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  1. Jonathan E

    S2 key

    Do them separately, I recoded a new fob and then the original fob wouldn’t work, so had to follow those instructions with the original and recode that, it’s a bit of a faff but once it’s done you don’t have to do it again.
  2. Jonathan E

    S2 key

    Nowhere near I'm afraid, but have sent you a message. 👍
  3. Jonathan E

    S2 key

    You’ll need the alarm PIN number to reprogram the fob.
  4. Jonathan E

    S2 key

    I thought the S2 key was a Vauxhall part, should be available from any decent key cutting place?
  5. Nothing new in the details but I like the way its done👍. I think its a bit unfair on the K series to be honest, anyone watching would think that they all self destruct within minutes of starting up which simply isn't the case, I'm not sure about his comments regarding the rear subframe rusting either, damaged suspension points are a far worse problem and no mention of those? I enjoyed it though. 7 out of 10
  6. Your choice, but I wouldn’t rely on just a jack. A box of A4 paper is about £10, new sills are mental money.
  7. I’d be reluctant to use axle stands although it can be done, most popular way of supporting an Elise is using boxes of A4 paper at points A and B, or blocks of high density foam if you can get your hands on some, you can then do them all in one go. Elise’s and jacks are not good companions, so many stories of slippage and destroyed sills. If your going to jack it up use a good trolley jack and insert something between the jack and the underside of the car(ice hockey pucks are popular and cheap).
  8. Landed in my hallway this morning. Well done to all those involved in the production. Looks great👍
  9. Down to personal taste and how deep your pockets are I guess. On the three occasions I’ve done a refresh the wishbones haven’t been in too bad a state so I’ve never felt the need to repassivate them, plus the fact they’re going to be covered in Por 15. I’d echo the comment above about Spitfire toelinks, that’s where I’d be spending any surplus cash.
  10. Por 15 is brilliant but needs to be applied correctly after the metal has been correctly treated. I wouldn’t repassivate first. Bushes, none better than oem as far as I’m concerned. my 2p for what it’s worth
  11. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a new Elise for at least a couple of years and even then I suspect the whole ethos of the original car will be lost due to legal equipment and emission requirements. This will be my final Elise, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it, but I suspect these cars will be the last on the extruded aluminum chassis and will therefore be the last of the line. Added to that Lotus appear to be heading up market and have made it clear that the range of vehicles will be expanded substantially, that’s great news for the future of Lotus cars but I’m not convinced they will be able to hold onto the “add lightness” philosophy that they have always adhered to. To do that they will have to move towards carbon fibre which then means costs will increase. Sadly I don’t have bottomless pockets and I want a car that is relatively cheap to run due to my low budget, but still offers the thrills I enjoy so much. The weight increases over the years have been offset by the power hikes, I initially thought the 220 felt a little bit less powerful than my 111s, but found that the SC cars do need to be driven slightly differently to get the best out of them. The last brand new Elise I bought was a 111r back in 2004, it cost around £34k, if you factor in inflation a current Elise should be in the region of £50k so my man maths says these cars are very good value for money🤣 I doubt the next generation Elise will be such a good buy.
  12. I'm in a similar position to yourself in respect of a new Elise having sold my S2111s at the end of the summer, only differences are that I've owned several before and I won't be placing my order until February 2020, the reason for that is I don't use the car in the winter, and I won't really have enough wedge until then to pay for it🙄. I had a 48 hour test drive in an orange Sprint in September, there were two things put me off, one was the trade in offer on my Elise, and the other was that I didn't like the carbon seats, I found the headrest curved back into the car too much, they are designed to be used with a helmet so thats possibly the reason I found the headrest didn't fit so well, to the point of it cutting into your head when leaning back into the seat. I was quite keen to do a deal last summer on a new car and found that there were quite a few stock 220's 250's at dealers that they were more than willing to discount, this was after sending every Lotus dealer in the UK an email telling them I was in the market for a new car(Some didn't even reply). When it came to purchasing a car to my exact spec I found dealers weren't quite so enthusiastic about doing a deal, obviously they want to get rid of cars they have in stock first, I was in no hurry, so no real problem. We use our Elise mostly for holidays/weekends away, I've done quite a few track days in previous Elises but not many in the recent past, I'm hoping to get more track use out of the new car. I have the spec to my new car pretty much sorted but a couple of things are still in the balance. A/C is something I've only ever had on an Elise once before, and it was pretty rubbish, I've been told by the dealer that I've chosen to use to include it on the new car as it will aid any sale in the future, its a £1250 option and weighs in at around 18kgs so I'm still very much undecided on it. The Elise comes from the factory without a head unit, you have to spec it, and at £400 mine won't have a head unit, little point really, as the roof is always off when I'm using the car, and sadly industrial deafness has pretty much done for 50% of my hearing. The final sticking point, which is the biggest issue, is which model, 220 or 250. I've driven quite a few 220's but only finally got the chance to drive a 250 back to back with a 220 a couple of weeks ago. Theres very little in "on the road" performance in my opinion, on track, the 250 is better but certainly not stunningly better although I'm no driving God, but when being passenger with someone who knows the cars again there was some difference but not all that, unless really pushing the cars to their limit. The damping on the 220 was certainly better on the road and I'm still not a fan of the big spoiler on the 250 although it is growing on me. You mention a hardtop on your post, fwiw, I've had two Elises with hardtops both came with them, I sold both before I sold the cars because I just didn't use them, they're a pita to put on and remove then adjusting the windows etc, and even when I used my Elise as an all year round daily driver I found the soft top on any Elise after the S1 to be pretty good really, occasionally required a shower cape in the height of winter. Exige isn't an issue for me, I'm not a massive fan, and its too big in my opinion, although I appreciate I'm in the minority, S2 Exige at around 260bhp then thats another matter.
  13. Snows in Southampton have a Sprint for sale at the moment, lots of carbon, Seats, access panels, bootlid etc and power up to about 260 I think. A lot of car for the money? https://www.snows.co.uk/lotus/used-cars/10474900-lotus-elise-sprint/
  14. Have you tried giving the arm a gentle bend towards/away from the screen? I had the same thing some years ago and a slight tweak to the arm solved the problem, trouble is I can’t remember which way I went with it🙄
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