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  1. A pain to replace with the clam on, most people just wire brush and repaint in situ.
  2. Official line ... Trackdays aren't about timing and most people’s track day insurance will be invalidated if you are timing. Unofficial... look on YouTube at some videos and work out times.
  3. Could try Monster motorsport, they used to advertise on here. We did a rolling road shoot out there few years back.
  4. Welcome back, quite a few of us still around.
  5. I went with the lotus motorsport engine mounts on my old s2 exige back in about 2006. Added a lot of vibration into the cabin at idle but removed so much engine movement under load.
  6. Make sure you get the right ones. Ps4 is for moderate performance saloons etc, ps4s is for sport cars. I also went up a width on the front and back to give a little rim protection. I’ve had no problem with rubbing. If you are doing low mileage summer driving then you could go for cup 2. It’s what lotus fit on the 430.
  7. I changed to michelin. I think its a better tyre. As much, if not more grip yet they last quite a lot longer, particularly the inside edge.
  8. When I changed my standard cat for a sports cat on my old s2 exige, most of the insides were missing from the original cat. So if yours is the same it’ll probably not make much difference!
  9. chris_h

    LitP 2019 help

    I’m happy to help setup on the day. Happy to bring my PA system, generator and radios like previous years.
  10. Yeah quite a few kids come along, including mine. There is an activity book including colouring competition and spot the car for kids to do. edit: three of us replied at the same time!
  11. My door handle stopped working on my Evora last night. A quick google around last night it seems other people have had problems with the solenoid, so when I took it apart this morning I was expecting that. However I’ve had a failure of the plastic where the door handle connects to the rod of the mechanism. I’ve superglued it and then drilled and tie wrapped it, which has made it pretty strong. However I expect it will fail again at some point so I’ll buy a new one and fit it at some point. (Only about 10mins to take off door card and then two bolts.)
  12. I fitted the eliseshop triple pass rad about 10 years ago on my old Toyota exige with the standard fans. It made temps much more stable on hot track days and in the alps. I also liked the fact it was black aesthetically. If you have a/c it will already be twin fan, only single if no a/c https://www.elise-shop.com/aluminium-triple-pass-race-radiator-all-models-p-354077.html?zenid=8fa5661187acd8b4acad662a3e7768c9
  13. I think you could add £10k to the asking price if your not in a rush to sell it. At that price I think it’ll go pretty quick.
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