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  1. Lotus Sprinting 2019

    Great to hear that Loton Park is on the calendar Martin, we’ll be along to cheer everyone on.
  2. Jonathan E

  3. Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Nice quandary to have Rich Never owned either but have friends that do/have, and been lucky enough to drive both on more than one occasion. Neither comes close to the sense of occasion that you get from a Lotus. Both are very quick, Aston maintenance costs are stupidly expensive even through an independent and the Audi just feels like a bigger faster TT, Aston build quality isn’t good especially on older cars. In answer to the last line of your post, I couldn’t afford either, if I could, I wouldn’t, and the Aston would probably hold its value better if buying at the value in your post, although both will go down in value unless kept for a very long time and not used. Stick with the Lotus until there’s enough in the Mclaren fund. Just my 2p’s worth
  4. Need to borrow a locking wheel nut key

    No help I’m afraid but that looks very uniform for a locking nut? Mine look nothing like that, Toyota or Rover? 996 doesn't really help And non locking
  5. Jonathan E

    Its Grim up North!
  6. Jonathan E

    Hi Tor, Peak District.
  7. Just wondering why I’ve received confirmation yesterday of what I purchased for this years Litp ?
  8. Repairing a crash damaged Elise

    Time and money, even cheap ones need lots spending on them, some years ago I bought a S1 very cheaply, not insurance write off but very shabby and by the time I’d sold it I think it was as good as it could be, the monetary cost worked out about the same as if I’d bought a good one and that’s not including the hours I spent getting it right. It was a cheap way to have an Elise back in my life but I’m not sure I’d do it again. An insurance cat car is never going to be worth as much as a non cat car so over time I think it would end up costing you a fair bit......took me nearly three years of “spare time” to get the end result.... just my 2p worth good luck if you go for it.
  9. **** The Official LitP Photo thread ****

    Did anybody get any video footage of the event? Has it been vetted and approved? Lots of folk with go pros, and the drones seemed to be very busy....pointers to footage please if I’ve missed it. Ta!
  10. Wing Commander Tom Neil - RIP

    That’s a shame, bloody good innings though. A really lovely man who I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago when I was involved in producing some fine art prints. He was good enough to sign one for me which has pride of place in my office at home
  11. Geo set up

    Just a quick update to say that Dan worked his magic on my car this morning. To say he's transformed the car is something of an understatement. Lovely chap is Dan, very straight forward explanation as to what he was doing and why. I've had several Elises over the years and have had various companies set up the geo but I have to say I'm very impressed with the outcome of visiting Dan.
  12. Geo set up

    Thanks managed to contact him
  13. Geo set up

    Is that Dan of HPE automotive? If so I’ve tried contacting him via his contact form on the website and PM on Seloc but have heard nothing? Which is a shame as he’s relatively close.
  14. Geo set up

    Any recommendations in the West Midlands for a geometry set up, need a few tweaks,nothing serious but want someone who knows their onions on such stuff and don’t really want to travel too far if possible.
  15. Starter motor “click”

    It seems that there is a 10 tooth and a 12 tooth version, however I was lead to believe that the 12 tooth is an upgrade of the 10? Bosch part number is 0001107080 they’re not the cheapest unfortunately Unless you can find a very kind fellow Mlocer who’s happy to donate one for a charity donation

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