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  1. The N/A will be a big step up in performance from a 111S, plenty of power for a road car IMO. My experience is only based on passenger rides in both, I'm sure Evora owners will be along with opinions based more on experience
  2. Very nice Alex :-)
  3. Yes it's job is to keep the temperature stable if it is stuck open you are getting too much cooling. If the stat was working properly it would slowly open and close as it needed to to control the flow of cooler water coming in from the radiator. The stat is at the bulkhead side of the engine under the alternator
  4. I think this will be the problem. They are difficult to get to on those engines IIRC :-(
  5. Re builds are expensive and in my experience have always cost more than the quote. For reference the last re build on my NTR 40's cost over £600.
  6. Remove the A post trim no 4 on this scetch of parts. http://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=1357&MAK=1&MDL=14&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0 That will let you get the cable to the front of the sill. You then need to pull the cable through the sill from the back, try using electricians cable rods push through from the back wheel arch to the front ( you are trying to pull the cable back through the sill parallel with the aluminium coolant pipe. ) as I said not easy but can be done, they manage to pull oil lines through for fitting oil coolers at the front of the car. Good luck, If you have problems you can hand it over to Gav :-)
  7. Route it through the passenger side sill , a bit tricky but can be done :-)
  8. Elise parts have some stock of AD07s If you have AD07 on the front and they are ok best bet would be new AD07s on the rear otherwise there are a lot of options if changing all 4. https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/78/1954/yokohama-ad07-tyres/ Oh and welcome
  9. Aero makes a difference in high speed corners, that's my excuse for being slow ( and on occasions going backwards )
  10. Shiny Are they the original cams Jonny ?
  11. I hope the new one lives up to your expectations and high standards Phil.
  12. You need to take it steady for the rest of it's running in period !
  13. For your sanity and your knuckles pray that you never have to remove the gearbox mounting, it as easy as changing the alternator
  14. FFS get a grip !
  15. I believe that the ecu lowers the rev limit until it sees a certain temperature from the coolant sensor ( about 75deg c I think ) A faulty sensor or thermostat stuck in the open position is where I would look first. Good luck