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  1. Micheal Hi Mike, Welcome to the group, which run are you on his sunday? Will look forward to seeing you and your car at some point 😊 thanks, Luke
  2. I think vehicles were coming and going throughout the day, so easy to miss some of them πŸ™ˆ
  3. That looks stunning, hope you have lots of fun with it 😊
  4. Sounds like they did a great job. I bet it feels incredible.
  5. Hi Dunc, We must have literally just missed you, as we arrived just after 1pm. Which is a pity, as I would have loved to have seen your kit car. The baby Elan was about three rows up from the red Exige. It was a pity there was very little shade. Certainly will look forward to attending next year. 😊
  6. It was a great car show, incredibly hot though. Thought I would share some images (Image Copyright:Luke Seagrave)
  7. Hi Stu, Will look forward to meeting you at an event/run soon. thanks, Luke
  8. Yes, that is if it hasnt been left at home because it looked like a nice day 😊
  9. I will look forward to seeing it even more then. Fingers crossed that Lotus take it to the supercar fest in August.. thanks. Luke
  10. Possibly, I’m just happy that it’s not just their cars that require compromise 😊😊
  11. Jonamacg83 Just for you, a pic of the water bottle
  12. Love the sneaky pic. It looks fab, hopefully I will get to see it in the flesh soon. 😊
  13. Hi Rich, AIB were really good for me, very helpful. I suppose the litmus test is when you need them to pay for repairs. Although I think Stik May have better knowledge of that side of things. thanks, Luke
  14. That is a stunning car, will hopefully meet you and get to see the car on a run soon. thanks, Luke
  15. Fingers crossed for you. 🀞🏻
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