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  1. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    Absolutely stunning Great work Jonny
  2. R500 HPE

    Nice close ratio's based on the rev drop details and with straight cut cogs to, this is going to be one epic car.....
  3. R500 HPE

    Come on Dan, spill the beans on the gearbox......
  4. R500 HPE

    Sounds stunning Dan, Look forward to following this thread and nice to hear you are keeping it NA
  5. Back in a Lotus at last

    Sorry guys, Not going to make this.... Will have to catch up another time Have fun and stay on the Black stuff
  6. Back in a Lotus at last

    So what car are you taking Alan ?
  7. Back in a Lotus at last

    Thanks John..... Blue was high on my list when looking but finally went for Chrome Orange and very happy with my choice
  8. Back in a Lotus at last

    Good man..... Pressure is on now for me to make a decision ! Are you driving down on the day Jody ?
  9. Back in a Lotus at last

    Snetterton looking favourite at the moment on the 4th Dec
  10. Back in a Lotus at last

    I can't make my mind up, Really enjoyed Snetterton but not done Bedford for 3 or 4 years now and always had a great time, Decisions decisions.....
  11. Back in a Lotus at last

    Cheers fellas The mirrors are rather bizarre on the cups ! I'm sure I will be getting them painted or wrapped matt Black in the future
  12. Back in a Lotus at last

    I have my eyes on the weather and may do Bedford Mon 27th Nov or Snetterton Mon on 4th Dec, both £99 so I'll have to see how these pan out ? Nice mods to the car Martin, Look forward to hearing your feedback
  13. Back in a Lotus at last

    No problem Mark...... I'll be able to do Bedford in this as it's soooo quite (at the moment) Would have loved to but currently in Ireland and fly home tonight, enjoy you day and don't forgot to post some picks
  14. Back in a Lotus at last

    Cheers guys..... it's good to be back and I can't wait to get it on track where it belongs
  15. Back in a Lotus at last

    After a year with no Lotus and endless hours trawling Pistonheads and dealer websites the wait finally ended today when I picked up an Elise S Cup from Bell & Colvill It all happened a bit quick in the end following a few test drives last Monday including a 250 Cup and 220 sport…. Finally decided to push the button on Friday and was able to pick the car up today, great service again from Jamie at B&C Anyway, back to the car, it’s a 1 owner car with 6000 miles, Airbag delete, A frame and harness bar and harness, perfect for what I want to use it for……. So here she is.......