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  1. The only thing that would affect the warranty is not following Lotus running in schedule, they do plug into the ODB and send the information back to Hethel and seeing the car as as it’s 1000mile running service you can ask the dealership if where it was serviced for this information. It’s a good price for a great car if you have not driven a 410 I can sincerely say it will blow you mind away. Where is the car being advertised Ray?
  2. Most people are going to have a issue with a Elise or any car built on the same platform as they get older. I will be totally honest being a past owner of many cars on this platform for as long as dare to remember the last being a 250 Cup, with Carbon buckets that after a hour of driving would play hell with my left leg and problems with my back. Would that stop me buying a car on this platform? Absolutely no because the the enjoyment you get from the driver involvement of this platform is the best you are probably ever going to ever experience. Dont mention getting into the tub over the sills
  3. Yes Mark yes I do remember and like you say no rush at the moment what with being in lockdown. Hope to see you back in a Lotus later this year and see you on a run again when hopefully we get the better of this terrible pandemic 👍
  4. Hi Mark I know the car in question, the previous owner as upgraded to a V6 Exige. There was a problem with the car, it had to go back to the factory for repair after it caught fire on a track day, a leaking fuel rail was the cause and lotus have since recalled all Elise’s of this period for a fix on this problem. The fire did cause a lot of damage. The car went back to right place to be repaired the factory so sure it came away like new again. The owner did have the extra carbon bits fitted by the factory when it was in for repair and where a very expensive addition. As regards to the roof the
  5. Stop being so tight and get your hands in your pocket 😂
  6. Congratulations looks stunning, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh 👍
  7. Looks stunning please post some pics after collection the interior of the anniversary look something special. Looking forward to seeing this and Admits new purchase on a run in the new year 🏆
  8. Stunning cover photo. Would love a S1 Exige. Will be patiently waiting for the postman delivering my copy.
  9. Merry Christmas Ray, many thanks for all the hard work you and the other members have put into organising all the club’s events in this troubled year. Looking forward more great runs in the new year 🏆🏆🏆
  10. Great news Adam, I did see the Evora back for sale a few days ago at Central and did wonder what the outcome was of your unfortunate Evora ownership.The Exige looks fantastic and in and a stunning. I had a test drive in Exige 410 earlier this year and could not believe how fast it was it was breathtaking. Well done so happy for you 👍
  11. Been a member a good two or three months, not had a chance to get out on a run, but come the new year and hopefully better news on the dreadful Pandemic looking forward to seeing you guys 👍
  12. Yes did see you on Facebook, fantastic car in a stunning colour. Would be great to have you along for a Sunday morning run out in the Peaks in the new year when hopefully some restrictions are lifted 👍
  13. Welcome. You have to love a S2 Exige especially in the iconic colour of the Club Racer, hope to see you on a run in the near future when some of the current Restrictions are lifted 👍
  14. The new corporate logo was introduced by the new owners (Geely) to take the brand into forward into a new era, for letter heads and all lotus correspondence. It’s a modern flat surface easy to reproduce on any flat surface especially dealers signage. It was never intended to replace the convex originally lotus emblem on the nose of Lotus cars. Let’s face it it’s not the first time Chapmans logo as not change in the company’s 72 years history believe or not it’s changed a lot in that that time. For me the new logo represents the way forward, let’s not be stuck in the past.
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