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  1. Congrats Alex, Beautiful car.....
  2. I agree...... Sounds just what I want just bad timing !
  3. I see your in Shropshire, where about ?
  4. AD08R - Great all round tyre
  5. Very nice...... Congratulations
  6. Nothing like the 1st drive of the year...... Got any photos of your 250 Cup ?
  7. This can only mean positive things for Donny, MSV circuits are well run and typically have great facilities. Leigh is correct in regards to noise levels, this is administered by local authorities
  8. Nice Alan, Congratulations.....
  9. Sorry for your loss Martin
  10. Good luck with the sale, Great car and any new owner whoever they are will be very happy
  11. After 5 1/2 eventful years of ownership my S1 has been taken away by it's new French owner..... Here's a few pics of the highs and lows during my ownership - Where it all began, Pretty much standard with 118bhp - 1st track day - 1st major upgrade, Full suspension refresh - The big bang - My subsequent engine rebuild - On my way to MLOC Curborough day when a lorry decided to try and drive over me - And some great days on track including two class wins and two 2nd places in my 1st year of sprinting - And finally the new owner and friends taking the car away today, They are a group of friends based in Bordeaux who compete in endurance racing in a tuned S1, they are not sure what they are doing with my car but most likely have it as a sister car their current race car ! A little sad but I did all I could with the car and it's time for a change and something new to tinker with !
  12. Thanks Martin & Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Link please Martin...... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Please send me the link Chris
  15. Hi Rich, I've got my heart set on an S as I've owned one in the past, However never had the pleasure to drive an NA so will still keep an open mind. Sounds like a good setup you have there..... Any photos ? Cheers, Andy.