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  1. Hi Glyn, Removal of the petrol tank is not as bad as you may think, I had to do the same with my S1 to replace the brake pipes, take a look at this TechWicki - https://wiki.seloc.org/a/Fuel_Tank,_Removal_and_Refurbishment
  2. I know it makes sense, I'm just jealous I never did it to mine, I think I need a project 😏
  3. You know how I feel about ditching the K-series but well done Jody mate, I bet that's a corker, they'll be no keeping up with you on track now.... ðŸĪŠ
  4. Option 1 in Bromsgrove are well respected but not cheap, easy repair for them and fantastic work quality.
  5. @ndy


    Welcome, Nice looking Elise 👍
  6. You lucky bugger, it's one of the mods I want to do to mine, apparently the wiring is pre-installed in the original S Cups so only the hardware needed, not cheap if you buy the parts from Lotus thou !
  7. Great looking car but I may be a little biased 👍 I also see it has the cut-out switches on the side, does it have the full extinguisher kit and electrical cut-out inside to ? Not sure about the spoiler thou on them extensions......
  8. Welcome to MLOC 👋
  9. Golf R to an Elise..... two very different cars, good choice and nice looking Elise 👍
  10. Try Dan Webster / HPE , he's located in Bromsgrove.....
  11. I'm not a roadster fan usually but that looks great in Red with the hardtop, Nice choice
  12. Sounds like a grate day 👍 Out if interest, what were the old brakes you removed and what are you doing with them ? Cheers Andy
  13. Try Moris, I think I paid around ÂĢ200 for a single day at Spa but that was for my LF1 that was 4 months old
  14. I think you had a bargain there, Looking great
  15. Both lovely looking cars, I do have a soft spot for Elan +2 Welcome to MLOC
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