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  1. Sorry to hear about your Evora problems Adam, shame becasue the 410 is an real beauty TBH though if I was looking for an Evora I think I would be looking at an older/cheaper NA car with near zero depreciation - 90% of the fun for less than 50% of the cost
  2. You could use this one Karl - Mr & Mrs July Oh, those sunny days
  3. damn that autocorrect!
  4. Ah, top of Snake Pass (Ladybower end) if I'm not mistaken
  5. I know that place - 'tis on the Ringing low road
  6. Would benefit from some simple cropping - feel free if it's of interest :)
  7. duncx

    It's Here...

    Lovely that, I've always liked burnt orange
  8. I think it's bonded into position from inside Ray I have considered cutting mine out and leaving just a few 'ends' in place so that I can attach a new grill (cut down to the correct shape) in some way. It seems like a lot of effort though when all I really want to do is fit a better horn - I don't like it sounding like a Noddy car - peep peep!
  9. That does look great Jonathan, can you say what it cost you?
  10. For me, Cup 250 every time, it just has so much more 'presence' than the 220 Having said that you won't notice any difference on the road, they drive exactly the same. Nobody else has answered your other question - the heater is pretty good, plenty of heat from all of the vents, although the 3 speeds of the fan don't exactly give the finest of control and the highest speed is a bit noisy. Overall the build quality of the S3 Elise has come a long way from an early S2, I love mine .... EDIT: btw I scoff at your 'advancing years' , I'm over 60 and as long as I can get in the things I'm sticking with Lotus
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