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  1. Painting rear LOTUS letters

    Just where the gaps/joins are it causes a weak spot so that it tears.
  2. Painting rear LOTUS letters

    I’ve seen people in th past use the plasti dip spray then you just peel the overspray off and it forms a neat edge.
  3. A favour...

    I’ve had problems with rears on a car before and I would have sworn it was the front tyres. So definitely worth trying.
  4. Sad news - Howard Hartley

    Very sad news, RIP
  5. A favour...

    Yes, I had the same problem. I’m sure it was the a048’s moving round on the rims hence them then going out of balance. Didn’t get it 888’s.
  6. Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    I’m pretty sure I have a new one in my garage, i’ll have a look tomorrow (i don’t have my exige anymore so happy to sell). On the original dash officially up you had to remove the dash but you could replace it without removing the dash by accessing it through the vent or speaker I seem to remember.
  7. Full member benefits?

    The other main thing you get is the continuation of MLOC. MLOC is run totally on a volunteer basis and every penny of the money raised through membership and advertising is spent on running the club (e.g. forum software, web hosting, MSA membership, equipment for events). The only thing outside of that is a good percentage of the money raised from the raffle at LITP is given to charity.
  8. Full member benefits?

    According to our records the last full membership you bought was July 2014 which ran out in July 2015. You got a discount on the 2015 lotus in the peak tickets you bought in Jan 2015. You should also have got a calendar December 2014. Since then you have been just a forum member so no calendar will have been sent out.
  9. Full member benefits?

    They were sent out to all full members. Is your postal address correct in your profile.
  10. Full member benefits?

    The main thing you do is supporting MLOC to keep running, where possible we create the Mloc calendar, sent out in December and discount on mloc events/merchandise (like litp). We stopped doing the physical membership card this year as nobody seemed bothered by it anymore.
  11. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Are you ever going to want to drive it when it’s going to be so perfect!
  12. Fixed My Fog Lights

    Great work, very satisfying when you fix a problem yourself without buying an expensive replacement part.
  13. Pallet Truck - Anyone have one i can borrow?

    I have one at my office on Pride Park in Derby you can borrow for a day if that helps.
  14. Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Is comit being parted out then? Assumed it would be on the road somewhere.
  15. Accident Repair Quote - Recommendation?

    Central lotus in Nottingham have a body shop.

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