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  1. If your sticking with OEM just make sure you buy from a reputable seller. As above, there are some really shonky outfits out there claiming to sell quality parts that turn out to be below spec for the purpose required.
  2. Me too, 2ubular will be worth a good few quids, if and when you sell the car new owner will probably prefer to buy a standard car which can be fettled to his/her requirement.
  3. Agree with Martin, oem are fine as long as you keep and eye on them, but as I said, at the time I had the money to go for the Spitfire kit, seemed daft not to.
  4. Always one of the first things I do when getting an Elise, last two have had Spitfire kits fitted and although they're a fantastic bit of engineering I'd be the first to agree that's it possibly overkill on a standard road based car. My car spends most of its time on the lovely Welsh roads so not unlike your Peaks roads but much smoother surface I had the ££'s at the time hence the Spitfire kit.
  5. Couple of turns of insulation tape on the striker pins was the official Lotus fix on early S2's until they came up with the bigger pins, might be worth a go? Have you tried lifting the pin slightly?, or I've also heard of worn door seals being the cause of door rattles in the past. I've never come across a worn door latch though so can't comment on that I'm afraid.
  6. I have the Spitfire kit on mine, the thing that annoys me most about it is the fact that its such a fantastic bit of engineering its a pity to cover it up. Never had a toe link let go on me but been in Elise circles long enough to have seen and read about failures and how scary it can be. Looking at the picture it looks like the suspension could do with a bit of tlc if its on the original ball joints and bushes?, I appreciate all of that costs money but nowt in life comes for free and it makes such a difference to the car. The Quantums are a big positive
  7. Are you sure they did use a new clam. I'd be having the wheel arch off as suggested above to see if there is anything on the back of the clam. Investigate and get an independent opinion then approach CN's. They're a good set up so I'd expect it to be a new clam but it's certainly worth checking out first.
  8. I can't believe Lotus went back to this system, the S1 cables are delicate unless regularly used and well maintained. Maybe they see it as a money maker post sale
  9. Only time I've seen something similar is when the fibreglass has been impacted, don't know if its just the pic but it looks like its been stressed from underneath, certainly doesn't appear to be an impact from the paint side. Sorry I can't help more and certainly feel your pain I'd be devastated Drop Stephen an email at SVRpaint@yahoo.co.uk if he can't tell you then nobody will.....Tell him I sent you
  10. Some great pictures there Ian, we held off this year because we were going to Duxford the following weekend, looks like it was fun. Love the picture above
  11. Come on down, it's great day out, I'll be there so will nick so you can have a proper look.
  12. Sorry Steve, the car is tucked away at the moment but happy to post one up next weekend when it will be out and about again. If it's any help I defy anyone to be able to tell the difference from the oem aerial it's that close a match.
  13. Aerial I've used on two elises now http://www.dabonwheels.co.uk/Kinetic_DRA-6003_FM-AM_DAB_car_aerial.html I tried the windscreen jobs but just couldn't get anywhere with them, although others have had a good success rate. The one in the link above is almost identical to the original beesting on the rear boot lid reception is fantastic although not cheap hth
  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    Eliseparts GRP Front splitter for S2 Elise, painted black. Very minor damage to right hand front lip very simple repair, although barely visible when fitted, see pic. Collection preferred due to size. Nicely finished looks great when fitted.


  15. If it was written off it would be listed as Cat D and therefore will always command a lower price than a non Cat car. However you will have pocketed the difference in money between the salvage value and the insurance settlement whatever that may be. Cat cars are lower value but not necessarily less sought after, particularly as the number of cars available gets less. Over the years I've seen quite a few cars where this has been done, and sometimes those cars have been so meticulously repaired they were better than when they rolled out of Hethel, but they will always be listed as repaired, Cat D is usually cosmetic, i.e., clam repairs etc. You need to get a realistic figure for your car, be fair when comparing what's being advertised out there in comparison to your car, at least this will give you a starting figure when the insurance company look at it. From what your saying the repair will go ahead and your only worry will be what car you'll have to use while yours is being fixed. Check your insurance policy but as a rule of thumb insurance companies often state that 60% of the value of the vehicle before they write it off. Different companies use different percentages, but by checking your small print to see if they list a percentage along with your "fair" value you will be armed and ready for an assessor who might be looking to get in and get out quickly. Elises/Exiges vary massively in relation to mileage, condition, service history etc don't forget any mods(as long as they're listed with the ins co) post some pics up of the damage, S1 clams are quite repairable so fingers crossed you'll soon have you P&J back to its best.