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  1. There are a few ways to tackle the ones in the sill. My preferred method is to cut "inspection holes" at the front of the sill, this then allows access to the spinning nut which can be gripped with mole grips/cut off or similar allowing removal, and because you now have a route into the sill you can use whatever fixing you prefer to reattach the clam. You can patch the "inspection hole" or use a large grommet, either way it will be covered by the arch liner when you replace it.............Hope that makes sense? There are other options and I'm sure someone will be along to explain how to do the ones at the bottom of the windscreen.
  2. When I've bothered I've gone for a Hurricane, simple to fit, sounds nice when you floor it.
  3. Another Spitfire kit owner here. As Martin and Leigh suggest contact Gaz, he is a good bloke who will not blow you out, or try to push his wares in your direction. I spent ages discussing options with him.
  4. I had a 2003 111s that the paint bubbled on so badly that I fell out with Lotus big time. The car was only 3 months old and pretty much every panel was affected, some worse than others, micro blisters being the best, paint falling off in 50p size chunks the worst. Lotus field technician told me that the paint didn't come under the guarantee after several legal letters and the intervention of Neil Turner at Lotus things were finally put right. This involved both doors being stripped and baked, front and rear clam stripped and repainted along with both access panels. Two months later it all started to blister again although to a lesser degree. I ended up in a 111r . The thing with paint blisters is that some body shops know what causes them and how to sort them, on the other hand if you pick one that doesn't you'll probably end up with the same problem in the future. In my experience its a bigger problem on S2's than S1's and paint colour seems to be something of an issue too..........What colour is your car? looks blue in the pic.
  5. Just for the record, I have done a couple of track days on the quantums and although they're probably not as good as a track focused damper but certainly held their own when pushed.
  6. I've recovered a centre boss before, worst bit was the cost of the alcantara. The boss pulls off and is easy to re-cover if you take your time. In regards to the centre tunnel it's either buy a new one, cover, or paint as you say. Recovering I found to be a pita, buying new was easy but ££'s, painting was pretty straight forward but getting the &@&£/; back on without scratching it was hard work....you pays your money etc etc. 135r's also had the instrument binnacle covered, but that would be a step too far for my amateur skills. Hth....
  7. I've fitted Quantum Zero's to both my previous and present Elise, they're on a par with the standard Bilsteins but are lighter and give the option of height adjustment. Eliseparts offer various spring rates depending on the cars intended use and will be very happy to discuss your requirements as they developed them directly with Quantum, I can't remember what spring rates I went for in the end I'd have to get the invoice out, but the vast amount of my driving is done on Wales finest and I've not been disappointed. I've fitted NSS to a previous Elise but wasn't impressed with the longevity plus as my car is a road only car found them a bit too harsh There's nothing wrong with the standard Bilsteins and Ollie at Phoenix certainly knows his stuff so I wouldn't dream of disagreeing with him however Lotus have to work to a cost and like all things if you pay more there are better options. As Dean says if it's on the original set up anything will be an improvement, but if your looking at a quality fit and forget option the Quantums are certainly worth a look. It's all very subjective and the best route is to try and get a ride in cars with different setups although I appreciate that's not the easiest thing to do with a Lotus.
  8. Run it down the center tunnel following the route of the handbrake cable. Very straight forward and just need to remove a couple of undertrays. You can use your existing fm/am connection so only need to run the dab. It makes life easier if you remove the seats but you should be able to do it with them in situ. Use the inner from a bicycle brake cable to thread through the floor into the engine bay. Hth Jon
  9. http://www.aviva.co.uk/car-insurance/ I'd suggest calling and speaking to someone as the online form doesn't understand Lotus.
  10. Had a similar problem with my membership, drop Mark a PM he will sort it. I used cci previously but then the renewals started getting silly, have been with Aviva direct for the last two years, don't need track day insurance atm and if you ring and speak to a real person they will accommodate milage and modifications...not to be confused with the Aviva via comparison site monkey's :-)
  11. Is it not repairable?
  12. Ok folks I need to know by the 31st January who is up for this. We need to get ten cars/rooms to enable us to book the hotel etc. If we haven't get the numbers by 31st Jan then I'm afraid the event will have to be cancelled as it's just not worth the time and effort plus it will add extra cost to those who wish to take part. For anybody wishing to take part please rsvp via the events section regardless of posting interest previously. Ta!
  13. Sorry to hear. Booking just a Saturday night peak season is the problem. As an aside we need to get 10-12 rooms booked to make this doable. Hopefully we can do that, if not then it's just not feasible.
  14. Please see updated post in events section: http://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/66238-mloc-calendar-mloc-in-wales-2017/ I apologise for the change in date, but really struggled in regards to Hotels and safe overnight parking. I have included those above who asked about rooms but please RSVP via the Calendar link.
  15. A deposit would be required but not until everyone is aware of cost route etc.