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  1. The one true champion never to use dirty tactics to win world championship, as much as all acknowledge the great achievements of the previous greats, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher but you can question there tactics to achieve there goals, something Lewis had the need to do, some will disagree but in my opinion the greatest F1 driver of all time, let’s hope he gets the Knighthood he justly deserves for being one of the best all time British sports individuals of all time.
  2. Sounds a great idea, I would definitely be up for that πŸ‘
  3. Option 1 in Bromsgrove do upholstery retrim.
  4. Amazing car Kieran, never seen a S2 Exige in such fantastic condition and what a truly outstanding colour lol πŸ‘
  5. New 250 Cup wheels in silver for me pal πŸ‘
  6. Car looks great and Gaz is great if it’s not to far for you πŸ‘
  7. Welcome to the new dawn, there can not be no mistake now that Geely are going to put Lotus where it belongs at the forefront of automotive industry. Simply stunning.
  8. Stunning and a amazing colour, but I would say that lol, a photo of the bespoke factory interior would be much appreciated πŸ‘
  9. More info from piston heads. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-britishcars/lotus-confirms-electric-hypercar-for-2020/40006
  10. Looks like a fast Evora under the covers
  11. Just like to say thanks to the members that recommended Option1 for a good paint lotus specialist, collected my Evora from them this afternoon, having been with them for 2weeks having a front clam and and bumper respray and have to say what a fantastic job they have achieved, not the cheapest by far, but being full member with MLOC I got a 10% discount and that made a great saving on the final price. So have to say for the the small amount of Β£12 its got to makes sense to upgrade from the basic account.
  12. Great looking Evora, would be great to see you out on one of Rays or Duncx Sunday morning runs in the near future.
  13. Can anyone help me, looking at having some work done with one of the advertisers on here offering a 10% discount for full membership members, how do i apply for this benefit?
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