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  1. That winter time drive in the snow! Russ was in his porsche, Scatty was in Kermit. I loved that run in the peaks...
  2. Maybe Dean he turned it down. I thought the same of Eric "Winkle" Brown, but am led to believe he declined the honour.
  3. Jon, thank you for your offer but please pass these over. Like you, I'd like to keep the original look. Kind regards.
  4. Jon, did you try this?
  5. YES! Count me in! I have fond memories of driving in the Peaks on silly AO48's with other nutters! That was about 6 years ago now. I met Scatty at that time too, I was deeply affected and haven't been the same since...
  6. Hey Phil, Great story and smashing car! The Evora looks pretty small in that image, what's it like size wise in the flesh? That's got me drooling over Evoras now....
  7. That looks great Phil. Lovely colour scheme (it reminds me of something ;-)) and must be fab to get into a modern Lotus. Well done, enjoy your new steed.
  8. Where is it then?
  9. Come on Phil, more pics please! Even if it's filthy when your journey ends. I'm really excited for you!
  10. I knew some wag would say that! I'm just going to say I was expecting it to be Scatty.... I'll leave that just here.
  11. That's lovely Phil! What year is it?
  12. Thanks Jon, Yes, two interested parties that knew I wouldn't let it go for less than a figure in the high thirties. I have apologised to them both and won't repeat the episode. I feel confident it would have gone if I'd have stuck to my original plan.
  13. What Fish said....
  14. Thanks for the supportive words Phil, that means a lot. I'm just going to drive it to be honest. Sod the mileage, it's better to be used and reliable rather than low miles and temperamental.