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  1. How did you get on with that eventually? As I recall there was some thought about a claim against the body shop?
  2. Don't all Unit 4 bodywork jobs go elsewhere for all work, nor just final prep & spraying - he used to send to Edmonds but I believe this may have changed?
  3. Willans make a Lotus-specific harness, might be worth checking it out? I was at Autosport on Friday. Have to say I wasn't too impressed overall with the show - empty stands, lots of blingy watches and an excess of pimped Lamborghinis. There were various harness manufacturers there so hopefully you found something?
  4. Despite the above, I would have suggested speaking to Edmonds. They have extensive experience with fibreglass, Lotus work and restoration. They're at Caldwell, nr. Swadlincote. Alternatively MRH Autos in Lichfield have Lotus experience from repairs to full restoration. Number is 01543 252296.
  5. Like Cerberus, you mean? Well he was the guardian of Hades...or should that be Hady? 🤣
  6. Well there we go...clearly I have been doing it wrong for all these years, haven't a clue and thus should not be allowed anywhere near a mechanical object ever again 😎
  7. Quite...probably why I only made the mistake once when I worked in Staveley! Although with umpteen relatives in the Creswell/Barlborough/Clowne area I should have known better...
  8. I've always used a Renault Clio/Laguna scissor jack... ...low profile so it fits under the sill ...no wheels to wobble about ...compact & easily carried ...flat top (with minor mod) to take a wood/hard rubber block ...lifts the whole side at the jacking 'A' points ...easily positioned correctly ...around £10 on eBay!
  9. Sisters Diner is always worth a visit - fantastic pierogi and sweet pancakes!
  10. Powerhouse location error corrected !
  11. Not been to Worksop for a while - is the Sisters Diner still going (great little Polish restaurant)?
  12. Hi Mark - welcome to the joys of Lotus ownership! Powerhouse in Chesterfield (not Sheffield...) have a good name for superchargers and are in your area. There's a recent'ish thread in the Technical section on here with a link, etc. For servicing there are some good places - Chris Foulds (Holmfirth) gets good reviews. PJS near Burton, a quick run down the M1/A38 from you, are Lotus-approved for servicing.
  13. As far as I'm aware it was zinc with a yellow(?) passivate. As with any surface finish, good surface preparation is vital for durability. Possibly that coupled with brake pad/disc dust, moisture, etc. is going to give them quite a harsh time. Powder coating would help to keep stuff like that off the metal, but yes, it will chip given impact with anything hard/sharp. At least if it's chipped, the zinc should help to reduce corrosion as its purpose is sacrificial.
  14. Since the wishbones were zinc plated originally, is it fair to accept that Lotus had already considered the possibility and decided it wasn't an issue? One of the commonest ways to reduce/eliminate is to bake after plating, so zinc plate then a clear powder coating might be one avenue as the initial heating of the parts prior to spraying would serve as the baking stage.
  15. I realise this might bring me in line for "Pedant of the Month" but... Passivation is not zinc plating. It is a process after the latter has been carried out, usually a chromate conversion. Most common colours for this are black, blue and yellow. Zinc plating is very cost-effective and provides effective sacrificial protection for the underlying material. Passivation improves the corrosion resistance of the zinc layer. If you're taking the wishbones off anyway to clean & re-bush, then it would seem logical to re-plate & passivate before applying POR15.
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