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  1. Not too delicate, it’s all in the owners manual, below 4K for the first 400 then gentle increases from then on, no banging it off the limiter or extended high revs etc.
  2. I waited January to end of June...bloody Covid! As above will be well worth the wait, then you just have the 1k running in to do🤣
  3. Never had a problem with Hurricane, had them on the last 4 Elises👍
  4. Welcome Alex, so your @ndy's lad? shouldn't your login be @lexH 😉 Car looks great👍...
  5. Get a voltage reading off the battery using a multimeter ... Sounds like battery issue to me.
  6. It’s been doing it for a week or so now Mark.
  7. I’m getting this on my Mac, fine on iPhone and iPad but all over the shop as soon as you pass the cursor over the main page
  8. New cars are currently being supplied with the engine cover* *Correct at time of delivery 30/6/20, this is Lotus and could change depending on how many they have on the shelf.
  9. It will be fine in the rain, early S1’s could get a bit stroppy now and again but it won’t be a problem with your car. Covering the car is a whole different can of worms, obviously a garage is best but failing that there are many purveyors of assorted covers out there willing to sell you a cover for your nice new car. Some say they encourage paint blisters, some swear by them, the pros and cons of covers have made for many pages of posts over the years😀
  10. Congratulations, sounds brilliant👍 The wait is a killer, but hopefully you will have it before summer ends, bloody monsoon weather at the moment anyway🤨 Aviva were not the cheapest but very competitive for my 250.
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