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  1. Pretty sure we are all out for 2020. Mark will confirm next time he is on.
  2. Looks like it needs a 24 month restoration !!
  3. Was the photographer called snapper for his username? Had a blue s2 exige I think.
  4. Haven’t seen that for a while. I’m in my old yellow exige at 4oclock on the O and my dad’s old excel is at 12 on the O.
  5. A pain to replace with the clam on, most people just wire brush and repaint in situ.
  6. Official line ... Trackdays aren't about timing and most people’s track day insurance will be invalidated if you are timing. Unofficial... look on YouTube at some videos and work out times.
  7. Could try Monster motorsport, they used to advertise on here. We did a rolling road shoot out there few years back.
  8. Welcome back, quite a few of us still around.
  9. I went with the lotus motorsport engine mounts on my old s2 exige back in about 2006. Added a lot of vibration into the cabin at idle but removed so much engine movement under load.
  10. I think you could add £10k to the asking price if your not in a rush to sell it. At that price I think it’ll go pretty quick.
  11. Are you ever going to want to drive it when it’s going to be so perfect!
  12. Is comit being parted out then? Assumed it would be on the road somewhere.
  13. Option 2 is the most aesthetically pleasing.
  14. Stupid business's decision, if they had charged $20 or something I'm sure you would have done it, but with loads of free hosting places everyone will just move their stuff.
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