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  1. Close..I'm there on Friday with my lad. Hoping the weather plays ball and Lotus have something exciting to reveal..
  2. Wow, that was a mission and a half! 5 1/2hrs, ran almost the whole 50km, just a couple of short walks on the two steepest hills, a few paracetamol and some emergency fudge an hour from the finish. I could not have done it without friends and family that were running or cycling in support or cheering vociferously. It's been a challenging but hugely rewarding experience but I won't be running for a good while 😁. Thank you so much for the donations, including gift aid, the totaliser is approaching £4,000 that CRUK can put towards their mission of beating cancer. Looking forward to our n
  3. Thanks very much for the donations and support. I'm all set for the morning and support crew are in good spirits. I'll post an update on how I've got on tomorrow 👍
  4. Good Evening All, I am attempting a 50km ultra run on Saturday raising money for Cancer Research UK. Having not previously run further than 13miles (once, in 2006), I started training in September working up to half marathon on Christmas Eve and then up to 24miles as my longest training run. On Saturday, I will still have another 7miles to go 🙆. It will hurt a lot. I have been blown away by the support I have received so far, fundraising is at £2,365 as I write this which is nearly 5x my target. I think the level of support is a reflection of the number of people who have been affect
  5. Hi Jonny, welcome to the group. Awesome car, ex Jimmy I think? Look forward to meeting you and seeing the car in action 😃
  6. I really enjoyed the drive, company, weather and breakfast this morning. Thanks very much for organising Ray. I'll also keep my photos to myself after seeing Mark's 🤣
  7. Wow! I can only imagine how much effort and work has gone in to the conversion but I'm sure it's totally worthwhile. Hope to see & hear it on a run in the not too distant.
  8. Hi Chris, I have some sturdy wooden blocks with pucks on that I use under the jacking point. You're welcome to borrow but I'm south of Mansfield so not particularly close either..
  9. Hi Stu, congrats on your newly acquired Cup, it looks ace in that colour and the silver wheels set it off nicely too. I'm also a Cup owner so look forward to seeing you're in the flesh at some meets 👍
  10. Welcome to MLOC Matt. Your Exige looks unreal in that red and I bet even better in the flesh. Here's hoping for a few meets over spring & summer 🤞
  11. Congrats, car looks great. Enjoy collection, you must be buzzing after hankering for one for 15yrs 👍
  12. Welcome Rob. Roll on spring weather and relative freedom 💨
  13. Bilt Hamber is good gear, British made and decent value too. If you have a look at the website link below, they suggest plenty of water. I have only ever used tumble dryer distilled water (it evaporates then condenses without any minerals or impurities). Claying is really satisfying as the paint feels as so smooth once the clay bar has removed bits of tar, iron particles etc. Enjoy https://www.bilthamber.com/which-clay-bar
  14. +1 for the benefits of clay barring before polishing. Bilt Hamber is well regarded and decent value. To lubricate the clay, I use water from collected in our tumble drier which is effectively distilled. https://www.bilthamber.com/auto-clay
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