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  1. I definitely would do all 4 at the same time otherwise you are going to mess with the front rear braking balance. This will be even worse on track as the pad friction changes with heat this will be an even greater variable on track with higher temps. Just to say I had an issue with pad transfer on RS14’s creating judder on my old s2 exige with big brake kit. I tried the bedding in process a few times but couldn’t get rid of it. It was fine at road speeds, but every time the brakes got hot on track it came back. Somebody recommended the following and it worked for me… soak the dis
  2. Option 2 is the most aesthetically pleasing.
  3. So glad you're taking your time (and £) to do it properly Leigh. It's going to be awesome when it's finished. Don't think anyone could call it a replica stratos as it'll be so much better than the originals. "Visually inspired by" might be a more appropriate term...
  4. There is a limit on how many pictures you can post in a row. You can post more now after my reply...
  5. How much money was found under the seats?
  6. That's good news and pretty impressive for what is a fairly niche car.
  7. Yeah totally agree, it'll have horrendous understeer with 48 rears and road tyres on the front.
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