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  1. Congratulations, that looks like a serious piece of kit, hope to see it on a run soon 👍
  2. Good Morning All, I'm posting up my experience in case anyone else was thinking about getting their geo done. I have had my 220 Cup car for a year and it's my first Lotus so I didn't have a Lotus benchmark for handling but had wondered about the car feeling twitchy at speed so hearing how pleased Ray was after his car was geo'd at PJS, I thought I would give it a go. Nick at PJS did all the work which was very comprehensive and involved discussing options with me (for example, to ensure the car was equally sorted whether I had my Yoko V105s or Toyo R888Rs on) as well as explaining a
  3. Hi Stu, I'm new to Lotus and the Club having joined up a year ago. Unfortunately I can't make the revised LiTP but hope to see you out on another run before winter sets in 👍
  4. Hi Eric, Good to read about your day. We were there on Friday from opening to close, also had a fabulous day and like you say, so much to see. We could easily have filled 2 days. I think I remember seeing the car with the wing mirror, so my guess is a Pagani Huayra? I was most taken by another carbon extravaganza, a McLaren 720S LT in full carbon weave, I remember seeing a documentary on the process which involves lining up every single weave line across the whole car. Incredible. We kept going back to the Lotus stand all day to try and catch it without a queue and less busy. By 5pm
  5. Just watched Mat Watson's review on Carwow, which suggests boot 150L capacity and 210L behind seats, enough for 2 cabin size bags. I think you'll need to travel light but by the looks of it, a worthwhile sacrifice 😎 What a stunning thing and at £60k for the 2.0L AMG engine & box, launch control, rear LSD. Surely, and hopefully, this thing will be flying out of the factory 🤞
  6. Congrats. Stunning car, hope to meet you and fire red on a run 👍
  7. Hi Dave, welcome to MLOC. You're car looks fab. I've been a member for around a year and had my car 10months. Joining MLOC was the best thing I have done to enjoy driving my car and meeting like minded driving enthusiasts. Hope to see you and your Exige at LiTP 👍
  8. Great news Ray and the cup looks great in Silver. Hope to see it soon 👍
  9. I've also got v105 sports which went on new in spring. I can't fault all around performance and although the outright grip isn't quite as high as my R888R's on a warm dry day, the v105 is better in mixed driving and feels slightly more supple to soak up bumps. Factor in the price of the v105s and they are hard to beat.
  10. I'm there with my lad. See you by the Evija 😎 I'll ping Dave on FB messenger
  11. I'm there on Friday 9th 😁. Brilliant news about the Lotus theme 👍
  12. Close..I'm there on Friday with my lad. Hoping the weather plays ball and Lotus have something exciting to reveal..
  13. Wow, that was a mission and a half! 5 1/2hrs, ran almost the whole 50km, just a couple of short walks on the two steepest hills, a few paracetamol and some emergency fudge an hour from the finish. I could not have done it without friends and family that were running or cycling in support or cheering vociferously. It's been a challenging but hugely rewarding experience but I won't be running for a good while 😁. Thank you so much for the donations, including gift aid, the totaliser is approaching £4,000 that CRUK can put towards their mission of beating cancer. Looking forward to our n
  14. Thanks very much for the donations and support. I'm all set for the morning and support crew are in good spirits. I'll post an update on how I've got on tomorrow 👍
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