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  1. Lotus Elise S2 (01), K series - Gearbox

    Steve, Still working Kind regards
  2. Lotus Elise S2 (01), K series - Gearbox

    Guys, It seems that the problem was solved after some tuning of the gear linkage. Thanks again for the advices! Cheers
  3. Lotus Elise S2 (01), K series - Gearbox

    Hi, Many thanks for sharing your ideas! Kind regards Mattias
  4. Lotus Elise S2 (01), K series - Gearbox

    Hello Martin, Many thanks for your reply as well. The previous owner upgraded the gear linkage, quick shifter and new gear cables back in 2016. I will consider looking into this! Kind regards Mattias
  5. Lotus Elise S2 (01), K series - Gearbox

    @@ndy @Steve J, Many thanks for your answers!
  6. Hello, Does anyone know if the Gearbox in a Lotus Elise S2 (01), K series is mounted in other Rover cars? I might need a new gearbox and that is the reason to the question. Problem with the reverse gear…. Thanks in advance!
  7. Door waist seals - any interest?

    Hello, I'm also interested in a pair of door waist seals for a Lotus Elise S2 111. Cheers

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