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  1. Martin R

    Lotus in the Peaks - Lost Property

    You need to pop one of the others off, measure it and match it to the 3 listed? They appear to be 3 different sizes ( wheel dependant i expect ) You might be able to just ease one off from the front. If you cannot, drop a wheel off and just push it out from the back HTH
  2. Martin R

    New Member, coolant loss

    As above the Black one only does anything on an S2 K series. Without the Blue you would use a lot of coolant.
  3. Martin R

    Exige/Motorsport seats

    Post the part number and i will have a dig in the loft? Im guessing they are the Toyota elise runners?
  4. Martin R

    New Member, coolant loss

    Welcome to MLOC. Easy way to check for a blow across the fire ring on a K series. Take it out for a spirited drive lol. Leave it to cool for a couple of hours or so. Slowly remove the coolant cap. If you have pressure still in the system, it will either hiss loudly and or water will rush back into the coolant bottle. If you only get a small hiss breath a sigh of relief. Another symptom when it gets worse is the temp will dodge about as the coolant cap releases the pressure in the system and reseals when its gone. Dont panic as i drove home from Le Mans once slowly when i had this. Changing a head gasket is far easier than an engine swop. Pop the rear boot lid off and crack on if needed Best to phone Gav if you need him. Have fun.
  5. Martin R

    Elise cabin filter?

    Old tights or stockings if you have an understanding wife apparently.
  6. Martin R

    Best aftermarket steering rack

    I have fitted the EP quick rack or rather Gav has lol. https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/72/463/ep-tuning-quickrack/ Makes the car slightly heavier to steer at low speed. It improves the feel though and is a real bonus when sprinting on tight corners. Depends on usage i suppose as ever. My OE one lasted 80K miles though?
  7. Martin R

    Last drive.....

    Buy a full set of ZZS. Virtually as grippy as ZZR on track and good on the road as well. Its what i would use if not sprinting.
  8. Martin R

    Advice on Elise Sport 190 dampers

    As Richard says try Bilstein for a rebuild first if you want to stay OE. I always found them a tad harsh mind. Ohlins if you have deep pockets for the ultimate i suppose. My old ones are in the loft somewhere. I doubt they will see the light of day again.
  9. Martin R

    Motorsport seats

    You can buy new but not cheap at DeRoure? Just buy one dont worry about the passenger lol. https://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=12399&MAK=1&MDL=12&SMA=0&SMO=0&ST=&SC=0 No idea what car you have but they will be on DeRoure as will most other things.
  10. Martin R

    Motorsport seats

    Might be worth considering Tlllets if its for harnesses and trackday use. You may wait a long time for some OEM ones? Welcome to MLOC BTW.
  11. Martin R

    S2 Elise won’t start

    As above the noise is the starter motor solonoid. As it goes in the starter tries to turn which pulls a lot of amps. The voltage drops due to the battery being duff or discharged This causes the solonoid to drop back out so the voltage goes back up and repeats etc etc.
  12. Martin R

    New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Good work, the lathe needs a good clean HTH
  13. Martin R

    Battery- Exige S2

    I depends how accurate your test meter is really? A completely fully charged battery will read 12.6vdc on a calibrated volt meter. A non calibrated one could easily be .3 of a volt out. Leave the Optimate plugged in for a couple of days and see what happens if you can do that?
  14. Martin R

    Newbie says thanks for the tyres...

    I also use Jefferies in Bromsgrove after a tip from Dan Webster. They are top class and really careful with alloy wheels
  15. Martin R

    B4BP Gearbox Wanted

    Reasonable milage and condition normally go for about £350 - £400.

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