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  1. russelld

    S2 K Series - Bleed Screw

    If you can wait until tomorrow afternoon I'll have a measure & let you know . Russ
  2. russelld

    New Member, coolant loss

    The K series S2 only uses one of the sensors for both ECU and stack the other sensor is not used. The black one is the one that does both jobs : https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/33/158/ecu-coolant-temperature-sender-s2/
  3. russelld

    New Member, coolant loss

    Not too bad with the inlet manifold and TB removed. You will of course need to empty the cooling system, re fill and bleed ☹️ A digital thermometer with the probe taped to the cylinder head water outlet will give you an accurate enough reading to diagnose if it is the sender or not.
  4. russelld

    A small favour...

    Hi Alex, you are welcome to borrow the fronts of my road wheels, they have Contis on but run true on my car without any vibration. i'm over in Derby on Friday and don't mind dropping them off for you on my way home.
  5. russelld

    Shes a keeper, at least for now!

    Have a go at repairing it yourself you don't have anything to loose trying. Not sure how deep the scratch is so here are two methods 😊
  6. russelld

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Just read this Greg and have to say I have a little tear in my eye 😥 All the best to you and Ali hope to see you both sometime soon. Russ
  7. russelld

    LitP 2019 help

    Yes first time not leading a group. I may get for a couple of hours in the afternoon if I can keep Saturday's alcohol consumption to e reasonable level
  8. russelld

    LitP 2019 help

    Hi Dean, Sorry to say I won't be available to help this year, the week end clashes with another commitment ☹️ Russ
  9. russelld

    The MLOC Calendar has landed

    Thanks Guy and whoever else is involved great job as always
  10. russelld

    Winter work.

    Yes I'll have it please Jonny, I presume it is the 80ltr per min ? I'll PM you so we can sort details.
  11. russelld

    LoT Black Friday prices

    Booked I missed it this year, not sure if they did one ?
  12. russelld

    Winter work.

    Head off to investigate the boil over at Le Mans in August, also going to fit EWP. If I ever get any time that is
  13. Geo, Tyre pressures and aero will all make a difference at high speed. Sorry can't help with the ride out, K series Elise is not really apples for apples. At least the power is there & lots of it
  14. russelld


  15. russelld

    2019 Calendar - Photos required!

    Just tried to upload a couple but not working for some reason Guy :-( I'll try again later.

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