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  1. Jonathan E

    What’s it worth?

    Mine was valued at 17500 last month by one of the dealers mentioned above, that was for agreed value insurance purposes. Mine is an 02 no a/c or electric stuff, fsh, one previous owner with 28k on it, full suspension refresh 3k miles ago, ally rad, spitfire toe links. I’ve had a few over the years so any weak points have been sorted rusty fixings etc. I’d sell the Larini and hardtop separately as they add little to sale values and are worth more in the classified ads/eBay or by separate negotiation. They’re becoming more sort after and good 111s’s are getting hard to find, if it’s spot on I’d be putting up at 17k with room for negotiation. As Rich says above depends how quick you want to sell.
  2. Jonathan E

    S2 broken Indicator tab fix.

    File here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2837864 get it printed here: https://www.shapeways.com
  3. Jonathan E

    Up the Villa

    I’m not a Villa fan, but I know there are a few lurking on Mloc. Great to see them in the Premiership again. Well done👍
  4. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Next one is scheduled for 2nd June, location will be Ludlow or Wistanstow. See below👍
  5. Jonathan E

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    I doubt you’ll see much difference in performance if anything at all. More horses on the Exige but the weight has a big affect. I went 111s to 111r, these days I’m back in a 111s. Says it all really😉
  6. Jonathan E

    Which elise to go for?

    You’ve owned Elise’s previously so you know where they’re at, you simply won’t find a 135r and if you do your budget isn’t enough, unless you go for a shonky one and then you’ll have to spend ££’s on it. Your price point is particularly tricky and that added to the lack of good cars out there for sale really limits your choice. You’ve already discounted S1’s and you state that a 16 year old K will be “risky” I don’t agree, and would have suggested an early 111s(although to find a good car at that price is getting harder to do) but if that’s your opinion it leaves you looking at S2 Toyotas, you might find a 111r for that, but again it will be 05/6 at best and to find a well looked after one under 20k isn’t going to be easy. The 1.6 I had a day with really didn’t float my boat, if it was the first Elise I’d ever driven/owned then it would have been fine to start with, but you really had to thrash the thing all the time to get anything out of it, and of course we’re men and we’re programmed to “bigger is better” I think the 1.6, no matter how good it is would always play on your mind and as you say you’d soon tire of it. Probably just telling you what you already know so not much help I’m afraid. How big is the boot on an Evora?, could flog the mustang??
  7. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Saturday is good for me as things stand.
  8. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Sorry chaps I’m no longer able to make it on the 7th. The fact that I suggested the 7th makes this even more of a pita. See you all at the next one 👍
  9. Jonathan E

    Indicator condensation help please

    I had the same on my first S2, I put a small bag of silica into the unit held in place with a dab of silicone, was a bit “ship in a bottle” getting it in there, but it did the trick, I hadn’t drilled any holes in my unit though. A couple of weeks later the bloody tab broke so I then had to fix that🙄
  10. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    I visited the place I had in mind yesterday Andy and the car park was rammed🙄, perhaps we’re better off sticking with your original suggestion?.
  11. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Sunday’s are better for me too, but also happy to go with the majority, it’s always difficult to arrange these things as there is always someone who will be disappointed 😞
  12. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    I’ll have a look into a venue in Shrewsbury, the one linked above is a service area for the A49, nothing really wrong with it but will be stacked on a Sunday, with 4x4’s and people carriers doing Sunday lunch.
  13. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Sunday 7th April suit everyone?
  14. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    How Many cars and people are too many for your place Rich? Plenty of pubs with car parks in the area but we need to sort a date first, I’m assuming Sundays would be easiest for people?
  15. Jonathan E

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    All pile round to Shawbury then, I’ll bring the biscuits 👍

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