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  1. Welcome to MLOC. Im guessing the top number is the Bilstein part number and the bottom number is the Lotus part number. As Jon said just replace with new. Bilstein are fine if just for road use. Lotus do know a bit about suspension etc. If you intend to do some trackdays, it might be better getting something a bit more focused.
  2. When you say the oil was low was there any in it. That sounds like bad news? As you are in Northampton i would get it recovered to Stevie G. Top man and he and his men will sort you out? Search Guglielmi motorsport on facebook and ring or message him. 9 High March industrial estate NN11 4hb
  3. If its an Odyseey? You can file down a flange nut to fit underneath the terminal on the battery. A pin through a standard battery terminal which you can buy completes the job. If you are still struggling i will post a pic when im back home.
  4. Martin R


    Jon, very nice enjoy.
  5. 14/17 a couple of schoolboy errors.
  6. Now that is what i call a labour of love. Keep us updated please
  7. I was out 4 days last week delivering food to the less fortunate in society. Loads of local groups being set up. It beats staring at the telly 😃 You also meet a few interesting characters from at least 2m away obviously. Jon E good chance i would be breaking into Lotus to get that car. What colour did you go for?
  8. No need to Tut was an ex Royal Marine IIRC he would probably laugh. Always drove in bare feet and virtually never wore shoes. Im putting 2 and 2 together but i would be surprised if its not a tribute to Tut. https://forums.seloc.org/viewthread.php?tid=455479&page=1#pid7923534 For anyone interested.
  9. No oil temp or oil pressure guages on an S2 Sport 190 AFAIK. However they were all different. So if you paid im sure Lotus Motorsport would fit them? That looks like an Elise shop or Eliseparts addition to me. I have fitted mine on an ally plate with carbon viynl on top and put it in the radio hole. I did drill some holes for some fixings though.
  10. Nice car. Im guessing that would be Tut with the stripe.
  11. Very little difference in grip levels between ZZR and R888R. However the ZZR last a fair bit longer.
  12. This should tell you what you need to know? https://www.hangar111.com/rover-k-series-supercharger-faq.pdf HTH
  13. Con was a proper gentleman. I think we are the 5th car up on the first leg of the M in the light Blue M100.
  14. Bis, good to hear from you. I think we were in Lizs Blue M100? I cant see from that pic but im pretty sure we were.
  15. Stick with OE bushes IMO. Re the plating it depends what you want to spend. Shot blast and a few coats of POR ( cheap option ) Shot balst, Re- passivate and clear POR so you can see whats going on in future ( dearer but what i would do when doing it again ). It soon adds up with new bushes, ball joints etc etc. If only doing the odd trackday just stick with OE ARB bushes.
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