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  1. Repairs in Derby

    For a Lotus you could try Gavin at Unit 4 in Burton-on-Trent. He's got good reviews for servicing etc.on the forum. I've used him before but not for damage - he may have a recommendation at least.
  2. 2bular or Larini

    Hi Burge, I have an 8" 2bular on my 2012 supercharged Elise. Sounds great and quality is good. I'm sure on the 2006 version Jim from 2bular will be able to advise what's best for your needs - track friendly or more antisocial Sunday blast. He's very friendly on the phone. Others will attest that his delivery timings can be sketchy. Constant phone calls worked well for me and I got mine in just over a month My advice would be to not go for the loudest exhaust possible, as although fun on short journeys, on any longer journeys it can get tiresome. I haven't heard a Larini system in the flesh,just YouTube videos when I was doing my research. So can't advise what they're like. If you're coming to LitP you can have a listen to mine if you like.
  3. New lotus

    Congratulations, great car. Will we see it at LitP on 9th July @ Kedleston Hall? What swung it for you personally, compared to the R8 - any particular points?
  4. Where were all the Lotus cars?

    Nevermind the car overheating, I was roasting in the car on Sunday it was so hot. ??
  5. Newbie checking in.

    Lovely in-your-face colour! Hope you enjoy it and we see you at LitP
  6. Hello All

    Welcome to Lotus ownership. Wow,those pictures look great...and lightning ⚡! Gav at Unit 4 is good and friendly. A bit further away but I've found Lotus Silverstone very helpful in the past if you want an approved garage repair.
  7. S2 width including mirrors??

    Alan, There's a morning event on at Bicester Heritage on Sunday. I'm going along with the LDC.Shoukd be a range of Lotus on shown. It's a fun morning chatting and looking at lots of cars. We'll be happy to answer any questions and measure stuff on site if you bring a measuring tape Chris
  8. Your First Lotus Drive Of 2017

    Nice photos. Too frosty for me this morning. Hope people who braved Luke's drive out had fun either way - good effort for organising.
  9. Sunday Breakfast - 21st Feb 2016