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  1. I realise my first concern should be your Mental wellbeing but we can do later. Can we get the important stuff out of the way first. So... How did it go?
  2. That is genius. 😅
  3. Well this post was somewhat prophetic: now Boris has gone defcon 4 on us all. I'll be keeping busy by building a road bike... And Going on Sunday rides. sitting in the kitchen with some enamel paints and craft brushes and seeing if I can Paint my cam cover lettering / logo ...and lastly - Clive, your car looks absolutely fantastic in that picture
  4. Oh god...I feel sh#t now... put it back on
  5. 1st job: remove that stripe. I thought it was a shadow from a lamppost... but it's not is it? I know folk will say they like it and it's jaunty. It's not. 🤔. It's driving my ocd into overload and I'm getting a rash thinking you might keep it.
  6. At least it ended on high. I can think of worse places to quarantined than behind the wheel of a lovely 135r 😁
  7. Dear wife nearly ready to come out of the garage... It's great to read about what everyone's getting up to; getting ready for the good weather. I'm Just waiting for a proalloy fuel tank to arrive then this months winter fettling will be over and I'll be ready for one of Ray and Duncs Sunday runs in the peaks. Didn't think I did much but... Cleaned up underneath of dash - spotless. New alcantara dash and wheel centre - nice. Painted horn surround - like new. Hardwired in dash cam. Replaced broken plastic internal lights bracket with home made Ali one. Seats out and all interior cleaned. Modified elise parts gear lever so is now adjustable from short shift to something halfway between that and standard - to see if I can sort out a truculent 2nd gear. Cleaned and por15 the sheer panel - like new. New gear cable abutment bracket. New front grille brackets. New pagid 4-2 front pads - see if they are up to much? Some subtle lotus stickers on the wheels....and the alloy fuel tank ready to fit. All very satisfying even if its mostly all unnoticeable - which is annoying when trying to explain (justify) to wife what I've been doing in there all that time. One thing drove me bonkers and I gave up on. The constantly on fog light tell tale on the dash - mot failure. Both dash and lights module bench tested and confirmed it was the elise parts rear led lights. Plug in the normal bulb rear lights and all is fine. Replaced the lights resistor, added resistors... still the same. I just don't think the oem lights are modern enough for the car. One to many wines of an evening resulted in the purchase of gregs race parts rear lights. I suspect they will take a year to arrive due to covid 19 but we'll see how we get on... At least that's one change thing that will be actually noticeable and give my better half the opportunity to say 'is that it? Why did that take you so long to fit?' Grrr... 🤐
  8. Always amazed by the patience, care, love and fastidious attention to detail lavished on these projects. That's proper good Dave 👍
  9. Glad you're okay. Interested to see Pics of the car and your subsequent handywork
  10. Bambi's fine but the Europa fell apart seconds after the camera stopped and Stephen is still walking home as we speak.. In the rain......maybe?
  11. I hope I'm wrong but that sounded like contact (?)
  12. Hey Richbk A valiant effort nevertheless. Thanks for taking time out to look, its much appreciated. I'll widen the search to SELOC and see what turns up there Thanks again MrWill
  13. Evening Yep sage advice by all accounts. I did change with some oem rover mtf94 at the start of last year but it made no difference to the change 🙄 Reluctant to take the box out before trying a normal stick. Cheers Will
  14. Thank you! V. Much appreciated Rich I've got an elise parts item. Agreed; when it works it feels great. from lever to the cables and the linkage/pivots it's its all been renewed. I've run out of adjustment and still have a reluctant 1st and 2nd gear. Drove last year but after afew hairly moments trying to get 2nd for a tight bend I've resolved to fix it. I suspect a move to oem will give me a bit more tolerance in the adjustment and all will be fine. Trying this and it not making a difference will also help me determine if it's actually the 1st-2nd synchro ring in the gearbox. Thanks again Will
  15. Hello Anyone got an OEM S2 K series gear lever they are willing to sell to a good home? Mine came with short shift and it's just not working as it should and I've run out of adjustment (or mechanical talent). I'd like to try a switch back to oem to see if that works. I'd be grateful for anyone who can help me out. Cheers MrWill
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