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  1. Two great looking Lotuses EC & Js welcome to the Lotus Family 😊
  2. Brilliant day with everyone involved Charlie, looking forward to seeing the final cut ... great build up vid 👍🏻
  3. Brilliant Kieran, glad to see your getting him into a Lotus at an early age 😄.. think you should put this on Santa’s list
  4. I like the ones you have on now but if I had to choose another set I’d go with 3 or 5
  5. As a life long Liverpool fan I did feel sorry for the Norwich ( Lotus ) team .. torn on two fronts as you might say 🙄
  6. LRS7

    Need Your Help

    Seems all the values are going up Hartley on the early models, and thank you for the pointer on the sport chip it looks like everyone leaning towards the 111R as the go to entry lvl Elise. From all your comments you all chop in your cars in the Autumn \ Winter months maybe that’s the time to buy ? It did make me chuckle though (holds breath) that’s what do every time I turn the key in my Elans 😂 if you fancy parting with your R Hartley let me know on Pm
  7. LRS7

    Need Your Help

    Orrr cheers Cakes lovely looking motors you’ve had, I’m going to have lots of fun testing out a these Elise’s 😄. Do you come down to the Clock WareHouse would love to discuss it further over a pint
  8. LRS7

    Need Your Help

    Thanks for all your comments guys really helped to start on my understanding of these Elise’s think the next port of call is to put bum on seat and take a few cars out over the next few weekends and see how they perform, I suppose the next question would be what to look out for in an 111s or 111r to make that car stand out above the rest ? I do still like the looks of the S Touring and appreciate the comments the S1 and S2 seems to be increasing in value, would you not think this model will follow suit? Also it seems underpowered as you pointed out (134bhp) is there any engine modifications available that could boost this? ‘Also spotted this 135R a little out my price bracket and also looks like a holy grail car that shouldn’t be driven rather only brought out for special occasions! https://paulmattysportscars.co.uk/lotus-elise-sport-135r/
  9. LRS7

    Need Your Help

    As one of your older members I recently went to view the Holy Grail of M100 at Paul Matty's https://paulmattysportscars.co.uk/lotus-elan-s2-the-last-one/ but unfortunately was pipped at the post ..... but while I was there I noticed an Elise which caught my eye. I know nothing about this model so who better to ask than you lot ! So with a 20K entry budget ld love to see your alternatives https://paulmattysportscars.co.uk/lotus-elise-111s-touring/
  10. I’ve used Paul Matty excellent knowledge chap and a pleasure to do business with ... if you fancy heading a bit further south try https://www.litchfieldmotors.com/
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