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  1. duncx

    Lotus in the Peak - Group Leaders needed!

    We've had a couple of volunteers (thanks chaps ) but we still have room for a reserve or two. If you fancy giving it a go leave a reply on here and someone will get back to you Just over 6 weeks to go!
  2. duncx

    Considering a return to the fold....

    To be fair, I am one of the 'fake cup' guys you speak of - my 250 Cup is dripping with lightweight carbon parts but has never been on track and I quite often listen to Radio 4 when driving it However, in my defence there is no Aircon fitted, which was a massive plus for me when I bought the car Dunno why I keep looking at the Exige V6, the engine note is fantastic and in some ways I much prefer the looks of the thing. The Elise looks like a pretty toy car whereas the Exige looks like a thouroughly mean brute. I look at the Elise in my garage and I think 'ah, pretty car', but I used to look at the Exige in my garage and think 'f*****g hell look at that monster, it's going to come over here and rip my knackers off just for the hell of it'. Then, when you start it up it growls at you 'think you're man enough WHIMP? Well do you, do you....GRRRRRR!' I have a vivid imagination If you haven't already done so, have a look here for a good write up on the 350 Sport. https://www.thelotusforums.com/latest-news/lotus-cars-news/driven-exige-sport-350/ P.S. It's no secret that the powertrain (gearbox) in the V6 is a bit naff, it's the Achilles heel of the car. The gearchange action on the 350 Sport is improved over the V6S but it's still noisy in a not nice way. If you go for a test drive make sure you get the car thouroughly warmed up to be sure that you can live with it. The noise is well documented elsewhere if you search on the forums.
  3. duncx

    Considering a return to the fold....

    Hi, welcome back, it's clearly taken a while but you've finally seen sense I can help on the comparison questions... An Elise 220 is no faster than an SC. Probably a little bit more refined in the squeaks and rattles department and a little bit more frugal on fuel but that's about it, apart from the S3 styling of course (there a few SC engined S3 cars around but not many) They all handle pretty much the same but the power delivery is quite a bit different - the 220 is a bit more torquey but doesn't rev as high, as you know the SC is a screamer The V6 Exige is a different beast altogether. It's faster, quite a lot faster. It handles beautifully, feels totally planted and shrugs off crappy road surface in a way that the Elise cannot match. The exhaust note is fantastic and the brakes are stunning. However, there's a trade off for all these positives - it's less chuckable than the Elise, the steering isn't as playfull (and is downright unpleasant at parking speeds!), you can tell the car is quite a bit heavier and wider, it's definitely more expensive to run. The interior is virtually identical to the Elise 220 Over the last few years I've gone Elise 111R, Exige 350 Sport, another Exige 350 Sport, now have an Elise 250 Cup, but I keep looking at Exige 350s and 380s on pistonheads - I can't help it Whatever you decide be quick about it, you only have 6 weeks before Lotus in the Peak 2019!
  4. duncx

    A small favour...

    Alex - Junks on SELOC had some brand new forged fronts (same design as yours), he was selling them individually so if you just have one wheel that needs replacing then it might be worth giving him a shout.
  5. Hi everyone, Hopefully it won't have escaped your notice that Lotus in the Peak is taking place on the weekend of 21st to 23rd June - less than 8 weeks to go! We have need of a couple of additional group leaders for the runs on Sunday morning. This is a straightforward but very rewarding task, all you have to do is learn the route (with help from us of course!) and let up to 10 cars follow you on the day - it's that easy, there's no more work or organising for you to do! Over the next few weeks and right up to the w/e before the event we will be running numerous 'training runs' from the Baslow and Ashbourne starts so if you are booked onto either of those (any pace will be ok) why not sign up and have a go at being a leader! If you fancy it (or just want a bit more info) send me a pm or leave a reply on here and someone will get back to you sharpish. Thanks folks
  6. duncx

    'Lotus in the Peak' film

    Great film, love it! Well done for arranging this Ray EDIT: embedded video removed, no point in doubling up
  7. duncx

    S2 Exige vs Elise 111S

    My thoughts, my first Elise was an S2 111S and to be honest I found it a bit disappointing, just not very exciting. My next Lotus was a 111R (same engine as the NA Exige) and I loved it - everything and more that a real sports car should be. I think this is due to my driving style, I love stirring the gearbox and an engine that revs - I'm an old git so it reminds me of the days when a peaky/cammy engine was the best way to get power The Toyota engined cars are a bit heavier but I couldn't notice any difference tbh and they come with servo brakes which I much preferred. Having said all that you need to drive a 111R or Exige na to see how you get on with it. Some people really dislike the peaky power delivery. Good hunting edit: and whatever Lotus you get make sure you bring it to Lotus in the Peak!!!!!
  8. duncx

    LitP Tickets on sale NOW!

    We are delighted to announce that the tickets for LitP are now on sale in the MLOC store You can click on the LitP poster on the MLOC home page, or the LitP tab on the drop down store menu, or just click the link below! https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/litpbooking/ You will first be taken to an information page that should explain everything that you need to know and from there you link through to the store. There are all-new runs of course and a couple of changes to the run starts but the big news is the addition of a fantastic barbeque and meeting for Friday evening at the Charles Cotton in Hartington - even more reason to make a full weekend of it See you there everyone
  9. duncx

    S2 Elise won’t start

    To me, 'machine gun noise' doesn't sound like the starter motor is turning, more like the pre-engager slamming in and out. If the battery has been flat for 2.5 years it will almost certainly be fooked Just to be sure, have you checked that the engine still turns over by hand?
  10. duncx

    TRD Airfilter/Induction 2ZRFE

    I've got a TRD box/filter on my 250 Cup, no problems with the EML and makes a nice meaty sound on full power + a little bit of SC whine
  11. duncx

    Shes a keeper, at least for now!

    Hi, is this the car with the scratch on the front clam, caused by a bicycle? If so then I remember seeing it advertised (was very tempted to be honest!) and I thought at the time that what the car needed was some black tri-stripes (in vinyl) to cover the scratch However, you can't sell it now as you will be needing it for Lotus in the Peak
  12. duncx

    Windscreen washer not working

    Are you sure it's not the little rubber seal (a fancy shaped rubber grommet) that sits between the motor assembly and the bottle? Mine failed and leaked until nearly empty - funny thing is that you couldn't see the leak underneath the bottle, it dripped onto the undertray and made its way out just behind the drivers door Also, you couldnt tell that the grommet/seal was cracked unless you stretched it a bit to check, otherwise the crack just sort of 'self closed'. I can't remember why I didn't try to buy a genuine Lotus item but I found one of ebay for £2 that was close enough and it fits/works perfectly. Let me know if that's your problem and I will dig out the ebay item for you
  13. duncx

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Peak District resident here If you are looking at traditional cottages in the heart of the Peak District then you are right that properties with drives/garages come at a high price Have you thought about looking in the Rowsley/Darley Dale/Matlock area for your new pad? It's the Peak District in all but name, you get more for your money and has much more mixed housing stock - i.e. houses with drives and garages! Might enable you to keep the Elise
  14. duncx

    LitP 2019 help

    Dean is Mr Cool and not easily flustered In contrast I was momentarily mortified and sobbing into my shaking hands.
  15. duncx

    Need Inspiration... Phone Mounts

    Sorry but I've got no answer, no help, no photo I just wanted to say that's a great photo of a lovely looking S1 interior - makes me want to buy one!

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