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  1. Can highly recommend this event, I went to 2017 event and promised myself I must go again but what with COVID and other reason not had the opportunity as yet. Fantastic selection of cars old and new. Can not make this year, we have a party for our daughter’s engagement. Would have been great to bump into Duncx and finally get to see his kit car and chat Emira lol. A few pics from 2017.
  2. Checked into the Goodwood Hotel, seen the new Emira already been asked not to post pics . Will give my full honest opinion in the next few days, but have to say it looks rather special in the flesh.
  3. Fantastic car in a stunning colour enjoy 👍
  4. Watch the video 3mins in its funny, well Linda thought it was 🤦
  5. Dovecote Inn car meet this Thursday Pete. Weather depending we will definitely be there lots of lotus there a month ago. Be great to catch up.
  6. Hope it was a good run Pete not many cars on the roads that time in the morning 👍
  7. What a great morning for a run, would love join you next time. Belvoir Castle?
  8. Face to face with a Cayman.
  9. Was hoping to meet you at the Hop Pole on Wednesday but looks like the car had gone before then. Hope it’s not to long before you are back in the fold again. 👍
  10. Yes me also if my pockets where deep enough 😂.Will be sticking with my sports car.
  11. Thanks Pete. Would be great to have you along next time. A Olive Green Exige will fit right in. 👍
  12. No need to join any club Mike, its a SC:UK meet but you don’t have to be a member, see what the weathers like for the next one if you fancy it 👍
  13. Good few 720s there Mike. They do look stunning in the flesh. Would be great if yourself and Helen attend the next meet with us. It’s a nice location and some great cars and there pizza’s are amazing 👍
  14. I agree with Ray it’s probably impossible to beat Gav at Unit4 on price and more importantly expertise.
  15. Super car meet, Hop Pole Retford. Thought the Lotus did not look to shabby.
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