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  1. If none of the above help then check out George’s AiM video. If you scroll to the end it shows how to get your original unit out and how it plugs in(could be a loose connection). Pretty simple to get to the back of the unit. Another one here that shows more detail Coxy I watched the guys at B&C fit my AiM dash, really simple process and very plug and play, a short drive after installation in learn mode so it gets the gear changes and all’s good. Great bit of kit. Apologies to Graham for the thread drift.
  2. Yeah, right, of course you were🤔😆😆
  3. I might be wrong, but the threads I've read over the years in regards to getting them refurbished it seemed the majority have said it was more economical to buy new. I enquired with Bilstein about 9 years back, they needed the units first to inspect them which was fair enough, but iirc they then went on to say it was around £75 per unit before any spares were fitted, the set I had were pretty crappy to be honest and I decided it was a better bet to fit some quantums. Millage of the car and when they were last replaced would be my rule of thumb. Hth
  4. Is it red? looks orange in the pics, if it’s orange, I’d say Exige Orange, tricky colour to photograph, can look really red in pics. Drop an email to Lotus they’ll tell you👍
  5. 1) No, but the clams probably were. 2) Probably not as they rarely take on owners ideas. 3) Most likely. Knowing Lotus they've probably got a big box of nose badges at the end of the line and its just a lucky dip. As its a heritage model I'd keep it original, prefer the badge its got. I'm told my car was the first car to leave the factory post lockdown 🤫😉 🤐 🤔
  6. Let’s just say I didn’t pay anywhere near rrp. We were supposed to have gone to see the car on the production line 19th March only for a Lotus to cancel at the very last minute due to Covid. We had time off and hotel booked etc not to mention the disappointment of not getting to see my car on the line. Both Jamie at B&C and Lotus were hugely apologetic about it and said they would do something for me to make up for the disappointment. AiM had launched the dash sometime previous and I had contacted Lotus to ask if retro fitting the dash would invalidate the warranty, they said “they couldn’
  7. I had the AiM digital dash fitted at the 1k service, really nice bit of kit, it became available after I’d agreed the deal on my car so I had to negotiate a price on it, I’d be looking to have it fitted foc if I was buying a factory spec car now, suspect they will become standard in the near future.
  8. I had the same dilemma last year. I dropped an email to every Lotus dealer in the UK saying I was in the market for a brand new factory built Elise, I knew which colour I wanted and some of the options but really couldn't make up my mind between a 250 and a 220. Like you I was staggered by the general lack of interest from a large proportion of those I'd contacted, only a few came back with anything positive and some of those were only interested if I took a car from stock, I heard nothing from Oakmere but as they were my nearest Lotus dealer I booked a test drive anyway. I had a S2111s to mov
  9. Not too delicate, it’s all in the owners manual, below 4K for the first 400 then gentle increases from then on, no banging it off the limiter or extended high revs etc.
  10. I waited January to end of June...bloody Covid! As above will be well worth the wait, then you just have the 1k running in to do🤣
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