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  1. hello and a v. warm welcome (ironically I'm currently outside and #@$ing freezing 🥶)
  2. There's a useful conversation on SELOC which will be of help to you Paul https://forums.seloc.org/viewthread.php?tid=461145
  3. MrWill

    New guy

    Morning and a warm welcome Jamie. If you're after driving smiles per mile you've got the perfect car. Look forward to seeing it the flesh...let's have a photo to be getting on with please ! Will
  4. I was going to post a v. nice comment about the type49 but the revelation about a further beautiful black S2 has pushed me over the edge. I'm too riven with envy to continue... 😁👍
  5. I'm in. Thanks for the discussion. I really like what they do here in the UK so I've made the woodlands trust the place I can make a monthly DD to cover 6 tonnes CO2 / year. I know that does not absolve me from making more lifestyle changes but it's a good underpinning to other decisions and actions. 👍
  6. Ditto all of the above. Your piston rings are as likely to go from normal wear and tear as sudden HGF. My understanding is that the k series weakpoint was often humans (of the bean counter, mechanic and driver variety) not the engine. There is a basic flaw in that the engine was designed to be in the front of a rover not the back of an Elise. As a result the thermostat is fundamentally on the wrong side of the engine and does not respond in timely manner to rises in engine temp: Your remote thermostat system will definitely mitigate that. I would also advise slightly larger alloy radiator
  7. MrWill

    Dash Cam

    Hi Dobber82 Dash top removed...I used a piggy back fuse in the nextbase kit to run a live feed from the back of the stereo....then up and round the windscreen. I went for always live feed so it will (hopefully) catch anyone who hits the car when it's parked up. Oh..and I fixed behind the sun strip so you can't see the sticky pad from the outside with the lens just below it ...and hidden behind the rear view mirror on the passenger side so I can't see it from inside. Good luck 👍 Will
  8. https://www.eliseparts.com/shop/exterior-bodywork/elise-air-ducts/ 👍
  9. MrWill


    Welcome back both. (Brilliant name for an S1 )
  10. Top job 👍 Thanks for the photo and explanation. It's always satisfying to work through and resolve these little puzzles. Or in your case "get yourself out of a sticking situation" 😉
  11. It's so weird 🤯 As above: air leak - only needs an invisible pin hole Did you change Both of the O2 sensors or just one? I'm sure there's pre and post CAT (?) Battery? Seems to be the culprit of many Elise ailments. TPS recalibration? ECU reset.. disconnect battery, to you know: 'turn off and turn it on again' (Grasping at straws now) Good luck! MrWill
  12. Hi hotpurple I'm no expert on elec-trickry but I've usually resolved issues before getting an expert in by just doing the basics Check all your connections for good fit and corrosion. Check for good earth etc If it was me I'd summise the fan coming on 30s after engine on means the ecu thinks the engine is hot so why not the obvious of a faulty temp sensor on the engine sending a false signal? Good luck MrWill
  13. That sounds like a real wrench. One car less but don't know why we have to loose a proper lotus fan too? Unless you've joined that other forum "family runaround I didn't want dot com"? I hope you get back behind the wheel of a lotus before too long Aurevoir MrWill
  14. No problem; I have one you can borrow Nick. Happy to post out or I'm in Manchester nr the trafford centre if that's of any use to you? Just pm me your address if you it posting Will
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