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  1. A Merry Chistmas to everyone

    Merry Christmas all. May all your hangovers be little ones ?
  2. Back in a Lotus at last

    Nice car Andy Looking forward to seeing it.
  3. Pete Smith - LOT

    Really shocked by this terrible news. Trackdays wont be the same without Pete's briefing jokes RIP
  4. Accident - Insurance claim

    Glad you got it sorted
  5. Back in the Seat...

    I had a wobble earlier this year, over it now though
  6. Expensive MOT ;-) S1 Elise trade in

    Congrats Keith :-)
  7. Suspension Refresh!!

    I just painted mine with Por 15 ( no zinc coating as there was only rust in certain areas and I took this back to bare metal ) Still good after 2 1/2 years and my car has been outside since August 2016. I also fitted spherical rose joints from Elise parts which contrary to what you read have not made the ride any firmer or crashier ( if that's a word ? )
  8. Nitron suspension setup

    make some ramps from scaffolding boards
  9. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    I don't like the way the lip of the higher trumpets slightly shrouds the lower trumpets with the unequal lengths as in the top photo. I realise that the higher ones are not sat on the TBs in this photo but I presume it would look similar in reality with unequal lenghth trumpets ? Have you got a solution for this other than cutting the lip to stop shrouding ? I would favour option 2 personally, I think this would also work better with whatever air filter you intend to use.
  10. Brake bias

    Thanks Keith, I'm sure it is fine, I was just very surprised at the figures ( I can't remember exactly what they were but the rears were about 15% higher readings ) the balance across axles was fine within about 5% IIRC Russ. F1 cars are about 45% / 55% front / rear weight distribution, I would think they would be about optimal. Elise 38% / 62 % Caterham closer to 50% / 50%
  11. Brake bias

    Hi All, My car has just been for it's MOT and as normal at the garage I use the tester Tim has me sitting in the car operating the controls and brakes. I noticed while he was doing the brake test that the braking figures were higher for the back wheels than the front wheels, I had never noticed this before and was always under the impression that the bias on an Elise gave more braking force at the front. I have CL5+ pads all round and solid vented disks so no imbalance of pad material. Thinking about it with 2/3 of the weight of the car over the back wheels ( which changes with weight transfer when braking )slightly more rear braking may be what is required for our cars ? Also the rear pads are larger than the fronts although they are operated with a single piston not 2 like the fronts. Can someone who has a non servo car and an MOT imminent please observe what the readings are for their car and report back. Beer for the winner !!! Thanks Russ. I hope I don't find out something is wrong going into Redgate on Tuesday
  12. You parked behind mine at Keddleston. I thought it had been wrapped, looks good up close too
  13. Accident - Insurance claim

    https://www.option1sportscars.co.uk/accident-repair/ Option 1 in Bromsgrove is one of the best and not far from you. Pisser about the bump :-(
  14. Your best MLOC memory so far

    The Le Mans track days are up there for me. The best though was a Euro trip in 2011 with Greg,Ali, Phil,Chez, Steve & Jane. We arrived at Monaco mid afternoon and tried to find the apartment we had booked, our sat nav's failed us as routes were blocked for roadworks and so did our pigeon French. It took about 2 hours to finally find the place which was a luxury flat on the harbour front at Fontvieille. We went through a particular tunnel about 10 times and passed a gang of road workers who were doing repairs there. After the third time through the tunnel they had a look of disbelief on their faces, from the sixth time on we received cheers and applause each pass through . The day ended well with beers at 15 Euros each in Cafe de Paris and losing 100 Euros in 5 minutes at Monte Carlo casino ! Best holiday ever
  15. 10 years on

    I must say the last 10 years have been kinder to you Laura than they have to G Sorry Buddy