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  1. chris_h

    Lotus in the Peak - kids?

    Yeah quite a few kids come along, including mine. There is an activity book including colouring competition and spot the car for kids to do. edit: three of us replied at the same time!
  2. chris_h

    Evora door handle failure

    My door handle stopped working on my Evora last night. A quick google around last night it seems other people have had problems with the solenoid, so when I took it apart this morning I was expecting that. However I’ve had a failure of the plastic where the door handle connects to the rod of the mechanism. I’ve superglued it and then drilled and tie wrapped it, which has made it pretty strong. However I expect it will fail again at some point so I’ll buy a new one and fit it at some point. (Only about 10mins to take off door card and then two bolts.)
  3. chris_h

    MLOC Evoras

  4. chris_h

    LoT Black Friday prices

    I’ve booked on.
  5. chris_h

    Radiator upgrade

    I fitted the eliseshop triple pass rad about 10 years ago on my old Toyota exige with the standard fans. It made temps much more stable on hot track days and in the alps. I also liked the fact it was black aesthetically. If you have a/c it will already be twin fan, only single if no a/c https://www.elise-shop.com/aluminium-triple-pass-race-radiator-all-models-p-354077.html?zenid=8fa5661187acd8b4acad662a3e7768c9
  6. chris_h

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    I think you could add £10k to the asking price if your not in a rush to sell it. At that price I think it’ll go pretty quick.
  7. chris_h

    MLOC Evoras

    I drove my evora everyday last year, including quite deep snow. I’ve got michelin pilot alpin pa4 tyres. Think there is a new version now, but mine are very impressive in the cold damp conditions as well as snow. Mine are going back on this weekend.
  8. chris_h

    Musing on a change to suit my age group..

    Definitely have a drive of an evora. I tried everything before I bought mine and driving wise nothing was close. I loved the look and sound of the aston but disappointed with how it drove.
  9. chris_h

    Uploading Photos

    How large is the file your uploading? If it is too big it will fail. Try making it smaller first then typry again.
  10. chris_h

    Painting rear LOTUS letters

    Just where the gaps/joins are it causes a weak spot so that it tears.
  11. chris_h

    Painting rear LOTUS letters

    I’ve seen people in th past use the plasti dip spray then you just peel the overspray off and it forms a neat edge.
  12. chris_h

    A favour...

    I’ve had problems with rears on a car before and I would have sworn it was the front tyres. So definitely worth trying.
  13. chris_h

    Sad news - Howard Hartley

    Very sad news, RIP
  14. chris_h

    A favour...

    Yes, I had the same problem. I’m sure it was the a048’s moving round on the rims hence them then going out of balance. Didn’t get it 888’s.
  15. chris_h

    Exige Mk2 Dash removal help?

    I’m pretty sure I have a new one in my garage, i’ll have a look tomorrow (i don’t have my exige anymore so happy to sell). On the original dash officially up you had to remove the dash but you could replace it without removing the dash by accessing it through the vent or speaker I seem to remember.

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