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  1. Yes Dean Cromford Wharf. Thanks guys for all the great comments πŸ‘
  2. Run out into the peaks today, getting some miles on the car before Sunday.
  3. Collection day, early days but first impressions are the car feels amazing.
  4. No the one at JCT was sold some time ago I think but could be wrong, it was the down south.
  5. Thanks Ray looking forward to the Sunday morning run πŸ‘
  6. It’s raining 😒
  7. Looks like you have a Olive Green Exige, love that colour, looked into buying a 430 Evora In the same colour but sadly could not come to agreement with the seller.
  8. One more sleep before I pick the 410 tomorrow. After what we have all gone through with the lockdown it makes me feel so lucky. Hope we have some good weather so I can get car run in asp.
  9. Cheers pal, showers tomorrow, so hope for a bit of dry weather running in between.
  10. Traded the old Evora, Central offered me what I thought was a good price so was happy. Great to see you sold the 340, did you not have two 340Rs ?
  11. Cheers Drage hope to catch up with you out on a run soon πŸ‘
  12. Thanks Phil getting excited now πŸ‘
  13. Cheers Paul πŸ‘
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