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  1. MFRU ?

    What Alarm unit is it Chris? The Cobra which is used on the early S2 and some S1 IIRC cuts the fuel pump and the starter motor circuit?
  2. Winter work.

    Thrash it all summer and fix it in the winter. Before Christmas preferably as its too cold in the garage after
  3. Lotus Sprinting 2019

    Andy, got my 2019 licence today. I will let you know when i register. We have all got to join BARC Midland. Will confirm shortly. BARC Midland do 25 events a year. To qualify for their championship you need to do 10. You can do as many or little as you like. I might do Shelsey as well as its one of BARC rounds. Edit, link to full list of events. https://barc-midlands.co.uk/speed-championship/2019-championship-calendar/ Im going to try and do 10.
  4. Lotus Sprinting 2019

    Jon, never done a few of the tracks this year including Loton. Looking forward to it.
  5. Lotus Sprinting 2019

    As some of you may know the Lotus Cup UK Sprint Championship will not be continuing in 2019. Paul Golding, who has supported the series for the last 6 years, has decided to devote all his efforts on the suburb Lotus Cup Europe series, which is partnering DTM for next year. I would like to say a big thank you to Paul and the rest of his team on behalf of all the sprinters who have competed in the LCUK series over the years. We have had 6 amazing years, some fantastic events and great friendly on track competition. The organisation and professionalism of the series really was first class. As the LCUK Sprint series has ended a new home had to be found for Lotus Sprinting to continue. Duncan Fraser (Littleblackflash) and a few other like-minded sprinters have worked hard to find a series that could support the sprinting and still remain as well organised as it has been in the past. I am pleased to advise that the Lotus sprinting will continue and will now form part of the 2019 BARC Connaught Speed Championship. The format will remain much the same as before, 2 classes, one for normally aspirated Production cars and another for faster Supersport cars. The series will be run over 8 rounds with the best 6 results counting for the overall championship. The Championship Calendar is a mix of established tracks and some exciting new additions to the series including Motorfest Coventry and the Loton Park Hill climb. 1. 3 Sisters 30th March 2. Abingdon long 7th April 3. Mira 4th May 4. Motorfest Coventry 1st June 5. Castle Combe 27th July 6. Loton park 3rd Aug 7. Blyton 7th Sept 8. Curborough 21st Sept Also if you compete in 10 rounds or more of the 2019 BARC Connaught Speed Championship you will be in contention for overall honours of the series. If anyone is considering sprinting next year please feel free to ask questions on here or contact Duncan (Littleblackflash) on SELOC or myself and we will be happy to help.
  6. 340R Wheels

    I spotted those on SELOC not cheap but very nice
  7. Winter work.

    Changed the handbrake cable today and its a vast improvement, no more rear brake binding. The cars done close to 80K now so cant complain really. A lot of them not easy miles I might farm out the crank seal to Gav, im sure he will be chuffed.
  8. Sticking door release button 2017 Elise

    Mine would not unlock all be it a K series. Removed the reflector or rather Gav did whilst he was installing a quick rack and it was all loose inside.
  9. Winter work.

    Spent a fun few hours in the garage today. I dropped the rear clam off, changed the cam belt and retimed the cams. It looks like my crank seal is weeping as well, deep joy. I have still got to change the hand brake cable, sort out the alarm and oil and filter change. What are the rest of you up to this winter
  10. Piper 633

    264 duration 10mm lift. Welcome to MLOC.
  11. 2003 tappet noise 2003 elise

    Change the oil for a good quality oil. Get it up to temperature and give it a good thrashing. That may well clear it. failing that they can be removed and cleaned. Many vids on youtube to explain how to do it. Not a job though unless you are confident in your ability. Be very careful if you do go down the route of buying new. There is a very very good chance they will be sub standard. IMO you are better getting low mileage OE Rover tappets and clean them out. If have 3 or 4 sets of cleaned VVC tappets in my garage needless to say. The VVC are slightly lighter and hold less oil but can be used on VVC and NON VVC cars IIRC HTH Welcome to MLOC.
  12. Sad news - Howard Hartley

    I thought he had beaten it as well. One of lifes truly kind people. Let us have all kinds of stuff for the Le Mans trips. He also invited us to his mega barbecues. He even let me drive his various cars. Thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP Howard.
  13. 340R

    Seems to be a slight misunderstanding. I would have a helical UCR in a heartbeat in mine if i could find one mostly for the gear ratios on track. However i could live with it for a road car. Its the noise on the straight cut UCR set i was referring too. God its loud and for me a non starter on a road car IMO.
  14. 340R

    I have been looking for a UCR box / gearset for years. I drove Dans old car. Dont do it for a road car.
  15. A favour...

    I think the offsets are the same on k and Toyota fronts so you could use either ìirc. I have some but im miles away. In more ways than one

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