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  1. Gardens tidied up and drives and paths jet washed over the past week. So thought it was time for a bit of fun, lotus on lockdown in the garage so the next best thing some VR racing.
  2. Cheers Drage my biggest problem is getting the door open to get access to the door card.
  3. Lotus Evora drivers door will not open from inside and out, help with a solution to get the door open would be much appreciated.
  4. If you can not reach the numbers I will take Linda, but she will only go if any other members are taking there other half.
  5. Sounds like a great day out definitely interested.
  6. Happy to pass onto you as for the next run will have to wait for Ray or Duncx posting the next event.👍
  7. Happy to pass my Calendar onto any member who as a photo of there car in this years issue, will not post but happy to pass it over to anyone on my next Sunday run out with the club.
  8. Welcome looks a stunning S2 be great to have you on the Sunday morning runs, a photo of a typical turn out, look out for Ray and Dunc posting the next run sure it will not be long for the next adventure out 👍
  9. Totally agree with Cakes regarding buying a used 250 and a year on selling for similar money, as for my experience buying a new 250 back in 2016 I did get 7k discount and purchased the car on 50/50 and was a factory order, two and half years on sold the car with a loss of 7k. Only thing I would suggest if you do decide on a 250 colour seems to make a difference when it comes to resale.
  10. There you go Duncx one for the memories and yes you never know could be tempted coming back to the dark side 😈
  11. The best used 250 on the market at the moment 1 of 1 i know the original owner and cost silly money when new, yes a bit high on miles but maintained to the highest standard, if I was in the market for a 250 this would be the one for me. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/lotus/elise-s3/lotus-elise-cup-250/10115403
  12. I purchased a new 250 from Snows, on the 50/50 plus with a massive discount on list price, was a factory order so spec’d by me and cheaper than they where asking for cup 220s that where still in the showrooms at the time, my advice is to phone all the dealerships and see who gives you the best deal. They will be some big discounts this time of year. On my 5th Lotus now a Evora but for me the 250 is the best car i have had so far.
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