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  1. Arghhhhh.... Please stop posting pics of these gorgeous Elise's, Its making my hiatus from a Lotus so much harder Enjoy the summer
  2. Gorgeous... One of my favourite Elise models
  3. Congratulations Dan
  4. That's much better for entry, very discrete
  5. It went through the sills and consisted of 2 bars and a dash cross bar like this, It did make it much more difficult to get inside and out and the extinguisher didn't help
  6. Thanks for posting Sheldon, One of my favourite cars...... Drove a track spec one last year during my search for another Lotus and loved it, Debbie (SWMBO) was not so keen as the full cage made it a pain to get in and out.
  7. Welcome to MLOC, Beautiful car
  8. newbie

    Welcome to MLOC Tom Option 1 repaired my S1 and did a top job, One of the best around but not cheap
  9. Here's to the next 10 years and more
  10. Congrats Alex, Beautiful car.....
  11. I agree...... Sounds just what I want just bad timing !
  12. I see your in Shropshire, where about ?
  13. AD08R - Great all round tyre
  14. Very nice...... Congratulations
  15. Nothing like the 1st drive of the year...... Got any photos of your 250 Cup ?