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  1. Martin R

    Newbie says thanks for the tyres...

    I also use Jefferies in Bromsgrove after a tip from Dan Webster. They are top class and really careful with alloy wheels
  2. Martin R

    B4BP Gearbox Wanted

    Reasonable milage and condition normally go for about £350 - £400.
  3. Martin R

    B4BP Gearbox Wanted

    He took mine in and out twice. He will be sick of them
  4. Martin R

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    It will be good for it to go to another enthusiast. I am still gutted about selling my S1 111s after being made redundant. The S1 are slightly more "direct" in steering than S2,s in my experience. It might be to do with the smaller wheels? I have tried different Geo,s etc etc and still found this to be the case. They just change direction very slightly better at track speeds all things being equal. I looked for a S1 sport 190 and fell over when one eventually came up at the price lol. Not much in it mind and i have had many happy hours in my current one
  5. Martin R

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Nice to see you still have the pic of your car and Lizs old M100 as your avarter
  6. Martin R

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Greg, never thought i would see this day. we have followed and been followed by this car all round Britain and Euro ( some of it the wrong way ) I have driven it on one or two occasions as well. It always handles as well as any Elise i have been in with the Ohlins on it. Good luck with whatever you decide and we need a beer and curry soon?
  7. Martin R

    Winter work.

    Good work Phil, top thread drift
  8. Martin R

    Winter work.

    Oil leaks done thanks to Gav. he is glad to see the back of it lol. Just a couple of small jobs to do and im ready to rumble
  9. Martin R

    Good paint shops

    Option one in Bromsgrove. it will not be cheap but it will probably not be bettered either.
  10. Martin R

    Winter work.

    Good idea. Just make sure you dont go to hard on the spring ratings? If its 90% road use stay fairly soft would be my advice.
  11. Martin R

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    Welcome to MLOC. Make sure the rubber mats have been removed from the footwells..
  12. Martin R

    Lotus Sprinting 2019

    Andy, just joined BARC @ £40 and the Midland region @ £15. This allows you to register for the 25 round sprint / hill climb series. registration is £30. I will probably do a few with Shenstone as well at Curborough
  13. Martin R

    Winter work.

    Mines held in with Velcro. They used either that or the screws through the floor pan. Typical Lotus.
  14. Martin R

    Winter work.

    Yep, if you do trackdays and sprints in them you are bound to get a a bit of wear and tear. Soon be ready for the new season
  15. Martin R

    Winter work.

    Bloody oil leak has got expensive. I thought it was the crank seal and could not face dropping the gearbox out again on the garage floor. I passed it on to Gav. Turns out it was the gearbox output shaft seal. This meant box out and stripped due to the seal fitting from inside the box. Deep joy it has contaminated the clutch as well so a new clutch assembly fitted at £350 from EP. Only Gavs labour to pay for now. deep joy.

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