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  1. Hmm, very interesting Dave, although I know you do like a bit of dog dick Definitely no black roof for me but maybe I should add the dd red interior to my backup plan?
  2. Great offer Scotty and I may well take you up on that sometime. I don't think I'd need a weekend though, just an hour or so during a run - where we can keep an eye on each other BUT, do you reckon you can still get into an Elise old man, sure you've not gone a bit soft after several years of Evora luxury? Hehe!
  3. Black leather is my backup thought at the moment Ray 👍
  4. Always been manual V6, last week it was 100% definitely Sport (after driving an Evora 410 with Sports suspension), then it was Touring (after talking to the Lotus guys, now it might be Sport again (after reading your post) The other part I'm unsure about is the Ice Grey Leather - not seen a sample (of course) so I'm not certain how it will work with yellow. If it's more grey it will look great but if it's more white then it won't. Not sure what I would do in that case? I think Schmee has specced black calipers to match his black pack, I prefer to see the calipers through the silver
  5. I trust you're talking about the car there Dave?
  6. Oh ok OK, you talked me into it - no big secret really, it's just that I change my mind on a daily basis So that's yellow body, no black pack, silver wheels, touring suspension, red calipers, ice grey interior, no privacy glass. That's the spec I've submitted but I could change my mind when/if we finally get to see the ice leather sample, and there's talk of some cars being sprayed in the correct colours and being photographed for all to see so that could be a real eye opener.
  7. Spec will remain secret for the moment, mainly for fear of ridicule I paid a deposit through Oakmere the day before the car was revealed at Hethel, and then I paid the official Lotus deposit as soon as it was possible. So in theory I should be quite high up the list. I'm still concerned about a few things though, my biggest worry being headroom. My head was touching the roof in the show car and nobody from Lotus seems to know how much more headroom there really will be I am far from certain that I will go through with it!
  8. Not sure boosted is the right word Dave, I would say Ray was PUSHED or s-t-r--e---t---c--h-e-d He never even broke sweat though, came through like a trooper
  9. Had a really long think about this, but I've done my config and the second deposit is paid. So I'm still in, for now!
  10. I was there too, must have just missed you Ray! The doors couldn't be shut because the hardware (hinges, latches, handles etc) is not strong enough for repeated opening and closing, the hinges are already sagging due to the amount of use they have had in earlier viewing days. The Lotus guy I was speaking to went to great lengths to explain to me that this is really just a 'model' car and nowhere near up to production quality/specification. When I asked him nicely he gently closed the passenger door so that I could get a proper photo of the car's lines..... It's very pretty indeed bu
  11. My viewing is the following Monday (18th) at Central Lotus. I actually placed my deposit with Oakmere but their viewing date is early November and just one day before we are supposed to 'lock in' our specs and pay another £3K deposit. This is still without seeing proper colour samples of the paint, the light grey interior leather sample seems to be missing completely, the seats are too high, we can't hear the engine noise (there isn't one in the car!), nobody knows the difference between touring and sports suspension, heaven forbid having a drive of the thing We don't know how much the base p
  12. Do you mean an Elan+2? However, doesn't really matter because all three Elan shapes have significantly easier/better access than any Elise 👍
  13. duncx

    Emira in 4K

    At 6:40, loving the close up (in 4K ?) of the cracked gear surround
  14. Yep, great run, thanks for organising Ray - until today I wasn't sure that you even own a roof for the Yella Fella Luke is the new roof-off die-hard
  15. Looks great, Vivid Green is a great colour I've been to work today in my 250 Cup, reminds me every time what a truly stunning package it is, absolutely perfect for the Peaks
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