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  1. Wow 300 bhp nice reg similar to my old 250 Cup.
  2. Stunning looking Cup in a beautiful colour. Like Duncx I had a 7” 2bular on my 250, never any issue with droning, what I have heard from the latest cup exhaust it sound better than when I had my 2bular and if my memory is correct Jim at 2bular stopped making the 7” because he had a few complaints it was to loud for track days and only makes the 8” now which in a track focus exhaust so it is very quiet if you only using your cup for road use.
  3. Fitted my 2bular to my 250 Cup and not difficult at all and change the exhaust on my last Evora a few times. Not sure a V6 would be anymore difficult. Looking forward to your pics 👍
  4. lotus111


    Welcome to the club, looks lovely, no better time to be jumping into a Elise what with the end of production this year.
  5. Yes not nice a head on crash with a learner driver thankfully everyone involved walked away with minor injuries. The Cup owner did go on and buy Lotus Silverstone’s type 250 Cup afterwards so not a bad outcome for him I suppose. This car is still one of my favourite 250 Cups and on par with Duncx lovely example.
  6. The Plum Crazy 250 Cup sadly came to a unhappy ending, luckily the driver escaped with minor injuries. No Duncx not seen the 410 in the flesh.
  7. The same car in the Sun light and totally agree it looks awesome 👍
  8. Wow what a astonishing build Leigh. Sure the Stratos is the car that led me to become the petrol head i am today after my old man took to watch the1975 RAC in Sherwood Forest and watching Bjorn Waldegard go past minus the rear Clam and the sound of the V6 still lives with me today.
  9. Ray and Duncx if you are still looking for a 410 it as to be in a bright colour and surely this one ticks that box, this one is for sale in Mansfield at Parkway they do at times have some good lotus stock. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11357873?cId=11331409&fbclid=IwAR22JKbAW-4gAI6pKfBnuqIVIaCvKkDd9-UQTthQc4VogbkvKO6JL9wJXTo
  10. Hi TRD air filter is the way to go, not a big job if you are mechanically minded, fitted them to all my S2s,S3s Elise and Exiges. The Lotus air intake is rubbish and really restrictive. A great modification for the price. https://www.eliseparts.com/shop/genuine-br-lotus-parts-1/trd-airbox-and-filter/
  11. Thanks Duncx getting my calendar photos in early while members cars are sorn and tucked in there garages lol 😂
  12. House hunting today lol 😂
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