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  1. R888 are really a track day tyre. The grip in the dry is massive. However when worn in the wet you need to be careful. For a road car Alans advice is spot on.
  2. Jefferies are top notch as is Alans recommendation
  3. Keith, good choice
  4. That will work. I had mine changed as they were to hard and it had no body roll. No doubt this would be quicker if you are a pro driver. However i found it unnerving as i could not get enough feedback what the car was about to do. I have a lot more confidence in it now.
  5. Mainly road use try 14 from hard all round. I prefer a bit of body roll so i can tell whats going on. What spring rates have you gone for? I will see if i can dig out what mine is set to.
  6. I had one off Tango 190 on MLOC for 1200 quid. It went to Le Mans and back. Filled a garage full of oil smoke on a Rolling road day. It also showed the way on one or two MLOC pottle group runs. Quite possibly the best 1200 quid i ever spent. LOL
  7. If it were me i would keep it. If you sell the car, put it back on and flog the 2ubular.
  8. I have a Spitfire kit on mine as i do sprinting and trackdays. The main point is people never check the OE ones on old cars and are then surprised when they fail. I did a number of trackdays on OE toelinks BUT i checked them for rotation and tightness before and after every one.
  9. I doubt i would replace the rod personally? It is after all a straight bit of steel. I would rub it down and give it a paint
  10. There is also option e) which is replace all the joints as they are old and as its a road car?
  11. It's something people never check. When I had standard ones, I checked them on a regular basis. If you do track days buy a good quality upgrade. Edit, they should rotate slightly via the ball joints. This allows for the movement required when the rear suspension extends or compresses. I would guess the ball joints on yours have seized and this has led to stress on the thread causing failure. You should check they rotate with a spanner on the flats in the picture at the very least.
  12. Welcome to MLOC. Caster setting on the front will have a big bearing on how light / heavy the steering feel is. The Elise steering is generally lightish though. Steering wheel offset is normally a sign of a poor geo. Could also be a sign of a front steering problem, get it checked before purchase? Sounds like the front wheels next re balancing. Fan noise. Quite possible, needs checking. You need to stamp on Elise brakes but work well once you get into this. Might need better pads? Hard to say re the lights without looking. Do you have the members name? If it were me i always have it independently inspected by a local specialist before purchase at my expense. if the seller will not agree, walk away. Hope that helps?
  13. Normally happens if you let the battery go flat or a software update? Should not return after its been cleared IIRC.
  14. Take the car for a good run. Open the boot and feel the big hose coming out of the L/H sill into the engine bay. Is it warm? If it is you have circulation in the system. The coolant system will gradually self bleed through the small hose that goes into the top of the coolant bottle and the head. Let the car cool down for about 1.5 - 2 hours and remove the coolant cap. If the is a large hiss and or coolant running back into the bottle you have probably got a blow across the fire ring on the head. If there is just a small or no hiss all is well
  15. Looks like HGF then. I would not be starting it again.