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    Elise S2 111s
  1. Hello All

    This is my ride, taken on its 50,000 mile anniversary!
  2. Hello All

    Hey all, Newbie here, long time 147 GTA Alfa Owner, through to Audi, Subaru and MX5, now into the Elise S2 111s - really should have got one year's ago, awesome cars! It's had all the important work done, inc. alu rad, multi-layer HG, ITG intake and Janspeed exhaust. I use mine daily, commute to work 40 miles each way of A and B roads, Subaru WRX PPP Wagon for Snow and weekends with the dog and family. I'm thinking Unit 4 seems the best bet for servicing. Anywhere near Kidderminster for Fibreglass Repairs when I'll need them, everyone does at some point - Option 1 is my current thought. P.S. MattyB - is that you (ex 147 GTA owner?)

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