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  1. darren5591

    S3 dash removal

    Might be ok for not having to remove the dash now as with a few trim bits out most of the loom is stripped. Just a couple of wires left to sort. Cool I’ll keep an eye out, can’t be hard to miss
  2. darren5591

    S3 dash removal

    It does sound extreme doesn’t it! I think it’s a factory fitted system but it has gps and flip screen etc which is far too ott for what I need! Will eventually replace the system for a simple alpine setup eventually. The loom looks like it’s earthed to the clocks which I why I might need to strip the dash apart and decipher what is OE Lotus loom and loom from the stereo. Not many about Redditch! What are you driving?
  3. darren5591

    S3 dash removal

    Hey guys, I’m trying to remove a fancy stereo in my late S2 Elise and I’ve got to a point where I’ve come to realise that it may be better to remove the dash and pull the loom out as access is extremely limited as it currently stands. Are there any guides for this? I’ve done a search but nothing has come up yet. Thanks in advance
  4. darren5591

    Winter work.

    Sounds like you’ve been busy Martin! I’ve finally picked up a late S2 myself and am halfway through a rad replacement with twin fan upgrade (pull fans rather than blow). Turns out the condenser has started to rot out as well as the aircon pipe being a nightmare as well. So I’ve just bit the bullet and bought new rad, condenser, upgrade fan pack and a couple of other bits! Already living up to the motto and I’ve only had it a week!!
  5. darren5591

    Radiator upgrade

    Thanks for the replies both, sorry I should have elaborated, I mean having twin pull fans instead of blow. I’ve seen the eliseparts frame with twin spal fans, anyone used that setup?
  6. darren5591

    Radiator upgrade

    Hey all, I need to replace the radiator on my S2 Elise Toyota and have been considering going for a twin fan setup. Has anyone done the same and could recommend somewhere best? Thanks, Daz
  7. darren5591

    Repairing a crash damaged Elise

    Good evening guys and girls, After 10 years of want (some of your may remember me from many many moons ago!) I have finally decided get serious in my search for an Elise. With a MK1 Golf GTi project on my hands, money isn’t exactly flowing from the golden chalice but i’m considering a crash damaged Elise to repair and fix up in my free time. Personally for me, a category marked car that I have build myself knowing that it’s not been insurance bodged seems like quite an appealing way to step into Lotus ownership quite cheaply (or far cheaper than buying a perfect example!) plus I won’t feel quite so guilty about bolting on some performance and styling bits to an original car. Has anyone got any advice on top of the usual bits to check and maybe someone has done the same? Cheers!
  8. Hurry 11th nov, I want my mk2 golf GTI =D

    1. tomjude


      didn't win the 5th gear comp did you??

    2. darren5591


      Its not drawn until the 21st, but fingers crossed!

  9. darren5591

    Grey coloured

    Grey Europa-S
  10. darren5591

    Mloc Revamp

    Let me know if u want your car washing, I know your all booked up with DIY
  11. darren5591

    Mloc Revamp

    Wow that looks great , im looking forward to it
  12. darren5591

    Darren5591s album

  13. darren5591


  14. darren5591

    dodgy paintwork ;)

  15. darren5591

    green lotus 7 interior


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