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  1. Hey Richbk A valiant effort nevertheless. Thanks for taking time out to look, its much appreciated. I'll widen the search to SELOC and see what turns up there Thanks again MrWill
  2. Evening Yep sage advice by all accounts. I did change with some oem rover mtf94 at the start of last year but it made no difference to the change 🙄 Reluctant to take the box out before trying a normal stick. Cheers Will
  3. Thank you! V. Much appreciated Rich I've got an elise parts item. Agreed; when it works it feels great. from lever to the cables and the linkage/pivots it's its all been renewed. I've run out of adjustment and still have a reluctant 1st and 2nd gear. Drove last year but after afew hairly moments trying to get 2nd for a tight bend I've resolved to fix it. I suspect a move to oem will give me a bit more tolerance in the adjustment and all will be fine. Trying this and it not making a difference will also help me determine if it's actually the 1st-2nd synchro ring in the gearbox. Thanks again Will
  4. Hello Anyone got an OEM S2 K series gear lever they are willing to sell to a good home? Mine came with short shift and it's just not working as it should and I've run out of adjustment (or mechanical talent). I'd like to try a switch back to oem to see if that works. I'd be grateful for anyone who can help me out. Cheers MrWill
  5. I'm still good for a pair Cheers MrWill
  6. Hi Lithopsian Happy New Year! Thanks for taking pity my lonely post After all that messing around getting the stack and the lights module bench tested, it turned out to the the Eliseparts LED lights. So much for plug and play. When I dug the OEM lights out and plugged in - everything worked perfectly! I suspect that the circuit needs/expects the resistance of the normal bulbs to function properly so I'm going take the LED fog unit out and insert a resistor into its wiring to try and replicate the normal bulb resistance. If that doesn't work it's back to OEM units. While messing around hard-wiring in a dash-cam I managed to break that flimsy bit of plastic which holds the interior light. It's not for being repaired so just waiting for some sheet aluminium to arrive so I can cut out a replacement. Just frustrated it's delayed me putting the dash back in by another week. Not that it should matter; We've some building work starting in a few weeks which will block the car for a further 14 weeks! Best wishes Will
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Help! I need that flimsy bracket that holds the interior light on K series S2. Anyone got one hanging around? Fingers crossed Will


  8. A warm Welcome! Car sounds great let's have some pics 😉
  9. Merry Christmas MLOC'ers one and all
  10. Still trying to sort the Fog light tell tale consrantly on. After having the lights module bench tested (all fine) I sent my stack unit away to 213 performance (ex Stack employees) for testing. Hopefully hear back soon. I did buy a fog lights relay from Elise parts advertised as fitting my car but I'm damned if I can see this in the wiring diagram for the car. Does anone know for certain if the S2 has a separate fog relay? Anyway with lights module and stack unit out, the jobs started to choose themselves: I decided I would take the dash out get it and the steering wheel boss recovered - then tidy up the wiring and clean / protect / lubricate everything else. No one will see it..but I'll know it's pristine under there. Some of the dashboard removal guides out yhere are helpful but could do with a few more details here and there, which I may record and provide in the tech section when I put it all back together.
  11. I whittled it down to two choices for the bushes; oem or superpro. I went for superpro for my suspension refresh last year. Easy to fit same nvh as oem, very happy. You won't be dissapointed with either choice. I used the POR15 three stage process to good effect for my refresh. Mostly because I was doing it myself. Not saying it's better than other approaches but does seem to be lasting well. It's also easy to touch up in the garage to prolong the protection if take your wheels off every now and then Good luck. Look forward to an update/road test when it's done. MrWill
  12. It's quite obvious that the annoying squeak you were looking was actually the old fuel tank. If you listened carefully I bet it sounded like 'change me... Change me...' 👻
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