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  1. Welcome on board! Well, if no-one else is going to ask... a) When did Neil become an abbreviation for Lawrence? b) how long did you wrestle the sealion for...and did it taste nice?
  2. A warm welcome to MLOC Luke
  3. Spot on. Let's go back to your original brief...you've already got a nice back box sound and want more power and freer revving engine at minimal cost before you move on...just drop the cams in and enjoy 👌
  4. the '300' designation is the right one They should measure between 9.3 and 9.5mm of lift both cams have the same lift and duration unlike the 270s but that doesn equate to the same timing necessarily You should fit veriers to make the most of it. I recommend turbosport hard anodised verniers. it is possible to use specific dowels to adjust timing see DVA website However you can set your adjustable verners to get the engine response you like - a good starting point for these is 35/25 thou ECU doesn't have a problem running the lift and duration of the 135 cams and t
  5. Its all sage advice. Couldn't agree more with above Based on what you want and your short ownership a set of tf 135 cams is all you need. Biggest bang for your buck and hits the brief you've set. Say £120 plus fitting After that it's law of diminishing returns, personal preference and individual disposable income. You've got a lovely car and if you're happy with the sound leave it at the cams. For a variety of reasons I not a big advocate og aftermarket filters, but I did need a better sound and got that via carefully chosen backbox (hanger 111 signature) If you would
  6. How you getting on, did your friend get you back on the road? The Undertray came up lovely ps they only ever put one heat shield over the left toe link to protect from the exhaust heat. Not needed on the other side. pps The asymmetry annoyed me so I fitted one to the other side too. But had to drill and tap the holes, looks like you're already good to go.
  7. Hi How you getting on resolving your engine problems? MrWill
  8. It doesn't sound good. 😣 If it was me, faced with that, I'd be getting it recovered to a good lotus garage where they can better diagnose the problem otherwise you may be chasing your tail trying stuff in hope and spending money doing so. A garage can compression test / electical fault find, quickly replace parts to test with one off the shelf etc etc. I hope I'm wrong and next thing you fit resolves it. Good luck MrWill
  9. Sorry to read about your engine woes - what a pain in proverbial ! If you watch a car programme like wheeler dealers they find a fault code got straight the item replace it and sell the car for a profit. When you read the forums it's seldom that straight forward. Alternator as Lithopsian says Poor / corroded / faulty wiring or connectors is the common recommendation made as a 'first thing to do' cam position sensor is mentioned on a few forum posts as a common underlying culprit behind some cars presenting similar symptoms to yours. Good luck, let us know how you ge
  10. Another garage option for the discerning k-series or honda powered Lotus owner. Just been to see these guys for a rolling road tune after some engine fettling. Nice and friendly bunch, honest as the day is long and know what they're doing. They are mx-5 specialists but used to support the elise race series, and were the first to build a Honda elise I believe. Good for: Servicing / Geo / rolling road tuning or power runs. Rolling road isn't strictly true as its two independent boxes they bolt your hubs to and so they measure 'at the hub'. Anyway they get my recomm
  11. Nice work. For me working on the car is half the fun. I expect your having a ball. Keep up the good work. 👍 Ps met your half brother "Swiss" the other day. Sorry. V. Poor. 😬
  12. Goes straight on the cool wall IMO. Welcome on board
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