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  1. It's quite obvious that the annoying squeak you were looking was actually the old fuel tank. If you listened carefully I bet it sounded like 'change me... Change me...' 👻
  2. If you are removing your undertray and then take both seats out when replacing your cables you'd be half way to replacing your fuel tank. Much easier than trying to find a squeak! 😉
  3. The weather has been so spiteful I've decided it's time to start the other enjoyable part of Lotus ownership: Winter fettling. Before next year: I'll be sending the stack control unit off to see if it is the cause of a constant fog light tell tale, and repair as necessary. Will try some pagid rs4-2 on the front to replace the mintex 1155. Nothing wrong with the mintex just wondering what all the fuss is about re the pagids and if they are worth twice the price? Going to clean and por15 clear coat the footwells While the seats are out an alloy 48ltr fuel tank is going in. After new year there's what I hope will be a well judged mems3 compatible, reliable, tractable engine upgrade. Like the standard engine but just a little bit more. Many a good car has been ruined in the pursuit of POWER! So hopefully hit the goldilock spot. If it ruins the car/driving experience I'll just reverse some of the work. Anyone else up to any fettling over the winter; or like Ray will you still be out in all weather's maximising drive-time? MrWill
  4. MrWill

    My Little Girl.

    There's been a week and 5 deleted posts before now... Sometimes words aren't enough. So was really thankful for the opportunity to donate; thank you. Your post has made my day I'm so happy for you all. She's so brave. Looking forward to the next update. In the meantime I'll keep you all in my thoughts
  5. Patent pending? It's so nice when a bit of creative DIY works as intended. We'll done Neil.
  6. Hi Mike It's was a K. I don't think vibra technics make a set for the yota which is a shame because it's what I'd recommend...but check it out in case I'm mistaken. The hardened rubber mounts seem the best compromise based on my experience Like with wishbone bushes Sometimes new oem rubber is going to be an improvement on original perished rubber, and shouldn't be ruled out. I'm a bit wary of some offerings which seemed to have just poured polyurethane into a mount without much testing. Where I have used poly bushes I've found Super Pro poducts to be really good and my go-to brand Good luck Will
  7. Cheers it's my pleasure. Really struggled to find a review of the vibra technics kit, So thought a quick post would remedy that. It really is a great bit of kit
  8. Been experimenting with various engine mounts recently. Just on b roads though not out on the track. Like with many things in this world we're often presented or unnerved with a problem we didn't know we had or were going to have - like engine mounts which can fail or are so soft we'll all get lift off oversteer at the first corner we next go round and almost certainly end up in a ditch. Luckily these same people usually have a solution for us if we're willing to hand over some hard earned cash. I started this little experiment just replacing a rusted sump bracket and deciding to replace the lower engine mount at the same time. OEM engine mounts: very comfy. No issues handling wise on a b road blat. Nothing wrong per se with oem. While main engine mount brackets have failed I've had it on good authority that aftermarket one's have failed as well which is probably a higher failure rate per 000/units than oem. But don't let some reality get in the way of a good story. Elise parts lower engine mount and sump mounting bracket: liked this as no change in NVH but really stiffened up the engine rocking front to back. I thought I could definitely-maybe tell a small difference during some spirited driving. Then went with the elise parts uprated gearbox mount. As above. Very happy No increase in NVH. Yeah, I 'think' it is a bit tighter at the back now. Then tried their main engine mount. This one isn't rubber like the other two it is polyurethane. Way TOO much NVH for me at normal drving rpm circa 2500-2700. Really annoying buzz through the cabin... And me. Not sure about the single bolt design for seating it onto the rear chassis section either. Engine wasn't moving at all mind you and was perfectly fine when pressing on into the mid threes, fours and fives, just really annoying when driving normally in traffic. Then I Bought the vibra technics fast road kit. Brilliant. Well made, fits well; the Engine is as solid as before and the NVH is only a very (very) small increase on OEM set up. If you want to solve a handling problem you didn't realise you have and avoid a main engine mount failure you've not had... yet ; I couldn't recommend this kit more highly. Main engine mount looks cool too. A bit like Pip in Great Expectations, I think I've essentially come back to where I started. However I've gone and solved all those problems I didn't know I had and while I'm alot poorer as a result, I'm also a lot richer in another way.. And I've got my good vibrations back at normal driving rpm. Seriously though In The spirit of Chapman always looking to find a better engineering solution; the only one I wouldn't do again for road driving is the eliseparts main engine mount. Hope that helps anyone thinking about engine mounts in the future.
  9. Ctek mxs 3.8 Brilliant bit of kit.
  10. Further details here https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F133116915225
  11. beautiful. Ice blue?
  12. MrWill

    Last chance

    I Did make it dunx cheers what a great say. But the replacement cable was also sticking. Not too bad on the go but made for some interesting in traffic kangaroo'ing and compulsory fast get-aways from every set of lights or junction. An overnight engine oil drip and some lithium spray seems to have sorted it out. I didn't like the 340r road geo I had done for LitP. Set back to normal now. Feels much nicer for the road - lighter, delicate and dancing on its toes. I'm pondering whether to change the elise parts main engine mount with vibra technics (Road) kit. It had an annoying nhv peak at 2500 rpm which although I expected an increase it was suffiently spikey for me to wonder if the vibra technics kit might be better option. Anyone have any feedback with these kits. All feedback much appreciated MrWill
  13. MrWill

    Last chance

    Just finished fitting....Will find out if it all works tomorrow at 5am. Fingers crossed I might just make it to LitP. Right I'm off to...
  14. I'm currently sitting in the last chance saloon and the fat lady has started singing... Fitted a new throttle cable last week to the elise. Last job before LitP. It was faulty... (Internal fraying of the outer cable) And I'd cut the original perfectly good cable up to save a few mins getting it out. (Aargggh!) Little did I know there is a national shortage of throttle cables for early k series elise S2. (Aargggh!) A company. Called speedy cables made one up for me but an error meant it was too short ( Aargggh! ) They made a new one up today but have then missed todays post so I won't get it until Monday. ( Aargggh! ) I've managed to source 'a' throttle cable and it arrives tomorrow by courier but the sender is not sure if it is for the S1 or the s2. ( Aargggh! ) As my luck is well and truly out at the moment I was wondering if anyone has a spare throttle cable, used or new, for k series s2 which I could a) buy and b) is collectable within a couple hours drive of Manchester should the one arriving tomorrow not fit? Cheers Will Ps. Yes, I know: If it ain't broke...
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