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  1. Hi Jonny, Welcome to MLOC, hopefully will get to see your wonderful Lotus in the flesh at n event/meet. Hope you have lots of fun with your new car,
  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time, great pics.
  3. Hi Stu, Your car looks stunning, hope to see it in the flesh in the near future at a meet/event. 😀
  4. Hi Matt, That looks awesome, welcome aboard. Will look forward to seeing it in the flesh at one of the meets (when covid restrictions are lifted) Luke
  5. Hi Badger02, She looks lovely. Hope you enjoy driving it. 😊 Luke
  6. Welcome Rob, Look forward to seeing pics of your car when it arrives, and hopefully seeing it in the flesh at a meet/run. For what it’s worth I recently bought an Elise and don’t regret taking the plunge to satisfy that itch. Luke
  7. Hi Matt, Fab, I will keep an eye out for you, I am going to the Sywell runway day. Looking forward to seeing the Bugatti up close. Thanks, Luke
  8. Hi, is anyone going to the supercar fest? It looks interesting. Does anyone if Lotus have a car club display at the event? thanks, Luke
  9. Hi, I managed to get out for a few hours and enjoy the drive, obviously very limited in destinations, so just enjoyed the pleasure of the drive. I personally feel I will be hard pushed to find any car that drives so well. (Image Copyright: Luke Seagrave) thanks, Luke
  10. Hi Neil, Welcome aboard. Do you have a pic of your car? Hope to meet up at an event soon. thanks, Luke
  11. You are in a good position to be able to compare, I imagine the Exige is a lot more brutal in comparison to an Elise. thanks, Luke
  12. Hi Alex B, Incredible, sounds like you have certainly developed a liking for the Lotus range. So the obvious question then.. which one has been your favourite to drive? Luke
  13. Hi Alex B, Thanks for the welcome. Which car did you replace the 111R with? Will look forward to catching up on a meet soon. thanks, Luke
  14. Hi Martin 111S, That’s brilliant, thank you so much. Luke
  15. Hi Alex B, Thanks for your reply, i took it for a drive and because it was slightly wet outside, there are footprints on the aluminium, so I would say it’s just a periodic clean. I will have a look into using AD interior cleaner and just use a damp cloth for the alu. thank you so much for the information. Luke
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