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  1. Golf R to an Elise..... two very different cars, good choice and nice looking Elise 👍
  2. That doesn't sound unusual to me, Its all linked to the fuel and air mixture when cold, I know mine ticks over at higher revs for the first minute or 2 but not really looked to see at what revs, I will try and take a look over the weekend.
  3. Try Dan Webster / HPE , he's located in Bromsgrove.....
  4. I'm not a roadster fan usually but that looks great in Red with the hardtop, Nice choice
  5. Sounds like a grate day 👍 Out if interest, what were the old brakes you removed and what are you doing with them ? Cheers Andy
  6. Try Moris, I think I paid around £200 for a single day at Spa but that was for my LF1 that was 4 months old
  7. I think you had a bargain there, Looking great
  8. Both lovely looking cars, I do have a soft spot for Elan +2 Welcome to MLOC
  9. @ndy


    Welcome to MLOC Chris, Great choice of car and don't be fooled by the low power, once you get familiar with it you'l be amazed how capable these little plastic cars are.
  10. Congratulations on your decision and being another Telford Elise owner
  11. @ndy


    Great looking car Jon, nice touch with the colour coded rear spoiler, Congratulations and enjoy......
  12. @ndy


    I'm sure its been worth the wait, Its going to be a long day/night for you I'm sure.... I look forward to seeing / hearing more Jon, Ensure you post some photos 👍
  13. @ndy

    A trip to HPE

    Fantastic Alex, Perfect spec car for the track, lightweight model with a great NA engine 👌
  14. Take a look at the TechWiki page on SELOC, Re-syncing sorted mine out........ https://wiki.seloc.org/a/Vehicle_security_system
  15. I saw this advertised and thought it would be a good buy, Congratulations Alex 👍
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