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  1. This should tell you what you need to know? https://www.hangar111.com/rover-k-series-supercharger-faq.pdf HTH
  2. Con was a proper gentleman. I think we are the 5th car up on the first leg of the M in the light Blue M100.
  3. Bis, good to hear from you. I think we were in Lizs Blue M100? I cant see from that pic but im pretty sure we were.
  4. Stick with OE bushes IMO. Re the plating it depends what you want to spend. Shot blast and a few coats of POR ( cheap option ) Shot balst, Re- passivate and clear POR so you can see whats going on in future ( dearer but what i would do when doing it again ). It soon adds up with new bushes, ball joints etc etc. If only doing the odd trackday just stick with OE ARB bushes.
  5. Sheldon, i may well have a part (front) or full (both front and back) cl5 if you want to try those first in my garage. Let me know. I have never had a set fail and its all i used for years. Not quite as good as cl6 but still more than good enough for the odd trackday.
  6. Interesting. What discs are you running? I have never had a problem with Rc6+ and EP ally belled with squealing. However i do a lot more sprints than trackdays so they probably dont get that hot normally.
  7. Sheldon, i did Le Mans it was 36c and the EWP worked a treat. A no brainer on a K IMO. You may have to butcher the N/S wheel arch liner at the front if you fit it there. I did but it does not bother me. https://forums.seloc.org/viewthread.php?tid=353170&page=1 I cant remember if you have Spitfire toelinks? Another must do IMO for trackdays. The only thing with CL6 is they do produce a fair bit of dust. It sticks like you know what to a blanket if not removed quickish. I was going to upgrade to the BBK till i tried them with EP ally bells (288m). I have never felt the need to since. I wrapped my exhaust after going through a couple of alternators. No trouble after that. I will be doing a trackday in March at sometime and will give you a shout. Let me know if i can help with anything?
  8. If its just for road use, stick to Bilsteins no question. Not surprisingly Lotus do know a bit about ride and handling. New Bilsteins and a decent road geo when funds allow would be my advice.
  9. Oh i see. A quick look at the prices suggested they were a LOT more
  10. Im not surprised looking at the price of the 625 Jesus wept
  11. After a bit of trial and error i have settled on using an Odyseey 680. Lithium are ok if you are racing. For a road or sprint car i would not bother as they need leaving on charge all the time for them to work when you want them too.
  12. You might find this interesting?
  13. A bit of a story. I did a survey for the MSA. I won an event pass for the Wales rally GB along with a car park pass and a voucher for a program. As it happens i cannot go but dont want to waste this. The pass gives free access to all the stages etc. Its probaly worth about £100. Its going free to a good home for the first one to reply to this thread. Please only reply if you intend to use it. We can then PM and i will pop it in the post.

    • FOR SALE
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    Pair of this years Elise / Exige R888R rear tyres for sale part worn. New they have 5mm. These have between 3.6 to 3.9mm left. A bargain at £80 as i am sick of tripping over them in the conservatory. Collection prefered but will meet half way for the cost of the petrol if not too far.



  15. Im just going to pretend i have never seen it.
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