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  1. Welcome to MLOC. Im guessing the top number is the Bilstein part number and the bottom number is the Lotus part number. As Jon said just replace with new. Bilstein are fine if just for road use. Lotus do know a bit about suspension etc. If you intend to do some trackdays, it might be better getting something a bit more focused.
  2. When you say the oil was low was there any in it. That sounds like bad news? As you are in Northampton i would get it recovered to Stevie G. Top man and he and his men will sort you out? Search Guglielmi motorsport on facebook and ring or message him. 9 High March industrial estate NN11 4hb
  3. If its an Odyseey? You can file down a flange nut to fit underneath the terminal on the battery. A pin through a standard battery terminal which you can buy completes the job. If you are still struggling i will post a pic when im back home.
  4. Jon, very nice enjoy.
  5. I was out 4 days last week delivering food to the less fortunate in society. Loads of local groups being set up. It beats staring at the telly 😃 You also meet a few interesting characters from at least 2m away obviously. Jon E good chance i would be breaking into Lotus to get that car. What colour did you go for?

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    Pair of this years Elise / Exige R888R rear tyres for sale part worn. New they have 5mm. These have between 3.6 to 3.9mm left. A bargain at £80 as i am sick of tripping over them in the conservatory. Collection prefered but will meet half way for the cost of the petrol if not too far.



  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I have for sale an Odyssey PC680 battery. The standard choice for a lighter battery in the Elise / Exige. It weighs 7KG to the normal 13KG for a standard battery. Its dated 06/16 for production, i bought it new in March last year so about 12 months old. £35 + P and P or you can pick it up. PM if interested.


    Birmingham - GB

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    As title really. Stainless S2 K series 2ubular silenced de cat with a flex. A must have to stop solid manifolds cracking. Hardly used so in very good condition. Money back if you are not satisfied. £50 plus P and P or you can collect. I will leave it on here for a few days before advertising elsewhere. PM if interested.


    Birmingham - GB

  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    2 x front S2 steering arms. They have had 4mm machined off to allow you to run a lot more front camber. Essentially they do the same as the EP lightened steering arms. £30 plus P and P or you can pick them up. I will leave on here for a few days before advertising elsewhere.


    Birmingham - GB

  10. Stunning job refurbishing my alloys at a reasonable price. A pic tells a thousand words.
  11. Normal Clarkson trying to be controversial. Drumming up interest for the new series of Top gear? However a fair bit he says about Chapman is correct. He was a genius. he also turned this into tax avoidance. He should maybe have worked for Google? Clarkson should stick to just reviewing cars. However this is the last thing Top Gear is actually about.
  12. I didnt say i would do it Bill. A 1.9K is the way forward if you like getting your hands dirty
  13. Rich, consider a Duratec as well before making a decision. I expect Steve Williams 250 bhp conversion goes quite well
  14. Martin R

    Le Mans 2

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  15. Martin R

    Le Mans 1

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  16. Takuma Sato will start the latest round of the IndyCar Series from inside the top ten after a solid showing in qualifying at Chicagoland. On his return to oval action, Taku was in impressive form at the wheel of the #5 Lotus – KV Racing Technology end as he lapped the 1.5 mile oval at an average speed of 214.945mph. That means the former F1 racer will line up tenth on the grid for the Peak Antifreeze & Motor Oil Indy 300, sharing the fifth row of the grid with Ryan Hunter-Reay. "I am very happy with how today went," he said. "We worked on race trim for most of the morning sessi
  17. Mario Moraes, who finished fourth last year at Infineon Raceway, led the KV Racing Technology three-car lineup Friday in the opening practice round for Sunday's Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma. Moraes, driving the No. 32 KV Racing Technology Honda/Dallara/Firestone car, posted an average speed of 104.831 miles per hour on the demanding 2.30-mile, 12-turn circuit north of San Francisco. Dario Franchitti was the fastest Friday at 105.889 m.p.h. Moraes, who has three top-ten road course showings in 2010, scored his best road racing finish here a year ago in the KVRT machine when he came from 1
  18. There is nothing particularly complex about bleeding the K series clutch. The line can be bled using the traditional 2 person technique (one pumping pedal, the other operating the nipple on the slave cylinder), but a pressure bleeding system such as a Gunsons Eezi-bleed makes it an easy 1 man job. A useful tip is to pull back the lever on the slave cylinder (gearbox) end whilst bleeding as there is potential for air to get trapped in the very end of the cylinder.
  19. Martin R

    Changing Engine Coolant

    This is how i did it. I changed mine from the usual anti freeze to the OAT stuff. Take the 2 appropriate hoses off using the service manual guide. They are either side of the sills at the rear. Flush through using a hose as well as possible. Refit hoses. Refill system using plain water and Halfords radiator flush. Pressurise system using the Halfords esze bleed and the appropriate cap to fit the expansion bottle and a spare tyre. Make sure the spare tyre is not over inflated as you dont want to blow the hoses off. Open the bleed screw on the engine cooling rail till you only get fluid
  20. Here we go then. I've decided its time to change my waist seal rubbers on the Elise. They have started bubbling with rust. As im a real GJOB at heart this annoyed me enough to buy 2 new ones. £56 each from your Lotus dealer wacko.gif This first pic might seem a bit daft and it probably is. Its the tools ive used so far. 1/4 drive rachet with a 10mm socket. For the middle and back nuts that retain the window brackets. A screwdriver for removing the waist seal retaining clips. A 10mm crows foot ring spanner. This is to get at the front nut which is the PITA one. This is by far the best t
  21. Required: A suitable switch A length of wire A few connectors Soldering iron and a bit of solder Black tape I've been tinkering again - I've thought for sometime it would be good to have a manual fan switch. Mostly for use on track days but I'm sure it will come in useful if we ever have a summer and I'm stuck in traffic. I've had a nosey and this is how it works (I think). The fan is switched on via a relay due to the load currents. This is controlled by the MEMS ECU. The positive side of the relay coil is always live when the ignition is switched on. The ECU grounds the other
  22. Martin R

    Suspension Refresh

    As its the winter and the little blue bomber is going sprinting next year ive decided on a suspension refresh. Ive bought some Superflex bushes and a set of ball joints. With the fixings etc it should work out at about £400 for the lot. If anyone needs any fixings BTW PM me before you buy and if i have them you can have them at what it cost me. Im also shotblasting the wishbones and replating at the same time as im a fussy so and so at the best of times. Pics to follow when ive cleaned a bit of blood of my knuckles. The story so far. Ive taken the front clam off. Ive shotblasted a
  23. Admiral - 0800 600 800 Adrian Flux - 08700 777 888 AON Esteem - 01252 767142 Chris Knott - 0800 917 2274 CCI 0115 941 5255 Direct Line 0845 246 0018 Elephant- 0870 013 1072 Footman James 0845 458 6791 Fast-Track 01189 562 811 HIC 0845 1290 290 Heritage 0121 246 6060 Masterquote 08702 401 378 Frizzell 0800 032 0307 Fast-Track 01189 562 811 Hyperperformance 0800 015 7992 Bell Direct 0800 140 180 1st Alternative 08450 455 455 Privilege (=Direct Line) 0845 246 0295 Screen Trade (=Lloyds TSB) 0800 587 5108 Richard Eggar 0115 985 0165
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