though is the stretch of the tyre sidewalls, particularly noticeable on the front tyres. It looks SO awful and I can't help thinking that (as I wouldn't get exclusive use of such a toy), the wheels would be kerbed in no time. If only tyres would go back to higher profiles with a bit of a bulge to the sidewalls. I'm sure the camaraderie on the M2 forums won't be a patch on MLOC, but this may not be a factor to you. Enjoy your purchase Ian, and we'll see you back before long.
  2. Spa Historic 2018

    Hi Foggy, Spa Classic is an annual event and we’re going next year too. After that, we’ll alternate Le Mans and Spa. Its still a trek to Spa, but yes definitely a shorter trip. I really like the Euro trips, plenty to see and as long as you’re near the circuit, they’re very atmospheric. Looking forward to seeing your pics!
  3. Wing Commander Tom Neil - RIP

    I met Tom Neil too, whilst serving on BBMF. He seemed a good sort. RIP, Sir.
  4. Smash!

    It’s taken a turn for the better.
  5. Smash!

    Thanks guys, all appreciated. Russ I’ll get into that if the new current information fails to get the result I need. I called my insurer today, I explained before I started I was STILL livid, and was likely to get prickly. Long story short they informed me that the third party claimed I moved across them(!), which is an utter lie, and that they’d sent 3 info packs out to the witness, but had no response! I called the witness, having her details still in my files. She was sooooo amenable, apologised massively for not getting into it, and did it promptly. It’s now in the post. So fingers crossed, again. Breathing a little easier now, I can’t believe the rage I felt at the unjustified and unsatisfactory conclusion the insurers were going to come to. Cheers, Kurt
  6. Smash!

    There is an independent witness. I wrote a quick but snotty email back. The frustration is huge. I’ve said I’m not accepting 50/50. Still livid.
  7. Smash!

  8. S1 Under Seat Carpet

    After my recent foray on track at Blyton, I’m at the stage where I need some carpet under the seats in the Exige. It only takes 1 pence to cause annoyance, but it also curtailed my fun for a little while. I don’t want to buy a whole carpet set, and maybe it doesn’t even need to be carpet, but where should I be looking? The interior and foot mats of my car are bright red, but as the areas seen through the seats are so minimal, I guess black will do. Over to you guys. Thank you, Kurt
  9. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    I genuinely cannot wait to see your car Jonny! My time at LiTP is limited to around one hour, I intend to spend 50% of that time hearing about your restoration journey and seeing the fruits of your labour. I can see me going through this in 20-30 years or so, when I’m retired and need a project. Roll on July 15th...
  10. 3mm Allen key redundant.

    Oh my goodness! What have people told you about using tools?!?! Now, get onto home start before something gets damaged ?
  11. Gav Unit 4. Totally Lotus Content.

    I can well imagine how pleased you were! You’re going to love driving it (as long as you’re not like me: “Ouch, that’s a stonechip”, “ that’s going to be expensive”, “Oh my, I’m killing this car, what about the value”?) I got over all that, and now just drive it. I hope you do the same. See you at LiTP?
  12. Gav Unit 4. Totally Lotus Content.

    Sometimes, just sometimes, I really regret posting stuff on Internet forums! I’m so pleased for you Jonny! It must be so satisfying to see it come to life. I echo the thoughts of others though, it’ll be dirty in no time, but don’t let that put you off using it! Is that a 2bular exhaust tailpipe? I had one similar but it wasn’t square in the clam slot. Jim swapped it out for an oval pipe, and after a bit of fettling it fits a treat now. Im looking forward to seeing your car, are you still on for LiTP?
  13. Farewell, but not goodbye.

    What a handsome beast, and so’s the car! Good choice scatty, and as you say, you’re not really leaving, it’s a Lotus at heart. Now, don’t go anywhere just yet, we may need to put our keys in a bowl.... ....just to try each other’s out, you understand :-)
  14. Smash!

    Thanks for your kind words, leg pulling and advice folks, This forum is a damned good place to be. I've contacted Frank this evening and hope he comes good. I'm wanting the U replaced, I decided it'd bug the living bejesus out of me! In better news, it drives exactly like it did before the accident, which suits me down to the ground. I went for a spirited drive last night on local roads and it really made me smile. It's amazing how much a car can get under your skin, play with your emotions and give so much elation. It's good to have it home! Right, so it's got Martin's LoT track day at the end of June, LiTP in July, now I've just got to keep it unbent in the meantime..... Thank you all, Kurt
  15. Smash!

    Bloody Hell! Are you and the family OK? Jag insured/recovered/modern or classic? Scumbags....

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