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  1. I have done a few of these "cough". A small tale. Someone drove into the side of our second car a Fiesta as it happened. It did it no good to say the least. a Gentleman on here let me have a 47K Rover 45 to use till i got the insurance sorted for scrap value which was not a lot. It had suffered HGF. I removed the head, had it skimmed and slapped a new Payen Blue gasket on. The problem being on inspection the liner heights were level with the block. I did not have the time to sort this and took a chance on it being ok. It lasted 1K miles before failing rather spectacularly outside work lol. I s
  2. I have probably all you need in my garage if you are struggling. Just return it when you are finished? PM me if you need anything?
  3. Either of those Gentleman will do you just fine 🙂

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    Pair of this years Elise / Exige R888R rear tyres for sale part worn. New they have 5mm. These have between 3.6 to 3.9mm left. A bargain at £80 as i am sick of tripping over them in the conservatory. Collection prefered but will meet half way for the cost of the petrol if not too far.



  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I have for sale an Odyssey PC680 battery. The standard choice for a lighter battery in the Elise / Exige. It weighs 7KG to the normal 13KG for a standard battery. Its dated 06/16 for production, i bought it new in March last year so about 12 months old. £35 + P and P or you can pick it up. PM if interested.


    Birmingham - GB

  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As title really. Stainless S2 K series 2ubular silenced de cat with a flex. A must have to stop solid manifolds cracking. Hardly used so in very good condition. Money back if you are not satisfied. £50 plus P and P or you can collect. I will leave it on here for a few days before advertising elsewhere. PM if interested.


    Birmingham - GB

  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    2 x front S2 steering arms. They have had 4mm machined off to allow you to run a lot more front camber. Essentially they do the same as the EP lightened steering arms. £30 plus P and P or you can pick them up. I will leave on here for a few days before advertising elsewhere.


    Birmingham - GB

  8. Stunning job refurbishing my alloys at a reasonable price. A pic tells a thousand words.
  9. Normal Clarkson trying to be controversial. Drumming up interest for the new series of Top gear? However a fair bit he says about Chapman is correct. He was a genius. he also turned this into tax avoidance. He should maybe have worked for Google? Clarkson should stick to just reviewing cars. However this is the last thing Top Gear is actually about.
  10. I didnt say i would do it Bill. A 1.9K is the way forward if you like getting your hands dirty
  11. Rich, consider a Duratec as well before making a decision. I expect Steve Williams 250 bhp conversion goes quite well
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