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  1. Hello to MLOC people

    Hello and Welcome. Nuff said.
  2. Based on this picture the trip was well worth it! Looks like the 340r said something rude and got sent to the naughty step to think about it. Not sure why I didn't 'get the call'? I'm off to sack my agent.
  3. now that sticker is pure 'gumption tramp' gold. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Love it.
  4. Made the most of the 10 days I've just had off over Xmas. After the fixing the hard top. I sorted a rattling passenger door with electricians tape on the door striker - Thanks to whichever wise soul recommended that instead of buying a new lock. If only all jobs were as easy and satisfying.Then set about fixing a knocking noise from the driver rear wheel arch. Guessed it could be a worn ball joint so replaced both. Will only find out if it is when I next get out but either way it was a good learning experience...... for the planned suspension refresh which I'm slowly building towards - currently giving new hub carriers and steering arms the three stage POR15 treatment. Oh and made the interior light blue to match the stack unit.A lack of space means march will see me pay a garage to remove front camshell to do: ali radiator / towing strut / new spots / nose badge / remote thermostat kit / ep gearbox mount.... And that will lay the ground for a visit to sabre heads at some point in the next 12 months for kr1 head with some mgtf 135 cams and janspeed small bore 421 manifold. Right, off for the traditional new years day curry. Back to work tomorrow
  5. The headache has gone! Just for my own closure but also for a future resource; here's what happened next. Took out all three helicoils; drilled out, tapped to a larger M8 size. The last picture in the post showed the middle hole ready to be filled with a powdered plastic called APX4 'Supa Fix'. Just pour in Powder and saturate with the magic superglue (98% proof) and it turns to plastic in 7 seconds. Drilled this out, tapped and helicoiled. Seems good stuff. ...and it still wouldn't fit! There wasn't enough wiggle room to line up the cap head bolts through the clamping plate with the new threads. So drilled out the clamping plate to 12.5mm - it's just GRP with a small fixing plate so very easy. This has allowed enough room to catch the threads. Back in the game! Got the 'coupe' look back for when I fancy a change of style. The only downside is that getting in an out requires that you have to pretend to be an envelope and literally post yourself in or out. The end Cheers MrWill
  6. Time Left: 1 month and 11 days

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Bought these in error. New and unopened. Will suit all normally aspirated 2ZZ Toyota engined models (according to ES.com website) £20 delivered. Just PM me. I'll be able to post from Tuesday 2nd. Cheers MrWill


  7. Hi there Sorry for the delay i responding with photos Here's a few pictures of the hardtop. This afternoon I cut away the lining around the threads. They all seem to be just a heli-coil inserted direct into the GRP. Two were standing proud and the other was knackered. I've tided up the two end heli-coils - now flush fitting and some araldite to finish. The thread of the middle one had separated as the hole is just too big for the heli-coil. So I've taken it out and, (after plugging the hole with some cardboard glued to the inside), I plan to fill in the hole with some (as yet to be decided) 'stuff'. The aim being to drill it out, re-tap and insert a better fitting thread. That's it for now...until next weekend.
  8. MLOC Calendar - 2018 - Photos Needed

    No, nada, nothing. it's not happening. Resized to below 1mb and at 1024x615 pixels and it's still not accepting my picture. Never mind; it is some small consolation that it was chosen as my 'desktop 2018' in a very brief private ceremony earlier this evening.
  9. Ooooh Rivnuts! That will be genius Dr H if there's something for them to pop through & crush back on, but I don't know if there is...yet. I've just been peering through some small holes in the lining up to now so no pictures. I was hoping someone might have some pics of the bare fitting before I started pulling the lining off but I suspect I need to just Peel the lining away and see what I've got to play with. If bonding a female thread turns out to be the way to go do you recommend fibreglass as the way to go? There's some small but significant (15-20nm perhaps) turning forces on the female thread when tightening the hardtop on so will fibreglass / resin work or is there another go-to bonding product where which people have used in the past? I'll speak to Lotus hard tops tomorrow and if it seems like it's DIY time, I'll get some photos posted up. Thanks and Best wishes MrWill
  10. Thanks stockhome - that's really interesting and helpful. I'll give the guys a lotus hard tops a call in a few days to see if they fancy a repair job - depending on their enthusiasm and cost I may still give it a go myself. Not sure where my roof was born then, if not at Hethel? It seems really solid and is fully lined in matching suede to the dash and has all the weather proof seals etc. If it is aftermarket it's been well done....apart from the bolt holes obviously! Thanks again Mr Will
  11. Morning ! The 'long tail' hardtop which came with the S2 has turned to be a bit of a lemon. Not only did it hide a rattly passenger door on the pre-purchase test drive (now fixed), all manner of bits fell out of the internal threads when I look it off. It's genuine Lotus item but one of the previous owners appears to have stripped two of the three internal threads along the front edge. Whatever was bonded in there previously to act as a female thread is no longer there and in one of the holes it looks like an bodged attempt at heli-coiling into the GRP has been made. I've not stripped the liner back yet but before I do anything I can't undo, I'd appreciate it if anyone has had a similar challenge and can share their method & materials of doing a the repair. Any photos of what it should look like would be good too. Alternatively is there anyone out there who does hardtop repairs such as this who I could get in touch with? Many thanks MrWill
  12. Elise s2 door latch - help

    Thanks for the words of wisdom Jonathan - gives me another couple of things to tick off the 'tried that' list. I've moved the pins around already; the door seals look fine - but I'll check again. If the electricity tape does work then I think that will be point to the latch. BTW - I read that a vibration / rattle from the small pins can (if not sorted) simply wear the latch. There's a few second hand vx220 latches around which might be worth a cheap punt to find out. Thanks again Will
  13. Passenger door rattle now believed to be a worn latch mechanism after my LitP plus one discovered that applying pressure on the door outwards or inwards cured the rattle ( I've previously fitted larger striker pins and checked the nylon blocks and window mech and adjusted the window and adjusted the latch position and checked the hinge ) So...Can anyone tell me where I can get a passenger door latch from? I don't fancy paying £138 + vat. Main dealer prices and there's nothing on e-bizzle. Especially so if they are ( so I believe) a standard GM item and might be something I can get one by looking through the parts bin for some common-a-garden family hatch. Anyone been there, done that, got the badge? Many thanks MrWill
  14. Newbie checking in.

    WELCOME ! Nice to post this after being made so welcome last year. Great forum filled to the rafters with genuinely friendly folk...come to Lotus in the Peaks and feel the love! MrWill

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