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  1. Spot on Bebee. Half a tank and then you should discuss passenger weighting. Fro memory The Lotus guidance is 75kg in each seat but people sometimes ask for weighting specific to their weight and whether the car is usually driven solo or with passenger. Paul and Co at PJS will happily discuss I reckon you'll have felt the difference through the steering wheel before you've made it from the workshop to the main road 😉 MeWill
  2. Good to hear you're enjoying the car. Renewed suspension and a Proper geo can be transformative
  3. I'm sorry what? No more 175/55? For f . Gutted.
  4. Hello and welcome As above: It didn't have an oil cooler and it would be located there if it did. Have you got any pictures - both of the leak and the car ? Your usual suspects are: a) brake fluid b) damper fluid c) coolant d) washer fluid (?) e) Another car with a oil leak parks in the same spot as you. Good luck MrWill
  5. How frustrating! The ebay listing is for a 2001 model which would have been fine. But the picture of the car (we can assume it came from?) is definitely a much later toyota model. Good luck with the replacement. 👍
  6. I've heard they speak funny but I think folk from Gloucester still count as being from the UK even after brexit ? 😅 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INSTRUMENT-CLUSTER-LOTUS-ELISE-MK2-2001-On-1796-PETROL-Speedo-Clocks-WARRANTY-/164536292882?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  7. There's one on ebizzle However I'd advise you to ring 123 performance first. They may well be able to repair and give you a quick turn around alternatively Email andrew@213performance.co.uk Good luck MrWill
  8. Paul @ PJS Lotus Gav @ Unit 4 Both local to you.
  9. Hello Mattielad I don't quite understand the issue but if it's not running as it should just take it to one of the trusted Lotus specialists recommended on here. The ecu should hold variable and set ignition values which allow it to adjust sufficiently to take account of an air filter and back box. More air in = lean not rich AFR. Just making those changes should be fit and forget. So if something isn't right and you're not sure what, just get it Checked out. If your confident I'd check for leaks. Is everything connected and air tight. Check your TPS is set correc
  10. Hi Chris I'm in the middle of a front and back brake rebuild but should be back on all fours in two weeks...at which point you're more than welcome to my stands...I'm in Manchester so happy to traverse the peaks to meet somewhere. I'm sure you'll get sorted but happy to be your plan b if things don't work out before then MrWill
  11. MrWill


    Sounds amazing! Will drop you a pm
  12. MrWill


    Hi Clive I'd be very grateful if I could trouble you for a copy too, please. Planning on driving it and cycling it later this year / next year. (Not sure in which order) A friend is doing it sooner in a camper van to recce the roads but the more info we can collate about the route the better. Best wishes MrWill
  13. Good job Rudi 😎 Running an S2 I've never had to worry about the boot cable snapping. Your solution looks like a neat way to build in some redundancy into the mechanism. Well thought through 👍 MrWill
  14. Hi there I've yet to do this myself - it is on the to do list...so interested to hear how you get on. I can offer some sections of the Lotus manual I found on the interweb... Good luck and let us know how it goes MrWill ps if these images are too big to post I'll PM them to you.
  15. The earlier s1 and s2 seats have adjustable lumber support which is pumped up via a bladder at the side of the seat. I find the s2 seatssuper comfy so you may consider retro fitting if nothing else works out Alternatively I found this in the archives
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