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  1. Lotus Elise S2 (01), K series - Gearbox

    Hi. All of the above i.e check the clips on the "abutment" near the linkage but also there is a limit screw at the front of the gear stick housing which needs to be set correctly. The c clip under the gear lever can also foul on the left cable if its fitted incorrectly. A bit of tinkering may well save you the cost of a gearbox so worth it if you're that way inclined. And if it is a limit srew or some other part on the linkage is out or catching, a new box isnt going to work either so worth eliminating first. Cheers
  2. newbie

    Hello from over here
  3. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Hi Ray I ended up on the Ashbourne Run (group 5 with Duncan). Filmed the first 50 or so miles until a snapped toe link forced an early an retirement. there's a couple of decent snippets & You're quite welcome to the footage if you want me to put it on a flash drive and post it out. Just pm me your address. Filmed at 1080x60fps Cheers Will
  4. Exige V6 - Engine oil choice..

    If you feed the lotus fuchs or millers as per opie oils advice your car will be very happy. Manual should have viscosity range? The rover for example says anything in the range of 10 and 60. 10-40 normal motoring. Brisk weekend blat. All perfectly fine 10-50 spirited driving and perfectly fine for normal track days. 10-60 hardcore trackdays races sprints etc The higher Oil pressure modern engines run makes a zero or 5 rating less of an imperative IMO.
  5. gear box oil

    Not sure about your yota but for the rover s2 There 's no special requirements in the workshop manual. You need a funnel, some flexible tubing and a plentiful supply of gravity.
  6. Insurance Write off

    I'm gutted for you. So sorry. If you have an idea of damage can you do your own fag packet cost for repair - parts and labour - so you have a ball park starting point by which to judge the assessor. He or she might know all about family run arounds but nothing on elises - worth asking how much experience they have on elise assessments and maybe request from the assessor company up front that they send someone who knows elises. That's what I'd do. Good luck
  7. gear box oil

    I think you're right and now you've said it i can feel the OCD setting in so I'm going to do exactly that. I'm on 27k and 17 years old so wasn't expecting holy water but i didn't think it would be slurry. The OEM mg rover stuff is the cheapest so it'll be some good stuff followed by some more good stuff
  8. gear box oil

    Drained the gearbox last night Ian and it came out as thick dirty sludge with what looked like a few slightly congealed lumps more than justifies the oil change
  9. New Lotus Owner

    Tradition has it Kev that it's the car which is meant to cause lots of trouble, not the driver! Glad you're sorted and welcome on-board MrWill
  10. Could you video the LITP Route starts

    Similarly I'll have gopro footage from the Matlock run which I can put on a flash drive, and post off to you after the event
  11. gear box oil

    Quite the contrary PhilS1: the plugs are identical so the I expect your advice to be just as sage! Many thanks!
  12. gear box oil

    Thanks for the advice PhilS1 I'll make sure I'm careful when tightening. Gone for a Gold Plug so should be okay on the quality side. And don't mind renewing every 3 years for the gearbox. Got an elise parts One on the sump and that's been fine for two oil changes so far but I'm always gentle when re-fitting.
  13. gear box oil

    Just doing this myself. I went down the oem route. I also bought a magnetic drain plug. I'd at least choose a GL rating appropriate to your application most modern cars use Gl4 because the additives and viscosity are purpose built for synchro-mesh gears. I read a lot of posts where people had good results using other ratings (gl5 rated fuchs syn5 for example) or even 50-50 mixes of 4 and 5 but after a lot of reading i went with oem. Using oem and doing 'regular' (3yr) changes is the way to go IMO.
  14. Elise cup holder

    It's the future! Great design looks really well executed - great job Trinket tray divider next ?
  15. I'm back! (well, almost)

    Welcome back! Can't beat that ' done it yourself' satisfaction.

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