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  1. Is there any water left in the coolant bottle?
  2. We have had many great times. just about impossible to pick one out. the lakes camping, the mass Le mans 24hr trips and also the Le mans trackdays are close to the top. The best thing is all the great people we have met over the years though
  3. It may well be heater matrix or the hose joints to it.
  4. Bloody kids. I seem to remember you saying you had ordered spag bol? Liz said strange there is no spag bol on the menu. Liz was right as well. Heres to the next 10 Edit, just remembered the driving lesson i gave Miles on the same trip LOL
  5. Just measured mine with the help of my dearest wife. 1840 is the measurement on mine straight through the interior with the windows down. S2 K series 2003.
  6. I have the Spitfire kit Dean. with a safety critical item i buy the best i can. Message Gary for the full spec?
  7. PM Gaz on SELOC as its his kit? http://forums.seloc.org/member.php?action=viewpro&member=Gaz
  8. Mostly road and the odd trackday, stick with what Lotus decided was best IMO.
  9. Gav

    I expect he has now run out of cardboard I also notice his quality of holiday has improved ( via facebook ) God bless MLOC.
  10. I got one from Elise Spares. Not cheap though as everyone knows they are on back order at Lotus. http://www.elise-spares.com/ Give them a ring.
  11. I would use the Chinese gasket myself. Kiwi rog will do you just a gasket. A short tale. I bought a rather well looked after Rover 45 off a gentleman on here. For next to nothing as it had HGF. I removed the head and had it refurbed for £80. Lobbed it back on with the latest Payen gasket. Knowing full well the liner heights where all over the place. I also knew i could not be arsed to sort it out on a work hack. The HGF fix lasted 1K miles. I lobbed on a Chinese gasket and its now done a further 5K and going well
  12. Indeed, welcome back. Better luck this time
  13. https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/73/1117/s2-toyota-elise-bilstein-dampers/
  14. If the new owner finds a speck of dirt on it, i want to be the first to know. Enjoy the new car Phil and i look forward to a nosey
  15. 770 kg were you sat inside?