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  1. S2 Exige nose badge

    Dental floss and a hairdryer
  2. S1 Elise/Exige Switch Blank (205)

    Your probably not going to like this answer but I’ll bet you can get one from a certain Lotus breaker/dodgy seller in the West Midlands....obviously having tried all other routes first.
  3. Might be getting back into Lotus ownership......

    You should be Chancellor of the Exchequer with a maths brain like that , its a tentative pre purchase welcome back from me, good luck with the viewing
  4. The 2018 Calendar

    Arrived this morning. I know what it takes to get it all completed so many thanks to all involved. It looks fantastic and will have pride of place in my office.
  5. 1966 Elan S3 DHC SE

    Looks stunning
  6. Dab Aerial Cabling

    I would have been happy with the stick on job but just couldn't get it to work very well. I struggle to get a mobile phone signal here let alone 3/4G for streaming so that was a non starter, although downloaded playlists on Spotify stream happily enough. The fact I can pick up most dab stations even when I'm out in the middle of Wales is testament to the quality of the DAB on wheels offering. Having said all that I listen to music in the Elise less and less these days but its there if I need it, like being stuck for 4 hours on the M20
  7. Jonathan E

  8. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    Any chance of a complete numpty walkthrough for adding pics please. I've followed the link and tried to add the pictures I want but just keep getting a message saying there is a problem? Edit: Seems I got there in the end....I think!
  9. Stack Issue

    Think the above is from S1 stack
  10. Stack Issue

  11. Stack Issue

    There are numerous earth points on the car, just do a search here or seloc for the locations, good starting point is to follow the battery negative strap back down into the engine bay you'll see its bolted to the chassis theres another up front and several others dotted about, the stack unit also has its own earth wire so you'll need a wiring diagram or further info as to which wire it is but it has been known to cause trouble and some have rewired the stack earth back to the rear earth strap point. Its also worth trying another temp sender, there have been bad batches in the past. The earth points can get a bit crappy over time and sometimes need cleaning up. Just as a matter of interest have you tried disconnecting the battery then reconnecting and not sure if it works on an S2 and again not sure exactly what it resets but you could try the following reset procedure. Turn off ignition Open the drivers door Press and hold the trip reset button turn the ignition switch to second position(before crank) still holding the trip rest button. The procedure above is used to zero the speedo and rev counter needles not sure if it resets anything else. Finally visual checks are good but the problem with wires is that they can break within the insulation so really need a vehicle sparky type/proper kit knowledge to check properly.
  12. Stack Issue

    Bad earths can send the stack a bit bonkers, also worth checking the speed sensor it's attached to the passenger side rear wheel hub. Give the hub a good clean up and check the sensor is plugged in correctly. Hopefully it's not the stack that's the problem.
  13. Garage recommendation in Stoke on Trent

    Badges on a 111r are a piece of cake. Start by using dental floss to cut away the sticky gunk from underneath them, then use methylated spirit to get rid of the remaining gunk, when you've freed the actual badge. Buy new badges from a reputable supplier(eliseparts or the like)and put them back on the car. Taking the seats out is also very straight forward and simple if you have the right tools rear panel is simple with seats out loads in the archives on here. Nothing wrong with the suggested garages above but you will save yourself quids just by doing a little research....just keep in mind that a rattle in an Elise travels.....it can sound like it's coming from behind the seats but can in fact be coming from anywhere but......just a quick edit, if you mean the 111r decals on the front clam these are available very cheaply from fellow members.
  14. Toe Link Advice

    If your sticking with OEM just make sure you buy from a reputable seller. As above, there are some really shonky outfits out there claiming to sell quality parts that turn out to be below spec for the purpose required.
  15. 2012 1.6 OEM exhaust - would it sell?

    Me too, 2ubular will be worth a good few quids, if and when you sell the car new owner will probably prefer to buy a standard car which can be fettled to his/her requirement.