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  1. Item 30 here?: https://www.deroure.com/diagrams.asp?TBL=11664&MAK=1&MDL=22&SMA=1&SMO=11&ST=Boot+stay+clip&SC=0 Deroure don’t list one for the S3 so I’m working on it being the same as previous models.
  2. It’s the first stage of the final goodbye from Lotus to the likes of us. SUV next, then onwards to electric vehicles. I totally understand the reasoning behind it and hope the Emira is a huge success for them, if they sell loads Geely will be happy to put more money into Lotus and the brand will continue to go from strength to strength, I honestly can’t remember a time when you could think that way about Lotus, so that’s brilliant. However it comes at a cost, as much as I like the Emira it is basically an updated heavier Evora which makes sense given 2030 and the short production run. For me t
  3. Jonathan E


    It’s got to be a sea-change from the current offerings to entice non Lotus types to buy the cars. The car should have launched last year but got put back due to covid, at the time(2020) I was tempted to hold off on buying another Elise in favour of the 131 but some info filtered through from the dealer as to what the car would be and have on board, that made up my mind to buy the Elise. I really hope it’s a fantastic success for Lotus, but it’s not going to be anything like what I want from a Lotus. We’re a minority who love rattly cars that make a whole load of compromises so as the driv
  4. Thought so, I’ve had the pleasure of driving it on more than a couple of occasions and can confirm your son won’t be disappointed 👍
  5. Replaced the oem speakers in mine with Focals, they’re a bit better and useful if stuck I traffic, nothing is ever going to be great in an Elise.
  6. I’ve fitted Quantum’s to two previous Elise, they’re an excellent all rounder and certainly worth considering. There’s nothing wrong with the Bilsteins as fitted by Lotus, they know a thing or two about suspension set ups👍
  7. I don’t know which car they’re off or if they’re Lotus specific but I’d try Phil Peek(Junks) on seloc, he’s running his operation down but he’s probably your best chance, failing that try a wanted ad on seloc, the units are notoriously dodgy so somebody might have just a bulb holder kicking about. I’ve just had a look through my old stuff and came a across these two. I suspect they are rears though? Your welcome to one if you think it’s any use, I’m sure one could be doctored to fit if you get really stuck.
  8. I’ve seen one of these fitted https://www.pioneer.com.au/shop/car/sph-c10bt/ it looked pretty good.
  9. Haven’t fitted one myself but other have by using din spacers to bring the unit forward https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/350447890178 hth
  10. They’ll be probax. Probax is a material(foam) that Lotus use as the cushion in the seats, it’s actually a sort of memory foam. The seats you have there are from the more luxurious end of the Elise spectrum take a look at a S1 original seat for a comparison but I found those to be pretty comfortable too, I can’t offer a way to make them more comfortable, I’d have thought adding more padding would be detrimental to the driving physics of the car? I’d give them a bit of time, perhaps you’ll get used to them?

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    I’m currently looking for an S1 or early S2 Elise, private buyer, happy to pay realistic/current market value for a suitable car. I am not a dealer! Anything considered except insurance cat cars. Thanks


  12. I bought mine from these guys: https://www.classicadditions.com/en-GB/indoor-car-covers/super-soft-stretch-indoor-car-cover/prod_10072 hadn’t heard of them before but they are local to me(South Shropshire) so thought I’d give them a go. Had the cover for just over 6 months now and very impressed with it. Great customer service too.
  13. Reason I asked about the colour was that I had the same issue with a Gunmetal S2 some years ago, it was brand new fresh from the factory and after a few weeks of ownership it started to blister just like in your pics. It’s a long story and I’ve probably documented it on here before, ultimately Lotus ended up replacing everything with the exception of the roll bar cover and the lower sill panels, the car was returned to me and the rear clam suffered the same again. The final conclusion from an independent paint specialist was that a combination of poor preparation and poor paint adhesion were
  14. As long as he doesn’t agree to your request and then renege on the deal, which would be very easy to do. What did he charge you for doing the doors?....It’s not Gunmetal Grey is it?
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