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  1. If you are looking at getting them blasted and powder coated, then try Dumelows in Burton-upon-Trent. Their service and quality are excellent - I have stuff done there for my company and for myself, including a set of Compomotive Turbo, iconic 1980's alloys!
  2. I've always been very pleased with the standard of work from PJS.
  3. I remember seeing Waldegard's Stratos in the same 'semi naked' state, coming along the main street in Ashby-de-la-Zouch and yes, the noise of the engine echoing off the buildings was something special!
  4. Get an opinion from at least two other paint specialists before deciding what to do. If they both agree - including any impact due to the less-than-perfect seals - that the blisters are at least in part due to poor workmanship, then present that to the person who did the work. If he doesn't agree to rectify then get the work done elsewhere and claim via Small Claims Court (you can use Moneyclaims Online). As an aside, Edmonds are well-respected. You could also ask PJS Lotus who they use these days.
  5. PJS look after my S1 and are excellent. Having them go over your new pride and joy is a good idea, especially to check it's all up to date.
  6. Try these: a) Disconnect battery -ve and leave for 20-30 seconds or so, then reconnect b) Locate the Ignition Services fuse in the fuse box and check that it's seated correctly and not blown.
  7. Wheel speed sensor dirty/bad contact?
  8. I may be seeing this wrong, here, but it looks to me like the hose itself is in the wire clip - it's just the odd length of overbraid sleeving that isn't?
  9. This link any help: http://www.lotusespritworld.com/EGuides/EMaintenance/WingMirror.html Apparently Citroen CX, or at least it looks very similar to yours....
  10. Monster did do Lotus work a few years ago and, as I posted, I was very happy with them. In particular they had a real job getting the cambelt tensioner bolt out as someone previously had split the head (it's a cap bolt) so there was no way to get an allen key to bite. More than happy to recommend PJS - you can always do a bit of football star-spotting at St Georges' Park just up the road or watch the planes at Tatenhill airfield! I guess it all depends what lights your candle...
  11. There was a very comprehensive register on exiges.com, although that may need some updating now. As I recall, one of the big concerns was security, as anyone getting hold of the file would then hold vital data on all the cars.
  12. Glad you're impressed! If I factor in the time and materials they're probably worth more than the vacuum... however the anorak warmth is immeasurable!
  13. I think I can cap all your efforts... ...every time anyone uses our vacuum cleaner one of the wheels falls off the little plastic axle. So I have just spent a gainful 1/2 hour or so on my lathe, making a nice stainless steel replacement, complete with internally-threaded ends so the wheels are now held on with threadlocked M3 screws 😇
  14. I used Monster in the past and was impressed with the standard of work and feedback; however they don't seem to list Lotus on their website any longer. I have also used various others including Unit 4 and other independents. Now all my service work etc. goes to PJS who are excellent.
  15. Happy Birthday! Also, thought you might appreciate this - came though my Twitter feed: "Bloke next door to me drove home in a Stratos one day. My son told me that he’d arrived in a spaceship."
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