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  1. Yes, Abacus are in London. In fact, some years before they developed their replacement Meta M36T2 kit if the alarm & immobiliser had become unlinked, I had already built just that for my own car and shared this solution with others. othercarsavolvo - If your car already has the immobiliser isolated as your post indicates, then it's a simple job to 'un-isolate' it. For obvious reasons I don't want to explain this on a public forum but I'm happy to help via PM if you wish.
  2. Which alarm/immobiliser do you have? (Feel free to PM if you don't want to put it on public view)
  3. I used the term 'haulage industry' as that is exactly how the RHA describes it. The clamour now for EU drivers clearly highlights that haulage industry firms have relied on that source of labour because it aided the cost reduction measures you have so accurately highlighted. The Brexit vote was in 2016 - over 3 years before Covid-19 was even first heard-of. As I pointed out, quite simply haulage - like many other industries - relied too much on a ready supply of labour that was clearly unsustainable. Of note also, an equal cause of driver shortfall - according to a survey carr
  4. The haulage industry has had several years to plan for the changes to EU employees, but has done nothing. Like so many industries it has sat back and relied on easy imported labour rather than training new staff, on the basis of short-term planning and increased profit. Had this been done, any impact due to Covid-19 would have been minimised since a new tranche of UK-domiciled drivers would have been in place by the time that hit.
  5. I've posted this on various Lotus fora - it's useful info from FBHVC about E10 and other fuel-related matters: https://www.fbhvc.co.uk/fuels Probably the best and most sensible article I've seen so far.
  6. Park it in the sunshine...assuming you can find any! She who knows about these things says red stains from fruit, etc. fade out of clothes quickly in sunlight, so maybe the same applies.
  7. Pity Lotus couldn't even manage to organise this properly, as they are still listing these service centres on their fancy interactive 'Find a....' map on the website. Although I suppose the excuse will be that the change is only from 1 September. Really unimpressed with the way the company is being run these days - the usual ego-massaging bullsh*t about how they're going to be so much bigger, so much better, etc.
  8. I've used Edwards near Swadlincote previously, although can't find any mention of them now. If you're in touch with PJS about other things, would be worth asking them who they use for paint.
  9. I have used Admiral for a number of years and have been happy with them. On a multicar policy the premium is good. Contacting them is quick and their service level is fine.
  10. SAE J30 specifies that R6 fuel hose is rated at 50psi (for ID up to 3/8") and R9 is rated to 100psi (up to 1/2" ID). As I understand, the K-series injection runs with a 45psi regulator, so R6 spec hose would be marginal.
  11. Standard tanks are steel, so the point about long-term storage of E10 applies re. moisture. However, normal best practice will mitigate against this, eg. reducing the volume of fuel to a minimum, regular running of the engine, etc. There is a specific E10-compatible standard for fuel lines, which is R9. This is readily available should any replacement be necessary. For further reading on hoses there is a very comprehensive article here: http://www.volksbolts.com/faq/fuelhose.htm
  12. Lotus are only saying 'no' because they haven't tested it on E10. That isn't the same thing as saying it's been tested and isn't compatible. The actual burn of E10 isn't a problem, it's a fuel. The issues are: a) Its effect on seals, plastics, etc. where it can affect some materials. Fortunately seals can be replaced with equivalents that aren't affected; b) Ethanol is hydroscopic, so absorbs water from the atmosphere, which may result in corrosion where it's stored for a long time. So keeping an ethanol-based fuel in an unsealed steel container for a long time may not be ideal
  13. The reason Lotus "says no" is because, as they state below the table, they haven't tested the Rover-engined cars on E10. Hence, sensibly in this age of rampant litigation, they are covering themselves. I see no reason why super-unleaded should need any remapping done. Alternatively, put 50% Super and 50% E10 in, thereby resulting in E5 and an octane rating between the two, avoiding both concerns 👍
  14. If you are looking at getting them blasted and powder coated, then try Dumelows in Burton-upon-Trent. Their service and quality are excellent - I have stuff done there for my company and for myself, including a set of Compomotive Turbo, iconic 1980's alloys!
  15. I've always been very pleased with the standard of work from PJS.
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