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  1. You might find this interesting?
  2. A bit of a story. I did a survey for the MSA. I won an event pass for the Wales rally GB along with a car park pass and a voucher for a program. As it happens i cannot go but dont want to waste this. The pass gives free access to all the stages etc. Its probaly worth about £100. Its going free to a good home for the first one to reply to this thread. Please only reply if you intend to use it. We can then PM and i will pop it in the post.
  3. Time Left: 27 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Pair of this years Elise / Exige R888R rear tyres for sale part worn. New they have 5mm. These have between 3.6 to 3.9mm left. A bargain at £80 as i am sick of tripping over them in the conservatory. Collection prefered but will meet half way for the cost of the petrol if not too far.



  4. Im just going to pretend i have never seen it.
  5. Nicked from elsewhere The system is charged with 0.55 kg of refrigerant HFC R134a. Filling points on Elise are located in the front services compartment, and on the Exige ahead of the RH rear wheel, accessible after removal of the front most part of the wheel-arch liner. (This depends on the year!) Standard R134a 'quick fit' connectors are used in the compressor suction & discharge pipes at the right side closest to the firewall of the engine bay; the low pressure vapour line is fitted in the pipe between the evaporator & compressor. the high pressure liquid line is fitted in the pipe between the compressor & condenser. There is a "Lotus Service Notes," "Section PL," that goes into great detail including torque setting for all the pipe work, diagrams, part numbers. All of the pipes are aluminium, they have a lip on each end, this makes the nuts captive. There are "O" rings these should be replaced if the joint is opened, not all the "O" rings are the same size. HTH
  6. If i had some money i would have a cup 250 tomorrow. Would i let my S2 rattley old 190 go. Never lol. More modern Lotus are almost too good at what they do as daft as that sounds. I like trying to wring as much out of the old un as possible. It would be nice to relax occasionally though
  7. Only thing i can suggest is to get someone to repeately pull and release the cable whilst waggling the boot side to side by the lock? Good luck.
  8. Just get a new set of the standard ones that came off.
  9. You appear to have 2 problems here? First off make sure the cooling system has been bled properly. Also change the sensor for the stack. Cant remember if its the Brown or Blue off the top of my head. If its still reading low there is a good chance the thermostat is knackered. The retaining pressure is almost certainly a blow across the fire ring. Did you have the head peened and skimmed after the last time? I would use the new Chinese gasket personally for a number of reasons. If you do make sure its a 'real' one.
  10. You need to pop one of the others off, measure it and match it to the 3 listed? They appear to be 3 different sizes ( wheel dependant i expect ) You might be able to just ease one off from the front. If you cannot, drop a wheel off and just push it out from the back HTH
  11. As above the Black one only does anything on an S2 K series. Without the Blue you would use a lot of coolant.
  12. Post the part number and i will have a dig in the loft? Im guessing they are the Toyota elise runners?
  13. Welcome to MLOC. Easy way to check for a blow across the fire ring on a K series. Take it out for a spirited drive lol. Leave it to cool for a couple of hours or so. Slowly remove the coolant cap. If you have pressure still in the system, it will either hiss loudly and or water will rush back into the coolant bottle. If you only get a small hiss breath a sigh of relief. Another symptom when it gets worse is the temp will dodge about as the coolant cap releases the pressure in the system and reseals when its gone. Dont panic as i drove home from Le Mans once slowly when i had this. Changing a head gasket is far easier than an engine swop. Pop the rear boot lid off and crack on if needed Best to phone Gav if you need him. Have fun.
  14. Old tights or stockings if you have an understanding wife apparently.
  15. I have fitted the EP quick rack or rather Gav has lol. https://www.eliseparts.com/products/show/72/463/ep-tuning-quickrack/ Makes the car slightly heavier to steer at low speed. It improves the feel though and is a real bonus when sprinting on tight corners. Depends on usage i suppose as ever. My OE one lasted 80K miles though?
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