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  1. Jonathan E

    GRP GT Rear Lights

    Lotus originally had all 4 lights working on the first S2’s but it failed the type approval tests, something to do with them being separate light units and being too close to each other??. I only have the old type non led lights on my S2 but all 4 work as was originally intended, simple mod on the old style......
  2. Jonathan E

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Always sad to see a long time member sell up, all the very best for a long and happy retirement Greg.
  3. Jonathan E

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Sorry to hear Greg but sometimes needs must, is it not possible to find somewhere with a driveway so you could keep the car off-road?
  4. Jonathan E

    LitP 2019 help

    I’ve been a group leader on the past few Litp’s but I’m afraid I’m out for this year due to date clash with a family event😩 I’d rather be at Litp to be honest.🙄
  5. Jonathan E

    Need Inspiration... Phone Mounts

    Brodit do a S1 specific mount, clips on to the dash.
  6. Jonathan E

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    MMC, Metal Matrix Composite. Original fit on early Elise’s the lightest and best, suffer from very little wear. Brilliant in the dry but suffer from initial bite problems if very wet, and you must use specific pads. I don’t think MMC pads are available anymore but I think Eliseparts do a version which also help with the wet bite issues. I had a very early Elise with MMC’s and Nick Whale fitted splash guards to the discs which also helped, if my memory serves me correctly Lotus started to fit splash guards to all cars after a certain chassis number, mine was chassis 21?? and didn’t have them from the factory.. Quite a few cars were fitted with them but they were expensive and Lotus finally moved to heavier traditional discs. Back in the day there was a fashion for swapping the MMC’s out, which I never understood but I think they are considered to be pretty much the best discs/pads available for the Elise and these days are very sort after by track day warriors and those who want a totally original car. Its been a while since I had my car so hopefully the above is still correct.
  7. Jonathan E

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    You will become obsessed with the stack temperature. and the coolant level. People will nod knowingly and say “Ah lots of trouble usually serious” which basically means they know very little about Elise’s. When sitting in traffic in the rain people will hoot and point to tell you your engine is steaming. Ladies will assume your missing something in the trouser department. Young boys will shout “nice car mate”. You will become adept at spotting potholes from 500 yards away. You’ll park in the loneliest spot you can possibly find in a carpark. You’ll return to your lonely parking spot to find a 4x4, van, truck or people carrier parked so closely to you that you’ll need to take the roof off to get in. You’ll smile from ear to ear every time you get to drive the car. You’ll get to know some really great people that you probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for your little plastic car. Sign up for Lotus in the Peaks, and buy a Mloc Calendar from the shop on here....Some great pictures, but March is the best😉 I could go on! Welcome to Lotus ownership and Mloc.
  8. Jonathan E

    The MLOC Calendar has landed

    No sign of mine yet
  9. Jonathan E

    Lotus Sprinting 2019

    Great to hear that Loton Park is on the calendar Martin, we’ll be along to cheer everyone on.
  10. Jonathan E

    Jonathan E

  11. Jonathan E

    Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Nice quandary to have Rich Never owned either but have friends that do/have, and been lucky enough to drive both on more than one occasion. Neither comes close to the sense of occasion that you get from a Lotus. Both are very quick, Aston maintenance costs are stupidly expensive even through an independent and the Audi just feels like a bigger faster TT, Aston build quality isn’t good especially on older cars. In answer to the last line of your post, I couldn’t afford either, if I could, I wouldn’t, and the Aston would probably hold its value better if buying at the value in your post, although both will go down in value unless kept for a very long time and not used. Stick with the Lotus until there’s enough in the Mclaren fund. Just my 2p’s worth
  12. Jonathan E

    Need to borrow a locking wheel nut key

    No help I’m afraid but that looks very uniform for a locking nut? Mine look nothing like that, Toyota or Rover? 996 doesn't really help And non locking
  13. Jonathan E

    Jonathan E

    Its Grim up North!
  14. Jonathan E

    Jonathan E

    Hi Tor, Peak District.
  15. Just wondering why I’ve received confirmation yesterday of what I purchased for this years Litp ?

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