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  1. This link any help: http://www.lotusespritworld.com/EGuides/EMaintenance/WingMirror.html Apparently Citroen CX, or at least it looks very similar to yours....
  2. Monster did do Lotus work a few years ago and, as I posted, I was very happy with them. In particular they had a real job getting the cambelt tensioner bolt out as someone previously had split the head (it's a cap bolt) so there was no way to get an allen key to bite. More than happy to recommend PJS - you can always do a bit of football star-spotting at St Georges' Park just up the road or watch the planes at Tatenhill airfield! I guess it all depends what lights your candle...
  3. You may be able to get the damaged bolts out using a torx bit. I keep a set for that purpose as stainless allen bolts seem to be quite prone to rounding, especially countersunk or button head ones. If not, careful drilling of the head should be fine. Use a bit that's the same size as the thread so you don't enlarge the holes and one drill deep enough that the bolt head comes off the shank. Once you've removed the ring, that should leave enough of the bolt protruding to get a grip on it for removal.
  4. Solar chargers are invariably low current so are suitable only for trickle charging. There are some decent, low-cost chargers around that can recover deeply discharged batteries - both Lidl and Aldi offerings are good (I have two Aldi units which have been excellent and, interestingly, the Lidl one is the same as the Mayday version from eBay, but at a lower price). Also available, although I haven't used one personally, are lithium jump start packs. Whilst these won't recharge a dead battery, they will do as the name suggests and they can be charged up remotely prior to use.
  5. There was a very comprehensive register on exiges.com, although that may need some updating now. As I recall, one of the big concerns was security, as anyone getting hold of the file would then hold vital data on all the cars.
  6. Glad you're impressed! If I factor in the time and materials they're probably worth more than the vacuum... however the anorak warmth is immeasurable!
  7. I think I can cap all your efforts... ...every time anyone uses our vacuum cleaner one of the wheels falls off the little plastic axle. So I have just spent a gainful 1/2 hour or so on my lathe, making a nice stainless steel replacement, complete with internally-threaded ends so the wheels are now held on with threadlocked M3 screws 😇
  8. timbo


    If it isn't turning over strongly then first thing would be a new battery. Check also: a) Is it sparking? Remove a plug, refit lead and lie it somewhere on the engine - but away from fuel system - then turn the engine over. Might need 2 people for this but you should see the plug sparking b) Is fuel getting through? You should be able to smell unburnt fuel at the exhaust Go for the basics first 👍
  9. I used Monster in the past and was impressed with the standard of work and feedback; however they don't seem to list Lotus on their website any longer. I have also used various others including Unit 4 and other independents. Now all my service work etc. goes to PJS who are excellent.
  10. How did you get on with that eventually? As I recall there was some thought about a claim against the body shop?
  11. Don't all Unit 4 bodywork jobs go elsewhere for all work, nor just final prep & spraying - he used to send to Edmonds but I believe this may have changed?
  12. Willans make a Lotus-specific harness, might be worth checking it out? I was at Autosport on Friday. Have to say I wasn't too impressed overall with the show - empty stands, lots of blingy watches and an excess of pimped Lamborghinis. There were various harness manufacturers there so hopefully you found something?
  13. Despite the above, I would have suggested speaking to Edmonds. They have extensive experience with fibreglass, Lotus work and restoration. They're at Caldwell, nr. Swadlincote. Alternatively MRH Autos in Lichfield have Lotus experience from repairs to full restoration. Number is 01543 252296.
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