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  1. Looks good, assume you've used plastidip paint? Did you see the Europa at LITP that had been wrapped (at least I guess it must be a wrap!) in a brushed copper effect? It was a good quality job (I couldn't spot any joints) and it looked amazing
  2. I emailed a link to this thread to a friend of mine - he's done a lot of work on Lotus bodywork and he said the following; "That doesn't look like your standard fibreglass stress crack. Take a look at the image where there is a reflection (of the photographers arm?), two of the cracks pass from light to dark reflections. it looks like the top coat is lifting up next to the cracks. I'd suggest it is some sort of shrinkage crack, maybe caused by a reaction of the top coat and whatever it is painted onto. Almost looks like you could pick off the top coat. I'd go for there being a repair of some kind in that area." Another thought - how close are you to Baslow? There is a Club Lotus meet there tomorrow (Wed 5th), there are usually a few attendees who know their stuff, bring your car and let them have a look. If you're going let me know and I will see if my mate is available too, it's much easier and more reliable to make a diagnosis from seeing the problem in the flesh!
  3. Yes, can't hurt to show them but I would also get someone else not connected with the work to have a look. In general CN know what they are doing so I would be surprised if they've cocked up the prep work but you never know!
  4. Hmm, that's not the classic spider crack that you would expect from stone damage etc. Could be old damage/cracks from a frontal impact that has not been properly repaired in the past - doesn't look quite right for that though. Not ruling it out but it looks unusual, not enough parallel cracks for crash damage. Difficult to tell from a photo but I think that we are looking at shrinkage either due to a paint reaction or filler underneath. Sorry but whatever the cause it's not going to be easy or cheap to rectify. I would live with it for a while, see if it spreads and then investigate properly. Don't be tempted to try a quick repaint - it will inevitably return without the correct preparation. Very annoying for you
  5. It's true that Elises can suffer more than most cars with osmosis bubbles (water under the paint) but that's a monster bubble, much bigger than normal osmosis damage. I think that's a problem with poor paint adhesion due to insufficient preparation. Proving anything though would be very difficult - you could go to some other paint shops for their professional opinions and then approach the people who did the work again. Maybe some sort of compromise cost sharing could be achieved?
  6. I've used Renovo on a tired and faded softop - cleaned it first with a soft nailbrush and a bit of washing up liquid in warm water, then thoroughly rinsed with clean water, allowed to fully dry, then used the renovo colour. All worked a treat, just one carefully applied coat and the softop looked like new