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Hi everyone


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Hi everyone I have owned a vx220t and an Elise 111r in the past. I used to come on here years ago and I did attend a meet once (I will try and upload a pic from that day) I think we had a drive in the peaks, met at a car park in Ashbourne and definitely stopped somewhere for breakfast! But this is probably 6/7 years ago! So I can’t remember much.

I bought an Exige last September I am looking forward to the better weather so I can enjoy it.


mine was the red one.



Sorry if the photos don’t work I am rubbish on forums!

I can’t believe I have ended up with a 20th Anniversary things got carried away...  




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Welcome back Keo, your Exige looks a stunner in orange.

That breakfast stop photo is Hassop Station cafe, just outside Bakewell, I wonder whether that may have been my old Type 49 in the background but couldn't say for sure.

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Hi Keo,

I think I saw your photos (more of them!) on a recent PH thread - looks great in orange :wub:

I look forward to seeing you and the Exige on a Peaks run sometime, spring is not too far away :)

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Welcome back Keo. I was probably on that run in my quartz silver s2.

I'm pretty sure the yellow s2 was Alex B's. I really liked that car.  

The new exige looks great. Orange really suits it.

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Welcome back KEO, you managed to snap my son now 19 yr olds old and driving his own sports car !! putting my broken number plate in the boot of my exige. I still have mine, and have done that run a few times during LITP and on the sunday morning tick runs that regularly happen . Seems we are near neighbours so i am sure i will spot you around stoke on trent / staffs area. 

roll on spring and maybe we can organise a peaks run over towards goyt valley, cata and fiddle way for the locals ??



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