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  1. Winter work.

    Yes I'll have it please Jonny, I presume it is the 80ltr per min ? I'll PM you so we can sort details.
  2. LoT Black Friday prices

    Booked I missed it this year, not sure if they did one ?
  3. Winter work.

    Head off to investigate the boil over at Le Mans in August, also going to fit EWP. If I ever get any time that is
  4. Geo, Tyre pressures and aero will all make a difference at high speed. Sorry can't help with the ride out, K series Elise is not really apples for apples. At least the power is there & lots of it
  5. russelld

  6. 2019 Calendar - Photos required!

    Just tried to upload a couple but not working for some reason Guy :-( I'll try again later.
  7. Head Gasket

    The N series gasket is now supposed to be the gold standard. https://www.carservicepacks.co.uk/product/k-series-uprated-head-gasket-kit-payen-n-series-gasket/ the head may need skim first ?
  8. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Great news Leigh ?
  9. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Loose flywheel ?
  10. Nlc - Lister Bell Stratos Build Thread

    Just a thought Leigh, could it be the pulley ?
  11. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Bloody marvellous ?
  12. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Good to hear Kieran ?
  13. Nitron Street Series on S1 - trouble with setup

    Which work fine if you are keeping with standard ride height or just lower, but you are wanting to lower by quite a lot hence your problem.
  14. Nitron Street Series on S1 - trouble with setup

    These replacement brackets may help. They should eliminate the need for helper springs and also keep the minimum droop with the much lower ride height. https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/10/1325/rear-lowering-damper-mounts/ A phone call to Eliseparts and they should be able to let you know how much these brackets lower the car, you can then raise or lower from that using the adjustable spring platforms on the shocks. Russ.

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