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  1. TRD Airfilter/Induction 2ZRFE

    This is a great guide that I used. http://www.billswebspace.com/LotusCupAirboxDIY.htm
  2. New Elise owner

    Welcome aboard Daz, great looking Elise.
  3. 2019 Calendar - Photos required!

    Reduced my photos down to 750kb and still not working, any help what to do next would be much appreciate.
  4. 2019 Calendar - Photos required!

    Ok thanks guys ?
  5. 2019 Calendar - Photos required!

    Can anyone tell me what’s the maximum size photo that you can upload, I have tried to upload photos that I have posted on the site in the past and still not working?
  6. Uploading Photos

    Ok thanks
  7. Seems there is a good few of us struggling to upload photos, never been a problem in the past can someone please tell us where we are going wrong or sort the gremlin out please.
  8. 2019 Calendar - Photos required!

    I can not upload any photos, never been a problem in the past, but been trying on multiple occasions over the last few weeks and they keep failing can anyone help me with this issue?
  9. Donington Museum Closing

  10. Donington Museum Closing

    That's a great idea, I would be up for it, support for local attractions, especially if it involves what looks like the last opportunity to view a amazing collection of cars.
  11. Another New Lotus

    A future magazine article when I met the the designer of the S1 and his 160.
  12. Another New Lotus

    Totally stunning
  13. Great day at Donington

    Just joking Ray, he did give me a ring, not so happy as I was on the sun bed at the side of the pool ? and yes could be a good upgrade ?
  14. Great day at Donington

    Now I see why I got a call from Conner from Central Lotus today trying to sell me a loud black Evora 410, Mike and Ray having been living the highlife with him and his gang last Sunday. ??

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