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  1. Great day at Donington

    Just joking Ray, he did give me a ring, not so happy as I was on the sun bed at the side of the pool ? and yes could be a good upgrade ?
  2. Great day at Donington

    Now I see why I got a call from Conner from Central Lotus today trying to sell me a loud black Evora 410, Mike and Ray having been living the highlife with him and his gang last Sunday. ??
  3. New Member ..First Lotus

    Welcome aboard, we are having a peaks run out this Sunday, would be great to have you along, sure you would like it, as close to bikes as you can get.
  4. newbie

    Welcome aboard, be great have you along for one off our breakfast runs, sure you will not be disappointed, great meets with a bunch off friendly fellow enthusiasts.
  5. leaving lotus ..... for a while

    As long as your are happy mate, no matter what brand of car you buy, the M2 is the best M car since the E30 M3 and happy motoring to you. Will miss you on our breakfast runs.
  6. **** The Official LitP Photo thread ****

  7. Absolute Lotus

    Was out with Absolutely Lotus Magazine yesterday to help out with a future article in there magazine and got passed the latest issue due out this Friday and no other that our DeanB as a great article talking about his Elise, make sure you get out there and get your copy.

    No cover on my 250, want one same as that, where did you get it dipped?
  9. Still using my 250, went to the annual Boxing Day raft race in Matlock and it was a nice dry day, so fun still to be had this time of the year
  10. Paint protection film

    Had mine fitted at bodyguard in Daventry, do a great job, great guys and at a reasonable price.
  11. Cup 250


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