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  1. Hope so, always great to be out on runs with Lotus enthusiasts. 😊
  2. Welcome Barnsley Phil, Will look forward to seeing you on a run. Your car looks stunning. Best wishes, Luke
  3. Great choice of steering wheel. 😊
  4. Welcome to MLOC Jamie, hope you enjoy your Lotus.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi fellow enthusiasts, I will apologise in advance if this isn't in the right part of the forums. But I was considering altering the colour of the centre console on my Lotus Elise 111R to red (match the bodywork) just wondering if any one knows of any company that does that? And also what do people think visually? Does it look good or is it too much colour? Part of me thinks if Lotus manufactured these cars with that colour scheme then keep it pure and untouched. Look forward to hearing your thoughts, Thanks, Luke
  7. It does look fab with its doors shut. Great pic Dunc.
  8. It looks stunning. Thanks for posting. I will hopefully see it in the flesh soon.
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