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  1. duncx

    LitP 2019 help

    Dean is Mr Cool and not easily flustered In contrast I was momentarily mortified and sobbing into my shaking hands.
  2. duncx

    Need Inspiration... Phone Mounts

    Sorry but I've got no answer, no help, no photo I just wanted to say that's a great photo of a lovely looking S1 interior - makes me want to buy one!
  3. duncx

    Lotus in the Peak - kids?

    Kids are very welcome and quite a few little Lotus enthusiasts come each year. When the tickets go into the MLOC shop there will be a choice of the starting points/distance/speeds for you to choose from so that you can pick something that's appropriate for your mini navigator! EDIT: lol, beaten to it by Dean
  4. duncx

    New Elise Owner - What don't I know?

    Welcome Sorry if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs but remember this is rear wheel drive car with the engine over the rear axle. If you enter a corner too enthusiastically and then lift off the throttle mid corner it's akin to dabbing on the handbrake - possible to lose the back end and snap into a spin. These are fantastic handling cars but as Fish says, take it easy and learn the car
  5. duncx

    2019 Exige Purchase

    philnotts - lots of us on here know this car, it is literally as new. Colin drives like my granny and I bet it has never seen a drop of rain + it's got the open gearchange, forged wheels and 2-part brakes. If Colin is asking sensible money this has got to be worth considering Dunno anything about the LF1 except that it's been for sale for a while and the instant you drive that off the dealers forecourt you've lost at least £3K. Been there done that
  6. duncx

    2019 Exige Purchase

    If a short tenure and then getting your money back are your first priorities then you can't beat a cheaper S2 . Something sub £30K from a private seller would be ideal and help you to sell privately when ready. A £40K S3 is tempting but if you buy from the trade you won't get all your money back, you will probably lose £3-to-4K if you sell back to the trade and private sales are not easy, unless you are quite a bit cheaper than the trade offerings - i.e. £3-to-4K cheaper! If you can find a decent S3 on sale privately and at a good price then that's a different story - that orange CR looks very nice I don't know if you've driven any of these cars but the S2 and S3 are VERY different - you might find that once you've driven them your mind is made up which one you would prefer
  7. duncx

    The MLOC Calendar has landed

    Got mine, nice job, big thanks Can't wait for October!
  8. duncx

    Winter work.

    I'm going to fit a new brake servo, design and build a new air box in stainless steel (to accept a viper induction kit), and maybe design and make some new quarter bumpers 'cos I think the car looks shit without anything fitted. Oh wait, sorry, were you talking Lotus? This is all for my old kit car
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    image (5).jpg

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    image (4).jpg

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  13. duncx

    Full member benefits?

    Dean gives you a big hug every time he sees you
  14. duncx

    Anyone seen Fish

    Got a pm from him just this morning
  15. duncx

    Great day at Donington

    Dont buy that car, it seems to rev uncontrollably when you start it up
  16. duncx

    Great day at Donington

    Sounds like you had a great day chaps I went for a bicycle ride and then dug the garden
  17. duncx

    Mega problem?

    If you have used a second battery to get into the passenger side I assume that your central locking has now 'unlocked' then? Does this mean that in previously attempting to open the driver's door you have in fact locked it with the key and you now cannot unlock using the key? If that's the case then it's just a case of getting a bit of wd40 into the key slot and wiggling the key a bit The keylocks certainly can be a bit temperamental
  18. duncx

    Is The Cat & Fiddle Getting a Makeover.

    It might work ok for summer but what about the 6+ months of terrible weather when there's no bikers of any sort up there? Can't see it happening.
  19. duncx

    Elise S3 Re gassing

    Most common cause on the S2 was corroded sill pipes - dunno if that problem carried through onto the S3 though?
  20. duncx

    Looking to buy my first Lotus

    Alex, I've sent you a message about Friday
  21. duncx

    Looking to buy my first Lotus

    Are you sure he's selling them, I thought he just collected/polished them?
  22. duncx

    Looking to buy my first Lotus

    Hi, I'm about 10 miles from you, near to the village of Eyam. You are welcome to pop over to my place for a cuppa and a nose around my Elise and maybe a quick spin around some local roads. All of the Elise and Exige variants are similar but different if that makes sense - if it's an S2 Exige that you're after you really need to sort out a px ride in one of those to get the full experience. As said, it's the Club Lotus meet down at the Wheatsheaf in Baslow this evening, there might be the odd Elise/Exige there, possibly mine included
  23. duncx

    **** The Official LitP Photo thread ****

    Fantastic photos, really capturing the atmosphere of the day (who is that handsome young chap in the brown leather hat? )
  24. duncx

    Battery discharging and engine misfire.

    Certainly could be a dead cell in the battery. Modern cars are very sensitive to voltage so you can find that the starter still sounds reasonably healthy but the electronics are struggling. Checking the voltage with a multimeter might show the problem - a check on a healthy battery with everything switched off should give you around 12.6v, if you then switch on the ignition and lights (don't start the engine) it will drop a little but should still maintain above 12v. If it drops below 12v then suspect a dead/dying cell. With the engine running and a healthy alternator you should see about 13.5 volts at the battery. If it's not the battery the rectifier on the alternator could have died - this could be the reason for the battery discharging as rectifiers can 'leak', even without the ignition switched on. Good luck 👍

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