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  1. Hi Tor Matlock Bath, Lotus in the Peaks end of the day.
  2. Lynn Brianne Spillway.
  3. The top brackets on my first S2 were slotted like the bottom ones on a S1, certainly made life easier. I bought the car new so just assumed that’s how it left the factory? Present 111s doesn’t have this feature and a previously owned 111r with a heater unit made of cheese didn’t either.
  4. Look on the bright side, once you’ve got them out and the clam off you’ll be able to put some stainless fixings in, then getting the clam off in the future will be a stroll in the park👍🤣
  5. That’s good advice but the biggest problem with these is the extremely limited access, they’re above the door hinge and sit inside a bracket, sometimes the bracket has a slot so you can just undo the bolt slightly and slide the clam over the bolt but it seems Lotus changed this to non slotted brackets which is a pita when the bolts get rounded/start spinning in the retained thread.
  6. Have you got a multitool? https://www.diy.com/departments/performance-power-220-240v-220w-corded-multi-tool-pmt220c/3663602794981_BQ.prd?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjw8svsBRDqARIsAHKVyqFh4XDi0CFmVo7e32R_GztUzRjEgnGl-rHbk3Xspw-6PZvdA0whFtoaAmKaEALw_wcB Cut down the blade width then cut the heads off?, assuming you still haven't got them out.
  7. Not that I remember, its easier to cut a slot into them than cut them off. I'm sure someone else will be along shortly with some other suggestions.
  8. Ha ha, yeah but think of satisfaction when you get them out 😉
  9. As above its been a long time since I had trouble with mine but I can assure you you don't need to remove the doors to do it. Iirc I managed to grind down a cutting disc so it would fit between the sides of the bracket, cut a slot in the head and managed to get a stubby screwdriver in to get it out, on the other side I used the same procedure but the retainer started spinning so I had to get a hacksaw blade down between the main body and the bracket cutting upwards,(very careful not to remove a chunk of GRP)
  10. Try cutting a slot in it with a dremel. Pretty sure I got a dremel and cut the heads off though, or drilled them out? it’s been a while, then removed the clam which will allow you to remove the remainder of the bolt.
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