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Hey all,

Newbie here, long time 147 GTA Alfa Owner, through to Audi, Subaru and MX5, now into the Elise S2 111s - really should have got one year's ago, awesome cars!

It's had all the important work done, inc. alu rad, multi-layer HG, ITG intake and Janspeed exhaust.

I use mine daily, commute to work 40 miles each way of A and B roads, Subaru WRX PPP Wagon for Snow and weekends with the dog and family.

I'm thinking Unit 4 seems the best bet for servicing.

Anywhere near Kidderminster for Fibreglass Repairs when I'll need them, everyone does at some point - Option 1 is my current thought.


P.S. MattyB - is that you (ex 147 GTA owner?)



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9 hours ago, Sim@n said:

Welcome to MLOC, lots of us will recommend Gav at Unit 4, he's a top bloke!

Agreed - and just as many will applaud you ditching the Mazda Common & Classless for an Eliise :clap:


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Welcome to MLOC Tom :bye:

Option 1 repaired my S1 and did a top job, One of the best around but not cheap


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Always good to see new owners in Shropshire:tup:


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Welcome to Lotus ownership. 

Wow,those pictures look great...and lightning ⚡! 

Gav at Unit 4 is good and friendly. A bit further away but I've found Lotus Silverstone very helpful in the past if you want an approved garage repair. 


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    • By Musicman7
      Hi guys.
      Not been on for a while.. good to see many of you this past weekend! As per title, I've had my car dipped matte orange, as well as had a spoiler fittted, canards, carbon fibre spoiler etc. 
      I quite like it!

    • By graeme_laslett
      Hi All,
      Well, Black Friday is here and we are having a sale on all our S1 and S2 service packs. You can choose from either the fully synthetic Titan SuperSyn 5W40 or the ester synthetic Titan Pro Race S 10W50. Both oils are ideal for either the K Series or the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engines.
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      Hi all,
      I was wondering if anyone else could verify/confirm that the brake calipers on the Elise are the same as that on a Laguna? Seems abit odd to me but there is a thread on one of the forums which states this. 
      Just wondering if this is correct as I am in need of a replacement rear passenger caliper. (Handbrake is sticking) and although I am cleaning it up to loosen I don't think this will be sufficient. 
      Of course any other ideas would be appreciated. Would like to be able to use the car so any quick fixes which are reliable would be great. (I really don't want to risk anything with the brakes) 
    • By M@r]{
      Finally managed to get some pictures of the Exige when its clean, so thought I'd chuck them up on here for opinions of the spoiler-less look Also an excuse for me to show off












      "I own an Exige" ......

    • By DeanB
      My rear Bridgestones are on their way out, but I am struggling to find anywhere that sells new ones. Have they stopped making them, does anyone know?
      Does anyone know anyone that has any for sale? Part worns would do for now - I don't really want to try another brand as the front Bridgestones have plenty of life left and I really like the balance. I know that Lotus did a lot of work with Bridgestone getting the tyres right for the car and vice versa.
      Thanks in advance for any help.