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  1. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Hopefully on a Sunday morning the service are will be quiet..... If it doesn't work out we can look for another location for the next meet.
  2. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Any joy finding a better location Jon ?
  3. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    My preference is Sunday mornings but will go with the majority πŸ‘
  4. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    OK for me at this time πŸ‘
  5. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    We also need to find a location..... Browsing Google maps there's a large car park with a Starbucks, Pub, ATM, Petrol station and burger king here - Shrewsbury SY4 3EQ It's just outside Shrewsbury, open to other suggestions
  6. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    I can make most of the dates above apart from 23rd & 24th March and 20th & 21st April......
  7. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    Agree, Shrewsbury area will suit us all
  8. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    That's 6 and counting..... Now we need to arrange a meeting location and date, preferably central to all with a car park and refreshments πŸ‘
  9. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    OK with me.....πŸ‘
  10. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    That makes 4 of us, Enough for a mini meet...... Open to suggestions around the Shrewsbury area
  11. @ndy

    Any meets around Shrewsbury?

    I'm in Telford so not a million miles away, Would be happy to meet up especially if we can get a couple more local Lotus owners involved
  12. I have the image used on the motorsport decals...... how large do you need it as I (my wife) can cut them in vinyl too
  13. @ndy

    Any meets in the West Midlands area?

    No problem, sorry I missed you, I got there around 2pm and as you said it was rammed, some nice cars and bikes there including a couple of hot rods, cafe racer bikes and some old yank cars along with a few too many boring BMW's and alike.
  14. @ndy

    Any meets in the West Midlands area?

    What time you aiming to be there at ?
  15. @ndy

    Caffeine & Machine

    Weather is looking good for Saturday so might take a drive to see what it’s all about.

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