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  1. @ndy

    Winter work.

    Reading all this makes me envious..... I miss working on / upgrading my S1 and don't want to start down that slippery slope with the current Elise yet !
  2. @ndy

    Good paint shops

    Another vote for Option 1 here having had first hand experience of their work 👍
  3. @ndy

    The MLOC Calendar has landed

    Got mine too...... Thank you
  4. @ndy

    Lotus Sprinting 2019

    Great news Martin, Definitely want to do a few rounds next year..... Who do I contact to register ?
  5. Welcome to MLOC and a that's great looking Elise You have a few options close to the Nottingham area and listed below in no specific order - Central Lotus in Nottingham - Full Lotus dealership and gets good feedback, dealer prices thou. PJS Sports Cars in Burton - Privately owned and an approved Lotus service centre, I've had 1st hand experience and can highly recommend. UNIT 4 in Burton (or better known as Gav's on MLOC) Gets great feedback from the MLOC and wider community. I'm sure others will be along shortly with further input. Andy.
  6. @ndy

    New Elise owner

    Welcome to MLOC Daz, Great looking car
  7. @ndy

    Elise 2zz Engine Spruce Up

    Nice work......
  8. @ndy

    Donington Park, Monday 29/10 - Booked

    Nice one..... Be good to catch up Alex
  9. @ndy

    S2 Exige S vs S3 Elise S/220

    Dan, 100% the 220 versions are charge-cooled, ref below from Lotus website for Elise 220 Sport Andy. ENGINE & TRANSMISSION AND CHASSIS All alloy,1.8 litre DOHC 4 cylinder , dual VVT-i, 16 valve with chargecooler supercharger Standard https://www.lotuscars.com/elise-sport-220
  10. @ndy

    S2 Exige S vs S3 Elise S/220

    Hello Dan, I've also previously owned an S2 Exige S260 with the 2ZZ engine but currently have an S2/3 Elise S Cup (220) with the 2ZR engine, Both are different mainly down to the power delivery and rev range. The Exige S260 probably has more character and all hell breaks loose when the power band kicks in just below 5K rpm right up to 8K where as the Elise with 220 2ZR has a more linear power delivery from below 3K rpm through to 7K. Which one is better, I'm not sure..... Both have pro's and cons. The power delivery of the Elise is definitely more usable and requires less gear changes on track but as said lacks the character and the explosiveness of the 2ZZ. In regards heat soak, I definitely experienced this 1st hand with the Exige at Le Mans and few years back but had no such issues with the Elise this year at Le Mans in 35c temperatures, This is due to the Elise being charge-cooled. Also, 2ZR has more torque Andy. PS - There's a few of us on track at Donny on 29th Oct, your welcome to a PAX lap in mine and I'm sure there will be a Exige S that someone will be happy to take you out in.
  11. @ndy

    Donington Park, Monday 29/10 - Booked

    Myself and Martin are booked 👍
  12. @ndy

    off to bed..

    I put a front splinter on my S1 that made the car feel more planted at speed and increased the front grip on higher speed corners, I noticed this after it fell off at Oulton, car was definitely a little more skittish. At Le Mans this year I could get much higher speed going through turn 1 (Dunlop curve) in my cup that I could in my S2 Exige, Martin R commented how much more planted the car was compared to his S2. @ndy
  13. @ndy


    Welcome back I'm with Footman James (previously CCI) however I have used REIS in the past who I personally prefer, both include 6 track days the main reason why they were chosen. If you don't intend then you stick to some of the mainstream companies, Admiral, Aviva etc.
  14. @ndy

    New Member ..First Lotus

    Welcome Dirk and as Meister (Mark) says great choice of Elise, Now you need to get a track day booked and see just how good there are.....
  15. @ndy

    New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Lovely car & great choice

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